Cardiff Driving Instructor.

I could not be more proud today after I found out my daughter had passed her driving test first time with only one fault.

I cannot praise the driving instructor enough and anyone thinking of getting driving lessons should consider contacting ‘Gerwyn Napper’ from GWS School of Motoring.

I also wrote a post on LinkedIn seeing as I market and manage Gerwyn’s website.

He has a high score of pass rates so he must be good at his job.

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What Electrical Appliance Retailers Won’t Tell You.

Installation of Cookers Add On Service.

What Electrical Appliance Retailers won’t tell you before purchasing delivery, installation and recycling.

When purchasing you next cooker do take these things into consideration when a Company like Argos offers you delivery, installation and recycling as I have recently found out.

I recently bought a cooker from Argos with Delivery, Installation and Recycling. I am having to wait six weeks for delivery.

Anyway I get a text message off Argos a week or so later after my purchase, with a survey to fill out. My current appliance is Gas but I have bought Electric Free Standing Cooker. So you would think that in the wording “installation and recycling” would mean just that, but wait for it, it does not mean that at all unless you are buying a “like for like” appliance gas for gas or electric for electric.

Now they charge extra for delivery, installation and recycling costing me £99, yet had I known at the time of buying I would have bought “like for like” but if I was to cancel my order now and buy another cooker it would be a further six weeks of waiting for a delivery.

On top of this to fit a 32amp socket and get a gas engineer out it is going to cost me well over £100.00 and as a gesture of goodwill Argos refunded me £20, what a joke.

Since writing this post I have had an update yesterday 16/10/20 where I had a quote and was told to fit a 32amp wall socket one needs to re-wire the cable that run underneath the flooring which will be anything from £500 upwards. I just wanted to cry. I have since ordered a Gas cooker as I am not going to be spending £500 plus to rewire my home.

They should tell you these things before you buy an appliance.

So as you can imagine I am fuming.

***If you look at the screenshots it does not mention anything about “like for like” and when I pay for installation I expect just that without any excuses.

This is against trading standards to offer installation, take your money and then say you cannot do it because your appliance must be like for like. I told her I would be writing about Argos and all she offered me was £20 wow.

I am not happy.

On another note if you need a 32 amp wall socket fitted image below:

DO CONTACT this company (First Phase Electrical Wales) they are available in Blackwood, Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly to Cardiff and Newport.

Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) Threatening Letter

It has come to my attention today a letter that has been lying in the hallway for about a week and not addressed to me personally but addressed to the house with a header title ‘Water Leak‘ in the window of the envelope, which was theoretically meant for the flat below me as they had a leak about a month ago. So with seeing the header title I left the letter assuming it must have been for the tenants downstairs.

So what has changed well the letter was opened not by me may I add or my daughter and was left in the corridor for all to see. I have for convenience sake added the letter into this post.

Now if you go back about a month Welsh Water did come and visit the property and cut off the mains water supply to both properties yet the leak was not my leak but a leak from downstairs in one of the bedrooms.

Obviously this angered me as the water supply is for two seperate properties within one property and I have my own water bill.

So you can understand my distain when I read a letter that is not addressed to me personally as both flats pay for water seperately and because Welsh Water had visited the property and had found the leak you would think they would in their corresspondence contact my landlord through ‘Rent Smart Wales‘ or contact the tenants directly.

For some reason I think this is a scam and when I phoned the number it went to O2 voicemail.

Furthermore they say they have attempted to visit and contact the property owner/occupiers on several occassions. I have surveillance security cameras fitted outside the front door and no one came to visit I can assure them of that. So on top of the threatening letter they also lie through their teeth.

The leak has nothing to do with me I am a seperate tenant and the date to make contact with them has surpassed. Its only a matter of time before my landlord gets wind if this or Welsh Water cut off my water supply (bring it on, let a law suit begin if they waste my time).

I have written about these blue chip companies before that do not take into consideration people’s mental state of health and have no empathy what so ever. Receiving a ‘Nasty Letter‘ only makes matters worse. (My mental state has already worsened as now I am anxious about their next move and am worried they may cut me off even though it has nothing to do with me). I am now having trouble focusing, yet another obstacle thrown my way.

