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Couriers Poor Services

Couriers Poor Services.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Royal Mail and their appauling costly service.

I pointed out to them that they needed to have a chat widget on their website and it was totally unacceptable for have to be put on hold for an hour and ten minutes before you actually got to speak with someone.

So when I suggested they did a goodwill gesture for causing my daughter stress they turned around and said they do not give out monetary compensation. I was not even suggesting that at all, I was merely suggesting a kind token like a box of chocolates or some postage stamps which would have been better than a kick in the teeth. Admitteedly they did say sorry but that is not good enough if the consequences of the stress my daughter endures can potentially cause her Multiple Sclerorsis to relapse, saying sorry would be like putting a plaster on a gaping wound.

PLC companies care about how much turnover they can make and do not care of about the consequences of their actions that can cause someone to end up bed ridden or in a wheelchair.

They even assumed that my consulting suggestions that I was looking to secure a job with them, omg, it is laughable just thinking about it as they clearly did not comprehend what I was trying to say, they obviously did not do their homework properly to even research who I am and what business I do.

Will I ever recommend Royal Mail to anyone I do not think so, just as I will not be recommending Hermes.

Hermes have now gone on my radar today as another company with a bad reputation that delivers parcels and takes a photo of someone’s hand. This is not proof of delivery and is an absolute joke.

The reason they have rattled my cage so to speak is my daughter ordered from a retailer and paid for next day tracking delivery and the parcel according to Hermes was delivered but my CCTV can prove it did not.

She ended getting her final update to say the parcel was deivered to her address on 29/01/21. The only thing is I have a camera outside my door and I can prove no one delivered any parcel. I have been in all day so for the notification to say it was delivered at 22.18 is an utter lie. Hence considering it is my daughters’s birthday and Hermes have made a clanger they need to make things right asap otherwise as I said in my previous post I will be singing like a canary.

Hermes are on another playing field if they do not have adequate customer support and take photos of peoples hands as proof of delivery.

Will I be recommending Hermes to any of my business connections, absolutely not.

I see the bigger the company the less they care about their customers and it is all about money and how to make as much of it without providing a good service or customer care.…..Never try to be too big for your boots and remember when you were first starting out and think in our current economic climate anything can happen, even PLC companies have the potential of going bust.

Lets see what happens with the outcome of the supposedly delivered parcel. I will update you again when I get feedback from headoffice……

Watch this space!


This morning a stranger presses our VOICE door bell and the woman said her mother lives two streets away from us and Hermes had delivered a parcel to her mother’s address even though the parcel was addressed to my daughter. Not all people are honest. My daughter had high end cosmetics in the parcel and this incident could have easily turned out differently.

Sadly I have not had anyone message, email or phone me as yet from headquarters.


If you need a courier try DHL or FEDEX!

Hand Sanitisers

Hand Sanitisers.

Hand sanitisers, love them or hate them, we all have to use them.

Being a sufferer of OCD I have tried and tested my fair share of hand sanitisers in my time. My brain seems to analyse where germs get cross contaminated and I use more hand sanitiser than the average person so I should have some knowledge which ones work and which ones don’t.

Ultimately my favourite brands are Dettol & Carex and I prefer the aloe vera versions as personal preference:

When buying hand sanitiser it best to stick to well known brands that are regulated by EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012.

There are many fly by night sellers on Ebay and Etsy that claim that their brands kill germs. I would avoid buying from these sellers at all costs, as most make their own concoctions and sell it under their own labels unregulated.

If a hand sanitiser brand does not have their own website dedicated to the product name I would leave them out.

You can never be too careful with germs.

If a company dedicated their time to making a product a household name they will spend money on advertising. If you have never heard of them or you buy an unknown brand from a stall in a market because it is cheap, you have to question what you are putting on your hands.

In hindsight these brands should be able to prove that the product matches the claims, so if a product makes a certain claim, such as it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, then it should fulfil that claim.

