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Month: July 2020 (Page 1 of 2)

Thumping Headache

After updating my post about Mental Health and the Local GP Surgery yesterday, I signed off by saying I was feeling unwell. I have now had a thumping headache for the last 3 days.

Imagine if I could go online, although there must be many websites on the subject to find everything there is to know about ‘thumping headchaches all in one place and how to get rid of them. So far the medication I have taken has not worked and I do not want to pop too many pills as I do not want liver damage.

The slightest bit of noise irratates me and boom goes the dymamite in my head and the excruciating pain.

Here is a great opportunity to develop this domain name into something positive.

Anyone interested especially pharmaceutical companies, drug stores and chemists can message me or if you are an entrepreneur/investor in domains do drop me a line to discuss your ideas. The logo is free to the new owner who ever they may be.

I can help with developing the domain should you wish to go down this route and I work to your budget.

Need to stay off the internet for a few days and just rest, am off to have a lie down.
Headache Remedies

Landlord & Tenant News

Landlords & Eviction Notices.

From September 30th 2020 in Wales, Landlords will have to give you 6 months notice to evict you providing they have good reason. However if you hold a short term tenancy then the landlord can evict you based on the contract term, giving you notice.

You can read the full article here:

Another thing you may need to consider is if your landlord is being difficult and does not want to do all the repairs even though you have told him, you may consider especially if you have a short hold tenancy agreement is do the repairs yourself, keep all the expenses receipts and at the end of the day get them back by invoicing him/her. Worst case scenario you can take him/her to a small claims court to recover the costs.

Meddygfa Albany Surgery

Albany Surgery City Road Cardiff.

This must be my 3rd or 4th post about this surgery to date.

Today I need to vent my anger out as someone is lying to me again……..

According to ‘Boots’ whom I have elected for the past few years to collect my prescriptions, my prescription were not delivered today. This is happening every month my prescriptions are not being sent to the pharmacy from my GP’s. In which every month the pharmacy for the last few months have had to chase the GP for my medication. It is never on time.

Not knowing the explanation why that has happened I phoned the GP Surgery today to get an explanation and this is what I found:

Meddygfa Albany Surgery 219-221 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JD 029 2048 6561

I phoned twice as the first time the phone cut off whilst I was waiting to be put through and finally when I got to speak to the person on the other end, I asked why my medication was not at the Chemist and wanted to know why that was. The person on the other end (male) replied that I was due a medical review and that I was notified I had to contact the surgery.

I asked how was I notified considering I did not receive a letter in the post an sms, a telephone or email?

The person said that they notified me by sending a slip out with my prescription. Obviously I could not argue that if it was true or not as I did not have Boots on a conference call at the time to confirm if it was correct or not?

I simply said I had a review about 10 months ago, how often do I need a review?, in which he could not answer me.

I went onto say I have run out of medication and cannot stop my medication to which he replied there is nothing he can do.

Imagine if my medication was a life saving drug such as patients with heart conditions or transplants etc, imagine if their medication stopped suddenly, I shudder to think what would happen.

I continued to say the NHS cannot refuse to help me and he said yes they can refuse and until I get my review he will not be able to sort out a prescription, but then contradicted himself and said if I were to find out what time tomorrow the Chemist was going to collect the prescription he would have it ready. LOL.

He also said I needed to contact the surgery tomorrow to speak with the pharmacist at 8am (I will see how long it takes me to get through as I have redialled over 100 times in the past) as the pharmacist was not in today. Since when is a pharmacist qualified to review my medication and my health?, I would have thought it was the Doctors job to review my medication and my health not a pharmacist? How can she prescribe more medication or know what is the most suitable drug is going to be for me. I would have thought pharmacists are not qualified to write out medication or assess anyones health let alone access my files. They are there to do one thing only and that is to dispense drugs and give recomendations but not advice.

I need to record my calls from now on.

Like I said in my previous post’s about this surgery they should be working at least five days a week not come in for a day or half a day. But thinking about this I will be speaking with a pharmacist that cannot be right surely?

This is bad management on the surgeries part and considering they have my telephone, email and address they could have easily contacted me by these means but they said they sent a slip out with my last medication and it was the responsibility of the patient to arrange a medical review. But how was I to know I had one due when no one told me?

I proceeded to call ‘Boots’ and speak with the person I spoke to earlier when I enquired why my medication had not been delivered and told her what the surgery had told me. She replied that the surgery have had a lot of problems with prescriptions the last few months and that “there was never a slip given to her notifying her or me I needed a medical review” when she had collected my prescriptions last month and the month before otherwise she would have told me.

