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Companies that do not have human interaction are cowards if you ask me. Any company offering public services should show they care and have empathy for their customers by having online chat at least.

Companies that are too large for their boots and think they can play God with people should not exist, yet they do. I always think if I was a search engine or social media platform how would I behave. I would have online chat at least. I would obviously prompt people to try and find the answers via the FAQ forum themselves and if after that they still needed to ask a question I would help them.

But these corporate gorilla’s just do not care.

If I offered a public service I would not discriminate in order not to face litigation proceedings against me.

Do not pick an choose who you want to serve.

I refer to my previous post about corporate gorillas who can do what they want with you and if they do not want you to do business with them for whatever reason they will make it extremely difficult for you. Yet if these companies which are owned by the public then they should not discriminate but they do.

So what is this rant over today, well I will tell you, although I do not know why for the life of me why this has happened and cannot get hold of anyone to find out to resolve the issue….

The notification is as follows:

“Your advertising access is restricted • You’re no longer allowed to use Facebook Products to advertise. You can’t run ads, manage advertising assets, or create new ad or business accounts”.

Who the hell do they think they are?

To dictate and to interfere with my business as I manage Facebook Pages for my clients is beyond unbelievable, do not dictate what I should or should not do unless it is a breach of your T&C’s.

If this is not reinstated I will be suing Facebook for loss of business and I welcome any other business having similar problems to also contact me, together we can face these bullies and stand up to them.

Yes you heard me I will be suing Facebook if my advertising is not reinstated.

If you do not like your new image do not be a bully and re-instate my advertising and I may consider taking it down at my sole discretion……….it works both way, see how you like it having an image of you on my blog which depicts who you are in which I have sole control over!!

You can DM me to get my details and ask me to take the image down and
reinstate my advertising or you will be hearing from my lawyers.

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