Read more: – Which?

However I have recently received some samples from a company selling ‘Dr Brown’ Hand Sanitisers. I told them I would give them a review and even though I love the high street brands, I think if there was a shortage of hand sanitisers, I would not hesitate to use this company or if I had a lot of employees I would certainly give them a go.

I received both the citrus and lavender.

I found them to be slightly on the runny side rather than gel although there was an element of gel in the composition.

It definitely wafted alcohol and took a couple of seconds to evaporate but once the smell had gone it left a pleasant aroma behind that lingered. My favourite was Lavender out of the two.

To read more about which hand sanitisers have been tried and tested, I would check out the following blog, but again they emphasise Carex & Dettol as the brands to buy:

Final Thoughts:


If you are a Gas or Electrical Engineer DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED FLAMABLE HAND SANITISERS around naked flames or sparks.

According to The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers have issued a safety alert, stating a build-up of static can create an invisible flame from the ignition source whereby the hand sanitizer on ones hands can then ignite. It is recommended you wash your hands in hot soapy water to get rid of all traces of hand sanitiser before commencing work.


All Carex Hand Sanitisers:

All Other Hand Sanitisers:

Staying Fit During Lockdown

Staying Fit During Lockdown!

Keeping our bodies and minds healthy during lockdown is paramount. No doubt a few us have gained one or two pounds from being couch potatoes.

We are told to do exercise but that can be difficult when GYMs are closed. The weather is also not encouraging to do daily sprints around our neighbourhoods, hence creating your own fitness regime in the comfort the comfort of your own home is something everyone should consider.

Everyone has their own ideas about staying fit, some people choose to do yoga whilst others prefer strenuous workouts using gym equipment. My preferred method is doing kick-boxing whilst watching dvds of my favourite workout masters.

The NHS says exercise reduces your risk of major illness, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and lowers your risk of early death by up to 30 per cent. 

Treat your body like a Temple, treat it with love, care and respect!

Shop for Fitness Equipment:

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Landlord Resposibilities Fact Checking.




I am the voice for tenants that are not in the know.

Due to an incident that happened to me last year with the installation of my own cooker, I decided to make some enquiries as there was mixed information and I needed to get the facts right.

So here is what I know:

If a cooker is installed by the tenant it is the resposibility for the repairs and maintenance by the tenant but the annual Gas Safety checks are the responsibility of the landlord.

Below is an email to confirm this and I have redacted part of the senders information for privacy purposes.


I also asked the question in an online form how often do fire alarms have to be checked and the Government Agency told be to look on their link as follows where it does not mention the frequency of the alarm checks by a regualated electrician or anything about annual checks.

There is no mention how often a fire alarm has to be checked by an regulated electrician.

From I have read on other sites it is the tenant’s resposibility to check the arms are working once a month.

Here is the screenshot of the Fire Reguations from the link above:


For the gas engineer to say there is no need for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted they are wrong, every rented property has to have a carbon monoxide alarm.

For the annual fire inspection done by a regulated electrical engineer, there is no data to support this and it is the responsibility of the tenant to make sure their alarms are working once a month.

If an electrician or landlord tells you otherwise they are wrong and the electrician is making money off the back of the word “legislation” is basically hoodwinking the landlord who may have a few properties.


The only thing I can say is that the majority of people do have common sense and do test their alarms and it is down to the landlord to decide can he/she trust the tenant enough to do the fire alarm test once a month…..

The can of smoke the electrician used to test the alarms on my property can be purchased below:

Short One Word Dot Com Domains For Sale!


I usually write about domain names on my other blog but I have just been given some short one word domain names to market.

Considering Businesses are visting this site, it may be that someone finds this post useful or may share it with someone who may be interested in acquiring these domain names.

These are little gems as they are short one word dot coms.

I have done a couple of logos for visulisation:



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Electrical Safety 5 Year Checks


Electrical Safety 5 Year Checks.

