Roath Court Road, The Sunday Play Project’.

Roath Court Road ‘The Sunday Play Project’ – Roath Recreational Play Ground.

Perhaps I am a long in the tooth or a prude, but I did have a child about 18 years ago so I am trying to see this from a parents perspective, however before I go into detail, I just would firstly like to explain that on a Sunday I work from home. Where I live it is a built up residential area with terraced houses which have long gardens in the back of the houses.

So some clever person decided a while ago perhaps nearly a year ago now that they would introduce a play area project where on a Sunday young children can play on the ‘actual road’ which would be cordoned off to the traffic, meaning no cars can drive up or down this road between the allocated time.

Now here is the thing, whoever decided to do this did not ask all the residents if they agreed or opposed to the idea, they just went ahead and did it.

Heres the directions to the ‘Roath Recreational Play Ground For Children just in case newcomers Parents do not know their way around Roath:

Distance of Roath Recreational Park From Roath Court Road.

So now your wondering where am I going with this and here’s my answer….

  1. Firstly all residents on this street and nearby areas have got back gardens for children to play in.
  2. There is Roath Recreational Park (Roath Rec as known by the Locals) especially designed for young children to play nearby.
  3. It is a potential health and safety issue to allow children to run around on gravel tarmaced roads unlike the specially designed: Artificial Grass and Sports Surfacing. … Grass Matting. … Resin Bound Gravel. … Rubber Mulch. … Wetpour Surfacing. So if a child happens to slip and graze their hands and knees, who is at fault and who should compensate never mind and God forbid if the gravel even richochet into the child’s eyes? (maybe the clever parent who thought of this brainwave idea)?
  4. The decision maker also did not take into consideration the fact some people work shifts and most bedrooms face the front so hearing screaming children and chattering from parents is viewed dimly from the perspective of the person trying to get some sleep.
  5. Now here is my ten peneth, what about the people that want to work from home but they can’t because of the noise outside? Should the person just go to their normal place of work because the children of the community have the priority for the day? (I don’t think so………. and I live in a flat so my living room unlike everyone else’s on this street faces the front, furthermore I am limited to where I can work).
  6. Who would pay if there was damage to a parked car on the road that happened to be where the children were playing, who would even own up to it? There are no street cameras on this road, so can one prove that the child caused the damage. Would that mean the car owners will have to install cctv but there is a law where you cannot record minors so the car owners are screwed unless they physically stand by their cars in vigilence for the duration of the play time. (I for one have had my car dented and scratched but could not prove who did it so I am left to pay for the damages). Imagine if this was the fault of one of the children then the parent would have to pay or the decision maker of this idiotic idea. (There is an image on of an example of children playing football near parked cars. I could not use the image as I would assume it is copyrighted by the same person whom set up the twitter account.

This project was not thought through at all……

I am livid to say the least as when I was bringing up my child I took her to the playground at Roath Rec as shown above and she has come out fine from it, so why was it that whoever decided to implement such a stupid idea did not have a plan in place and did not do their research of all the bad things that can happen causing a butterfly effect.

I for one think roads are dangerous to play because of the health and safety aspect for the child. Also what happens if the child kicks a ball too hard and dents a car or scratches it?, who will compensate then? Furthermore cars which are on the road that pay car tax have the right to come and go as they please, imagine if someone was moving in or out and had to make several trips this would obviously disturb the parents who would not be happy and no doubt would be up in arms saying that the mover could have planned another day or time as not to intrude of their childrens play time.

I personally think it is too late to do something about it now as how can you take something away (the play project) from a community that you originally gave it too?, It is like taking candy away from a child, parents would be in upheival saying “no one has complained before” or “what harm can children do”? So now you would be left with a lot of explaining to do. The only way anything is going to change is if one complained to the powers that be and even then they would take their time and have to do surveys and their own investigations before even coming up with a final decision which would take weeks or even months or if someone has an accident or damages a car where the owner of the car has witnessed it happening.

The moral of the story is do your research first before deciding for the people and weigh up all the pros and cons, not all people will agree to your idea and if you want my opinion the project should be scrapped as the parents of the children have a perfectly good play area within walking distance ‘Roath Recreational Play Ground’ or their own Back Gardens to play in.

Why are the parents only thinking of themselves, think of the other residents including the elderly that do not like noise.

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