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ONE.COM The hosting company for website and domain names. No I am not putting them on a pedestal to market them as being the best hosting company on the planet on the contrary I am putting them on a pedestal for being one of the worst. I cannot say they are the worst as there could be worse hosting companies out there.

Instead I will just highlight how they have added an extra fee for renewing domain names. So if you are in the business of buying and selling domain names you will know that DNS Domain Administration comes part and parcel of the package of renewing domain names as without a DNS system one cannot alter DNS Records or forward domain names.

So a .CO.UK Domain Renewal on any other registrars website costs £10 plus vat but this company ONE.COM are charging for the domain name renewal and also the DNS administration system as you can see below:

ONE.COM DNS Administration Fee.

This is a scam if I ever I saw one and the customers they have most probably do not know that DNS comes as default with a Domain Name and should not be charged as an add on.

I would avoid like the plague, all they have been is problem after problem from the start and God knows what nightmare stories their ex-customers would have to say given half the chance.

Slowly but surely they will end up loosing me as a customer. Customer services were no better basically saying if I did not like it, to take a running jump, I would call their bluff but I cannot afford one of the domain names going into migration over to another registrar as that would mess up one of my clients websites, which I cannot afford to do right now, considering lost his blog (it just disappeared off the face of the www) not so long ago.

Total Nightmare Company!

28/02/20 Addendum

As you are aware I am down sizing my portfolio with and am moving over to another hosting provider.

Upon checking a particular website today the contact page was off centre.

This means when I published it the other day they must have re-published my site (even though they claim they NEVER do).

So today I spend my valuable time talking to these idiots again and they admit that they had done a bug fix the other day which may have caused one of my codes to be none responsive.

If my site was working fine the other day and you do a bug fix and it is not working fine today you should reimburse me and you fix the problem without blaming everyone else on the planet bar yourselves.

This is NOT the first time they have done this and then tried blaming the consumer.

I am livid to say the least and hope and pray my client does not see the unresponsive page, they only lost his blog and could not retrieve off their server. I am amazed that they have any business.

…….since writing my post earlier they found that it was not a bug fix but something else which the technician should have spotted before creating a ticket and I did not get an apology, says it all…..

Selling a Business

Selling a Business!

Before you start remember if you are using a brokerage site always sign a commission agreement up front. A contract saves on any misunderstanding further down the line.

I will give you an example of one such business later on that refused to sign a commission agreement and told me to keep things under radar as he did not want the publicity only to sing it from the roof tops on a popular business social media platform. This in turn minimised who I could then approach as this person was connected with the majority of my connections. Anyone seeing this would eliminate the middle man or in my case middle woman and deal with him directly. He said he was once offered $350K but he turned it down loosing that opportunity for good and now he is asking £345K for the same business. Sometimes you have to evaluate if it is a good thing to pass up on a high figure due to greed and then have to wait many years for another opportunity to come by.

Looking at his website he claims he has ex amount of members subscription sign ups which is good as an email list and you know what they say “the money is in the list”. However he has never showed me proof of this. He also states he has thousands of visitors coming to his site every month and again I have no proof of this either. I did do a SEO audit report on his site and found many errors. Looking at his site I would not spend more than a hundred dollars on it but obviously it is his domain name that holds the key as well as his email list and his traffic.

So my first thoughts are why did he not sign a commission agreement it was not exclusive to me, he could have still approached other domain brokers. Secondly under the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 any individual or business must perform due diligence for transactions over £1,000 hence this is a red flag to me that he refused to sign the agreement as this would have been the start of a carbon footprint or digital trail, which maybe means he has less favourable motives to not signing a contract.

So my work that I have done for him to date has gone down the pan even though this domain name was unique and has equity which is an advantage.

But for people who fail to be transparent I will not work with them and have told him so in not so many words this morning to a reply to a message he sent me.

At the moment I am still keeping quiet about the domain name and business modal that this person has for sale as I want to see if he replies to me for being sly.

If he did not want to pay a commission then he should not have approached me and just done outbound marketing himself, but due to health reasons he had not this, so what was the change of heart?

