Social Media Scammers

Social Media Scammers and how Social Media should change to stop fake accounts.

Its all very well having social media platforms where people can register accounts but more should be done to stop fake accounts, this in turn would save thousands of people being scammed out their life savings.

These scammers usually target businesses as they think businesses are in the position to hand out hard earned cash.

I once challenged a supposed Prince who shall remain nameless yet I have serveral different invitations to connect with the said individual with several different accounts. I got so infuriated that I ended writing to the family office and suggested as a security measure they should contact LinkedIn and take down every fake account to stop this happening. I still have a phone number and email address for this one particular individual who claimed he was a ruler of a certain country.

I am sure you have had emails such as for example the Lord Reginald Cuthbert the III who is 99 years old and on behalf of his late wife who left millions of dollars in a trust fund for their daughter who got killed in a car crash, you get the type of email I am talking about. They usually are found in the spam folder along side scammers saying your account has been accessed and unless you hand over ex amount of money they will let a virus destroy all your files or will send explicit images to all your contacts.

Well now I have encountered another scammer and I am calling on the real person of this image below to contact me with their rank number and army base they are stationed at as verification and for them to remove the fake carbon footprint off the internet. This potential can save many vulnerable people falling into a trap and being scammed.

Why am I making this my business?. because this person has contacted me and keeps engaging in text and email to me, I am concerned if he is not real then that the next person he befriends may not be so lucky and may get scammed.

If the shoe was on the other foot and this happened to me, I would contact all the websites to take my photos down and where people were impersonating me I would verify my identity to a concerned party without being offended and would understand that they are meerly performing due diligence to safe guard themselves from fraud. I certainly would not make a big deal about it and I would respect them more for taking security measures. When I challenged the supposed Prince and asked him contact me via email he got very irrate and said am I questioning him and direspecting him? The person was very intimidating and I should have insited on a video call rather than simply chat via text message he is still on my whatapp as an active user and this is from many months ago.

What gets me this particular individual in this photo I have published has had a whole album of photos posted on the internet so was his whole computer hacked that is the question?

I have spoken with the supposed person this evening whom is an American yet sounded like he had a middle eastern person distinctive foreign accent.

I will try to get this individuals rank number but when I asked him what time it was over where he was he pretended to not hear me and did not reply. I already know the time difference if where he says he is legitimate.

Will the Real Soldier Stand Up!!

These social media sites should put a stop to all fake accounts and verify each user with photo id.

So considering we are supposed to be security conscious this is not happening and I want to know why?

I am so tempted to start a petition to make all social media sites verify each account holder with 2 forms of id including photo id and a recent utility bill. This will stop all fake accounts.

Surely this guy has family and friends so someone will know how to contact him?

How can so many of these images get leaked on the internet?

I have even seen a photo of his passport, regardless if it is fake or not, that is not the point, the bigger question is where is this real person in this photo and why is he not doing anything to help himself and remove the fake data and help others from falling prey to these scammers?

There is such a thing as GDPR for those that do not know one can complain to them and have ones incorrect search results removed. Also where is his Army buddies they too can contact him and let him know what is going on.

Where is the guy?

Please share to find this guy and get him to contact me. What worries me is this person identity is being cloned to the extent that fraudsters are doing all sorts of damage to this individual and surely the Military should be advised if he is on active duty.

All these fraudsters should go to jail for impersonating military personnel. In fact impersonating any person should carry a custodial sentence. There is a way of tracking these people down with reverse data api’s so surely the people in the know can track these scammers down.

I need to do some research and find someone high ranking that I can talk to, I have a few thousand connections on Linkedin so someone is bound to know someone that I can speak with.

This individual I have spoken with this evening does not convince me he is the real McCoy and I need to find a way of verifying his identity because if he is not the real deal he obviously has ulterior motives to pose as a high ranking soldier.

My father was a soldier in the Polish Army in WWII and fought the battle of Monte Cassino before settling in the UK. He wrote a biography which you can read by clicking the link here:

So I have great respect for our military past and present and feel sorry for the individual this is happening to.

Awaiting positive feedback on my investigation.

Stay Safe.

Addendum 06/05/20

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Addendum 08/05/20

Since writing this post a few days ago I contacted the supposed individual that had originally contacted me, by email and sent him a Non Disclosure Identy Verification Document for him to fill in and return to me. He seemed to get a bit angry by the tone of his reply in the way he wrote to me, I doubt that I will ever hear from him again.

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