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“Online” Business Domain Names.

Online Business Domain Names.

Reading my daily emails and newsletters, I got to thinking after I read a Restaurant in London had gone into adminstration and how Gordan Ramsey has been critised for laying off staff. But what if there was an easier solution, what if you could give Deliveroo, Ubereats a run for their money, what if you started an online delivery option, where people could still eat fine food but from the comfort of their lounge. What if high end restaurants catered for the online trade? Afterall people have to eat.

Now I am only making suggestions here but why not turn a business around using the search terms or Where you are a tradesperson offer buy now pay later incentives.

It is not hard to turn your business to be online, you just need the right keywords on your website and in your domain.

Remember the word “ONLINE” is “KING” at the moment. You can still use your brand name but not in the domain unless you are a household name. Instead use for example or or if do you get the picture?

There are so many combinations and if you are stuck just contact us for free advice, we are ready to help. I just recently helped a local solicitor transition to online business and there can only be one “cardiff solicitors online” which I could have made into a directory but thought my client needed this.

So you have got my drift what are you waiting for?

Boredom – Stuck at Home!

Boredom – Stuck at Home?

Being Stuck at home through no fault of your own and forced to be isolated eventually becomes no fun. If you are fed up of watching films and re-runs and feel that each day is getting longer and more monotonous, why not start a blog or set a website which you can monetise. Having a second income will tide you over whilst your twidling your thumbs waiting for the lockdown to be lifted.

I have just listed some new domain names that came in today on my other blog: but you can browse our extended market of very valuable exact match searchable keyword domain names by visiting: Consider starting a dropshipping business where you do not have to handle the inventory and all you need to do is just list the inventory and do a little bit of work (about 1 -2 hours per day).

We will teach you how to dropship from the comfort of your home and we are currently offering free web design, marketing and seo for the first 3 months and offering to lease any domain name of your choosing providing it is available after a free consultation from us.

You do not have to lay out one single penny and we will start you off.

So what are you waiting for?, do some research on what you want to do, make notes and contact us.

We are waiting to serve you……

Business in Isolation

Business In Isolation

Securing your business:

For example, you may be a driving instructor, electrician, a factory production company to just name just a few, so what do you do when you are on lockdown and in isolation how do you turn this around? You obviously do not want to lose your customers and how do you generate more business and most importantly how do you survive and continue paying your staff that is the big question?

Firstly, the UK Government has grants and loans available that they are giving to businesses in need of help.

Secondly defer production and explain to your customers the situation, be transparent and in order to secure business further down the line give incentives. I know you may be already finding finances hard but remember you have the business already established, you just need to postpone it for a little while and for new customers give them special offers so that you can secure their business.

Remember keep safe and don’t try to break the rules as you may lose your license or get fined, Sports Direct have already suffered public condemnation for needlessly trying to stay open and pubs who continue to trade in Lockins are liable to have their licenses taken off them.

Conduct daily morning meeting with your workers and give them motivation and inspiration to work. We can become very complacent in our own homes and have distractions that can easily send us astray. Workers need to stay focused and need to have daily tasks set for them with goals they need to achieve and report on.

When you have automatic recurring costs that you charge your customers, consider suspending the costs and give them credit for future business. Work out your cash flow for the next few months and refrain on spending on unnecessary subscriptions and services, try to minimise your spending and revaluate your overheads as a whole and see where you can cut costs to the minimum. Discuss with your bank your situation and see if they can help you with extended loans or get government grants that can tide you over.

The government are bringing in new measures to assist small businesses, freelancers and sole traders. Do keep up to speed of what assistance you are able to claim. If you have an accountant speak to them about any financial advice, they can give you, after all that’s what they are there for.

Secure your future:

Going back to the example of say driving instructors offer special offers like book your bulk 40 lessons now and get 6 -10 lessons free with lessons resuming in April for example. I am being optimistic the lockdown will be lift in April.

Electricians book your appointment now with work to be carried out in April with no call out charge only if you use the code: covid19 and book now for example and the offer is only available for advanced bookings.

If you are a production company waiver all charges in order to secure your business give incentives that is the key.

