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Disability Discrimination.

Disability Discrimination.

Disability Discrimination on my mind. According to the website: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/discrimination/discrimination-because-of-disability/what-counts-as-disability-discrimination/

Here is the overview of what Disability Discrimination means:

What counts as disability discrimination

This advice applies to England

Table of contents

What is disability discrimination

It is against the law to discriminate against disabled people in various areas of their lives.

If disability discrimination takes place in any of the following situations, you may be able to take action about it:

There are some important areas where it is not against the law to discriminate against disabled people, for example, in access to public transport services.

Disability discrimination can either be direct or indirect.

Direct discrimination is where you are treated less favourably because of your disability than someone without a disability would be treated in the same circumstances.

But what it fails to address is people with disabilities in their homes where they are subjected to have certain things done because the landlords are obliged by the councils to have certain things done which may hinder a persons life.

So where the law says that all public places and landlords have to abide certain rules not to discriminate disabled people, it in fact contradicts itself by forcing the landord to do certain things that may be in fact obstacles for disabled people.

Here is an expample a mental health patient cannot touch door handles and locks due to their OCD but the law states you have to have these locks in case of a fire. The scenario being that a front door normally just has a yale lock but now it has to have a handle and a lock that you can open from the inside but you need a key from the outside. So instead of a normal yale lock you have to a key and door handle that you push down to open the door plus your yale lock. This in turn causes distress with the mental health patients. Another scenario someone who is claustophobic may not want doors yet the law states you have to have fire doors. So the law is not well thought through as the person who has mental health issues has to do as the law says which is a contradiction in terms. Furthermore back to the person who has OCD or Social Anxiety why should they be subjected to workmen disturbing their way of living. I refer to a website where one person actually mentions these scenario’s on their website: www.ocd.cymru

You won’t find anything like this what I write on the internet as the powers that be will never mention it and will try to supress anyone that does.

Right to be Forgotten Law.


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it” – Warren Buffett

The law protects people’s right to privacy in a number of ways.

The European Convention on Human Rights protects a person’s right “to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence“.

With articles 8 and 10 of the Convention into breach of confidence law, article 8 of the Convention protects the right to private and family life while article ten protects the right to freedom of expression.

Read the full overview here: https://www.pinsentmasons.com/out-law/guides/misuse-of-private-information


The ‘misuse’ tends to be the disclosure, usually the publication or threatened publication, of private information, but a claim does not require publication.

So if entity (A) aides and abeits with entity (b) and refuse to take down your incorrect information, then both entities are liable.

I attach an article on another blog that I host where I wrote that GDPR only protects residents and companies data in the UK & EU only.

So if you have any detrimental data that you want removing from the world wide web you will have terrrible trouble with Google especially who think they own the planet.

Here is the blog post: https://ukdomainbrokers.ukwebsitedesigners.co.uk/?p=774

The European Convention on Human Rights is an international treaty which only member States of the Council of Europe may sign. The Convention, which established the Court and lays down how it is to function, contains a list of the rights and guarantees which the States have undertaken to respect.

The Member States of the European Covention are as follows: https://www.coe.int/en/web/about-us/our-member-states

If you are considering submitting a complaint to the “The European Covention on Human Rights you must first fill out the following form:


You need to make sure you have followed all the steps in the following guidline:


If you have any further issues or need more information do visit their website: https://www.echr.coe.int/Pages/home.aspx?p=applicants&c=#n1365511805813_pointer

Watch this space as I plan to write more on the subject soon………

TV Licensing (UK)

UK TV Licensing – Live Streaming

Today I received by email my renewed TV License.

Something flipped in my brain to say hold on but you and any member in your household do not watch terrestrail tv and its time to do something about it…….So I decided to contact the “TV Licensing” by their online contact form. I filled in all the neccessary questions and then posted the following message and I will tell you what happened when I pressed the send button at the end of my post.

The message was:

I am a web designer and want to know how using Amazon Prime Video which Amazon use their own servers for has anything to do with you?

I underatand watching terrestrial television on any device is payable but where websites use their own servers why do you charge when these services do not belong to you?

I will be making a blog post about this on www.cymrumarketing.co.uk as I think it is a con to charge for something that has nothing to do with you and is against my consumer rights to be forced to pay for something that I do not directly use, which is terrestrail tv or live streaming.

If anything for people such as myself you should offer a pay as you go service for the occasional viewing.

But anything that is not part of itv hub should not be passed off as belonging to you and that is illegal to claim that it does.

I have thousands of followers and I will cause an uproar as I feel I am being conned.

I would like an answer and an explanation why you are charging me £154.40 a year for something I do not use.

Your terms and conditions state the following Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc. What does the (etc) mean you are not being transparent which is also illegal.

I think trading standards should get involved. However when I pressed the (send) button I ended up with the following error:

A bit of a coincidence that an error occurred. Obviously scammers do not want confrontations so they make it difficult to complain. What use will it be to me to phone up to be told they cannot give me an answer over the phone.