The surgery said it is not their resposibility if the message is not passed on to me and it is not their responsibility if the chemist happens to loose the notification. (My answer to that is do not use third party companies or people to pass on messages and contact the patient directly, via sms, email telephone or post), Its not hard.

Do not pass the buck and say it is not your problem, yes it is your problem if you fail to do your job correctly and someone becomes ill because of your incompetance. I am now ill because of the GP Surgery.

Due to the incompetence of the surgery they have successfully made me feel very anxious and depressed.

I feel like crying and as for work I cannot face doing anything at all. However I need to work as I am self employed and no one will do my work for me.

OCD intrusive thoughts can be triggered by anything that can cause distress or anxiety to a person. Not only do I suffer with OCD, I also have Clinical Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I am also suffering with Social Anxiety Disorder and want to Social Distance myself permanently.

My OCD primarily has been by far been ‘germ contamination’ but lately and especially todayintrusive thoughts‘ are starting to take over and I am fighting really hard against them. I just need something to take the edge of things and not let me think too deeply…..

Furthermore I went onto say to the guy at the surgery to just put in the notes about the patient on the system I had called and to say that the patient say’s “there is no change at the time I was speaking with him”. He said he could not put that in the notes as he was not medically qualified, I responded you do not need to be qualified to type a few words in the notes and in a way I am glad he did not, as my OCD and Depression has increased ten-fold since getting off the phone from him as now and only now because of today’s incident I have gone into a deeper darker place and my OCD, & Depression has got much, much worse.

I wrote a post a few days ago about ‘Mental Health‘ and I feel I am spiralling deeper into my depression and my anxiety because of people that have no empathy and do not give two monkeys about your health and will lie through their teeth to defend themselves and their corner when in reality they are the weak link and due to bad management the patient has to suffer even more.

Also when I had my last medical review (about 10 months ago) I said I would contact them if there was any change, well thanks to the surgery I am today officially on a scale of:

Date 29/07/20

OCD Germ Contamination (20) & Intrusive thoughts (15 -20) PTSD – (15-19) Depression (16-19) Social Anxiety Disorder (20)

The scale calculator of 1 to 20 with 1 being in good spirits and 20 being bad spirits, I am showing really bad signs. I want to cry and my heart is palpitating and I am getting intrusive thoughts all because of this surgery.

Yet yesterday 28/07/20 I was on a scale of:

OCD Germ Contamination (14) & Intrusive thoughts (1 -5) PTSD – (15-19) Depression (9-11) Social Anxiety Disorder (12)

I need something to calm me down and I am trying and fighting so hard to not go out and buy myself a bottle of (Vodka) to make my thoughts go away. I have low on medication so there is nothing I can take to calm me down.

I feel the NHS has failed me and considering I am a British Citiizen and pay my Taxes you would think I would have a better service. If you look at all the NHS Reviews in this blog you will find this is not he first incident I have written about them.

Before anyone suggests anything, I do not want to speak to anyone especially the surgery, why is it that I have to phone them to chase them up to do this medical review when it is their job to follow up (considering they supposedly care about your well being). If I were the surgery and had not heard from the patient within a month of requesting a medical review I would have followed up until I got hold of that patient and not stop their medication completely. What if the person is dependant (as I am) on the medication and this causes the person to become more ill, should the NHS compensate for their mis-doings? This is the NHS GP’ surgery’s fault, not mine.

On top of this I am bound to loose business because every hour I am not working I am loosing business and do not have someone to take over me when I am ill, so its not as if I can go one the sick.

I am livid yet again and extremely sad, I feel I cannot function properly all because of this GP surgery today. You watch their lame excuse when I finally speak to someone tomorrow and mark my words I will be following up with an update to this post.

Signing Out…


So I phoned the GP Surgery promptly at 8am (Suprisingly I got through without re-dialling) this morning just like the operater yesterday had told me to do and I was greeted by what I assume was a middle aged woman anyway I explain I need to have a medical review and have phoned to arrange one.

Now wait for this you will be gob smacked…….

She only tells me I am not due a medical review (which is what I tried telling the guy yesterday)????