The public mind-set will be altered over the next year or so, therefore you need to find ways to reassure your customers and give them a reason to use you. Marketing campaigns and advertising are going to be main factors in order to generate new business. Consider what you need to do in order to drive business. LinkedIn is a good way to start advertising, but you need a lot of connections or know of someone that has a lot of connections. The alternative is to consider pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Sponsor Ads.

***Stay positive. Every crisis eventually passes, position yourself for growth when it does.

Working From Home

Transitioning to an Online Business.

What ever you circumstances may be, whether you are a traditional bricks and mortar business selling products and services and have had to transition to working from home, or perhaps you have been recently been laid off here are some hints and tips to get you through these troubling times.

I will first cover traditional businesses that bricks and mortar, i.e shops and offices.

I covered 5 out of the how to in 7 easy steps in another blog I run:

I spoke about setting up an office in your home and how to enable chat online a must for businesses that want to interact with their customers on demand and how to set up online appointment scheduling a video meetings. I also mentioned about e-commerce and payment gateways.

If you are a shop or an office you should follow my 7 easy steps.

  1. Set up an office space in your home where you will not be disturbed
  2. Set up online chat (free)
  3. Set up online appointment scheduling (free)
  4. Set up video conference calls www.8× (free)
  5. Set up payment gateways (all free).
  6. Work the same hours as if you would do normally and speak to your staff and teams by having morning meetings.
  7. Sort out your finances look to see about Government grants to help you pay your staff.

Unemployed or Redundant

For people who have been made redundant or about to loose their jobs I have listed some ideas you can start to do freelancing, obviously most businesses need websites so that people can find you. You can also list your work with directories but for immediate effect a website/blog is the fast way of generating traffic. If you just lost your job the most important things you need to do is 1) Sign On. 2) Contact all your creditors and inform them of late payments or ask to have your payments deferred. Most Creditors are going to be very understanding including banks.

  • Article Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Online Research
  • Programming
  • Copywriting
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Data Entry
  • Spreadsheet Work
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Data Analysis

If you are stuck for ideas just send me a message and I will send you a full list of work you can do with little or no contact with other people.

I wiill aslo be covering how businesses such as electricians, driving instructors etc can get through these difficult times in another post. I believe that staying positive and optimistic will help us conquer this economic disaster.

If however you are out of work and do not want to set up your own business and would rather work for someone then this will be slightly more difficult considering the current climate we are in.

How about if you volunteer your services, businesses will be crying out for people to help them bring in business. You will stand a better chance of being hired and your position to be made permanent.

If you have not got a CV I would recommend downloading free templates from then upload your completed CV to job directories such as or

Finally if your stuck at home and boredom is setting in, why not turn your hobby into a business, if your arty you can sell your stuff on or start writing a book (everyone has a story to tell) or make a photobook of all your cherished memories. There are dozens upon dozens of ideas you can do with your free time.

Remember people with low self esteems, as long as you stay safe and follow the rules and keep yourself busy we will all get through this and if any of my readers just want to have a chat or advice of any kind just message me in the comments below. It does not have to be about business.

***I will only respond to people the genuinely need to have a chat and not anything of the adult nature or dating as your comments will be deleted.

Also one last thing if you need legal advice and are in the Cardiff, Wales area I recommend this firm of solicitors.

Cardiff Solicitors Onine “Dudden Law”.

Special Offer – Start an Online Business Today!

Start an Online Business Today!

In light of all redundancies due to the Coronavirus Covid-19, we will help you get back on your feet.

Start an online business today.

We will help with business planning and will give you all the advice you need to get you on the right path. Our offer includes an e-commerce store.

It is not all doom and gloom you could become your own boss tomorrow.

** Most importantly stay safe and remember to isolate. Now that I have planted a seed it is up to you to do some research and do something online that will give you an income.

***All these jobs can be done online or remotely, with minimal or no contact with people. Some businesses obviously have to have some sort of experience or training but others limit to your creativity.

If you have a passion and drive you can be anyone you want to be, all you need to do is reach for the stars. Some jobs may take a while to generate business and we have advice how you can overcome your shortfall in order to still be able to live and pay your bills. We too have been familiar with life changing events that can be obstactles, yet we have found ways to overcome them.

Business Ideas.

