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Scam Alert 07864804567

Scam Alert 07864804567

I have marked this number as dangerous as the caller (automated american accent) says a card charge has been made and if you do not agree press option to continue…I put the phone down. I have reported it on other sites also.

GP’s Are Small Businesses

GP’s are small Businesses.

Due to an altercation I had with my own surgery yesterday I have decided to put (all) my previous published posts on hold (archived) as I quote because I questioned a medication that my daughter was prescribed I was told and I quote I had a “Lack of Respect for the Hightly Qualified Pharamcist and Clinician in the Surgery and there was a breakdown of patient/doctor relationship”. I was then told to find another surgery for simply speaking my mind.

I am also a carer and found their attitude to be very threatening, patronising and intimidating. Not once did I say anything derrogatory yet they accused me of having “lack of respect”. Respects works both ways from my understanding.

This has now caused me to have an axiety attack as I depend on repeat prescriptions myself so I do not know if I will be prescribed these any longer and cannot suddently stop taking them.

Again I am afraid to mention this surgery as they have threatened my daugher and I.

A GP Surgery is for all intents and purposes a small business and when I mentioned they had a 1.7 star rating the person I spoke to said she did not care.

I wonder what her bosses would think of her attitude?

GP surgeries do not work the same way as hospitals and are not part of the NHS in the way hospitals are. GP Surgeries receive funding from the NHS but their income comes from patient referrals and what pharmaceuetical companies pay them. Most GP Surgeries are essentially small businesses. Just like any small business doctors own or rent their premises, they employ and pay their own staff and have all the usual responsibilities of running a business in addition to their work as doctors.

What many patients do not realise is how much general practices are having pressure on them at both ends. Income for general practice is falling in real terms year-on-year, while the costs of running a practice are spiralling out of control.

They rely on having a full quota of patients in order to cover their costs. So throwing a patient out is not beneficial to them unless the patient is violent or abusive.

Furthermore, 90% of all patient contacts in the NHS occur in general practice and in 2017-18 we were predicted to receive 7.29% of the NHS budget – general practice is exceptionally good value for taxpayers’ money. The RCGP is currently campaigning for general practice to receive 11% of the NHS budget.

Just like any business, GPs also have to pay for medical indemnity and public liability insurance out of their own pocket. Due to rising litigation, the cost of this is increasing by as much as 25% per year.

All GPs are now forced to undergo annual appraisal and five-yearly relicensing (revalidation).

Surgeries are now obliged to undergo regular inspections by the Care Quality Commission and must pay thousands of pounds for the privilege. Preparation for these inspections is as stressful and time consuming similar to a school preparing for an Ofsted visit.

However I personally think they should have random inspections similar to secret shoppers to actually see how customer service behave towards their patients in real time rather than on their best behaviour during an official visit and the inspectors should review phone calls that say “all calls are recorded for training purposes” Also there should be a patient complaint proceedure where each complaint should be investigated thoroughly.

They should also care about every patient and not abandon them especially if they are on repeat medication or their medication they cannot live without. They also need to address all complaints professionally and use marketing companies to get more business. Every patient that is on medication is money in their pocket.

Not everyone knows how to complain and too many people are falling through the gaps as they may no longer be registered with a practice and simply do not know what to do next.

The aim of these measures can only be to grind down the current model of general practice until they fail. Obviouslsly there is a political agenda to allow larger providers to take over as there is no other conceivable reason why any government would put so much additional strain on such a necessary and already beleaguered service. I personally think inspections should be paramount and should have unexpected visits to catch the surgeries out. If one has 1.7 star rating it says a lot of things about the surgery.

This particular GP Surgery that is on my radar is due another inspection 24th May 2022

Patients are welcome to comment by sending me a private message:

Rising Damp, Black Mold & Links to MS.

Example of Black Mould and Painting Over it. (Not My Mould – Stock Photo).
Keep your business moving forward

Rising Damp, Black Mold & MS.

Rising Damp, Black Mold & MS are on my mind.