I went on to say but I have not had my medication from the pharmacy and she replied I have not had any medication since May 2020. I tried correcting her and she was adament she was right and I was wrong, so I continued to say that I can prove I had medication every single month and am due medication for end of July beginning of August and she then replied that the pharmacy had not put a request in? (She was making an excuse to cover her back as you will find out later when I got to speak to the same guy I spoke to yestaerday when I phoned back the second time today).

So tell me something am I loosing the plot here or what?

I said so what happens now?, she said seeing that I believe I need a medical review (sarcastically) she will arrange for the pharmacist to ring me back. She asked for my best telephone number to reach me on and when I asked her to confirm the number she told me to tell her the number again in which I said but I just told you the number so please repeat it back to me. Her tone in her voice went up a notch and she quickly said the number and before I could say anything else she hung up on me.

I wanted her name and an estimated time when the pharmacist was going to phone me as I had meetings scheduled on Zoom all day today and would have kept a slot free for the pharmacist. It is now 3 hours since I made the call and no one has phoned me back. I have wasted a whole morning of business and cancelled my appointments in which I have lost both clients because of the incompentant surgery as they were not prepared to arrange another meeting with me……..Thanks for that Meddygfa Albany Surgery!!!!!!!!

I suspect I know who I spoke to (intitials CC) but I could be wrong. Its not the first time I have had altercations with this individual so it would be no suprise to me if it was one and the same person. The person I spoke to today was rude and unempathetic.

I am struggling to function right now because the ar@@ does not know what the elbow is doing.

I phoned them back a few minutes ago and their response was that I should have phoned the surgery every time my medication was late.

I was told and this time by the same guy I spoke to yesterday that regardless if I needed a medical review or not I had to phone the surgery (back tracking his words from yesterday) if my medication was late.

I said the pharmacy said they would deal with it so I should not have to double check to see if the pharmacy have done their job or not as there has to be an element of trust and respect for the pharmacy considering they have always said if there is a problem they would phone me back.

I went on to say it is not my job to chase people up and this is when he got defensive and said but it is my job as it is my medication and that there have been no issues with deliveries at all since November of last year. B@llS@@t. (Not once have they been on time as he read out all random dates when I received my medication).

The pharmacy can vouch that there has been a problem month after month and I am sick to the back teeth hearing about the GP surgery lame excuses and passing the buck.

I am certainly going to be looking at a different practice when this pandemic is over.

According to guy I spoke to today and yesterday, the internal pharmacist that gives the authorisation to have my medication dispensed by a pharmacy signed off the medication today, yet did not phone me, so when I said cancelled all my meeting today for nothing to wait for this phone call that never materialised, I did not even get an apology.

Who is going to compensate me for my mental health well being that has gone through the roof and loss of business today and I cannot see myself working? even though I have to, as I run a business and business cannot stop because I feel unwell.

I said since yesterday both the guy today and the operator this morning had caused my stress & anxiety levels to increase tenfold and his reply was he would arrange for a GP to phone me back which would mean me cancelling the rest of my appointments for today. In sheer fustration I said forget it I will hit the Vodka bottle instead.

He went on to say because my medication had “MAXED OUT” that is why I needed the internal pharmacist to redo the prescription request. He also said she had authorised two months worth, so what happens in October, will I have to go through this B@#LL Sh#@t all over again? (Heads will roll if I do). You would be suprised who I know with nearly 8,000 connections on LinkedIn………..So why could he not have done this yesterday and if there was a problem with my medication ‘maxing out‘ (surely I cannot be blamed for that aswell) it should be the surgeries responsibility to notify the patient but again he backtracked on his word from yesterday. So this is (Bad Business Management). Besides what does Maxing Out mean exactly?, when I have had repeat prescriptions for years and now they use the words ‘maxing out’.

He also said the last time I had medication was end of May 2020.

Yet here is proof what should have been end of June was beginning of July, so someone is telling porkies or not using their heads. Originally my medication was dispensed in the middle of the month and has slowly crept to the end of the month with the exception of the 1st of July which threw people off guard.

Evidence – What Should have been end of June was Beginning of July.

I wonder how many people in Roath use this surgery and will read this post will agree with what I am saying and will share their nightmare stories.

I plan to share this post on and on (These are my websites).