Accounting or Bookkeeping,


Antique Dealer (Buy antiques online and Sell online),

Artist (Painting, Drawing),

App Developer,

Author, (write fiction or childrens books or write books for other people, you could even be a copywriter),

Baking / Cooking (Make handmade confectionary, bake cakes, cup-cakes and brownies, specialist pies or make homemade jams – you could even make your own beauty products),

Blogger/Vlogger, (You can be an affiliate marketer whilst writing or videoing, tutorials or testing products).

Broker (Domain, Finance or Insurance get a commission for each product you sell),

Business/Marketing Consultant,

Buying and Selling (Dropship),

Career Coach,

Cleaning (Offices or Windows),

Comedian (Start your own channel and market yourself),

Course Creator,


Customer or Tech Support,



Direct Sales,

Dog Walker,

Editing or Proofreading (Editing Photos & Videos and reading work for errors),

Errand Runner,

Event Planner,

Freelance Photographer,

Freelance Web/Graphic Designer,

Freelance Writer,

Furniture Upcycling (Refurbish Furniture),

Gig Services,


Home Sitter,

Home Staging (For Property Sales),

Jewellery Designer,


Life Coach,

Make Money with Your Garden (Grow Profitable Plants),

Meal Planner,


Menu/Recipe Planner,

Motivational Speaker,

Pet Sitter,

Personal Shopper,

Professional Speaker (Create your own video channel),

Repairs ,

Social Media Consultant,



Tutor (Private Lessons Online),

Virtual Assistant,

Voice-Over Specialist

**Read this article below, also seeing as you have plenty of time on your hands, you could learn a new language or learn a craft afterall knowledge is your wealth at the end of the day.

Be Your Own Boss.

***The possibilities are endless, all you need is a little imagination and the world is your oyster.

Herd Immunity – Covid-19 Coronavirus

Herd Immunity.
Catching Up Just like the Government.

Browsing the usual daily news feeds about everything of interest to my blog, I came across this regarding Government plans to make UK population become immune to the virus. But in order to do so, one needs a vacination (which they have not got supposedly) or enough people to be infected with the virus and then survive in order for it to work. The Government has been strongly criticised for not doing enough to slow down the pandemic which Donald Trump declared an ‘International Emergency’.

You can read the full article here:

Things you should do to protect yourself from the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

It is all common sense to implement this into your daily routine, however people are complacent and this needs to be now drummed into our heads.

  • Wash your hands.  Make sure you wash your hands frequently, especially if you have touched foreign objects that are not personal to you. Try to use antibacterial hand soap or hand sanitiser. Stay clear of hand dryer blowers they spread germs, even if you are passing one that is in use and make sure to not touch the taps with your bare hands.
  • Avoid touching your face.  You mouth has around 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria so touching your mouth you are re-contaminating your hands with bacteria, so avoid touching your mouth unless you are brushing your teeth and even then wash your hands straight after and avoid touching your face at all unless your hands are clean.
  • Maintain distance. If you suspect someone to be ill avoid close contact with that individual and maintain a distance of around 3 feet between you and the person.
  • Don’t share personal items. Consider your personal belonging to be your own and you should not share at all (no exceptions) . Some people for example drink from the same coke bottle (disgusting I know) so consider who has touched the item you are about to touch.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. If you have a cough or you sneeze cover your mouth at all times. Some people are saying cough or sneeze into your sleeve or elbow, but for me that means you have just contaminated your clothing so if some one was then to touch you, you would then contaminate them. I recommend straight into a tissue which you can dispose of quickly or your hands which you can then clean immediately.
  • Stay home if you’re sick. If your unwell stay at home, do not risk contaminating others no matter how insignificant your cold may be. Do your shopping online or ask a friend, neighbour or family member but remember to not have close contact and stay 3 feet away.
  • Clean surfaces. Everyday items we take for granted such as handles on doors (including cars) light switches, flooring, keyboards, touch pads, trolley handles, product packaging in shops all carry germs.
  • Keep yourself updated.  Always stay informed and use trusted sources for information of which I took extracts of my post from:

Final Thoughts…….

Just hot off the press I have just been asked to market this domain and website, ideal for anyone wishing to sell, merchandise, PPE clothing and equipment and sanitation supplies such as antiseptic disinfectant and hand gel and face masks which are all in short supply. Please email me at if interested in buying this domain and website.

You may also want to watch this, the figures estimated are very scary………

Covid -19 Government Tactic Move From Stage Phase – Stage Delay

Containing Coronavirus Strategy.

