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Month: April 2020

Grocery Supermarkets.

Drivers Without PPE Clothing.

My rant last time about Grocery Supermarkets was about vulnerable people not having deliveries and about cross contamination.

You will be pleased to know my deliveries have been re-instated but wait for this…….The delivery arrived today and my daughter greeted the two delivery men of which one of them coughed straight in her face.


You would think that all drivers should wear gloves and face masks but obviously they do not.

She is now worried about cross contamination and if he is a carrier or not.

Do all the staff get tested on a daily basis?, I do not think so and when they deliver the groceries they should abide by the 2 metre rule but they do not.

So does that mean if my daughter contracts the virus because of this individual that we can then sue the Grocery Supermarket Company?

I hope and pray for their sake it does not come to this and that my daughter is going to be OK.

It seems that I am I banging my head against a brick wall as everyone seems to be behaving like sheep and saying because “Simple Simon Says” they have to follow and not use their own initiatives.

Sheep Immunity – Follow The Leader and not Think For Ourselves….

All I can say is another blog post is heading to the CEO yet again….

Totally unbelievable!!

Faceless – No Empathy Companies

New Profile Image.

Companies that do not have human interaction are cowards if you ask me. Any company offering public services should show they care and have empathy for their customers by having online chat at least.

Companies that are too large for their boots and think they can play God with people should not exist, yet they do. I always think if I was a search engine or social media platform how would I behave. I would have online chat at least. I would obviously prompt people to try and find the answers via the FAQ forum themselves and if after that they still needed to ask a question I would help them.

But these corporate gorilla’s just do not care.

If I offered a public service I would not discriminate in order not to face litigation proceedings against me.

Do not pick an choose who you want to serve.

I refer to my previous post about corporate gorillas who can do what they want with you and if they do not want you to do business with them for whatever reason they will make it extremely difficult for you. Yet if these companies which are owned by the public then they should not discriminate but they do.

So what is this rant over today, well I will tell you, although I do not know why for the life of me why this has happened and cannot get hold of anyone to find out to resolve the issue….

The notification is as follows:

“Your advertising access is restricted • You’re no longer allowed to use Facebook Products to advertise. You can’t run ads, manage advertising assets, or create new ad or business accounts”.

Who the hell do they think they are?

To dictate and to interfere with my business as I manage Facebook Pages for my clients is beyond unbelievable, do not dictate what I should or should not do unless it is a breach of your T&C’s.

If this is not reinstated I will be suing Facebook for loss of business and I welcome any other business having similar problems to also contact me, together we can face these bullies and stand up to them.

Yes you heard me I will be suing Facebook if my advertising is not reinstated.

If you do not like your new image do not be a bully and re-instate my advertising and I may consider taking it down at my sole discretion……….it works both way, see how you like it having an image of you on my blog which depicts who you are in which I have sole control over!!

You can DM me to get my details and ask me to take the image down and
reinstate my advertising or you will be hearing from my lawyers.

Corporate Gorilla Bullies

Corporate Gorilla Bullies.

Imagine having so much power that you can destroy people’s lives. I will not be naming these companies in my text content as it is readable but you will get the gist of whom I am referring to by the first letter of their name.

Gorrilla NO1: Imagine owning a search engine and refusing to take down a search result that is inaccurate with the potential to cause the person harm if it continued to be listed. Well that is what has happened to me and although I would love to spill the beans on this I cannot right now for legal reasons, but I am planning to take Gorilla NO1 (G Search Engine) to the European Court of Human Rights. I was planning physically going to my solicitor before the coranvirus-covid-19 outbreak and was planning on sending some documents. Because of this I cannot meet him physically for him to stamp some documents, but this can wait as it has already caused me damage to my business, so whats another few months waiting, it’s not as if I can fly anywhere anyway. But the people I do not want them to see the search result, may have already done so with them having too much time on their hands right now because of isolation and may be even more so researching and may stumble across the said search result which is inaccurate. I want to simply cry just thinking about it.

Gorilla NO2: Moving on the next Gorilla in the room is (F Social Media) in which I do not use very often for personal use and more so to manage business pages, but never the less innocently I posted a video of a notorious journalist in the UK that seems to be deemed as dangerous for spreading hate crimes. Watching his videos I do not beieve he is what they (Coroparte Bullies and the Deep State) claim him to be but more so a target of the Corporate Bullies whom just want to shut him up. The video was about this very same journalist apprehending some thugs that were coughing and spitting into an elderly couples faces. This I thought was good journalism to show what idiots we have growing up as our next generation. I thought it was good he defended the couple in the video yet (F) sent me a message to me today saying that I had promoted hate crimes and that I could not post anything for 30 days. There was nothing hateful about the video other than the thugs coughing and spitting in the faces of the ederly couple and I certainly was not condoning this with the thugs for sure. Yet (F) who also think they are God can pull the rug from right under you and assumed that I was in same way promoting this evil even though my my caption even stated I was furious at what I had seen and was disgusted by our younger generation whom simply do not have respect for their elders. . What if I want to post something on behalf of my clients business pages they have now actively interfered in my business and when anyone does that I see red and I cannot do it for the next 30 day……totally pathetic if you ask me and the only way I could most probably do anything about this if I was very rich then they would see me in a different light.

