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Preinstalled Microsoft Windows

Various Operating Systems

Microsoft Operating Systems on my mind.

The reason I write this is because I was forced to do an update of ‘Windows 10’ which I ignored for about a week but then started noticing problems so I started the update begrudgingly. Three hours into the update I had only reached 5% so I decided to do some research and found this update can take as long as 24 hours. No one from Microsoft had notified me of this prior to the update. So I powered my computer off. This was last night.

Today I come into work and power my computer on and low and behold a message comes up ” undoing changes to your computer”. OMG I was infuriated as I needed to access my computer there and then and not wait for Microsoft to mess me around. At this stage I wanted for heads to roll as I am trying to run a business and is Microsoft going to compensate me for every minute I am not working.

So I phone a number which is apparantely it was Office 365, I explain I needed Windows Tech Support and no one can give me a number but they put me through to the Tech Support internally. I then asked the Tech Support for their direct number and again they went round the houses and avoided giving it to me. So after the telephone call I then did some research and found the number for the UK : 0344 800 2400 ,so why was it so difficult to give it to me? For the USA it is +1 800 642 7676

Anyway moving on the telephone consisted of the tech support person telling me to wait for the changes to be undone which meant me waiting several hours for the changes to happen.

So in my opinion Microsoft are bullies and all they care is about the promotion of their product and seek to maintain market competition. A Monopoly exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. This contrasts with a monopsony which relates to a single entity’s control of a market to purchase a good or service, and with oligoply which consists of a few sellers dominating a market.

Hence all computers are prinstalled with Microsoft Operating Systems which in other words is The Bundling of Microsoft Windows is the installation of Microsoft Windows in computers before their purchase. Microsoft happen to encourage original equiptment manufacturers (OEMs) of personal computers to include Windows licenses with their products, and agreements between Microsoft and OEMs have undergone antitrust scrutiny. Users opposed to the bundling of Microsoft Windows have sought refunds for Windows licenses, arguing that the Windows end user license entitles them to return unused Windows licenses for a cash refund. Although some customers have successfully obtained payments (in some cases after litigation or lengthy negotiations), others have been less successful. This is so unfair as not everyone wants Microsoft as their operating system and the amount of time and resources wasted configuring updates they should just give the money back without argument.

I believe that an equipment manufacturer should make the market fair and purchase equal percentages of end user licenses of various operating systems not just Microsoft and offer the consumer a choice. Just like you have a choice of colour, ram and storage space etc, you should have a choice which operating system to use.

The best part is the tech support person just rang me back and said I need to do the update and I said I was not going to if it is going to take me 24 hours so he suggested I get a pen drive on a minimum of 16GB and he would help to install the update on Friday. He never said Microsoft would supply one for me, he just said I should acquire one. What if I was someone who could not afford to get one, why should I pay extra to get something fixed that was not my fault to begin with?

Imagine the rest of the population that are tearing their hair out right now because of Microsoft.

Microsoft as a gesture of goodwill should at least give office 365 to anyone that has had issues with my complaint, that would be the most decent thing to do.

So if you are stuck try rebooting your computer to safe mode.

How do I boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode?

To access the Boot Manager of your system, please press the key combination Ctrl + F8 during the boot process. Select the desired Safe Mode to start your PC.

Due to the current fast computers with fast boot or SSD, it is troublesome to catch the exact time frame with the Ctrl + F8 key combination during the boot process. Therefore it might take several attempts to access the Boot Manager this way. Alternatively, the Safe Mode can also be launched directly from Windows.

Start Safe Mode directly out of Windows

  1. Click Windows-button → On/Off.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and click Restart.
  3. Click the option Troubleshoot and then Advanced options.

*****Finally if you are still having trouble with the update you can visit or phone the numbers which I mentioned earlier.

So Friday came and the Tech Person phoned and rather than to perform a quick fix like he had promised he told me to sit the update out. So what was the point of me waiting 2 days only to be told the quick fix he thought of using was not stable and that I should just be patient? Why waste my time? I told him I needed my computer on and he said do I not sleep? The update took 20 hours I usually have about 6-7 hours sleep before im back on the computer and I even had to justify my hours to him. I tried looking for him on the internet and he does not exist no social media or digital footprint, absolutely nothing which tells me his name was made up. Why go to these lengths to hide your identity why bother giving a surname when you know its not going to be real and won’t help me.

This has now made me so angry that Microsoft who need not worry about putting food on the table can waste other peoples time and not give a monkeys about other businesses that have to work for a living.

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