24/02/20 Since writing this blog post yesterday the person has come back to me to say he has does not care for due diligence formalities and the reason he posted on “Linkedin” was to test the water. For people who do not want to perform due diligence raises a red flag.

This person says he has over 20 years experience yesterday but today he says he has over 50 years experience is a lie as the internet has not been around that long for the public. He went on to say he has sold domains all over the world well good for him but a law is a law and you cannot argue with a law.

I am not going to promote his domain name or business if he does not want to play ball, I have more to risk than he does and if he does not care about consequences or formalities, a simple word of mouth gentlemen’s agreement will not do. I was going to promote the domain full blast but because of his reluctance to sign an agreement tells me he has something to hide.

I have done gentlemen’s agreements before and have found them to be not solid, so I will not do them now. Trust no one. Why should I trust him?, I do not know him?

Cash Flows.

Cash Flow.

As mentioned in a previous post I am don’t know about you but a couple of my clients are not being transparent with me and not explaining why they are taking their time paying. I do not want to wave the heavy hand at them but to run a business smoothly you have to prioritise all your due payments and think that if you do not add fuel to your engine, your engine will eventually cease to work.

Below is a sample cash-flow template:

Remember rather than keep people stringing along or in the dark be transparent. If you have problems paying, explain this to your creditor. Creditors are human and do understand, and the worst thing you can do is avoid them. Creditors can give you more time to pay providing you are honest with them.

Rogue Landlords!

Rogue Landlords (Overcrowding) -Dodgy Landlords & Cowboy Contractors.

Are you renting privately?

Check out the following website, similar to trust-pilot this website is specifically for reviewing landlords:

Have you come across the dodgy landlord that patches things up with a lick of paint?

I will reiterate the importance of online credibility. In this day and age to show your trustworthiness, you also have to show who you are publicly and if you have a property management company, you should have a website. Tenants and prospective tenants can then see the latest properties on the market, FAQ and an about page all about you the landlord or property management company. There should also be an info page and who to call in case of an emergency.

Any reputable property management company should have a website and social media intergration.

I am located in Wales so all landlords in Wales must be registered and licensed through: Now here is the thing they do a course and they then must comply with what the government expects of them as they could be liable and fined up to £30,000 in a government crackdown on low quality rented accommodation. The government’s proposals also include a ban on people with certain criminal convictions letting out properties. Landlords looking to lease a property to five or more people will need a licence unless the tenants are from a single family. A database of “serious and prolific” offenders will also being created – with fines of up to £30,000 for those who let out substandard or unsafe accommodation.

So here is the dilemma of the private tenant if you complain you will be served an eviction notice to leave. A landlord can evict you giving you two months notice to find new accommodation for no reason at all, he could simply say he does not want to rent the property out anymore as he is planning to sell. He could keep the property empty or renovate whilst you are gone, leaving you with a problem of finding suitable accommodation and getting money together ready for the move.

So in some cases people simply do not have the money to uproot. Imagine you have to find money for a bond and one months rent upfront, never mind the moving costs of hiring a van, taking time off work and hiring people to help you move. So this is why our country is the way it is, because if a tenant complains they usually find themselves homeless because of the costs involved in finding other accommodation.

Obviously the government can help families but single people are not favoured for immediate help and end up being homeless.

As a private tenant you put up and shut up. Sure the landlord can be fined but you can find yourself also out on your ear. Yes the Nay Sayers will say but you have rights, of course I know that but if the landlord then says that he no longer wants to rent the property out, there is absolutely nothing you can do about.

I once had a kitchen fire and when the fire brigade noticed I did not have smoke alarms fitted to my mains power they immediately notified the local council whom notified my landlord and in turn he threatened to throw me out as this had caused a problem for him of which he had to fork out cash. So as a consequence we also had to have turn locks and a handle on our front door and as you know I have OCD so handles and I do not go well together, but who cares right?, certainly not the council and certainly not the landlord.

Since then the local council have made my landlord put turn locks and a handle on my kitchen door even though there is no room for a handle as the fridge is in the way and you simply cannot get in to the kitchen without causing yourself an injury with the handle in situ.

