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Month: October 2022

Apologies for Our Site Disappearing Today.

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PHP Update!

Apologies for our site disappearing today!

Due to a PHP update our site went down due to a fatal error which has now been sorted. However some of our plugin settings have been re-set and after hours of talking with tech support it is up and running again. This is the second time it has happened on two separate sites this month. I was ready to turn up at the hosting providers offices. It took half a day to get this sorted, where I was told to wait 24 hours from the higher tier tech team.

It was due to my persistence, I eventually got through to someone that actually knew what they were doing unlike the first agent this morning. It has taken out a lot of energy, which has made me feel unwell.

Please accept our apologies if some of our content is messed up. It may take us some time to rectify the issues and manually re-instate the content.

I am thankful our site is up and running, although slightly messed up.

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I am pleased to announce a new start-up on the market offering a portal for employers to post jobs and for developers seeking work.

This start-up offers businesses a platform to advertise job listings for app developers and to find work.

‘App Developers Jobs’ carefully approves each applicant before they have an active listing.

Developers who have portfolios may need a helping hand with marketing and businesses looking for developers or offering job vacancies can find the relevant data all in one place.

‘App Developers Jobs’ markets and advertises both businesses posting projects and developers looking for work.

A business after choosing the type of app they want to have developed will look for reliable partners to work with.

The key thing here is to find people for long-lasting cooperation.

Developing an app needs careful planning, it often requires at least two people: one developer and one designer.

Apps usually require knowledge of a few programming languages, not just talking about the design. Therefore, you need to find a developer that has knowledge of design and development as well as SEO.

Looking for a dev team or a partner.

Depending on your budget if you are aiming at creating a serious app business, working with an app development company would be the best choice. This essentially offers you some benefits like a good team, long-time support, experienced programmers, etc.

Development companies may eventually become your partners so that you’ll get not only your apps but also a helping hand in your business. A developer company that can offer, design, development, programming, SEO, marketing, and advertising is worth its weight in gold.

Do head over to ‘App Developers Jobs’ to advertise a vacancy, hire developers or advertise your business.

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