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As the New Year has come upon us, Lockdown is still in the midst, hence we have to decide what to do whilst we are in isolation before the boredom sets in.

Like with all New Years past and present, it is out with the old and in with the new. We make promises to ourselves that the in the New Year we will quit smoking and go on diets, but what if the new chapter waiting to be written does not have to be just about New Years Resolutions but about significant life changes that can set the stepping stones to something much bigger.

Obviously taking care of our bodies is very important and we also need to take care of our minds. Watching films back to back will take your mind off things but it is short lived and you do not come out it any wiser unless of course they are educational documentaries. I agree we need to switch off and unwind and that is the only time we should have for watching films. The rest of our precious time should be put to good use. Do something that occupies our minds, such as learning a new language, new skill, craft or trade.

A New You and New Year Resolutions only means one thing, do something that you will be remembered for, not only will you be helping yourself you will be writing your destiny and passing it down as a legacy.

Here is a list of things you can start doing and my own recommendations. Remember only you can make the change and there is nothing stopping you making it happen other than your imagination.

Learn a craft.

Types of crafts

  1. Ceramics and glass crafts, tile making to mosaics.
  2. Flower crafts (Wedding Bouquets to Flower Arranging.
  3. Leatherwork (Make handbags, belts and purses).
  4. Houseware, Basket weaving (also called basketry, basket making).
  5. Fashion Design, Cloth, Dyeing and Printing.
  6. Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making.
  7. Needlework, Applique, embroidery, Crochet,Cross-stitch,Ribbon
  8. Embroidery, Knitting, Needlepoint, Patchwork, Quilting

Paper crafts

9. Paper crafts include: Paper marbling, Origami (paper folding), Papermaking, Cast paper, Decoupage, Papercutting, Iris folding, Paper embossing, Bookbinding, Quilling, Papier-mâché, Paper model, Parchment craft, Calligraphy,Scrapbooking.
(I have an idea consider designing colourful organiser/journal inserts in various designs, I have noticed there are not many outlets selling a wide variety. Check out Etsy for inspiration. Design the inserts by themes, nature, fashion, children, doodle colouring in, motivational etc).

Wood and furniture crafts.

10. Marquetry, Wood burning (Make jewelry or wall art), Wood carving, Woodworking, Lacquer art, Carpentry, Cabinet making, Upholstery,.Intarsia, Woodturning, Green Woodworking, Spoon Carving (Welsh Spoons), Kumiko, Timber Framing.

Stone crafts.

11. Mosaics and inlaying, Stone carving, Stonemasonry, Flintknapping, Letter carving on stone.

Metal crafts.

12. Metalworking – metalsmith, Enamelling, Blacksmithing, Farrier, Tinware – tinsmith, Weaponsmith – sword making, armorer, gunsmith, fletching, Clockmaking, Silversmith, Coppersmith, Knife making, Locksmithing. Jewellery. Goldsmith, Lapidary, Watchmaking, Pewter, Casting.

13. Write a Book, an autobigraphy, fiction or screen play or become a content writer.

14. Write some songs or some poems.

15.. Start Baking or Cooking (Deliver meals on wheels to your local community). Sell cupcakes or birthday and wedding cakes. Do tutorials on YouTube. Volunteer to help vulnerable people.

16. Do home repairs ( help the elderly with their gardens or maintenance whilst keeping to social distancing).

17. Learn to Draw & Paint. (Become a Fine Artist, Cartoonist or Illustrator).

18. Learn photography be the next wedding or commercial photographer (master photoshop) – Learn Drone Photography and Videography, (Landlords, Estate Agents (Real Estate) want virual tours of their properties).

19. Set up a stock library of images to sell online.

20. Learn to Play the Guitar or any musical instrument.

21. Learn Gardening, grow herbs and vegetables (enter into competitions or sell online homemade chutneys jams and preserves). Teach Lessons on Gardening on YouTube.