Comparison of my Stress & Anxiety Levels over the last couple of days are as follows:

Date: 28/07/2020

OCD Germ Contamination (14) & Intrusive thoughts (1 -5) PTSD – (15-19) Depression (9-11) Social Anxiety Disorder (12)

Date: 29/07/20

OCD Germ Contamination (20) & Intrusive thoughts (15 -20) PTSD – (15-19) Depression (16-19) Social Anxiety Disorder (20)

Date: 30/07/20

OCD Germ Contamination (20) & Intrusive thoughts (20) PTSD – (20) Depression (20) Social Anxiety Disorder (20)


I am not stopping there, One cannot complain directly to the surgery witholut writing a formal letter, although I do have an email which I will try to contact first.

If that fails I plan to complain to and if not to my satisfaction which most probably it won’t as they all back each other up from past experience about other matters I have escalated, I will take it to

To top it all I had to drop everything I was doing including finishing typing the end of the post, as all of a sudden I was getting bad chest pains and jaw ache. I took two Gaviscon tablets thinking not the worst as I am not a hypochondriac and am an optimist rather than a pesimist and some pain killers and after about 20 minutes the pain subsided, but for sure I got a little worried and did not want to alarm my daughter, but thankfully the pain went away. This is a sure sign that I have worked myself up because of these people.

I am signing out and am just going to chill and read a book or something just to try and calm myself down.

Be Safe!

Mental Health

Barbed wire round my brain – My Mental Health Story

Regardles what walks of life one comes from everyone experiences sadness, sorrow, depression and anxiety some parts of their lives. Not everyone is happy 24/7, it is impossible to be happy 24/7. We all worry and get anxious and feel insecure from time to time and the ones that say they do not are in denial.

Whether you are an entreprenuer or a stay at home mum/dad we all worry, it is just that some people can handle it better than others.

Some people turn to drinking alcohol, taking recreational drugs and smoking cigarettes or weed to relieve the feelings that festers inside of them (I am not suggesting trying any of methods I have mentioned above but seek medical help in the first instance, these are only examples of what people do to relieve the tension and if anything it might makes things worse than better). I just take my medication which has been prescribed by my GP and do not smoke, do not do recreational drugs and only have a drink if the occasion calls for it such as a Birthday Celebration, but other than that I do not drink. I am wiser now not to wake up with a thumping headache and less money in my pocket from the night before.

Mental Illness is categorised as having the following disorders:

  1. Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  2. Bipolar Disorder
  3. Depression
  4. Easting Disorders
  5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  6. Personality Disorders
  7. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  8. Psychosis
  9. Schizoaffective disorder
  10. Schizophrenia
  11. Self Harming
  12. Suicidal Feelings

I do not recommend self diagnosis although do your research and tell your doctor but if you think you have any symptoms do visit your local doctor and seek medical help.

I personally suffer with PTSD, OCD (Diagnosed over 30 years ago), and Clinical Depression. I also have Social Anxiety Disorder and find my home my safe haven away from people in general. I hate talking on the phone and very rarely do I venture out. This started way before self isolation with Covid-19. So I am a master when it comes to germ contaminaltion and social distancing.

I am the most happiest online and if things get too much I can just switch off.

Yet even online there are unsrupulous people that want to scam you and want to bring you down in order to destroy your reputation and hence as of yesterday I have gone back into my cocoon or bubble and really do not want to do any work and feel deflated that idiots have nothing better to do play stupid games. When a scammer goes looking for their next victim they do not care what it may do to the person mentally. I nearly became the next victim.

I feel I have fallen into a dark hole and need to summon the strength to get out, in which I know I will but it will take some doing.

Self help -Take a Leaf out of Warren Buffett’s Book.

Without a support system in place I cannot just phone anyone up and expect them to listen to my troubles (believe me, I have tried) and even if they did listen what could they do to help me? – nothing, so for me this would be pointless. However everyone is different and it may help to talk to a friend or a counseller/therapist on simply interact online and join forums and groups and network with people that also are suffering and have similar symptons as you.

Hence I try to help others whilst trying to help myself by making people aware Mental Illness is not a joke it needs to be addressed and people need to admit they have a problem to try and get professional help. Helping other means I am also helping myself and this makes me happy knowing that someone in need may have been put on the right path by me and got the help they needed. People should also be kind to one another and not cause distress or harm to another individual as doing so could make that person go over the edge.

I once told my daughter’s GodFather’s Girlfriend that I had OCD and she laughed in my face, so guess what I did, I removed those people out of my life, considering the Godfather could have defended me but chose not to.

Aswell as the racism I have endured over the years and the discrimination I am still standing and when I get knocked down I get up again and never give up…….

I find writing my thoughts on virtual paper is therapy for me.