The government is in talks on “Operation Cobra” to move from stage “phase” to stage “delay”. This should be from immediate effect. If schools and colleges are being closed in the “Republic of Ireland” then, schools and colleges in England, Scotland and Wales should follow suit promptly.

People such as the elderly, people with underlying conditions and people with low immune systems should stay at home. full stop.

Grocery shopping should be done online for home delivery. If you can avoid going out then stay at home.

Its not just the sick that need to be isolated it is the vulnerable as well.

People have a mindset of “it won’t happen to them” are just plain stupid and ignorant, as imagine if it did happen to them, then they have just put their family and friends, work colleagues at risk also.

Do not be complacent as I am reading on many group chats, do not risk your life or others.

Symptoms to look out for are:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

You do not need to contact 111 to tell them you’re staying at home.

Read more on:

However I have read that you won’t contract the virus form packaging and food on the NHS website, which is a contradiction as germs linger on packaging and food, hence why is the whole world going mad buying surface sprays. From the Germ Expert clean all packing and food as set out below…………Better to be safe than sorry!!


Panic Buying.

Panic Buying – what is all this about??, its not the end of the world and people should just shop more responsibly………….You don’t need a years supply of toilet paper or antibacterial products. You can double up by all means but not be stupid about it and leave the rest of the world without hand gel for example. I know manufacturers are having problems sourcing plastic bottles so obviously it causing delays in manufacturing and shipment. Do not be selfish people. Even I, whom has ‘OCD’ do not buy in bulk apart from my disposable gloves which come in packs of 10 boxes straight from the manufacturer but other than that I use antiseptic disinfectant products sparingly not over use them. I use as and when required, two litres or 4 x 500ml usually lasts me a month.

People who can work from home should work from home, everyone has a computer nowadays so there is no excuse there unless of course you are working in a factory and are manufacturing and packing goods or a trades person, then a safe plan of action should be implemented. Schools can have online tutoring where students have to login, no excuse there either.

Obviously factories and tradesmen have an obstacle to overcome. People in factories and tradesmen should wear protective PPE clothing and use PPE equipment – Companies such as Accountants, Solicitors, Insurers etc, have to just tread caution and should have hand sanitiser on all entry points and clean door handles regularly.

Its not just about washing hands its also about touching surfaces and products that have been touched by other people such as, door handles, pens, desks, computers, touch pads, ATM machines, everyday products and cash etc, it all has germs.

I suffer from contamination OCD so you could say i’m an expert on germ contamination.

All goods you buy in a shop has been handled by another person before you. Fruit and Veg is another example which you can wash with a mild solution of diluted antibacterial washing up detergent and water. (make sure you rinse thoroughly). Taps on sinks and soap dispensers, door handles all have germs. I personally when I handle anything wear disposable gloves, I go through over a thousand pairs a month even in my home, on good days.

What we take for granted and touched by some else other than yourself should be sanitised.

If you make sure you thoroughly rinse your fruit and veg after you have washed them, then it will not give you adverse tummy problems or effect your health in anyway. Besides I would rather clean my fruit and veg by this method rather than risk contamination of any germs. Veg you can boil and that itself will kill germs. Tins and packets should be cleaned using diluted antibacterial washing up liquid and products in paper packaging should be wiped over with a slightly damp antibacterial wipe or diluted antibacterial washing up liquid solution saturated sponge or cloth. Raw meat bacteria obviously gets killed at high cooking temperatures, (so there are no worries there), but make sure to not cross contaminate and keep raw meat on the bottom shelf away from cooked meat and other products such as dairy etc.

Eating out – I have started and this is before covid-19 came out, having an anxiety of eating out using the restaurants own cutlery, I have now invested in my own travel cutlery that I carry around with me. Drinking from glasses I always watch where the waitress holds the glass so that I do not touch the glass in the same place, if anything something I have adopted of late is to get a napkin and cover the glass with the napkin so that I can hold the glass indirectly. I also use my own travel metal straw so that my lips do not touch the glass, after all how do the bar staff take out the glasses form the glass washer, some use the bottom of the glass whilst others use the top of the glass, plus the fact in top restaurants and bars glasses are also polished by hand to remove any watermarks (I know this as I worked in the hospitality industry many years ago). All cutlery and plates are handled by other people before your food is brought to your table. We assume that people wash their hands appropriately but we should not be complacent about it, as with what is going on today you would think people would take appropriate measures to protect themselves and others but this not always the case, as how come so many people have died from this virus if everyone was a germ freak like me and I for one do not want to take that risk of not sanitising something before I use it.

