What may sound far fetched or an innovation for the future may in actual fact be closer to our present time than we think, with passwords being a thing of the past.

Biometrics security uses technology such as Facial, Retina, Voice and Fingerprint Recognition and is already being implemented into our passports and in Government Institutions. We already have biometric fingerprint recognition in our schools for school meals in the UK.

Banking institutions will use facial scanners and voice recognition to authenticate users to allow access to all the banking services. This will potentially eliminate identity theft by using an individual’s facial
characteristics to athenticate the user which is more secure than passwords and chip and pin or contactless that can be cloned or stolen.

What will happen eventually in the future we will have chips implanted which will hold all our data which will be a replacement for our credit and debit cards.

Recently MasterCard announced that they will be introducing biometric payment cards with built in finger sensors.

The concept will ensure that the user will have to authenticate the payment with their finger print which will authorise the payment. This will also act as a move over new EU regulations that will come into force later this year to combat bank fraud, enforcing people to have two way authentication security methods to complete transactions.

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