People suffering with mental health issues need to seek professional help, in which I take medication for my disorders but sometimes just talking to someone also helps and cognitive behavioural therapy which does not work for everyone, yet everyone should try it.

There are also therapist that one can talk to in which I have tried that also and found going round and round in circles reapeating the same old stuff over and over again every single session did not benefit me but everyone is different so although it did not help me it may help others. I did not acknowlege the core of my problem, my insecurities in which a stranger, professional or not could not help me. I have since found that accepting the root of my problem I am better at being able to overcome the obstacles I am faced with. Its all in the mind and mind over matter.

The medication I take is is not a magic pill but helps me sleep, it will never stop my anxieties, it meerly calms my state of mind but never erradicates the problem, that I have to do myself and yes it will take some time and I believe oneday it will happen through sheer motivation to complete my goals. The key is to set goals for yourself and aim to accomplish them.

You need to address the core of what is bothering you, if it is debt or martial issues or problems in work, you need to start there. If you start to admit what problem you have got you are half way there to doing something about it. Do not let your problems fester. I know what problem I have and I am trying to turn my problem around, yes it has taken me 30 years to admit what my insecurity is but now that I finally have addressed it I know I am on the right path to make things better and eventually my insecurities will subside and this will help with my mental well being overall.

If you are constantly in a controlling relationship at home or at work, try to remove the negative people out of your life. For me I just do not answer the phone or do not interact online if I do not want to.

I do not have a support system that I can phone someone out of the blue as they would most probably not understand so how can they help (I Have tried therapy and that did not work, but I have joined some OCD Groups on Facebook and have interacted a few times which has helped a bit). In fact once I tried to tell my ex-sister in law about my problems and about my OCD and tried to relate that she too had a problem (hair pulling) when she was going through a divorce with my brother and she was in denial and gave me pretentious look whcih I will never forget. She seems to think she is better than me. But what she fails to understand she would not be where she is now without the divorce settlement my brother paid her and she had Trichotillomania (trik-o-til-o-MAY-nee-uh), also called hairpulling disorder and theres no denying it as her hair was starting to get rather visibibly thin on top, which is similar to self harming, yet she denied she ever had it and had no positive words for me.

I know that I have to work it out myself without giving too much detail away as people can abuse your trust so the less they know the better.

Therefore I was shocked to hear a famous person was not briefed before opening his mouth a few days ago at a Presindential Rally. Surely they have managers that advise them what to say and what not to say. If he did this against the advise of his manager and this was a publicity stunt he obviously did not think before he spoke as now there may be consequences due to his actions when his eldest daughter grows up.

The famous person I am talking about is ‘Kayne West’ whom has been in the news and widely criticised for being outspoken about his personal life and in his defence, his wife ‘Kim Kardashian’ has said he suffers with ‘Biopolar Disorder’. From my own experience one should not air their dirty laundry in public (no matter who you are) especially if there will be reprecussions within the family unit further down the line, considering as it will happen when his eldest gets to read/hear/see what her father said about abortion. No child needs to hear that their parents were planning an abortion to get rid of them. That is why Kayne is the way he is because his father wanted to abort him and because he has Bipolar Disorder probably caused by festered insecurities.

The mere fact that this is even talked about in public will bound to affect the child’s mental state and they will feel insecure that their parents contemplated this and did not want them or that may even feel unloved. The seed of insecurity would be planted and in the back of their mind which could potentially fester, which in turn will cause the individual to have mental issues when they get older. This is so wrong on so many levels, one should not use your children as pawns to win votes and one should do everything possible to protect our children including not divuldging information about abortion. Imagine if you found out your parents had contemplated aborting you, how would you feel?, I for one would not be able to have the same respect before knowing and would not be able to look at the same again.

If you are feeling insecure and things are not going right, reach out to me here and I will try to help you. No one should suffer alone.

If you feel anxious or depressed just send a message and I will see what options are available for you to rectify your problems.

Nothing cannot be so bad you cannot share your problems in confidence with someone that is willing to listen. All problems have a way of being resolved one just needs to know how.

Remember a problem shared is a a problem halved.

My demons are the people I do not trust and the scam artists online aswell as the people that attempt to take advantage of me or bring me down or harm to me, you know the people I am talking about the judgemental pretentious people that think they are better than you, the ones that pretend they care but in reality do not give two hoots about you.

Like I said sharing my thoughts has already made me feel a little bit better.