Gorillan NO3: It has been going round on the internet that all coronavirus and covid-19 domain names are being blocked. I in fact was brokering such a domain name and had found a buyer this one particular day, set up and after vetting this individual the next day the domain was flagged. The owner was selling t-shirts but now the domain is flagged as a phising site.

I usually post on (F Business Pages) and on (L Social Media for Businesses) where I hangout the most and have noticed that everytime I mentioned the domain name as an example to my other clients the keywords where being highlighted as a warning.

So Gorilla No3, being (L) has started blocking some of my posts one which had a video of ‘David Icke’, apparantly it is rummoured he was spreading fake news, yet I watched his video and he not once metioned anything dergatory, you can search him up on Youtube. Then there was the video of the journalist ‘TR’ and the Coronavirus Domain name that I was actively trying to sell for a genuine entrepreneur, who was selling t-shirts.

What is stopping any individual not that I am encouraging it in the slightest but merely making a point that one could easily make a sub domain with the flagged keywords to spread fake news, if one was that way inclined,? Would that mean Gorilla NO1 will then start blocking all sites that have the flagged keywords in the content aswell?

Surely there is a more transparent way of dealing with this and make an announcement that all of these new flagged domain names should only exist if the user purchases a license similar to the Bitcoin Domain Names some time ago.

My final thoughts on this is that these Corporate Giants do not care if you you can bring food to the table or not, they will do whatever they want with you and everything you write or post about is monitored.


For my own peace of mind I am not re-sharing the videos, you will just have to do your own research, sorry folks, as I know that making waves only causes more problems, so I am tackling each Gorilla one at a time.

I have little respect for companies that do not do their research and assume inacurate information and just simply block you because they can.

There is no freedom of speech anymore and the best part is that these companies are faceless meaning they have done it in a way you cannot just pick up the phone and complain, even going to the lengths of even not allowing to send emails. These companies to me are cowards. With the millions of people unemployed in this world they should have online chat at least. Yet they say they have your best interests at heart, this is complete nonsense, all they care about is making a profit and nothing else.

New Business Opportunity VR Horse Racing Games

Virtual Horse Racing Business Opportunity Available.

I write about two things on this post although they are not directly linked with one another yet I rely on social media to advertise, so in a way it does indirectly.

NO1: I have been asked by a client of mine to promote a Virtual Horse Racing Opportunity. I wrote about it on my other blog

NO2: But sadly I cannot market it on ‘Facebook’ as a I post I made about two weeks ago where I shared a journalist aprehending some thugs coughing an spitting into an elderly couples faces and the post has been blocked and I have been warned and have been accused of being dangerous (lol) and cannot post anything for 30 days.

So does that mean if I have business pages on Facebook who also think they are God and have actively intervened in the prevention of me running my business properly, can I now sue them. that is the question?

Any way I digress I will try to keep both topics seperate and will do another post of the Corporate Bullies later.

So without further a do please view the business proposal below:


Grocery Supermarkets Failing Us!

Supermarkets Are Not Helping!

On the whole I have been a loyal customer of Tesco’s for many years with relatively little issues until now. I normally shop online on a regular basis because both my daughter and I have disabilities.

I am not targeting this post entirely at Tescos, as all Grocery Supermarkets should follow my example.

I am just writing about my own personal experience with Tesco but I am sure all other grocery supermarkets have the same problem and are following the bright spark that makes the rules.

So with the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic I noticed Tesco struggling to keep up with demand of some of my usual products such as antibacterial-disinfectant, hand wash and hand gel for many weeks now. This was not my grieviance as I understood people had been bulk buying.

I would have already prior to the pandemic had a policy in place not to be able to purchase more than 3 items of any one product, as the store is a retailer not a wholesaler, but for some reason I hear Supermarkets are being less lenient again. do they never learn?

Its not the end of the world, we are not fighting for food.

If you want to buy in bulk go to a wholesaler, not that they are taking on any new registrations at this present time due to people thinking that this is the end of the world and we are facing some sort of zombie apocaplypse.

