Difficulties Working a Home on Lockdown

I am sure I am not the only one saying this but working from home on Lockdown is starting to really get to me.

People who know me well, know that I do normally work from home anyway so there should be no difference, yet there is…

Firstly you have the neighbours doing DIY, banging and drilling, to standing outside your property chatting away with passers by for hours on end, interrupting your thought process and your work.

Or there is your household where normally my teenage daughter is in college but because of this lockdown she is at home, staying up until the early hours with her boyfriend playing xbox games and watching ‘Gordon Ramsey’. So your saying well what is wrong with that, well let me tell you.

  1. The volume of the TV is usually very loud so every day I say “can you turn the volume down”, which in turn is me being unreasonable and being a pain in the posterior.
  2. At least I have my mornings in peace to do my work, which is not so bad is it? So here I go on my rant……………, firstly I will say what my day consists of i) I I have to check my messages and respond. ii) Then I have to open my chat widgets for my business and my clients businesses, iii) then I do website development and marketing which my blog is part of my advertising structure and then finally iiii) I need to make phone calls. You can see the scenario unfolding when I start making calls and I have my daughter and her precious Prince of a boyfriend who have stayed up all night long to only come into my room and complain about me talking loud on the phone……Excuse me if I am missing something am I not trying to run a business here? Am I the only one keeping a roof over my head and who pays the bills? Secondly if I did not do what I do no one would be able to eat but I still feed my daughters boyfriend and not once has he offered to give me any money for food……….OK he has recently been laid off and is struggling to pay the bills and he has my daughter bailing him out, would I take any money from him?, most probably not but it would be nice to offer as a way to show you are a decent human being. So in theory the money that I earn that I give to my daughter goes to her boyfriend who would rather play games all day and all night long rather than go and stack shelves in Tesco’s.
  3. Then there is my blog which I think it helps my readers and businesses whom can learn a thing or two from me, but because the car dealer company yesterday in my previous post asked whom I was referring to, which I really did not want to say but thought seeing as I was put on the spot said my daughter boyfriend name, this in turn caused unrest in the household as the company then rang my daughter’s boyfriend and asked if he had complained. This in turn then opened a can of worms and I had to then ‘Explain Myself’ to him why I had mentioned him in the first place. He seemed not bothered and said he understood and then behind my back he then went on a rant to say how dare I use his name (how two faced) I was not going to use his name I just wanted to find out why this company was not being PCI compliant and hopefully save someone from having their card cloned. (Why do I have to explain myself to anyone on this planet as a matter of fact?) So now I am not allowed to write what I want on my blogs (which in theory is interfering with my business) just in case it offends anyone (like my daughter’s precious boyfriend). To think I was looking out for him as you should not give out your CVV number out to anyone, this is the thanks I get.

So working from home is extremely difficult and I have had first hand experience with Godaddy the other day when there was a screaming baby in the room of the call handler, it is not only embarrassing but unprofessional but what can you do in these troubled times. The woman I spoke too seemed very flustered as she was not concentrating on me but trying to find a way to quieten the infant down. I was obviously very patient and tried to reassure her that I understood what it is like juggling work in an home/office environment.

What I cannot understand that these Corporate Giants that have so much money they do not know what to do with themselves cannot integrate Chat Online Widgets. It is not hard to do and anyone can login and chat but for some reason like I found out today Google are not taking calls for Adwords or Online Chat. So if you have an urgent matter you have to schedule a call back which can be anything up to five days away, very infuriating. If I have chat widget intergrated and all the businesses I manage have chat what is their excuse?

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