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Watching my favourite streaming channel a new series of realtors in ‘Beverly Hill’s’ was launched on Friday and watching the gorgeous girls strut their stuff whilst selling multi million dollar properties a couple of things that were said made me look into their webiste.

One thing one of the directors said was that he was no longer wanting to market one of the properties as he had done everything he could including listing it on ‘Forbes’.

So I did a quick scan and found he has no header title in his website this is crucial in order for people to find you for the search terms. The other thing I found he is not using exact match searchable keywords in his domain name. So although he may have had ‘Forbes’ & ‘The New York Times’ to advertise the property he needed to get the property in front of a wider audience actively looking for luxury properties. What about all the rest of the Billionaires & Millionaires arounnd the world?

So even though his TV show is a clever marketing strategy he also needs to create a SEO link wheel and not rely on one website. His website is his brandname which is the Godfather for his business but he also need to create other channels. Also not every Millionaire or Billionaire watches ‘Netflix’ and understands the language.

What do millionaires look for when they are looking for luxury and how do they search for what they want that is the question?

There are plently of ways to advertise and I have a whole list of ways to find a targeted audience anywhere around the world including video marketing on the correct channels. I personally am connected with many groups and individuals on Instagram aswell as LinkedIn and I have not seen one video selling any luxury properties. One just needs to research where to advertise. TV Ads are sometimes more effective than a TV Show.

What if the prospective buyer did not type certain keywords such as “Beverly Hills Properties” and typed in for example “LA Luxury Properties” but the said realtor was not on the first page for these search terms, this would obviously means that the realtor could potentially loose business.

So it takes a person over the pond to explain this when in reality he also owns a website design company, so they should in theory know what I am saying.

I love the show btw but someone needs to show the directors what they can do to improve their sales.

One sometimes needs to think outside the box instead of concentrating on the search terms: luxury living, luxury homes. luxury realtors, how about using the keywords, millionaires or billionaires instead and work your advertising strategies round these words also.

Constant marketing especially on LinkedIn is a must.

Its amazing who you can connect with if you try….

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