Youtube do not charge you to watch programmes and websites such as Netflix charge subscription fees. Sky TV you pay a service charge to them directly and they use their own servers just like Amazon and this has nothing to do with the TV Licensing people. I can undestand if a signal from their masts were being used to broadcast channels to your device, so yes I would understand that one would have to pay for the service but for the occasional use it should be a pay as you go service which you could cancel any time. What gets me is they send intimidationg people to your door if you do not pay.

Streaming TV

According to the TV Licensing people, broadcasts coming direcly from their hub or live viewing such as sport events are deemed as payable to the TV Licensing Organization, However other websites hosted on other servers and services offered by other websites such as Netflix or Amazon should not be also charged to the consumer by TV Licensing UK. If anything they should charge the website owners and make them have a license but not charge the consumer as well……. that is just plain greedy. I do not know too much about streaming websites but I assume one needs a license in order to offer a service. The TV Licensing people are burning the candle at both ends.

The basic rule of thumb is that you must have a TV licence if you watch, record or otherwise consume live television or watch ITV, BBC, S4C. Which I do not!!!! It doesn’t matter which television stations you watch, or how you watch them. You still have to buy a license even if you only watch live streams from Mongolia’s Eagle TV channel.

The definition of “live stream” means it is in real time although there can be delays in transmission such as buffering due to weak wifi/broadband signal strength, and many set-top boxes and PVRs let you pause or save TV programmes to watch later. Therefore recording, capturing and storing live TV shows also counts as watching live television. You can’t get out of paying for a licence by recording programmes and watching them later.

So if you are considering streaming a TV programme just before it ends, you need to have a licence. If you start streaming it just after it has ended, you don’t need a licence.

Regardless what device you use to view live television, or how you collect and process the media, you are still viewing real time TV. No matter how you get the feed whether it is an aerial, a cable network, a satellite dish, a wifi hotspot or any other internet server it all still counts as streaming. This includes watching live fights on Sky Sports Box Office, NHL ice hockey games from Canada, ATP tennis on Amazon Prime and so on, even though you will be paying separately to watch them. Logically, it must also include any live television feeds on Facebook or Twitter. Which I reiterate I do not!!!!

Live Streaming is viewing a Live Feed in Real Time.

It does not matter if your watching live TV via a feed on a TV set, a computer monitor, on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, on a VR headset or projected on to a wall, you still have to pay, which is underatandable providing what you are watching is in real time or on the ITV Hub or BBC iplayer.

Anyone who thinks they can get out of paying without a legitimate reason is very much mistaken as they will hound you until you pay and will even fine you and take you to court. So regardless what device you use if you watch terrestial tv such as ITV, BBC, S4C or live stream TV programmes in real time on your devices whether it is a TV, Laptop, Computer, Smartphone or via a Roku stick in the back of a monitor you still have to pay.

I would therefore like to know what I have got for my money considering they have just charged me £154.40 – the answer I will tell you, absolutely nothing not one iota.

I have basically handed over £154.40 for nothing, imagine this money could go towards my grocery shopping and not the TV Bosses who live in luxury accomodation, with fancy cars and fat pay cheques (checks) from scamming consumers.

I happily pay both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (For Movies) but I do not live stream and do not watch terrestrial TV such as ITV, BBC or S4C. Half the rubbish they broadcast only destroys my valuable brain cells which are better spent blogging. I do not see why I have to pay the TV Licensing people if I do not use their service.

If their argument is that all broadcasts over the internet belong to them then they should make the website owners pay for a license and not the consumer.

But if they can get money from the consumer as well as the website owner thats more chi-ching for them and the consumer who thinks he has to pay regardless if they live stream or not because they are brain washed into thinking they must then, they will pay because they would not know what else to do and the TV Licensing people then laugh all the way to the bank.

Why should I pay Amazon for Prime Video to be charged the same amount by the TV Licensing people also even though I do not live stream? Amazon is an American Company so what has that got to do with the British TV?

Surely there are jurisdictions on counrty to country viewing tv laws and Britain does not govern the whole wide world. So my question is how can Britain dictate for example Amazon Prime Video which is an american live stream, where I presume in order to live stream Amazon would have already acquired a license to offer the service and with a paid subscription. So how does Britain have a say in the broadcasting of a foreign country, when it is over the internet and via satellites which do not belong to Britain. I would understand if the live stream was being broadcasted in Britain but if is from abroad how can Britain charge a license fee and if it is for a one time even, for £152.40 and one inly viewed as a one off you could go literally watch the event live and get yourself front row tickets for that amount of money. Just asking?

I am angry to say the least and like an idiot I have been paying them for the last 10 years even though I might have only watched a handul times worth of viewing at the most 7 days viewing (not live streaming may I add) only on ITV hub, so for say 10 years at a cost of £1,524.00 they have made over £1,524.00 and I have had nothing for that amount of money which I think they should refund me for.