On another occasion someone smashed the front door stain glass window and I remember trying to phone the landlord on a Friday night and he was not answering. I then contacted the police and they gave me an incident number to give to the insurance company. I then called out emergency glaziers where I was charged £250 to make the building safe and secure, they then ordered the replacement stain glass.

Upon speaking to the insurance company on the following Monday as their offices were closed over the weekend, I was told I was only covered for contents insurance and not building insurance. I then contacted my landlord whom has to have building insurance for all his properties and he refused to contact his insurers and I was left to foot the bill, as it was too late to cancel my order. The glass replacement bill came to £1,500 and my landlord offered me £60.00 as compensation which I declined due to him insulting my intelligence an integrity. His time will come.

There was one other incident and this is a scam by far, a landlord changes the date of his rent being due so he can in the middle of the month demand the rent to be paid at the beginning of the month and visa versa but what this does it makes the tenant who pays on a monthly basis have to find an extra two weeks rent as on top of the rent that was due and the moving forward of two weeks make the tenant default by two weeks. An example of what I mean the rent is due normally on the 15th but now it is moved to the 1st so instead of paying for 4 weeks rent upfront you find yourself owing for 6 weeks. A simple shift of a time change and if the landlord does this a couple times a year could make an extra months rent out of each tenant. ***See where I am going? Fool me once shame on you……

Your comments are welcome.

So here is the thing the landlord is having all these things done including adding more smoke alarms into every room as if one alarm is not deafening enough and he is patching everything else up with a lick of paint and rather than hiring professionals who specialise in a trade he hires one person to be the jack of all trades.

Now I could go on but I feel that cutting corners does not benefit anyone in the long run as simply patching something up will only cause bigger problems further down the line. It is always better to tackle the problem head on and fix it properly as the more times you patch it up, imagine how much money you could have saved if you fixed the problem properly in the beginning without all the call outs.

Do not cut corners “Landlords”, as it will only cost you more money in the end, always hire a professional tradesman, skilled in his field that has good reviews.

Do not hire a friend of a friend that is not known as these people are called “Cowboys”!! Always employ someone that is verified and has some accreditation.

****Addendum 16/02/20

After being promised that the person fixing my roof would come today, yes I know it is a Sunday but the weather has been terrible lately and especially yesterday my leak got so bad that I have put 4 pots down in the bathroom to catch the rain and for over a month I have had a leaking bathroom ceiling, only to be told they had only yesterday noticed two missing roof tiles, trying to put the onus on the landlord for not showing them the right location of the leak, yet they have been in my property for the last two weeks inspecting the bathroom………………. work that one out?

So my concern now is that the water coming through my ceiling is running down my electrics and coming out of my light fitting. Never the less I cannot use the bathroom at all not even to go to the toilet, just in case I get electrocuted and the workman who will remain nameless for now said and I quote “just be careful”. (I have video evidence),

What if this causes an electrical fire or blows my electrics, what will happen then when I will be left without electricity or worse a home? The lack of urgency of some people makes me really want to give them a slap.

Just because I told them my life story they now think I am a walkover and they will take their time doing the work because they think I cannot stand my ground or stand up for myself. They are very much mistaken because “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and what they fail to realise I have little empathy for people who lie to me.

Regardless of any pending business I may have had from them, I will personally will not promote someone who cannot do their job properly and even if they do not use me they will find in future my marketing skills can make them or break them. I can give anyone their five minutes of fame.

So where they made the emphasis they will climb the roof when it is dry well and when it is safe, that is not going to happen any time soon and by coincidence had they have bothered to turn up today they would have found it was not raining. 🙂

Also I researched on the internet that there are emergency roofers that will climb your roof even if it is raining as they use something called a “tarp” to keep the roof dry whilst they fix it, so what is “Woody From Toy Stories” excuse? It been over four weeks now I am getting pretty much fed up with it.

Watch me cause so many problems if this is not fixed tomorrow and I do not care what storm is brewing as the my storm “Storm Renata” will be bigger and badder than “Storm Dennis or Storm Jorge”.