I live in a rented property and I have black mold on my walls which have ruined my furniture and furnishings all the landlord has said for years now, is “wash it down with bleach and re-paint it” and that he would pay for the paint.

Now I know what his argument is going to be if I ever try to bring this up again and that is because of my OCD he was not able to fix the rising dampness properly.

In my defense, my OCD is up and down from day to day so even if I was having a bad day I would work around workmen. My OCD does not define me and I can work around it in my home. It did not stop me last December with the numerous amount of people that entered my property to fix the ‘hot zone’ in the kitchen over the installation of a cooker I had bought. So his argument can be counter-argued.

Rising damp has to be treated properly and needs a qualified builder to take on the job not some cowboy building contractor which I have met a few over the years.

Rising Damp and Black Mould can have adverse effects on your health especially if you fit into the following categories:

  • babies and children
  • elderly people
  • those with existing skin problems, such as eczema
  • those with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma
  • those with a weakened immune system, such as those having chemotherapy (this is something my daughter has and has been treated with).

These people should stay away from dampness and mold.

Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause an allergic toxic reaction), irritants, and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mold spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, skin rash, or even death. Molds can also cause asthma attacks and MS. Mold (black) can be deadly and a sign of a house that is lacking ventilation, not only would it be bad for MS but general health.


Now you have to weigh out all the pros and cons when complaining.

Landlords are bound by Government legislation to conform to the laws set out.

If a Landlord is found to be doing things, not by the book he can be fined and even face a custodial sentence, hence if you complain about your landlord you have to also think about the domino effect.

The landlord is no longer going to be favorable towards you and will slap you an eviction notice at his first opportunity once the dust has settled so to speak. He will just claim he is no longer renting out the property and unless you have £££££s of pounds in the bank you could find you are kicked out on your ear with nowhere to go.

For me personally, I am going to move the first opportunity I have and then report him and not a moment sooner.

I know that the mold could have been a contributing factor to my daughter’s ill health and when I do move my landlord will reap the consequences.

The guidelines to keeping moisture at bay are to keep your home warm and have good ventilation, which I do and have the central heating on 24/7 in the colder months, and have an extractor fan. They also say open windows when you cook or in the bath as the steam needs to escape. This is not ideal in freezing cold temperatures during the winter months and extractor fans are the better option.

Mold and dampness are caused by excess moisture. Moisture in buildings can be caused by leaking pipes (I believe to have leaking pipes as my combi boiler cuts out every two hours or so and I have checked why that could be happening and it could be because of a leaking pipe, not only that, one of my kitchen radiators was leaking water so I have turned it off completely. Rising damp normally starts in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or around window frames. (Well my window frames are rotting and are single glazed so that could be another contributing factor).

Some dampness can be caused by condensation. This can lead to a growth in the mold that appears as a cloud of little black dots.

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror, etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear. It also occurs in places the air is still, like the corners of rooms, behind furniture, or inside wardrobes. (This is particularly true as my Italian Furniture is ruined and have photographic evidence of this).

Damp Proofing.

‘Rising damp’ is due to a defective (or non-existent) damp course. This will leave a ‘tide mark’ about a metre above the floor. Fixing rising damp is a job for a qualified builder.

Final Thoughts

Do consider the consequences of complaining about your landlord and even though he cannot serve you an eviction notice willy nilly, as it is illegal to do so, he can bide his time, and once your contract is up for renewal simply say he is no longer renting out the property and will give you notice to leave. He could use a number of reasons why he does not want to rent out the property any longer and the only thing you can do is claim compensation for damages due to ill health and damaged property as in the case of my furniture. Also, you have to weigh out the length of time this will take to be dragged through the courts and is it in your best interest to start something knowing there are consequences in every action we take.

Remember there are numerous ways to skin a cat (metaphorically speaking) and get around things and if he no longer wants you, he will find a way, even waiting for your contract to end to serve you notice. He can easily just keep the property empty for a few months and in most cases as I have witnessed with the numerous tenants over the years below me, he waits until they have moved out before refurbishing leaving the properties empty for a few months.