I wrote a while back about an electrical engineers company in Cardiff (UK) that did not notice that there was a problem with my kitchen hotzone in my property when they came to do an electrical inspection approximately a year ago and as a consequence caused a domino effect, whereby my cooker which was delivered on December 17th 2020 to be precise was not fitted until the 11th January 2021, because it was difficult to get anyone out to resolve the problem and then fit it.

I was then subjected to having take-outs at a cost of £50 per day for two meals per two people over 25 days period totally £1,250. My Christmas was ruined.

Moving forward to today I get a message from my landlords assistant who says the same company that came to do the an electrical inspection a year ago are coming tomorrow to do an annual check?

I responded and said unless it is mandatory I would prefer no visitors, to which she replied it was and it has to be done by law.

Obviously I never take things at face vaule and I decided to do some research and this is what I found the screenshot follows after the PDF:


Now considering the UK has a “stay at home ruling” you would think minimising contact with other people would be of highest priority but somehow people are being so blasé about the Pandemic it is starting to make my blood boil.

Secondly the Landlords Assistant whom I assume should have done some training with ‘Rent Smart Wales’ would know that the electrical tests are every five years not annual. It is the Gas Safety Checks that have to be checked annually.

However I am going to have some fun tomorrow when the the Electrical Engineers arrive and will ask them to comment to the following questions:

  1. Why they are doing Electrical Inspections on an annual basis, when it says every five years? (already had this answered, they are apparantly doing fire alarm inspections instead).
  2. Why they failed to notice a problem with the kitchen hotzone a year ago?
  3. Why they failed to move the socket from the hotzone on the 17th December and only covered it with a plastic covering? ( According to the electrician today that was ok. No this is not fine as the plastic could melt from the heat).
  4. Why they fitted a light on the same circuit as the banister light which when one light blows the electrics trip? (He said that yes when the light goes it will trip the electrics but if the bulb goes on the light which is positioned in a dangerous place I still have to change it as it will continue tripping otherwise. So that was a waste of time installing the second light).
  5. Why they changed the bathroom light which was already bathorrom safe for another one, just to make extra money? (I never got round to answering this question).
  6. Why they fitted an extra three smoke alarms on top of the one I already had, considering my flat has one floor and I should have one alarm on each floor? (he said by law I had to have one in the living room, on the landing, kitchen (heat detector) and the entrance to my flat, we where having a full blown argument as he was persistant that I was wrong).
  7. Why they did not spot the washing machine was plugged into an extension lead, which was trailing on the ground and not plugged into a wall socket which I did not have behind my machine? (if there was a leak and water went over my extension lead, well all I can say is, I would be toast)? (I mentioned about this and he the best thing would be for me to lodge a complaint with the company, once I get the information from the government I will be emailing these electricians and reporting them).
  8. Who will compensate me for all the money I wasted on take-outs?
  9. Where does it say I have to have annual fire alarm checks done? (I asled the electrician and he could not give me an answer I wanted the name of the website to fact check).

Considering this company is registered with electrical safety register I would like to know who taught them about electrical safety inspections?

Furthermore my daughter is classed as vulnerable person according to the government, so why is it that people insist on visiting my property when I do not want them to? Its all getting beyond a joke.

I will update you soon.

In the meantime I highly recommend “First Phase Electrial – Electricians Wales”, if you have any electrical emergency work that needs doing. Give “Jeff Smith” a call or visit his website:




I stand corrected I am not having an electrical inspection done after I pointed out the 5 year rule to my landlords assistant, instead I am having a fire alarm system check but as always I leave no stone unturned and have found this PDF from the Governments website relating to Fire Alarm Inspections. There is no mention how often fire alarms should be tested by a quaified electrician and besides it is not rocket science to test the alarm yourself which is recommended that everyone does anyway.

This is now an invasion of my privacy, against covid regulations and a risk to my daughters health.