There is a saying you can build your reputation which may take you years to build but within minutes it can be destroyed. They won’t have a business left once I am finish with them. I was asked to not mention anything to the landlord about them returning, I wonder why?, unless my landlord has given them a warning.

I refer to the landlord when I text him over a week ago, that I wanted to know what company he was using so that I could check out their reviews and for him to be careful not to be scammed and suprise, suprise he blanked, which brings me to the fact he did not respond because the company he is using is basically a friend of a friend and not from good old “Google” or “Yellow Pages”.


The tenant below me had her trampoline netting ripped as the same workman fell into it as he was scaling her wall to climb over into her garden to access the roof about a month ago or so, and any decent person would have admitted to her what had happened but he did not mention a thing and when he noticed I had noticed he had fallen and ripped the trampoline he just waved to me and started to laugh with his colleagues, very unprofessional in my eyes.

He should have at least mentioned it to the landlord, but he was not going to do that as that would mean forking out money for new netting. My neighbour was furious when she found out but because I did not record the whole thing it would have been my word against theirs.

As far as I am concerned someone owes me for a stock pot as I have to use that to pee whilst my toilet/bathroom has been out of service.

I wish I had an address for him to send an invoice and at this rate I am going to have mention this to my landlord if it is not fixed by tomorrow, I don’t care, I certainly am not dependant on their business and it is no skin off my nose if they do not use me as like I said before “I do not want to market cowboys”.

……….An update……. the roof has been supposedly fixed I think, only time will tell if my carpet gets wet again.

I also noticed that my extension lead at the back of the washing machine had been taken off a pipe as it was suspended from a pipe because it could not lie on the ground just in case the washing machine ever leaked. The people who came to deliver and my washing machine refused to install the washing machine on the grounds it did not comply with PAT Regulations. So these other set of cowboys who fitted my smoke alarms failed to do anything about my washing machine power cable and omitted to notice my burnt out chandelier in the living room.

You would have thought they would fit carbon monoxide detectors but they have not in the kitchen. I’m obviously going to have to do this myself. I’m going back and forth here with one set of cowboys to another but the electrical cowboys are a total joke and the handy manny people, well all I can say is obviously they are on a monthly payment regardless how big or small the job is they will do it all and when asked about the kitchen handle they supposedly fitted but in reality they had not, I asked for the handle and was told it is safe with them and if I ever needed to fit it they would come and fit one for me……. Whats to say I would ever use them???

I just cannot wait to move out of this @@@@ tip and move somewhere much nicer. I am contemplating my naval if I ever was to have enough money to buy this property it would be for investment purposes only. I would renovate it and I would live somewhere else. Too many bad memories in the house that I care to mention or remember for me to live here indefinitely.

****Anyone with a nightmare story is more than welcome to share it on here, and the more times we name and shame rogue landlords to the point of even publishing their names they will soon go out of business and landlords need tenants more than tenants need landlords. Remember do go check out:


Or simply type the name of the landlord into search engines to see if his/her names have been mentioned.

Happy Reading!


Continuation of My Leaky Roof Saga, six weeks later my problem is still ongoing and last night my bathroom light was flickering even though the light was not switched on. The light switched on by itself.

I later found out that the rain had been running down my light switch, the string pull and my carpet was soaking wet.

I contacted the building contractor and explained my dilemma and how I was concerned it could cause an electrical fire. The non urgency of his response was he was busy today and would come round until tomorrow.

I am starting to loose my patience here, if my electricity trips or a fire breaks out and I am left without power, unable to work or God forbid anywhere to live, heads will roll……

I have since had a message from the building contractor who has cancelled on me today period and has said he will have it fixed by the time heavy rains come tomorrow.

I really am on the verge of punching him…….

Dodgy Traders -Bad Reviews!

If you read the following article you will see he is now endangering lives by not fixing the problem when I have told him so:

I am the type of person that does not keep quiet and will tell him so to his face and take legal action.

Anyone with landlord issues and need legal advice,

I recommend the following company:

Like I said before I told the building contractors my life story and now they think I am a pushover.

It is also very strange how this building contractor has no digital footprint at all.