Everyone has a story to tell and I have been through the mill and back so I have every excuse not to trust people and my story is my journey so one day I will write a book.

From one sufferer to another, stay safe and stay strong.

Due Diligence Lesson

Feeling Livid Today!!!

The lesson I have learnt today is regardless if you are doing business for $1, £1 or $1,000,000.00, £1,000,000.00 alway and I mean ALWAYS perform Due Diligence with a person you have never met and is not local to you, whereby you cannot check them out through Companies House if you are in the UK or physically pay them a visit. Each country has their own Company House Database.

What I mean by this regardless if they pass Companies House Verification they still may be scammers, as I have just got off the phone from a person claiming to be a New York Attorney that said his client wanted to sue me for selling artwork that belonged to him.

However upon trying to do my detective work this person is not on LinkedIn and his telephones do not match nor does his website work (times out).

Even with passports and other forms of ID one cannot know for certain if the person one is dealing with on the other end is a fraudster or not. Even if their Company is Verified does not stop them being unscrupulous. I had one person that had his passport cloned and was visible online. So there is no way for certain to know you are dealing with the actual person unless you phone the head office and perform detective work online.

I thought by checking with companies house that the said individual was kosha and it seemed that he was until all the inventory he was selling at the beginning part of the year mysteriously disappeared off his site where by he failed to update me. This in turn has put egg on my face as I told the Attorney that the artwork could be found on my client’s site and it is no longer there. The emails I have which I never deleted will prove he was selling the artwork….

So on the safe side I have taken the website down and will not be doing anything in future with this site other than selling the domain.

With this in mind I had to pulled the whole website down and all the inventory that belonged to the two muppets that I have been dealing with, with one of them still in my LinkedIn connections.

But then again if something does not sit right you should leave it out, as my gut feeling was like many months ago when I worked tirelessly to get leads for one of the muppets only to be told the leads I had given him were not good enough and did I get a penny for my trouble?, of course I did not. I even had his organ grinder telling me I was over thinking. If something does not sit well with me I will air my grieviences. This is also another lesson when someone asks you to find leads which are bon-a-fide leads and you find them, invoice the person for your time finding the leads as they could say the leads were no good even though they were, just to get out of paying you. Get the money upfront for finding marketing leads.

I have to say I must be soft in the head as I let someone else this month take advantage of me, by me designing a logo with about 20 changes, I also built him a website but made the mistake of giving him a cooling off period where after he had agreed on the amount of pages he then decided to move the goal posts and increase the pages for the same price. So when I mentioned there would be a price increase he decided to use the get out clause. So from now on I am never going to do that again. Do not use a get out clause for web design. Take a set up fee upfront instead and then invoice once the client is happy with the site.

I have since looked at the muppet’s site and it has been changed only to show bitcoin and cryotocurrency by coincidence, yet I have all the emails that he sent that I can forward to the owner of the artwork to prove the muppet was selling the artwork and not me per se. I was merely marketing what he told me to market. These pieces of art one could not ask for proof of receipt if you get my meaning if you know what pieces of art I was marketing.

This now shows me in bad light even though I did not know that the inventory was not legit, like why would I know or how would I know as these were high ticket assets and I trusted both muppets.

My reputation is on the line because two idiots whom seem to think it is ok to take advantage of people. “You have had your fun if you are reading this now so it’s now my turn and I will no longer be associated with you”…

I am a mere web designer and internet marketer but at least it shows my marketing skills reached the people that needed to be reached even though the inventory was debatable. So what has this taught me other than avoid all idiots at all costs? and that is I am good at my job even though I could do better by doing more to protect myself in future from people who can cause no end of problems.

Trust no one !

My lesson today is perform Due Dilligence with people regardless if the are selling £1 or £1M especially if you do not know them and if it means you loose the lead in the process, you would have saved yourself trouble in the future. Also do due dilengence on the inventory (especiall high ticket assets) as it could have legal implications.

I am sick and tired of the scammers out there and I will name these people if push comes to shove.

“I am fuming and words fail me today regarding this”.

Good job I never performed SEO on this particular website, imagine the digital footprint I would have had to delete and merely used it as an online business card/tool which I have now taken down and all associated links.

To the person whom contacted me today you will see the website is now taken down and to the muppets that got me into hot water, karma has a way of paying you back !!

Regardless who was trying to scam whom, I have knocked the nail on the head and severed all ties with everyone assoicated with this inventory.


