Banking & High Street Banks.

Did you know Banks use bank marketing companies to market their products?

Did you also know that eventually everything will be done online and that high street branches will close?

Did you also know that evenually we will not have paper money and coins, as they cost money to produce?

So what will be the alterntives? it will all be done digitally just like our debit and credit cards system which is already in use.

But what entrepreneurs are experimenting with is cyrpocurrency which when it is fully regualated will be the next money system.

It obviously has a long way to go before every one recognises that trading with ICO’s (initial coin offerings) is safe. Google are making sure that any website that offers crypto currency has to have a license, which is a good move in my opinion.

But moving forward Banks need to secure keyword domain names so that they capture the end user of the search terms.

Banks can forward their keyword domain names to their websites driving traffic automatically for the keywords entered.

This is an essential tool to help generate organic traffic.

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