I remember once whilst I was abroad in the EU back in the day when we were in the EU, I wanted to access a documetary whilst I was in my hotel and it basically said I could not watch the program on my iphone, so the following day I rang theTV Licensing people and they said my license did not cover me to watch British TV on my device whilst I was abroad. So if that is the case they should not charge for live streaming from TV networks from abroad.

But have I the energy or time to complain and just like the rest of the british people (programmed sheep} who end up paying because they are scare mongered into a corner, end up paying for the sake of not having any problems with the TV Licensing people, I may actually break free and stand my ground.

**Note: Anyone reading this please share it far and wide and bring a stop to this once and for all. If Microsoft get their money from every laptop, computer, tablet that is sold that has Windows installed on it, then the TV Licensing people should do the same with all newTV’s and have a subscription service for people who want to view online.

I may take this further, we will just have to see……

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Brexit Business Directory or Brexit Law Firm

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On my mind today is ‘Brexit’.

Brexit obviously still has a long way to go to seal deals in the political sense, but what does that mean for small businesses that want to trade in the EU?

How can UK Small Businesses notify other nations that they are open for trade? Also what are the implications for trading in the EU?

If you look at domain extensions primarily. co.uk Google and other search engines use algorithms to drive traffic to your location from the said domain extension, but for websites to be seen in particular locations such as Poland (.pl) or France (.fr) etc one has to have a website for that location. Yes you can ask a search engine to target traffic from another locations to your website but more often than not you domain extension will be the key to where your traffic comes from. The alternative is to have an (.eu) website but wait for it…..that means one needs to be a resident of the EU to own such a domain. Ideally businesses which want to trade from other locations should build a seo link wheel and drive traffic from different locations to their default site. Also check out limitations such as .eu as some countries forbid you to register a domain name if you are not already trading or are a resident there.

I have an example of a seo link wheel and will show you all the ways I am driving traffic with a list of my network below:

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Similar to https://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/ there should also be a directory for UK Small Businesses trading in the EU.

The domain I am talking about is www.brexit.co.uk this could be a post brexit directory and advice forum for all small businesses in the UK wanting to trade in the EU.

I have looked at how much per month in Google Ads (screenshot attached) would cost per month to use the keyword ‘brexit’ at the lowest cost of bid per searches per month ‘Brexit’ generates 2,240,000 searches at a cost of .84 pence (I am using the UK version) which equates to £1,881,600 in paid advertising, providing a 100% of the people that searched clicked on the Ad.

However in reality the Click Through Ratio is 2% of 2,240,000 searches which leaves a total of 44,800 clicks per month, multiplied by .84 pence which leave a Grand Total of £37,632.00 in paid advertising per month.

At its highest cost per bid of £3.42 per click at 2,240,000 = £7,660,800 with a CTR of 2% equates to 44,800 clicks per month multiplied by £3.42 leaves a Grand Total of £153,216.00

In Summary:

(Low Price Per Keyword)

Searches per month 2,240,000
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This means the owner of the domain name will save at least 11 months worth of paid advertising costs providing he does his SEO correctly at the lowest £37,632,00 and at its highest £152,216.00 per month in paid advertising.

One also has to remember the site is developed and can be redesigned which means there would be also hosting charges and development fees attached to this domain name, plus seo and marketing, if the new owner wanted to go down this route. If not then the valuation of this domain is anything between £37K and £153K

This site is ideal for Brexit Law Firms.

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British Gas Privacy Policy Data Sharing

British Gas the Corporate Gorilla.

Did you know that regardless of GDPR rules these blue chip corporate companies have rules of their own and if you are not happy they simply will not provide you the service.

I have just got off the phone with a customer service rep who basically said if I am not happy with their data sharing they will not provide me Gas regardless of GDPR rules.

So looking further into their privacy policy I was shocked to find not only do they share information with credit reference agencies they also share your personal data with the following companies. My question is what has my data got to do with Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like?

Their answer was that because they offer credit they must share your personal data. I am obviously not a corporate giant and I do offer monthly payment plans for my clients, yet the difference is I safeguard my clients personal data and do not share it with any third party.

This is totally wrong on so many levels and the cheek of it is if you are not happy then “Adios” you will have to burn candles instead to keep you warm.

Here is the pdf for their privacy policy:


For a quick review here are the companies they share your personal data with:

Centrica Plc (Their Parent Company).
National Grid
GHE Solar
ECO Greendeals
Infinity Energy
Infinity Energy
Trade Engine

They claim they do not sell your information to third parties, but sharing is ok in their eyes. So in theory anyone of these companies I have listed to you above can contact you with their marketing spiel. Have you ever wondered how these marketing companies get your information?, now you know, as each one of these companies have their own set of T&Cs and they can then sell your information on.

I think that credit agencies need to be accessed to see if you can pay your bills or not and if you fall into arrears then debt collecting agencies. But to share with social media platforms and affiliate sites is absolutely a NO WAY for me and should not be allowed. But GDPR only covers the UK & the EU so sharing your data to countires out of the jurisdiction is possible and you will have to get an army of lawyers to back you up.

I’m not happy and thought I should share this with my readers.