Lawmakers and CEO’s

Just like every thing else CEO’s & MP’s do not think until after the event. Similar if there was a catastrophic event the law would only kick in after the fact.

Businesses and Governments should think outside the box to have scenarios of what could happen and put improvisions in place so that if the inevitable should ever happen they would be prepared and covered.

So moving on I received an email from Tesco a few days ago that they will not be charging me my monthly delivery fee due to no delivery slots and are only delivering to the vulnerable:

I then had another email from the CEO of Tesco saying due to the pandemic they will be only delivering to the vulnerable.

So you are telling me there is only 110,000 clinically vulnerable and isolated people in the whole of the UK?. What does that mean exactly? What about the rest of the population i.e cancer patients that have auto immune disease or the elderly what about those people? According to people with underlying health conditions are at risk, such as:

  1. Solid organ transplant recipients.
  2. People with specific cancers:
    • people with cancer who are undergoing active chemotherapy
    • people with lung cancer who are undergoing radical radiotherapy
    • people with cancers of the blood or bone marrow such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma who are at any stage of treatment
    • people having immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments for cancer
    • people having other targeted cancer treatments which can affect the immune system, such as protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors
    • people who have had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last 6 months, or who are still taking immunosuppression drugs
  3. People with severe respiratory conditions including all cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and severe COPD.
  4. People with rare diseases and inborn errors of metabolism that significantly increase the risk of infections (such as SCID, homozygous sickle cell).
  5. People on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase risk of infection.
  6. Women who are pregnant with significant heart disease, congenital or acquired.

So I decided to reply but had to hunt for the email as I tried phoning customer service and got cut off several times, meaning they are not taking calls, by having auto responders in place. The email is towards the end of this thread and I got a response back from them today which is laughable.

The whole point of isolation is to try to contain the virus, so you would think that Tesco and all the rest of the grocery stores should follow suit and employ more staff (considering many people have lost their jobs right now) and have them answer calls, have online chat and answer emails.

On top of this stop people coming to the stores, full stop.

Cross Contamination.

By someone coming into a store there is a chance of cross contamination as someone that coughs could easily transmit the virus onto a product packaging and have it airborne for some one else to inhale.

“The only people in the stores would be the staff and they also would less likely catch the virus from cross contamination. But the store managers and the CEO’s are not OCD like me so they will not be thinking this way”.

As for the elderly who only shop for one or two minimal items or people that do not normally buy online, humanity should love thy neighbour and give a helping hand meaning if you live in close proximity to an elderly person or someone who does not know the first thing about shopping online you could order on their behalf it is not difficult, you could combine it into your shop and split the cost after, or set up an account for them.

If there are so many staff supposedly employed then they should be able to stock, stack, pick, pack, chat online, answer calls, email and deliver How about giving me 10% bonus to organise your business management as it needs re-organising.

So like I said in the beginning my daughter has an auto immune disease and suffers with multiple sclerosis, I am her mother and her carer and she has a low immune system due to treatment she has had six months ago.

So therefore physically venturing out to buy food in store I have a greater chance of contracting the disease from cross contamitation, which I could potentially pass on to my daughter. I do not know what sickly individual has coughed and spluttered on a product I have just picked up. Also I could be inhaling someone’s airborne germs having a greater risk on contracting the disease and then bringing it home.

I am not alone when it comes to people who cannot shop instore there are many disabled people in the UK 13.9 million disabled people to be exact but who’s counting: and not every one is clinically vulnerable as listed in the 6 points the government have laid out, some people cannot walk or lift/carry large shopping orders and some have mental illness issues and cannot shop for themselves. So for Tesco to send an email saying the Government have given a list of 110,000 vulnerable people what does that mean exactly?, I know I cited a guide from the Government website earlier but is it not the the case that every one is vulnerable? It does not mention the elderly, disabled, mental health patients and domestic abuse victims and not everyone has been diagnosed with underlying conditions as men more so than women do not like visiting their GPs hence that is why more men than women are dying from the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic because of this reason and not being diagnosed for any underlying problems.

All people healthy and disabled are vulnerable because of cross contamination.

The less you spend outside your own home the better, as this is called “herd immunisation”.

The whole point of isolation is to stay indoors to try to contain the virus. People may be carriers of the disease and may not even know they are infected. It takes one person to infect 59,000 people in a snowball effect experts believe:

So here is my email I sent to Tesco yesterday:

….and this is their reply in an email that states they cannot reply to emails

and that I should try phoning customer service where they do not mention there is an autoresponder and no one is answering calls.

