Just as I mentioned effective marketing strategies in my previous post, I want to highlight how big corporations use marketing strategies to sell their products. By glamorising the product to be a trend this is the way the products sell.

Personally speaking I do not buy the soda not because I am against the high sugar content or sweetner substitute but more so as it is way too gassy for me and sickly sweet. It actually tastes like there someone has over done it with the sugar and for me I will not drink it even if you paid me.

However their clever way of glamorising the product will never hinder the average person from buying it. This is called emotional marketing it gives the person a reason the buy it because it is a set trend.

The only way people may take notice is if there are health warning labels similar to tobacco labeling warning the user should they use the product there are health risks. Why this has not been done with Coke~Cola I do not know as Obesity and Diabeties is on the increase so rather than making people more aware of the risks involved these companies at the end of the day only care about the $$$ signs and profit margins and nothing else.

If you want to see more please watch the following video of a journalist confronting the CEO of Coke~Cola about the high sugar content in the drinks.

Perhaps someone should start a petition to make health warning signs rather than labelling how much sugar is in a bottle or can or adding sugar tax. Obviously that has not worked.

Until you have health warning signs people will be oblivious to the ingredients even though they are be labelled with the quantities of sugar. If you put a picture of a morbidly obese person on the product similar to what tobacco companies are doing showing damaged lungs, people then may take notice. It is all about the way you market a product and if you want people to buy it or not.

If the people suddenly stopped buying or bought less this would damage to economy hence by adding sugar tax it is a way of saying well we have done our bit for society and if society chooses to buy our product there is nothing else we can do and I am not talking about the company itself but more so the government that should do more to decrease obesity and diabetes, afterall they increased to price of cigarettes and that did not help so why will increasing to cost of bottles of coke make a difference? It won’t until people realise there are health risks.

Judge for yourself:

There are two links one a youtube video and another a LinkeIn post.

Sugar Content in Coke~Cola


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