Its been a while since I wrote about this GP as I have simply avoided going to them after my last attempt to book in a routine appointment to have my ears syringed by the nurse to be told I needed to see the doctor first. I know I have a problem and I have suffered with this for the last 20 years so 4 years ago I attempted to make an appointment to no avail. I do not see the point of wasting a doctors time when they could use it for more serious matters and free up appointments and I will know what the doctor will say and that is I need to see the nurse.

To me this is bad management and they seriously need business consulting training. The receptionist are rude and hostile. I would expect them to be empathatic considering people also have mental health issues so to be down right rude they should be either re-trained or dismissed, one or the other.

So today I phone up and am put on hold for 20 minutes on a count down of how many people are waiting in a queue. When they finally answer they say all the appointments have gone for today and I should ring back tomorrow. I do not have time to play these stupid games. They have a computer in front of them and there is nothing stopping them making an entry for the following day. But they choose to stress people out which makes no sense to me. Also not everyone can phone at 08.30 and if they do the lines are engaged which is infuriating to say the least.

The alternative was that you can book the appointments online yourself but first……….wait for it………you need to come into the surgery to fill in the form to register online before, you can register online if you see what I mean:

Now anyone knows that when you visit a professional website one can register online, which to me what they are asking is time consuming and stressful and total nonsense.

I for one am not going to close my business down to come to their surgery to fill out a form, I have a business to run. I have emailed them and am waiting to see if they reply. If they don’t I will make waves.

It is absolutely appauling how they treat their patients and I for one have had enough of having to run around them, when they obviously have bad management and do not care about how they treat people.

Look at all the bad reviews:,1,,,

Its a wonder they have any patients left !!!

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