Trustworthiness minus 100 in my eyes………


This is starting to be like an online journal.

The workman came first thing this morning after cancelling on me yesterday.

They tinkered in the attic for about half an hour, putting their dirty feet on my fridge freezer near my pots and pans, leaving a mess right throughout my kitchen and landing with what I assume was broken fragments of blanket insulation all over my services, my pots and pans my flooring and my carpet. They then reassured me they had sealed the the leak and no sooner they had left 4 leaks appeared 🙂

The Chief Building Contractor said he had lied to the landlords secretary and had said he was visiting me to return some photos but in reality he was coming to fix the leak for the millionth time.

So I told the building contractor if he is struggling to fix the leak that I would contact the landlord and request he gets a roofer in, which he has said I should do and that he would confirm with my landlord.

It is now a waiting game to see when this will be fixed. It back to using the stock pot again lol.

Furthermore after noticing my light fixture turning itself on the other night and flickering, upon testing it today the light does not come on at all and when the building contractor asked if we had any spare light bulbs to which I replied I had not as this was a brand new light fitting the electricians had fitted about a month ago, so the building contractor then tried to see what bulb was in the fitting and could not access it. Usually this is a man thing where most men can figure out how to change a light bulb but this building contractor could not.

I am still waiting to see how to change the light bulb and if my light fitting broken or not?

I am honestly dealing with stupid people now, who I presume have no qualifications or any brain cells.

The standard of service is down right disgrace with the electrician not telling me about the light fitting and not securing the washing machine wiring to safety standards yet they charged my landlord to change a fitting which was already safety approved with another one which no one can fathom how to change the light bulb.

Total and utter cowboys.

For the last six weeks I have had about 18 visits from various workmen namely electricians, carpenters and building contractors and my landlord, yet I am paying rent to not have any problems or visitors.

I am well and truly fed up of the whole scenario”!!!


Upon finishing my last update, the leak continued on Friday 28th February 2020 where the building contractor said he could no longer attempt to fix it and that I needed a professional roofer in. I also told the building contractor about the bathroom light coming on by itself and flickering and not working the following day. He attempted to first start by changing the light bulb only to find it was sealed with some sort of circuit board and that he would found the property management person for advice.

Later that afternoon my landlord turned up unannounced with no consideration to what I was doing to inspect the leak and said he would be back round on Monday, saying he need to find a roofer. I sarcastically commented with an innuendo, getting an emergency roofer would cost lots of money and he apologised and left. Now fast forward to Monday there was no show from the Landlord or the roofer and today Tuesday unannounced guess who turns up?, only the same building constructor with another guy whom I have never met before. So imagine if I was working a 9-5 job and I had taken time off work and waited in all day for a no show or even an apology. Another thing is they can gain entry without my permission but by law they have to give me at least 24 hours notice, this has not happened and I have to be present at all times because of the valuable content I have in the property that would not be covered by insurance if someone decided to have sticky fingers.

I have been robbed before in a similar scenario because the thief did not break in to enter my property and used keys, which is what the landlord and his goofy workmen have to gain entry, I would not be covered by my insurance and I am not making the same mistake twice.

(What happened “oh I cannot fix the roof” )?

So in the space of 7 weeks since I first reported the issue and with also electricity checks and alterations in the property I have had 21 visits. Now the law says the following which you can access via this link:

Your rights

As a tenant, you have the right to:

  • Live in a property that’s safe and in a good state of repair (black mold growing on my walls from rising damp, no double glazed windows, dangerous light fittings and not Pat Compliant).
  • Have your deposit returned when the tenancy ends – and in some circumstances have it protected
  • Challenge excessively high charges
  • Know who your landlord is (only have his email address and mobile phone number, do not know where he lives or where he operates his business from).
  • Live in the property undisturbed (This is a Joke – Have had 21 visits in a space of 7 weeks)
  • See an Energy Performance Certificate for the property (Never seen one from my landlord in the 20 odd years I have lived here, although I had got my own report from an approved company).
  • Be protected from unfair eviction and unfair rent (The landlord could easily say he no longer wants to rent the property out and there is nothing anyone can do about it).
  • Have a written agreement if you have a fixed-term tenancy of more than 3 years (Never been sent a copy of an agreement that I signed and was promised I would get a copy of – I never received a copy of an agreement). As far as I know he could have made me sign it and then ripped it up.