Its not my job to do their job and contact the landlord seeing as the water leak was not in my flat and the letter was not even addressed to me.

As far as I am concerned the leak has been fixed and the tenant would have said something as her latest update was for a replacement carpet that my landlord had promised her and she is still waiting for it to materialise.

So as always I also look on the internet to see if these blue chip companies have had other complaints and found this:

If you believe you are the victim of financial wrongdoing, write to Tony Hetherington at Financial Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TS or email

Because of the high volume of enquiries, personal replies cannot be given. Please send only copies of original documents, which we regret cannot be returned.

I also came across this from ‘Wales Online’:

I will back my landlord up if he gets any s#@t from them. There is absolutely no excuse to not do their job properly regardig if there is a pandemic or not.

Final Foot Note: This is for all home owners if there is a water leak, it should be up to the water suppier to fix the leak and not the home owner. If the water supplier has corroded old mains pipes that spring leaks surely it is not the home owners responsibility to fix the problem? Afterall a water supplier cannot just supply you water until they can see that the water pipes are good working order. If you built the house yourself and laid down your own pipes that would be a different story as you would be responsible for your own pipes. But if it is a mains problem then it should be the water supplier that should foot the bill and not you.

I am merely a tenant that lives upstairs so I should not be held responsible for the water pipes or the leak that did not even come from my flat. Yet the letter was not addressed to anyone in particular just the occupier. Yet the occupier of the original leak was my neighbour and Welsh Water have threatened to cut off the water supply to the whole building rather than to just one flat. Since when am I tangled up in the S@#t when its not even my own fault.

WELSH WATER (DWRCYMRU) do your job properly!!!!!!…..

Update 22/09/20

I managed to get hold of Welsh Water via Facebook Messenger and explained that they need to get hold of the tenant below me and the landlord and address the letters properly.

I also explained that I was feeling unwell because of their incompetence and their reply was “Im sorry for the letter causing you stress” (I’M SORRY) is not going to put food on the table in which I rightly told them so.

Yet wait for this they have asked me to forward the letter to my landlord. “I’m Sorry” but the last time I looked I charge for this service and have literally received another message from them in which I told them what I have told you.

I will not give my landlords name due to Data Protection and told them to find out his name themselves via Rent Smart Wales or the Land Registry or simply write a letter to the occupiers of the flat below me and ask them to pass the letter on.

My landlord has fixed the leak so why are they sending threatening letters?

I will update further if this escalates into something.

Affliliate Marketing

I have dabbled with affiliate marketing before and although I did start to make some money I pulled the plug on the project as I was not making enough to make it time worthy.

Since pulling the plug on my earlier project, as you know I have recently launched a community hub and local business directory and have started adding Amazon Associate affiliate links throughout the website. The categories are time consuming and I envisage uploading all the categories before the end of November 2020 in which by that time I plan to do PPC advertising to get more visitors. I am not using any fancy software and am manually listing all the businesses one by one. So for me affiliate marketing is still in the early stages as I have to be careful where I advertise. Where applicable depending on the niche I am promoting I will use my blogs to also promote advertisers links. You will see I have used Amazon Associates most recently on this site and also on my sister sites.

With that said Amazon Associates give you 180 days to get two clicks before they deactivate your account. They only give the person that clicks on your Amazon Link or Banner 24 hours to purchase something. The commissions are really low so if you are thinking of becoming a millionaire this way you can think again. They do have an Influencer page which I have not joined yet but no doubt I will sooner or later.

Another way to do affiliate marketing is to list other people’s products from they are an US company but you can join and become an affiliate in most palces around the world. There are some restrictions with some countires but I have had no problem joining even though I am from the UK. With Clickbank you do not need your own website you just promte the links on classified ads like, or to name a few.

I am very sceptical about the affiliate marketers that claim they are millionaires through affiliate marketing and if that were true I would be one by now 🙂

However there is no harm in trying if it is not going to cost you anything.

