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With Airlines facing uncertain territory of how they will recover and having cancelled flights, many airlines are offering vouchers instead of refunds. But many passengers have opted out of having vouchers and have simply requested their money back which will obviously cause a massive strain for the airlines concerned.

Therefore if after 30 days you still have not received a refund and this applies to all airlines, if a consumer has exhausted all avenues of communication to contact the airline, to include: telephone, email, online form and chat and still have diffilculty, the consumer can then contact the following organizations for further assistance:

Trading Standards.

For further information in England and Wales contact the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 2231133. In Scotland contact Advice Direct Scotland on 0808 164 6000. Both provide free, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues.

Civil Avaition Authority.

How to submit a complaint

Please use the online form to send your details of your complaint against the airline or airport, this will tell you if your complaint is one that (CAA) can help you with. You don’t have to fill it out all in one go.

In order to progress your complaint, you will need to submitt copies of your supporting information:

  • Copies of letters or emails to the airline/airport
  • Copies of the letters the airline/airport sent to you
  • Details of your flight (flight number, date, time, route, airline reference, number of passengers on the booking)
  • For expenses claims, copies of receipts

Scans of these can be uploaded and attached to the online form.

You will get a response by email to let you know your complaint has been recieved, but (CAA) will be unable to update you on the progress until they have received all of the relevant supporting documentation.

There are free online third party organizations that can help resolve your compalint but it will take a lot longer for communication. Sometimes it best to just tackle the bull by the horns directly metaphorically speaking and contact key people directly. If you are on LinkedIn you can send a messge directly to the CEO of the airline, which usually you can find by doing a wikipedia search.

If you are still facing issues and you are finding things overwhelming and you would prefer a professional body to handle your complaint on your behalf for a nominal fee please contact

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