Online Business Domain Names.

Reading my daily emails and newsletters, I got to thinking after I read a Restaurant in London had gone into adminstration and how Gordan Ramsey has been critised for laying off staff. But what if there was an easier solution, what if you could give Deliveroo, Ubereats a run for their money, what if you started an online delivery option, where people could still eat fine food but from the comfort of their lounge. What if high end restaurants catered for the online trade? Afterall people have to eat.

Now I am only making suggestions here but why not turn a business around using the search terms or Where you are a tradesperson offer buy now pay later incentives.

It is not hard to turn your business to be online, you just need the right keywords on your website and in your domain.

Remember the word “ONLINE” is “KING” at the moment. You can still use your brand name but not in the domain unless you are a household name. Instead use for example or or if do you get the picture?

There are so many combinations and if you are stuck just contact us for free advice, we are ready to help. I just recently helped a local solicitor transition to online business and there can only be one “cardiff solicitors online” which I could have made into a directory but thought my client needed this.

So you have got my drift what are you waiting for?

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