Do have a ‘Plan B‘ ready for when the landlord says he will no longer be renewing your contract. Do save some money, including deposit and rent for the next property and removal costs as well as buying furniture, etc, etc…..

For me personally speaking, I will bide my own time and when the time is right have all my guns blazing. No one should live in substandard conditions and you do have rights but always do your research first before taking action and always have a ‘Plan B’.

To complain:

Keep your business moving forward

#risingdamp #dampcourse #dampproofing #blackmold #condesation #risingdamptreatement

Microgynon 30 – Contraceptive Pill.

Microgynon 30 Contaceptive Pill.

Meddygfa Albany Surgery Cardiff.

Meddygfa Albany Surgery Cardiff Google 1.7 Star Reviews: (Url too long so I shortned it).

Address: 219-221 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JD Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM Phone: 029 2048 6561


Meddygfa Albany Surgery Cardiff is on my radar again, despite me going into the surgery a few years ago with my daughter and saying “under no circumstances should my daughter be prescribed” ‘Rigevidon’ which was logged on the system.

So moving forward to the present day the Doctor has prescribed it again, peer pressuring my daughter by saying the reason why they cannot prescribe ‘Microgynon 30’ stating it is because the NHS are not supplying it any longer and the words were and I quote that “Rigevidon is the same contraceptive pill as Microgynon 30 just in different packaging”.

“To say something is the same as another is called passing off and is illegal to do”.

Forgive me for being cynical here but since when is a GP a branding expert (I am a branding expert, they are not) and also they certainly are not a pharamaceutical lab researcher/scientist?

Since when does a GP or the NHS have the right to use people as Guinea Pigs?

The reason why I am making a ‘hoo ha’ about this is because ‘Rigevidon’ has had ‘Bad Press’ and as a carer it is my duty to intervene when it comes to my daughter’s health.




Rigevidon is a “copycat” version of Microgynon 30 and produced by Gedeon Richter, a manufacturing company that can sell the drug for cheaper, (it is not the same as Microgynon).

‘Microgynon 30’ is produced by Bayer, a Research and Development company that has tested their product on “thousands” of people. 

There is no data to say that the NHS cannot obtain supplies of the drug Microgynon 30 and I suspect that depending on the NHS budget will depend if they are able to acquire the drug or not.

I may be mistaken but I have not read anything to the contrary about the supply of the drug other than on this article: and that was two years ago.

If a patient is happy with a drug they have been prescribed and are getting on well with, they should not have their health compromised for the sake of a cost cutting exercise, to be prescribed a cheaper drug.

A spokesman for Gedeon Richter told “Many side effects and risks are considered to be class effects of COCs, like bleeding disturbances, mood swings, depression, decreased sexual desire, weight gain, acne and fatigue.

So if there all these side effects why are pharmaceutical companies and the GP’s playing russsian roulette with peoples health?

In my opinion if a drug is not 100% safe it should not be on the market.

I will be contacting ‘Bayer’ for comment to see if they have a problem with manufacturing and supplies:

We will soon see where the problem lies…

Stand up for your rights and you know better than anyone if something suits you or not.

If you have been on a medication for years and all of a sudden the NHS decide to switch brands you have to read the small print as not all drugs are made the same and you need to discuss your concerns with a professional abled body such as your own GP or Pharmacy.

Do your research and if you have to, get a second opinion.

How to Complain.

My Thoughts.

I will update this post in due course as soon as I get more information.

The pharmacist who spoke to my daughter today whilst she was on loudspeaker with myself present and another person accused my daughter of raising her voice at her, even though my daughter was being polite and courteous.

This is not the first time this surgery have been defensive and rude and basically said my daughter will not be prescribed ‘Microgynon’ because her explanation why she did not want to take it was not good enough.

I will be making a formal complaint about this surgery and they basically said that if my daughter really needed it she should get it privately and when my daughter said she would go private the person said she would update the records, not sure what that implies?