If you have a tenancy agreement, it should be fair and comply with the law.

Further reading of Landlord Regulations, Obligations & Laws can be found here:

If you do not know who your landlord is, write to the person or company you pay rent to. Your landlord can be fined If they do not give you this information within 21 days.

Don’t get me wrong I am prepared to live in this @@@@ tip for a little bit longer until I find somewhere else or can afford to buy the property off the landlord outright and do my own renovations, with legitimate contractors, not cowboys. The law sucks and unless you have a plan b to uproot at short notice (two months approx), think of the consequences before making waves……….It will cost you money to find the bond for a new place £500 upwards plus one month rent upfront, which is another £500 plus depending where you want to live, not forgetting taking time off work and removals which can be anything up to £1000+. So consider the pros and cons.

Instead collate enough information/evidence and take the landlord to court at the end of the tenancy, when you are good and ready and not before.

I am not going to make waves as I use this property to work, so moving else where would cost me thousands of pounds, which at the moment is tied in my business.

If you are looking for a Pat Test Inspector or Electrician in the South Wales area, I highly recommend:

If you have ever wondered about setting up your own business, what can be more lucrative if not your own Taxi Business?

Unfortuantely this domain is only applicable to France but imagine starting your own business.

If you have a car and I imagine you need a taxi licence all you then need is a website to get your business started.

You can see a landing page to here: but it can be designed to your own specifications, colours, design and content. It will be search engine optimized, responsive to all devices and have outbound marketing or you can go it alone and design it yourself.

It is the domain name that will secure your global positioning.

Currently we are only marketing the domain name but if you are interested in web development we will be able to give you a competitive quote with no obligations.

Contact us to make an offer for the domain name!

Disability Discrimination.

Disability Discrimination.

Disability Discrimination on my mind. According to the website:

Here is the overview of what Disability Discrimination means:

What counts as disability discrimination

This advice applies to England

Table of contents

What is disability discrimination

It is against the law to discriminate against disabled people in various areas of their lives.

If disability discrimination takes place in any of the following situations, you may be able to take action about it:

There are some important areas where it is not against the law to discriminate against disabled people, for example, in access to public transport services.

Disability discrimination can either be direct or indirect.

Direct discrimination is where you are treated less favourably because of your disability than someone without a disability would be treated in the same circumstances.

But what it fails to address is people with disabilities in their homes where they are subjected to have certain things done because the landlords are obliged by the councils to have certain things done which may hinder a persons life.

So where the law says that all public places and landlords have to abide certain rules not to discriminate disabled people, it in fact contradicts itself by forcing the landord to do certain things that may be in fact obstacles for disabled people.

Here is an expample a mental health patient cannot touch door handles and locks due to their OCD but the law states you have to have these locks in case of a fire. The scenario being that a front door normally just has a yale lock but now it has to have a handle and a lock that you can open from the inside but you need a key from the outside. So instead of a normal yale lock you have to a key and door handle that you push down to open the door plus your yale lock. This in turn causes distress with the mental health patients. Another scenario someone who is claustophobic may not want doors yet the law states you have to have fire doors. So the law is not well thought through as the person who has mental health issues has to do as the law says which is a contradiction in terms. Furthermore back to the person who has OCD or Social Anxiety why should they be subjected to workmen disturbing their way of living. I refer to a website where one person actually mentions these scenario’s on their website:

You won’t find anything like this what I write on the internet as the powers that be will never mention it and will try to supress anyone that does.

Right to be Forgotten Law.


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it” – Warren Buffett

The law protects people’s right to privacy in a number of ways.

The European Convention on Human Rights protects a person’s right “to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence“.

With articles 8 and 10 of the Convention into breach of confidence law, article 8 of the Convention protects the right to private and family life while article ten protects the right to freedom of expression.

Read the full overview here:


The ‘misuse’ tends to be the disclosure, usually the publication or threatened publication, of private information, but a claim does not require publication.

