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Regardless what your status is and if you are employed, self employed, a CEO or unemployed, we are all human at the end of the day and we all have our up’s and down moments.

Some of us deal with these down moments better than others, but the ones that overcome these obstacles end up succeeding in what they are trying to do. You just need to know how to overcome these obstacle put before us.

We all have options in life and we all can choose to go in whatever direction we choose.

I will first talk about the reasons why you may be loosing motivation at work.

  1. You could be feeling insecure about your job, you may have an intimidating boss or you co-works are always being mean.
  2. You hate your job, you have no vision or ambition and are stuck in a dead end job which is a pay cheque at the end of the week and nothing more.
  3. There are more chiefs than indians and the business is unorganised and poorly managed and you feel you have no where to turn as you could do your job better if it was not for the fact that management does not know what they are doing. There maybe no one you can trust of confide in to speak about the problems you encounter.
  4. The job is too stressful and you you cannot live up to the expectations.
  5. You have no way of climbing the ladder and your career will stay where it is unless you do something.
  6. You are not appreciated for all the hard work you do.
  7. You have problems at home and even if you try to not bring them to work with you, your mind is distracted.
  8. You are juggling more than one job and things are getting too much for you physically and mentally.
  9. You have mental health issues or are physically unwell.
  10. You are being discriminated.

Lack of Motivation as an Entrepreneur

  1. You have financial issues.
  2. You are not driving enough business.
  3. You have employed people you cannot work with or trust as they do not share your same work ethics and you cannot just fire them as there are laws against that.
  4. You have problems at home with your family.
  5. You have mental health issues or are physically unwell.

Lack of Motivation Due to Unemployment.

  1. You have just lost your job.
  2. You cannot find suitable work.
  3. You do not have the right qualifications.
  4. You feel deflated as every job you apply for you do not get.
  5. You have mental health issues or are physically unwell.
  6. You have no support from your friends or family.


  1. Address the cause of the problem, find the core and focus on how you are going to turn things around.
  2. Remind yourself how you feel and how you will feel after your have dealt with the problem.
  3. Envision your success by making dream board add photos and notes to help motivate you.
  4. Create a supportive environment surrround yourself with positive like minded people, get rid of negative energy and negative people.
  5. Change your physiology and mind set, focus on what you are trying to achieve
  6. Do your research, see how best you can takle the problem.
  7. Learn something new.
  8. Take Baby Steps (Rome was not built in a day).
  9. Set Goals.
  10. Reward yourself.
  11. When things get overwhelming take time out, switch off and relax, occupy yourself with something you enjoy doing. Reflect on what matters to you the most whilst remaining positive and just breathe. Tomorrow is another day and you can start over again.

With this in mind if you are still struggling or want to reach out, please do not hesitate to message me.

Remember there are Solutions to every Problem.

Be Safe and Stay Strong.

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