Its ironic how people used to mock my OCD and now everyone is doing literally what I have been doing all along for many years now.

I avoid public transport with a passion, the amount of times I have been brushed by someone has made me fell so uncomfortable. So now I avoid public transport all together. If you are going to use Taxi’s consider the car door handles, they have germs and paying with cash. Cash has germs.

***Also why are we being told to avoid crowded public places, so why is it the schools, colleges and universities are still open and why can parents not self isolate and not take their children to school if they are concerned about the implications? Boris Johnson needs to do something quick time and not wait for it to be too late.

Heres some useful articles I have read:

We should also ask ourselves if this virus was genetically engineered, then the inventor/scientist would have an antidote, he would not make the virus airborne risking his and his families lives. If this is genetically engineered biological warfare, we also have to ask ourselves why has this happened?

Read more about this here:

Biological Warfare
Biological Warfare.

Your welcome to share your thoughts on this and I will respond to the most relevant of comments.

My final thoughts, my daughter who has a low immune system due to a treatment she had last August for ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ has just asked the NHS MS Team today 13/01/20 if she is safe and the person on the other end of the phone simply played it down and said there is nothing to worry about as we are all in the same boat so to speak and we all have the same chances of contracting the virus.

‘Rhianon’ from the MS Team Cardiff just said take the same precautions as everyone else and avoid crowded public places. Well what is a hospital if not a crowded public place, but my daughter has to have her bloods tested every month. ‘Rhianon’ went on to say well we write down your bloods every month, well that is so comforting to know (not – sarcasm on my part), considering she seemed complacent about the scenario. For her sake I hope my daughter is OK as I have a name now and i’m good at standing my ground and fighting battles.

Someone needs to be held responsible for this! If as some are saying the virus originated from a wet market selling illegal tropical animals in Wuhan, we have to ask the question the chinese have not overnight starting selling this type of produce and they have been doing it for centuries so for anyone to believe this is slighlty on the naive side. Remember the media have to give an explanation and its up to us to believe it or not…………. I prefer not to.

I am fuming !!!

Be safe people and start taking this seriously!

Roath Business Directory & Community Website. Official Logo 2020

Roath Life” in Cardiff UK has it’s own business directory and community hub website with a possible periodical (plans still in negotiation). The aim of the site is to get the Roath District of Cardiff closer together so that people can see at a glance whats on as well finding a local business on their doorstep.

Any entrepreneurs wanting to help with this project are more than welcome to contact me.

Please donate to help me to continue to develop this website and expand the business. (By donating you will help me employ some people to help me with the development of the site. I need help developing the site which is time consuming and by advertising small businesses everyone in the local community will benefit from this venture). Angel Investors or Private Equity Companies wishing to invest can get a commissions from sales from Advertising and Services Sold. But first I need a small team of people and I am not looking for loans, so please do not offer any. I am asking for £11,161.60 this will pay for two people minimum wage of £8.72 for 4 months full time work. By that time I should have enough business to cover the costs on my own.

Also if you are reading this and perhaps have been recently been unemployed, consider partnering with me, with no financial outlay just your hard work contribution in exchange for a commission on any lead that are secured by you.

I need a internet marketer in Cardiff UK, preferably Roath Area (who is familiar with the area), that can generate leads and who is able to do research as well as copy and paste content. This position is commission only at the moment until I can secure financing. Please send your CV’s and enquiries to

***Due to absolutely no interest from the public regarding donations, I have taken the campaign down from I have since found some freelancers on that can help me but is going to prove costly which at the moment it is money I do not have. I do not want to borrow money from the bank. So I will go it alone, it obviously will take me a lot longer to do and once it is built everyone who had the opportunity to help me (this is also includes my family and so called friends) and could but chose not to and turned a blind eye, can take a running jump. If someone asked for my help I know I would try rather than totally ignore them, I would definately try to support them in some way. You wonder why I have social anxiety and OCD, it because people do not support me but are the first to criticise.

My business plan you can read here:


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