Respect Colour, Race, Religion and Gender and Status.

People in all walks of life have someone they know who thinks they are better than everyone else.

The may claim to be experts even though they blag their way through life to gain the attention and respect they so crave.

Whether it is business or at home there is always an elimant of self worth where we try to prove we are sometimes something we are not.

Just because we may have a title, a badge are a celebrity, royalty or a tycoon, does not give anyone the right to treat others the way you would not like to be treated. Just because you have money, are a director of a company does not give you the right to be unkind, use and abuse and be cruel. Money does not bring you happiness, enriching other people brings you happiness and respect.

You do not gain respect for how much money you have in your bank, you gain respect by teaching others how you made that money and how you can empower that individual to also be as successful as you.

The “Do Unto Others” Bible Verse

Matthew 7:12 – “So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Its can be borderline narcissistic to look down ones nose at another being for what ever reason we so choose.

We should not judge or make innuendos and sit on our thrown casting stones, we should also not use or abuse people and treat people badly especially the vulnerable.

However people with money and power think they can buy what ever they want and treat people without any respect. We in society are segregated into classes and the people on the top of the food chain are usually the ones that do not care what happens to the ordinary folk, that is why the world is the way it is. Unfortunately I cannot change the world single handily.

Did you know there is a chemical our brains produce when we do something kind or witness another person being kind?, it is called ‘Oxytocin’ The chemical is responsible for feeling love and connection and the more kinder you are the more people are enriched and also do kind things in return.

People want to be respected yet not everyone does get that privilege and there are many especially in business the higher up the ladder they sit, the more mightier some people seem to think they are.

As an example I know of a certain individual without mentioning any names that has sat on his high chair claiming to be an expert in more than one field. This person was once a startup and he too yearnes the respect yet he shows none to others.

I put it down to the fact he is feeling insecure about himself so he spouts out atrocities to feel better about himself without actually realising what he has done to the other person that he may in fact not know very well.

Before casting stones think what it will do to the other person. Some people cannot handle critisism and this may actually tip them over the edge.

Do you want to be that peron that has pushed another too far?

Would you be able to sleep at night if you knew someone had harmed themselves because of you.

Just because you feel intimidated do not intimidate someone else to make yourself feel better.

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time have struggled with fear and self doubt. Just because they hide behind their clean and crisp shiny suites does not make them “super ceo’s”. You cannot know for certain what is going through someones mind when you make detrimental comments about another person. You do not know what the other person has gone through when you make your own opinions about that person.

Here are some tips about gaining respect and teaching it to others.

1. Respect yourself.

I learnt the hard way and this is why I can hold my head up high, someone elses opinion is insignificant to me.

You are your own boss and you control your own destiny.

Without sounding cliche, no one will respect you unless you respect yourself. Love yourself and people will love you.

By showing respect to other people and being kind you in turn will be rewarded for your honorable and courteous behavior.

Remember only you know your self worth and no one can make assumptions without knowing your full story. Do not claim to be someone your are not.

2.  To get respect, give respect.

Do not throw stones in glass houses. You do not want to be spoken about badly behind your back so do not speak ill of people when they are not around. People around you want just as much respect as you do. Think of this way karma has a way of pay you back, do not tempt fate as you may end up holding the other side of the coin. Afterall you should still be courteaus and respectful to the person who may be disrespectul to you as this will make you the bigger person. To gain their respect show interest in them and try and contribute by being helpful.

3.  Finding a mentor.

By growing a network of like minded people you have the opportunity to be respected because of what you have to say, humans are very complex labyrinthine beings, with only a handful of people whose names are immediately recognizable and well respected. If you are able to learn from someone who is well known in their field of expertise you will find people will follow you like lambs and will be eager to learn from you. By having a great following of people especially on social media you will naturally gain the respect you so rightfully deserve. By having a large network of people interested in your niche you will not only learn from others but you will also be able to teach what you have learnt.

4.  Mentoring Others.

By mentoring others and helping them climb the ladder of success not only will this help others it will also help you. If you can invest your time teaching others this will in turn cause a ripple effect and the ones you teach will then be able to teach others and will avoid costly mistakes, yet will always refer to the mentor that originally taught them and you will then gain notoriety and respect.

By enriching the lives of others you will be remembered and referred to and in time you would have built your own legacy.

5.  Honesty is the best policy

Do not pretend to be something you are not. The best way to gain respect is to communicate face to face. If something is bothering you or you are not sure about, talk it over, do not hide behind your superior ego.

I had someone most recently without any explanation terminate an agreement. Rather than talk things over to see what they felt was not working for them they chose to cut their losses only to realise that they had infact lost more than they had bargained for.

Through their ill representation of someone who claimed to be an expert in more than one field they had in fact lost several thousands ££££ of advertising and looking at their analytics report a lot of business too and they will not hold global positioning on a local search directory because of the their mistake.