With Amazon Associates you need a website to show them before you can start marketing their links. The click through ratio is 1-2% so if you have 1000 clicks to your add you should have 10 -20 people that should buy something or convert into a sale.

Here is an example of a guy called ‘John Crestani’ who teaches you for free Affiliate Marketing:

You could also try your hand with Google Adsense. Do your research and try to find high ticket affiliate programs where you get paid more for doing the same amount of work.

Most companies you will find nowadays have some sort of affiliate program if you scroll to the bottom of their footers or you search for the keywords “company affiliate program”.

I will no doubt be doing another post on this subject shortly.

But for now I am signing off to re-charge my batteries.

If you get stuck or unsure of something just send me a message.

I also forgot to mention I am also subscribed to:

Rakuten Linkshare


Covid 19 Update Wales

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM – SEPTEMBER 18: The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, speaks during a press conference held to give an update on the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Wales at the Welsh Government building at Cathays Park in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Listen to Wales First Minister ‘Mark Drakeford’ how he talks about what is happening in Wales and how people can meet only 6 people from their extended family.

He also talks about not being able to liaise with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Does Boris not have a phone or email?

There is so many things I could talk about in this speech such as if people are only supposed to meet up to 6 people from their extended family, does that mean people cannot meet strangers?

Furthermore what about the schools, colleges and universities. Why are colleges not abiding by the 2 metre rule inside of class, having 24 or more people in a classroom?

What about the data breach, first I have heard of it yet ‘Mark Drakeford’ said it has been addressed and people have had an apology. I am reading the news everyday regarding updates how come I never heard of a data breach until it was mentioned in the speech yesterday.

Wales First Minister Mark Drakesford Press Conference 18/09/20

People in general are being complacent about the virus and young people in particular are meeting up at house parties and mixing with friends. Young people are oblivious to how serious this virus is and are going on dates and hanging out with other people outside of their housholds and family networks, why are the Governements so naive?

Its is human nature to socialise. Not everyone can live without interaction from other people.

It needs to be drummed into young people with adverts on all social media platforms the implications of not abiding by the regulations set out by our Governments. People need to be made examples of that do not abide by the rules.

Shock tactics need to be made in order for people to take this virus more seriously.

Things that need to be addressed is:

  1. Addressing people crossing borders to counties.
  2. Schools, Colleges and Univestities with more than 6 people in a classroom.
  3. Protecting Vulnerable People and (Vulnerable Students Especially) to have online lessons indefinately until the virus is under control.
  4. Educating Young People about the implications of not social distancing (Shock Tactics).
  5. If the rule of only 6 people apply, then how can you go to work when there are more than 6 people in a workforce?

I do not get paid to make suggestions and half the time it falls on deaf ears considering the amount of emails I have written to VIP regarding ‘vulnerable students’. It is very disheartening when your own local MP totally ignores you (Jo Stevens).

Furthermore the regulations are giving mixed signals in which a lot of people will have the attitude “que sera sera, what ever will be will be”.

I personally have not ventured outside since the first National UK Lockdown other to meet and greet delivery drivers. I am more concerned about my own daughters well being rather than my own health and because of my own disabilities I do not socialise anyway and the only person I am contact with is my daughter.

Something that ‘Mark Drakesford’ said about ‘Boris Johnson’ that ‘Boris’ was addressing the problem nationally which ‘Mark’ interpreted as England. Because the UK is split into Wales, Scotland, Engalnd and NI each member state should follow the leader, you would think? So either Boris speaks for all of the UK or speaks for England but he need to make that clear so that all member states can follow suit.

Track & Trace NHS App


From September 24th 2020 all businesses need to help the NHS track and trace people and everyone visiting, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels and public events and venues such as places of worship will have to check in.

Business are urged to download the NHS QR Codes.

Businesses should create and display a QR code if you are:

1). a business, place of worship or community organisation with a physical location that is open to the public.

2). an event which is taking place in a physical location.

Amazon Age Restriction Policy

Amazon Age Restriction Policy.