But the person replied to me (Name Omitted) by email today even though I emailed Tesco yesterday, so this was not an auto responder email as I would have had it instantaneously yesterday. So she could have answered my question, but chose not to. Therefore I have had to resort to other means to get my point across.

I will put it to the test when I send another email today with a link to this post and see if she responds, we will then see if this is just an autoresponder and if my blog post gets noticed. I will also be contacting the CEO of Tesco on Linkedin so that he can respond directly to me.

Do not brush customers off, you need them for the future.

Cross contamination is my main priority and concern. I am not saying this for myself, I am saying this for all the population of the UK on the whole, if you have a person who is infected and comes into the store showing no signs but picks things up and perhaps puts them back, you are automatically cross contaminating. Self service baskets will be cross contaminated, the area where you put your food down in checkout will get cross contaminated, your food/produce will be cross contaminated and the carrier bags will also be cross contaminated.

Sneezing Droplets 8 Metres.

Furthermore coughing spreads droplets as far as six metres, and sneezing as much as eight metres. These droplets stay suspended in the air for up to 10 minutes. So by having the “two metre rule” is basically useless.

Apparantly there is a right way to cough and sneeze and I beg to differ, remember I am the OCD expert here. As the photo suggests one should cough and sneeze into the crease of their elbow or back to their hand.

Coughing and Sneezing….

But imagine the scenario unfolding you have just sneezed into the crease of your elbow, not every one is going to have a bare arm thats No: 1, No: 2, germs can live on garments for several hours: Robert Amler, dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice at New York Medical College and a former CDC chief medical officer, told HuffPost that the duration of the virus depends on the fabric, as some materials are more porous than others.

By sneezing or coughing into an elbow that is not bare and cannot be immediately washed one is potentially cross contaminating, as someone can easly touch your arm, even you unwittingly can touch yourself without thinking, as what occured an hour ago may not neccessarily be still be playing on ones mind to erradicate an hour later. If say you are wearing a coat and you have sneezed or coughed into the crease of the elbow and you take it off and lay it next to another coat owned by another person you have just cross contaminated. You could perhaps throw the coat over an armchair – cross contaminating the arm chair. Only an OCD person can teach you this.

Hence staff that have been screened to be healthy should be the ONLY people that are in the store.

By eliminating the consumer from entering the store, one potentially is containing the virus and flattening the curve. By allowing the customer to shop freely one is potentially opening a can of worms.

I will update on the post as and when I get more news.

Update 14/04/2020

On top of the fact there are no deliveries and one cannot contact the store by email or phone for love or money, without resorting to physically having to visit a store and queue to make a complaint, I am on the verge of screaming right now as I have only noticed 2 transactions going out of my account for the same amount of money.

At the time of updating my post earlier today I had not heard back from my email test the other day as I mentioned in my post at the beginning to see if in fact they actually do send out autoresponders or not and have sent another email today. However a few moments ago I received an email once again saying they do not respond to emails and prompted me to go to their online support FAQ, which frankly is no good to me as I need to speak with a human.

I have already showed this post to my MP Jo Stevens and Tesco via their email but have held off contacting the CEO until today and am curious how they will respond to this today if at all.

You can see the screenshot of the email content below:

I do not know what the maximum amount of transactions one can spend on self service but if it is say £40 and that went out twice the customer would have had £80 leave their account instead of £40. Imagine if this an elderly person how this would effect them and the stress it would cause.

The icing on the cake the contactless option obviously did not work forcing you to touch the keypad which is defeating the object of containing the virus.

Furthermore my daughter went out to do a shop yesterday thinking she was helping me as I could not go as I have a business to run and considering despite her disability, she was taking a risk having to go in-store let alone have to touch the keypad lol & omg….Under normal circumstances I do all the shopping but the one time my daughter went out she got charged twice and she risked her health at the same time by doing so.

I am now, shall we say very angry and still no closer to resolving the issues I am facing so only God knows what other people are facing…….

Absolutely Fuming!!

People are blaming the coronavirus covid-19 for just about everything that is going wrong with the way businesses are run, Coronavirus Covid-19 does not affect common sense to employ call handlers and online chat support workers.

My business is running smoothly so a corporate giant such as Tesco should not have a problem, yet they do.

This is now directed for the CEO of Tesco and any other Supermarket that has not got their act together !!!!

UK are their own worst enemies the moment they see snow the country comes to a grinding halt and now that we are faced with the pandemic all hell has broke loose and everyone is running around like headless chickens and blaming covid-19 for their bad management skills. In business you should have a Plan A, a Plan B and even a Plan C. Yet for some reason it seems as everyone is not organised, yet they will try to defend themselves by saying that they are when clearly they are not.


April 2020