So if entity (A) aides and abeits with entity (b) and refuse to take down your incorrect information, then both entities are liable.

I attach an article on another blog that I host where I wrote that GDPR only protects residents and companies data in the UK & EU only.

So if you have any detrimental data that you want removing from the world wide web you will have terrrible trouble with Google especially who think they own the planet.

Here is the blog post:

The European Convention on Human Rights is an international treaty which only member States of the Council of Europe may sign. The Convention, which established the Court and lays down how it is to function, contains a list of the rights and guarantees which the States have undertaken to respect.

The Member States of the European Covention are as follows:

If you are considering submitting a complaint to the “The European Covention on Human Rights you must first fill out the following form:


You need to make sure you have followed all the steps in the following guidline:


If you have any further issues or need more information do visit their website:

Watch this space as I plan to write more on the subject soon………

TV Licensing (UK)

UK TV Licensing – Live Streaming

Today I received by email my renewed TV License.

Something flipped in my brain to say hold on but you and any member in your household do not watch terrestrail tv and its time to do something about it…….So I decided to contact the “TV Licensing” by their online contact form. I filled in all the neccessary questions and then posted the following message and I will tell you what happened when I pressed the send button at the end of my post.

The message was:

I am a web designer and want to know how using Amazon Prime Video which Amazon use their own servers for has anything to do with you?

I underatand watching terrestrial television on any device is payable but where websites use their own servers why do you charge when these services do not belong to you?

I will be making a blog post about this on as I think it is a questionable charge for something that has nothing to do with you and is against my consumer rights to be forced to pay for something that I do not directly use, which is terrestrail tv or live streaming.

If anything for people such as myself you should offer “a pay as you go service” for the occasional viewing.

But anything that is not part of itv hub should not be passed off as belonging to you and that is illegal to claim that it does.

I have thousands of followers and I will cause an uproar as I feel I am being misleaded.

I would like an answer and an explanation why you are charging me £154.40 a year for something I do not use.

Your terms and conditions state the following Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc. What does the (etc) mean?, you are not being transparent which is also illegal.

I think trading standards should get involved. However when I pressed the (send) button I ended up with the following error:

A bit of a coincidence that an error occurred. Obviously the TV Licensing people do not want confrontations so they make it difficult to complain. What use will it be to me to phone up to be told they cannot give me an answer over the phone.

Youtube do not charge you to watch programmes and websites such as Netflix charge subscription fees. Sky TV you pay a service charge to them directly and they use their own servers just like Amazon and this has nothing to do with the TV Licensing people. I can undestand if a signal from their masts were being used to broadcast channels to your device, so yes I would understand that one would have to pay for the service but for the occasional use it should be a pay as you go service which you could cancel any time.

What gets me is they send intimidationg people to your door if you do not pay.

Streaming TV

According to the TV Licensing people, broadcasts coming direcly from their hub or live viewing such as sport events are deemed as payable to the TV Licensing Organization, However other websites hosted on other servers and services offered by other websites such as Netflix or Amazon should not be also charged to the consumer by TV Licensing UK. If anything they should charge the website owners and make them have a license but not charge the consumer as well……. that is just plain greedy.

Since when do the TV Licensing bodies own the internet or the movie websites?

I do not know too much about streaming websites but I assume one needs a license in order to offer a service. The TV Licensing people are burning the candle at both ends.

The basic rule of thumb is that you must have a TV licence if you watch, record or otherwise consume live television or watch ITV, BBC, S4C. Which I do not!!!! It doesn’t matter which television stations you watch, or how you watch them. You still have to buy a license even if you only watch live streams from Mongolia’s Eagle TV channel.

The definition of “live stream” means it is in real time although there can be delays in transmission such as buffering due to weak wifi/broadband signal strength, and many set-top boxes and PVRs let you pause or save TV programmes to watch later. Therefore recording, capturing and storing live TV shows also counts as watching live television. You can’t get out of paying for a licence by recording programmes and watching them later.

So if you are considering streaming a TV programme just before it ends, you need to have a licence. If you start streaming it just after it has ended, you don’t need a licence.