According to Amazon age restriction policy:

Amazon will not deliver an item to ANYONE regardless if they are 18 or 88 without seeing photo ID for age restricted items.

I can understand that some people may not look 18 or even 21 and in those cases it is perfectly acceptable for Amazon to ask for ID but if a person is 58 or 88 they obviously do not look 18 or younger, then this becomes debatable and ridiculous.

I am trying to get my head round this so if I did not show ID and in my case it was a knife that I had ordered and something bad happened say for example someone got stabbed with the knife I had ordered how does that effect the retailer that sold it to me?

What repercussions would Amazon or the retailer have? (They would not have any) and only I would be to blame and no one else other than myself and the person that used the knife for his/her own wrong doing.

Amazon age restriction policy needs to be re-evaluated as you cannot have one rule for one and not for the other. If that was the case every time anyone bought age restricted goods everyone 18 to 99 years of age would have to show ID to all retailers online and in-store in the UK.

According to Amazon they can not give the item to a neighbour yet the driver that delivered to me and I am 58 yrs old gave the parcel to my daughter even though he did not know if she was related to me or not? (She showed ID yet we have different surnames) or even if we lived in the same household as where I live is divided into flats and we were all congregated on the footpath outside the building.

I called out her name but that meant nothing, she could have been my neighbour. In fact I may not have been the person that was meant to have the delivery as I showed no ID.

So in theory I have just highlighted the shambles of the policy.

Amazon Quote “We take our responsibility in relation to the sale of age restricted items extremely seriously. Valid photographic ID and a signature of the recipient will be required upon delivery for all customers. Delivery to a neighbour, locker, pick-up point or nominated safe place location is not available for these items. If the recipient is not yet 18 years of age or over, and can’t show valid photo identification, the item will be returned to Amazon for re-delivery the following day”.

The law says you must show retailers photo id for certain items:

adult fireworks and sparklers – category F2 (outdoor use, confined areas) and category F3 (outdoor use, large open areas) fireworks18 and over
aerosol paint16 and over
alcohol18 and over
Christmas crackers12 and over
crossbows18 and over
knives / axes / blades18 and over
lighter refills containing butane18 and over
lottery tickets and ‘instant win’ cards16 and over
nicotine inhaling products18 and over
party poppers and similar low-hazard low-noise fireworks (category F1), except Christmas crackers16 and over
petrol16 and over
solvents and volatile substances18 and over – offence to supply or offer to supply to under 18s occurs only if the person knows or believes it is to be used for intoxication
sunbeds18 and over
tobacco18 and over
video recordings: U (universal)unrestricted
video recordings: PG (parental guidance)unrestricted
video recordings: classification 1212 and over
video recordings: classification 1515 and over
video recordings: classification 1818 and over
video recordings: classification R1818 years and over in a licensed sex shop
video games: PEGI rating 3unrestricted
video games: PEGI rating 7unrestricted
video games: PEGI rating 1212 and over
video games: PEGI rating 1616 and over
video games: PEGI rating 1818 and over
Age Restriction in the UK.

Amazon are on another planet if they are asking for photo ID of people clearly looking their age.

Why stop at Amazon why does every retailer in the country not start asking for everyone’s ID when buying Alcohol or Tobacco or any restricted goods regardless what age you are?

Why do the pubs and restaurants not ask everyone for ID when serving alcohol, because if they did a) it would be time consuming and b) they would not have any business left.

Amazon is a JOKE to ID people that clearly look older than 21 years of age.

This little episode clearly felt discriminating and caused a lot of stress because I cannot rush up a flight of stairs because someone snaps their fingers. The driver was clearly a sixpence short of a shilling (that is really showing my age) as he could not grasp the fact that photo ID is for people that do not look 21 years of age and look younger. Had I have not been saved by my daughter in the heated argument and was forced to show ID I would have insisted on his ID and had he refused to hand over my goods which I have paid for and money had already left my bank account. I would have every right to call the Police and have him done for theft.

The flip side of the coin is I had content to upload to my blog which I had not planned 🙂