Pond Solutions Cardiff

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If you need ideas how to landscape your garden here is an excellent article to read:

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Something For Nothing

Something For Nothing.

I feel the last week has been really stressful and I learnt a costly lesson, through what has happened today. Normally I have no issues with clients they ususally ask me to build them a site, give me the content and hey presto I go about doing the marketing and SEO.

However and I will not be naming anyone but why do people expect something for nothing?

Why do they expect you to slogg your guts out and be beholden to their every whim?

I am saying enough is enough if you hire me to do a job do not question why I do things a certain way, at the end of the day I am doing it for you not me.

I was recently questioned why I do not use the word “Home” as a Homepage title and when I gave the reasons why rather than take my advice, I was told that other companies in his profession were using the word “Home” and that my title looks silly. So you hire me to do a job and then question my ability even though I know what I am doing.

So my costly mistake was and this is the first time I have ever included it in a contract was a cooling off period when this person asked me to build him a website, then started to add more pages over what we had initially agreed on and stated that most businesses have more than 10 pages. That may be true but they pay to have the extra pages they do not give unlimited pages for £49.99 per month. He announced today he would be looking for another designer, more like he will attempt to do it himself as I have not come across designers charging pittance for what he expected me to do.

So I suspect he may try to build a website himself after all every one has more time on their hands so why not give it a go, that is what I think. The SEO audit report will show me if his site has been built by a professional or not, can’t wait.

So the good soul I am, I have not been charging for web hosting, seo or marketing because of this pandemic as I reckon a lot of people are strapped for cash right now. However do not take advantage of me. If I do not charge you for a website until lockdown is lifted do not start throwing your teddy’s out to the pram if you do not give me the content to the sites and then somehow expect me to do it for you. I should not have to find the content for you as that takes time with research and content writing. i build websites, I should not be building your business also.

It rattles me beyond belief how people are so full of themselves and expect something for nothing. What about me I have to live too.

I am the kind of person I will go above and beyond my call of duty to help someone but if they start taking advantage as I have seen a few of my clients doing lately, I will say enough is enough.

Enough is enough do not take advantage of people……

Again I have a client who cannot work due to the Gorvernment guidelines and has to overcome the close proximaty of his clients so not only did I not charge him for the hosting of he site and blog, I also gave him free advertising on a local business directory only to have him go on his high horse, why his dot com domain name was not associated with his site.

Talking SEO goes right over his head and when I was still contemplating if I should use his dot com rather that a dot co dot uk domain name for his blog he goes on a rant and now has gone quiet on me when I told him he is only allocated two hours a month and that he is in a queue. The reason why I am hesitant to use a dot com is because even though you can set your GEO fencing for the domain names, search engines still send you traffic from the location your domain comes from which in the case of a dot com is the USA. So if you happen then to do paid per click advertising your budget will get swallowed up by US traffic not good especailly if you are in the UK.

So I thought I had ample time to update him but obviously not as he was throwing his teddy about and expecting me to drop everything. So what did I do I dropped everything for him and now he has gone quiet, how rude……..

As for the other client I built 40 page website for and he used the get out clause in order for me not to charge him, I also designed a logo and has he offered to pay for it of course he hasn’t even though I told him at the begining how much it would cost and he made me do numerous changes and nothing not even a tiddly wink for my troubles. I hope the client that decided to cool off ahead of payment feels really bad about what he has done. My question to this person is “why bother praising me, bigging me up, saying that I am really clever and know what I am doing and even have an email saying he loves the site only to pull out at the last minute?” I think it is to do with money. Yet what he charges an hour would have cover the costs for the next year renewal of the website.

I really cannot undertand people sometimes, I really cant and I have now lost respect for this person.

I am going to stop being nice and doing people favours as they take advantage of you and that is from being many years in business, people want to negotiate your prices even though you try to be as low in price as possible yet they always want more and still want you to lower your price especailly for them. I have had enough I am not doing it anymore, you either pay me the asking price or you find someone that will do it cheaper but I do not have time to haggle with you over my pricing. You would not go to a solicitor who charges £300 an hour to lower their price for you so why should I lower my prices considering I am building the engine that will bring in the clients.

Is it even worth me invoicing him the £75 for the logo and for him not to pay and then me taking it to a small claims court, I do not think so, it is not worth the time or stress or trouble and all I can say is “what goes around comes around”.