Yet had they have stayed they would have been dominated in their industry and would have held exact match searchable keyword domain names all because of misguidance by someone sitting on their high throne. As an example I have written many contracts in my time but that does not make me a solicitor, so the same could be said for the individual who also claims to be a SEO expert.

All it would have taken was communication from the other Director and his assocociates to resolve the matter.

Not only that they will now how to start from scratch and it will cost them an arm and a leg to get back what they had and more.

There is a saying you reap what you sow. They would have had more repsect from me had they talked things over.

As my daughter now says its their loss.

People value authenticity and honesty more than they value respect and by not being honest and transparent they have now bitten off more than they can chew.

6.  Self Representation & Appearance

I will reflect back to a time when I was in a toxic relationship and everything I owned was destroyed and everytime I replaced things these things would get destroyed also, so I stopped replacing them until I could free myself from the toxicity in my life.

This obviously showed in my appearance as I started to play down my appearance and my personality and kept myself to myself. The fear of being humiliated for looking nice was my ultimate sacrifice until I could rebuild my life. But there were certain individuals that chose to be judgemental without knowing the full story and not only did I have to put up with toxicity in my personal life I was faced with snide comments in my work environment.

So I chose to take a stand and remove myself from the people that were weighing me down. This was like the world had lifted off my shoulders. I did not have to prove myself to no one. Either these people accepted me for whom I was or not at all.

I did learn something though looks matter, people are judgemental and I started to love myself again and have started to respect myself although deep down I always respected myself, but found that other people did not.

I started blooming again after so many years of being a closed flower bud. Whenever I went out which was very rarely pre covid -19, I chose to look smart, I wanted to show the world I had picked myself up again and that I was ready to face anyone, holding my head up tall.

You don’t need to earn a lot of money to look smart or professional, you just got to look the part.

By looking great you not only look nice, you also feel better about yourself and are more confident. Your behaviour will reflect your personality and people will take notice and will show you more respect. Looking great, walking tall with your head up high makes you look successful and you feel in your mind you can conquer the world, however looking slouched and you posture not straight gives people a different impression.

I also know my self worth, I also have published 3 books and am writing 2 more. I am well respected in my industry. If you think badly of me then it is your loss not mine.

7.  Surround yourself with positive people.

Surrounding yourself with like minded positive people that understand how you think, you will benefit from your friendship with them, from their teachings, makes you a more assertive individual. If on the other hand you constantly associated with negative, depressing, artificial, or critical people, this will boil over to your own personality and you too will act and think like these people.

Nobody respects negative, artificial critical people.

The most certain way to gain respect is to be associated with people that show respect to others and do not talk about others behind their backs in a negative way.

Respect grows in a self-reciprocal way. When others respect you, you feel confident and you then respect them back.

8.  Stay Knowlegable and Teach Well.

When someone is eager to learn and is thankful for your teaching you will gain respect.

If you are associated with a person who is defensive, arrogant, condescending, and totally unteachable, not only are you wasting your valuable time with them, you are also weighing yourself down with a person that refuses to learn and refuses to show respect. These people who do not want to help themselves have pretty much given up on themselves, they think they can do as they please without consequences.

There are always consequences with our actions.

If the person that wants to learn everything, will listen, they will be the ones that will show you respect for the knowlege you have passed on to them.


Respect should be appreciated in your home, your work and private life and in all walks of life.

There are so many people in the news nowadays that do not show respect, from the Police in the USA that killed “George Floyd” because they thought they were better than him and hid behind their shield to gain authority, to “Jefferey Epstein” and the dirty old men that thought using and abusing young females, was completely fine and had little regard for these girls as they had no esteems themselves. No matter who you are and where you come from and what title you hold, you should always show respect to other people.

If you stripped your titles and you were left in the room with your arched enemy and there was only the two of you left to save the world would you kill each other or would you help one another? The same goes if you needed a blood transfusion in order to live would you die or would you take the blood from your enemy who was willing to save your life? These are all hypothetical scenarios but you get the drift.

Respect is not a commodity that can be bought, traded, sold, or exchanged, respect can only be earned or lost. Yet in the case of “Jefferey Epstien” he tried buying respect with money. Eventually everything comes out and in the case of “Jefferey’s” partner who has gone into hiding “Ghislaine Maxwell” the daughter of “Robert Maxwell” will she ever gain the respect from all the girls that were abused or the rest of the world for that matter?, only the artificial people in her life will continue to look up to her. Did I forget to mention there is bounty on her by “The Sun Newspaper” of £10,000 reward for her wherabouts.

No matter who you are, showing respect to others you will gain admiration, appreciation, and respect naturally without having to use unnecessary means or paying for it as in the case of the Police in the George Floyd & Jeffery Epstein cases. Preying on vulnerable young girls and taking advantage of them them does not make you a Prince or a President, it makes you not a worthy person.

People are not garbage, people have feelings and we are all on this planet together all trying to do the same thing and that is to survive and build a bigger brighter future for generations to come.

Consider the consequences of your actions next time you say or do something bad to another individual.

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