22. Learn about Property Investing.

23. Learn Self Defence – Teach Online Self Defence.

24. Make your own furniture and home decorations (sell online).

25. Master Yoga and Tai Chi – Teach Yoga and Tai Chi Online on YouTube.

26. Learn to Dance and Teach Online Dancing Lessons.

27. Learn Survival Techniques.

28. Sew Home Decor or Toys and Curtains, Patch Photo Blankets, Cushion Cover etc. (Turn your childs favourite outgrown outfit into a toy or patch blanket). Sell Online.

29. Learn to overcome shyness and gain confidence.

30. Learn to be a motivational speaker or consultant.

31. Learn First Aid.

32. Impove Memory Skills.

33. Learn Marketing.

34. Learn Search Engine Optimisation.

35. Learn Coding and Website Design & Development. (Start a blog and monetise it).

36. Learn Money Skills and Budgeting.

37. Learn about stock markets.

38. Learn a new trade, open university, udemy and edx.

40. Learn About Aromatherapy. Make your own Homemade Soap, Spa quality bath bombs, Bath salts, Body Butter, Soothing creams, Exfoliating body scrubs, Moisturizing body lotions and sell them online.

41. Start a Sport, running, boxing, martial arts, weight lifting, caving, pot holing, etc (be competive run marathons and join sporting events when they return). You have plenty of time to train.

42. Learn Business Skills, offer networking and lead generation.

43. Restore Old Furniture.

44. Restore Vintage Cars & Motorbikes

45. Learn about Antiques. (Sell Antiques online).

46. Set Up a Car Boot Sale (Regulations Permitting).

47. Be a collector of coins, stamps and memorabilia (sell online).

48. Learn Nail Art and Teach Online

49. Learn Wine Making.

50. Make Music.

51. Learn Programming

52. Learn to be a tattooist

53. Performing Stand Up Comedy

54. Proof-Reading and Editing.

55. Chauffering.

56. Offer a Concierge Service.

57. Design a Magazine.

58. Make T-Shirts, sell online.

59. Painting & Decorating.

60. Washing Windows.

61. Flipping Houses.

62. Buying and Selling.

63. Create & Edit Videos.

64. Create & Sell Pet Clothing.

65. Learn & Offer Engraving Services

66. Become a Computer Technician.

67. Offer Translation Services.

68. Home Staging.

69. Dog Walking.

70. Dog Training.

71. Learn Meditation.

72. Make Time Capsules.

73. Candle Making.

74. Magic Tricks & Card Tricks.

75. Urban fruit picking.

76. Journaling (Write Articles For Newspapers).

77. Fostering Animals.

78. Make Miniatures.

79. Tatebanko.

80. Singing.

81. Quilling.

82. Learn Archaeology.

83. Learn to Play Chess and enter competitions.

84. Learn Feng Shui Decorating.

85. Learn to Crab.

86. Shell Fishing & Collecting.

87. Fossil Hunting.

88. Foraging.

89. Fishing, fly, spear, rod, ice.

90. Car Racing.

91. Fencing.

92. Rock Climbing, Bouldering.

93. Hunting.

94. Reviewing Products, Services & Gadgets.

95. Building Electronics.

96. Become a professional Alcohol Connoisseur.

97. Hiking.

98. Collecting Military Paraphernalia.

99. Boat Making.

100. Robot Making. (AI).

101. App Development.

102. Storm Chasing.

103. Whittling. (the art of carving shapes out of raw wood using a knife).

104. Star Gazing.

105. Lamp making.

106. Learn to become a chocolatier.

107. Learn to do Pottery.

108. Learn Acting.

109. Learn Film Directing.

110. Model Ship Building.

“Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today”.

Stop procrastinating and putting things off, becasuse the longer you leave things the longer it will take to do something about changing your life for the better.

If you feel depressed with low self esteem, read some self hep books and reach out to organisations that may be able to help you. Talk to your GP.

If there are obstacles in your way learn how to get round them. No one is going to help you if you do not help yourself.

I hope I have given you some ideas to help you blow the blues away. Do take inspiration on Amazon and see what people are selling from handmade gifts to finding the ideal book to help you learn. You can find pretty much anything on Amazon from learning a new language to learning how to code.

Whatever your forte from drones to drills, you will not have any trouble finding what you need on Amazon.


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Good Luck !