To think that I know how much my clients charge by the hour, my fee is a fraction of one job that they would bring in a month yet they still seem to want more. Sheer greed and being condenscending will eventually catch up with you, so you treat people with kindness and respect.

If you think you know more than me then by all means put me in my place but if you are just a cheapskate and want to cut corners then I am not the person you should be talking to.

Remember treat people like you would want to be treated. If you want to be a miser, people will also do less for you if you want something you want for nothing.

If you look at the national average for a website do not expect to pay basic web design prices and expect more for your money.

Signing off.

Stupid People

Quote Mark Twain

I need to get this off my chest as I really want to scream. As you all know I am a web designer and internet marketer to name a few services that I offer and most recently I lost one client because I was discriminated by his partners opinion about me.

Anyway moving on, the day comes when termination of hosting is imminent and after explaining in so much detail that a five year old could understand and after the domain name had changed hands it was inevitable that the website and emails would go down.

So approximately two and a half hours before midnight and final cut off period, the hosting goes down.

Now wait for this, after I had explained that the hosting would go down at which point it did, I get an email saying this person’s emails had gone.

So even after I had said that as soon as the domain crossed over the hosting would go down this was somehow my fault that this person had no access to his emails.

Furthermore they tried to insinuate I had cancelled the agreement and that I was keeping the domain, of which I proved that the domain had changed hands showing whois data.

This must have stung like a slap across the face and did I get an apology for the insinuation I had cancelled the agreemnet, of course I did not.

Afterall these people think they are somehow better than me. All I will say is you reap what you sow. If you are not nice to people, people will not be nice to you.

Obviously like a good person that I am, I stayed up until the early hours trying to retrieve his emails from back up and restore. I looked like an idiot going back to the hosting providers and saying hold on but my client has not backed up his emails and has not set up up new email accounts with his new web designers.

I won’t say what profession he is in but if you knew you would be shocked.

Anyway just make a statement about the new web designer who have made a shambles of my ex-clients new website and to blow my own trumpet I have perfomed a SEO Audit Report on his site and it looks like an amatuer has thrown a wordpress site together.

There is a saying ” Do not fix something that is not broken”.

All I can say is “OMG” how stupid can you get and to think his idiot partner made derogatory comments about my site , I am laughing my cotton socks off.

Obviously for legal reasons I will not mention the person’s name , his profession or his domain name, but do not pretend to be something you are not. It has taken me years to learn about serach engine optimization and web design so for his partner to claim he is some sort of expert is a joke.

My daughter has said it is his loss and when she saw his new site the reaction was “Oh God”.

To think I have wasted a whole day today as I have been going back and forth my hosting providers and being extremly tired I could not focus on what I was planning on doing today, I lost a whole days work.

Anyway moving on I have been working on a local directory and the amount of busineeses that I have come across that do not have a website or if they claim they do in order to not pay website designers they cheat and have stated their websites are in actual fact Facebook pages is beyond comprehendable. Do not be a cheapskate and do half a job. Your brand and reputations says all about presentation. If you have a mediocre WordPress site or Facebook page instead of a website it does not say much about you.

If you cannot be honest to people you cannot be honest to yourself. Meaning if you are lying to the world you have a website but the world lands on your Facebook Page, what is the first thing people will see? I will tell you, it says you do not have money to spend on a website therefore you are not very successful.

The same goes if your website has Powered by WordPress. Any Professional Designer would remove all reference to WordPress. Again I am blowing my own trumpet as I can see how stupid some people are and cannot admit that they either want to cut costs or have financial difficulties but instead come up with a half hearted excuse why they want to change web site deisgners after being with them for half a decade.

I Know that it is down to the other partner and not so much my ex-client but you would have thought in his line of profession he would show some intellect and considering I am an Author and have published two books on Domain Names, Website Design and SEO, you would not try to insult my intelligence.

Moving on I came across a post on Facebook how the local shop owners of Wellfield Road, which is in the vicinity where I live, were irrate about hooligans vandalising the trees strategically planted to stop cars parking on the street. They even went on to say they collectively raised £740 plus to replace the trees that were vandalised.

The whole point of the trees is to maintain social distancing.

Yet the picture paints a thousand words. The whole point of the trees is to stop parking and to maintain social distancing but what do the shop owners do?……….only pose for a group photo without maintaining social disatancing…….The council should fine them all !! Somehow they seem to think they are exempt from the social distancing rule and one wonders why the world is the way it is.

Photo and article below.
Group Photo of Shop Keepers – No Social Distancing
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