Regardless what device you use to view live television, or how you collect and process the media, you are still viewing real time TV. No matter how you get the feed whether it is an aerial, a cable network, a satellite dish, a wifi hotspot or any other internet server it all still counts as streaming. This includes watching live fights on Sky Sports Box Office, NHL ice hockey games from Canada, ATP tennis on Amazon Prime and so on, even though you will be paying separately to watch them. Logically, it must also include any live television feeds on Facebook or Twitter. Which I reiterate I do not!!!!

Live Streaming is viewing a Live Feed in Real Time.

It does not matter if your watching live TV via a feed on a TV set, a computer monitor, on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, on a VR headset or projected on to a wall, you still have to pay, which is underatandable providing what you are watching is in real time or on the ITV Hub or BBC iplayer.

Anyone who thinks they can get out of paying without a legitimate reason is very much mistaken as they will hound you until you pay and will even fine you and take you to court. So regardless what device you use if you watch terrestial tv such as ITV, BBC, S4C or live stream TV programmes in real time on your devices whether it is a TV, Laptop, Computer, Smartphone or via a Roku stick in the back of a monitor you still have to pay.

I would therefore like to know what I have got for my money considering they have just charged me £154.40 – the answer I will tell you, absolutely nothing not one iota.

I have basically handed over £154.40 for nothing, imagine this money could go towards my grocery shopping and not the TV Bosses who live in luxury accomodation, with fancy cars and fat pay cheques (checks) from misleading consumers.

I happily pay both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (For Movies) but I do not live stream and do not watch terrestrial TV such as ITV, BBC or S4C. Half the rubbish they broadcast only destroys my valuable brain cells which are better spent blogging. I do not see why I have to pay the TV Licensing people if I do not use their service.

If their argument is that all broadcasts over the internet belong to them then they should make the website owners pay for a license and not the consumer.

But if they can get money from the consumer as well as the website owner thats more chi-ching for them and the consumer who thinks he has to pay regardless if they live stream or not because they are brain washed into thinking they must then, they will pay because they would not know what else to do and the TV Licensing people then laugh all the way to the bank.

Why should I pay Amazon for Prime Video to be charged more than double amount by the TV Licensing people also even though I do not live stream? Amazon is an American Company so what has that got to do with the British TV?

Surely there are jurisdictions on counrty to country viewing tv laws and Britain does not govern the whole wide world. So my question is how can Britain dictate for example Amazon Prime Video which is an american streaming channel, where I presume in order to stream Amazon would have already acquired a license to offer the service and with a paid subscription. So how does Britain have a say in the broadcasting of a foreign country, when it is over the internet and via satellites which do not belong to Britain. I would understand if the live stream was being broadcasted in Britain but if is from abroad how can Britain charge a license fee and if it is for a one time even, for £152.40 and one only viewed as a one off you could go literally watch the event live and get yourself front row tickets for that amount of money. Just asking?

I am angry to say the least and like an idiot I have been paying them for the last 10 years even though I might have only watched a handul times worth of viewing at the most 7 days viewing (not live streaming may I add) only on ITV hub, so for say 10 years at a cost of £1,524.00 they have made over £1,524.00 and I have had nothing for that amount of money which I think they should refund me for.

I remember once whilst I was abroad in the EU back in the day when we were in the EU, I wanted to access a documetary whilst I was in my hotel and it basically said I could not watch the program on my iphone, so the following day I rang theTV Licensing people and they said my license did not cover me to watch British TV on my device whilst I was abroad. So if that is the case they should not charge for live streaming from TV networks from abroad.

But have I the energy or time to complain and just like the rest of the british people (programmed sheep} who end up paying because they are scare mongered into a corner, end up paying for the sake of not having any problems with the TV Licensing people, I may actually break free and stand my ground.

**Note: Anyone reading this please share it far and wide and bring a stop to this once and for all. If Microsoft get their money from every laptop, computer, tablet that is sold that has Windows installed on it, then the TV Licensing people should do the same with all newTV’s and have a subscription service for people who want to view online.

I may take this further, we will just have to see……

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