Corporate Gorilla Bullies.

Imagine having so much power that you can destroy people’s lives. I will not be naming these companies in my text content as it is readable but you will get the gist of whom I am referring to by the first letter of their name.

Gorrilla NO1: Imagine owning a search engine and refusing to take down a search result that is inaccurate with the potential to cause the person harm if it continued to be listed. Well that is what has happened to me and although I would love to spill the beans on this I cannot right now for legal reasons, but I am planning to take Gorilla NO1 (G Search Engine) to the European Court of Human Rights. I was planning physically going to my solicitor before the coranvirus-covid-19 outbreak and was planning on sending some documents. Because of this I cannot meet him physically for him to stamp some documents, but this can wait as it has already caused me damage to my business, so whats another few months waiting, it’s not as if I can fly anywhere anyway. But the people I do not want them to see the search result, may have already done so with them having too much time on their hands right now because of isolation and may be even more so researching and may stumble across the said search result which is inaccurate. I want to simply cry just thinking about it.

Gorilla NO2: Moving on the next Gorilla in the room is (F Social Media) in which I do not use very often for personal use and more so to manage business pages, but never the less innocently I posted a video of a notorious journalist in the UK that seems to be deemed as dangerous for spreading hate crimes. Watching his videos I do not beieve he is what they (Coroparte Bullies and the Deep State) claim him to be but more so a target of the Corporate Bullies whom just want to shut him up. The video was about this very same journalist apprehending some thugs that were coughing and spitting into an elderly couples faces. This I thought was good journalism to show what idiots we have growing up as our next generation. I thought it was good he defended the couple in the video yet (F) sent me a message to me today saying that I had promoted hate crimes and that I could not post anything for 30 days. There was nothing hateful about the video other than the thugs coughing and spitting in the faces of the ederly couple and I certainly was not condoning this with the thugs for sure. Yet (F) who also think they are God can pull the rug from right under you and assumed that I was in same way promoting this evil even though my my caption even stated I was furious at what I had seen and was disgusted by our younger generation whom simply do not have respect for their elders. . What if I want to post something on behalf of my clients business pages they have now actively interfered in my business and when anyone does that I see red and I cannot do it for the next 30 day……totally pathetic if you ask me and the only way I could most probably do anything about this if I was very rich then they would see me in a different light.

Gorillan NO3: It has been going round on the internet that all coronavirus and covid-19 domain names are being blocked. I in fact was brokering such a domain name and had found a buyer this one particular day, set up and after vetting this individual the next day the domain was flagged. The owner was selling t-shirts but now the domain is flagged as a phising site.

I usually post on (F Business Pages) and on (L Social Media for Businesses) where I hangout the most and have noticed that everytime I mentioned the domain name as an example to my other clients the keywords where being highlighted as a warning.

So Gorilla No3, being (L) has started blocking some of my posts one which had a video of ‘David Icke’, apparantly it is rummoured he was spreading fake news, yet I watched his video and he not once metioned anything dergatory, you can search him up on Youtube. Then there was the video of the journalist ‘TR’ and the Coronavirus Domain name that I was actively trying to sell for a genuine entrepreneur, who was selling t-shirts.

What is stopping any individual not that I am encouraging it in the slightest but merely making a point that one could easily make a sub domain with the flagged keywords to spread fake news, if one was that way inclined,? Would that mean Gorilla NO1 will then start blocking all sites that have the flagged keywords in the content aswell?

Surely there is a more transparent way of dealing with this and make an announcement that all of these new flagged domain names should only exist if the user purchases a license similar to the Bitcoin Domain Names some time ago.

My final thoughts on this is that these Corporate Giants do not care if you you can bring food to the table or not, they will do whatever they want with you and everything you write or post about is monitored.


For my own peace of mind I am not re-sharing the videos, you will just have to do your own research, sorry folks, as I know that making waves only causes more problems, so I am tackling each Gorilla one at a time.

I have little respect for companies that do not do their research and assume inacurate information and just simply block you because they can.

There is no freedom of speech anymore and the best part is that these companies are faceless meaning they have done it in a way you cannot just pick up the phone and complain, even going to the lengths of even not allowing to send emails. These companies to me are cowards. With the millions of people unemployed in this world they should have online chat at least. Yet they say they have your best interests at heart, this is complete nonsense, all they care about is making a profit and nothing else.

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