My grieviance is not only the hotzone and money I wasted on take-outs, but the amount of visits I have had to my accomodation outside of my immediate bubble to the total of 9 people relating to my landlord’s decision, within the last month. This is now wearing me down. Had they all come at the same time, I could have had a party.

  1. Two DHL Appliance Delivery Engineers.
  2. An Electrician who capped the socket the same day as DHL Delivery.
  3. My Landlord the following day and his assistant x total 3 visits.
  4. The Gas engineer who came and went without installing the cooker.
  5. The Two Gas Engineers that finally installed my cooker.
  6. Engineer today checking the fire alarms.

A total of nine people in the last month that have entered my accomodation.

Update 18.33 pm 22/01/21

I had my visitor today person number 9 in the space of one month test the fire alarms and basically this is all he did, he sprayed some smoke from a canister directly below the alarm, waited for the alarm to activate and disarmed it, wrote something down and off he went.

I have since written to the government to confirm what legislations there are for checking fire alarms and how often.

From what I have read one has to check the alarm once a month.

If this is the case there is no way on this earth I am allowing any more visitors to my accomodation.

I pointed the hotzone out to him and he agreed the electrical engineers overlooked the hotzone but I could not blame the company but the engineers.

He continued to say that capping the wall socket was ok. Obviously another cowboy to the list of cowboys.

Here is my capped wall socket, which is now behind a splashback, which today electrician said was fine.

Neom City (The Line).

Neom City (The Line) Domain Names.

For those that do not know about Neom City, it is a Futuristic City that is being built in Saudia Arabia. The Crown Prince Of Saudia Arabia has started construction to build a zero-carbon empire at NEOM, the first major project for the $500 billion flagship business zone aimed at diversifying the economy of the world’s largest oil exporter.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman the future King of Saudia Arabia is only 34 years old, he controls part of the royal family’s vast wealth, which is estimated at up to $1.4 trillion and includes Saudi Aramco, the most valuable company in the world. The heir will ascend to the throne after the death of his father, 84-year-old King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

The Crown Prince was quoted in saying in a rare televised appearance that the city, known as “The Line”, would extend over 170 km (105 miles) and be able to house a million residents in “carbon-positive urban developments powered by 100% clean energy”. “The backbone of investment in ‘The Line’ will come from the $500 billion support to NEOM by the Saudi government, PIF and local and global investors over 10 years,”.

Our Services.

We offer website design, domain brokering , digital marketing and pr services. As a marketing service provider we primarily help clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

We have over 30 years experience in the marketing industry and have a very large network of connections on LinkedIn.

The reason for this post is a domain investor brought to my attention the following information via email:

Obviously I have redacted the senders email for privacy reasons.

The questionable link is as follows: it actually does point to a gaming site that looks like a five year old has designed, (apologies in advance to the owner of the site but it looks unprofessional).

Why is Neom pointing to this site anyway if Neom does not own it and clearly have not developed it?

Vistors going to this site will also be confused and will loose trust and damage reputation in what NEOM Stands for.

Due to GDPR it is difficult to find the real owner of this site if their registration details are hidden in whois data privacy settings.

It does not look good for the (The Crown Prince) when he starts a costly project but his marketing people fail to notice the embarrassing error or give good SEO advice.

Perhaps it was an oversight, however I wrote about hyphen domain names being unprofessional the other day relating to one the domain names that NEOM are promoting when they could have easily acquired the non-hyphen version that clearly points to a landing page stating the domain name is for sale

The hyphen domain article can be read here:

Again I do not have this particular domain on my books but I can find out who the owner is by simply doing some digging around. I am connected with most Neom Domain Investors so it should not be very hard to find out.

All the NEOM related domain names that I am managing for my clients can be found here:

What is not available can be acquired, just send me a message. Also if there is particular domain that you need we can help to source it.

I will be contacting the NEOM Marketing Company for comment and will update in due course.

Send a Message:

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