I spoke to this afternoon and was told as far as they are aware Microgynon 30 is still being supplied to the NHS without any issues. I forwarded the link to this post to them for further comment.

Am awaiting further response.

Last Update 26/03/21 at 17.13 hours.

New Update 29/03/21

I wrote to the surgery by email here is the screenshot:

So today I get a response from the surgery saying they could not talk about my daughter as my daughter has not given consent. So I asked my daughter to send them an email and they replied back because my daughters email was not on their system they could not continue the discussion.

Obviously I was not going to let this slide so I phoned the practice manager and this was her reponse:

Because my daughter’s email has never been registered with them, they are not prepared to accept my daughter’s consent and she would have to physically come in and sign a form and I said my daugher has MS and cannot walk very well and she said SORRY sacracasticly but that is GDPR ruling. What happened about not coming to the surgery unless it was for emergencies due to Covid Regulations?

My daugher already confirmed who she was by email including giving them her DOB and signature……. They were just being awkward.

Furthermore, the practice manager said I had a “LACK OF RESPECT” to their highly qualified pharmacist and their clinicians and therefore it would be in my best interest to find another practice that could offer me better advice.

Considering a Doctor prescribed Gaviscon for my daugher’s tingling and pins and needles in her feet a few years ago and upon me admitting my daugher to A&E it was found she has Multiple Sclerosis it obviously says how qualified their Clinicians are and for me to have a lack of respect.

One should earn respect in order to get respect. If there is a lack of trust between the patient and the health professional, one has to look at the bigger picture why that is ?

Not once did the practice manager apologise for the rudeness of the ‘Highly Qualified Pharamacist’ and then tried to be patronising by saying if I want to get information off the INTERNET and believe everything that is written including the Sun Newspaper then that was my prerogative, but she omitted to mention ITV conveniently.

The practice manager then threatened me and told me to find another surgery.

I responded that with the 1.7 Google ratings they should be greatful to have as many patients as they could. She continued to say that the NHS have stopped giving out ‘Microgynon’ and I should take it up with Welsh Government.

Now the Domino Effect Has Started.


I suffer with OCD I have anxiety attacks and depression and this surgery has made me feel really ill to the extent I cannot face work. My OCD levels have risen all because of this surgery, who do not respect patients health.

I am self employed, I cannot take time off work and go on the sick as I have obligations. My OCD has got worse because of this surgery.

“All I was doing was looking out for the best interest of my daugher and I am obliged as my daughter’s carer to oversee any issues arising from health risks and was simply outlining my concerns and not disrespecting anyone”.

I have been told by the same surgery in the past that the NHS are not obliged to help anyone (this is documented in one of my previous posts)

Furthermore my daughter just had a phone call from Cardiff & Vale Health Board who said as far as they are aware the NHS is giving out the contraceptive pill ‘Microgynon’ to all its surgeries and obviously the surgery I have referred to Meddygfa Albany Surgery City Road, Cardiff, must know something they do not.

The practice manager went on to say it is not a cost cutting exercise as they do not pay for the drugs and only the NHS do and that my daughter needs to go to a sexual clinic if she want ‘Microgynon’ and they have been told by the NHS do not prescribe the medication. (This is where she and the ‘highly qualified pharmacist have contradicted themselves advising on both occasions to seek the medication from a NHS Sexual Health Clinic but in the same breath saying the NHS are not stocking the brand and that their surgery is not prescribing it).

The surgery has pushed my buttons too many times and I will take it up with the Welsh Government and the Ombudsman and will tag the surgery to my post as people should not be threatened especially by a health professional that they depend on to prescribe repeat prescriptions and should take on board any anxieties a patient might have. My daughter was also threatened by the pharmacist last week from the same surgery that called my daugher back that if she was not happy with their decision she should leave the surgery and find a new one. Again my daugher depends on repeat prescription medication.

My hands are shaking from todays fiasco.

The NHS is still providing the contraceptive pill, end of argument.

Do Dispensing Surgeries get paid by Pharma Companies.

This is not the the Sun Newspaper but ‘The Guardian’:

Further Reading:


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