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Renata Barnes – Cymru Marketing

Marketing Definition.

Marketing refers to capturing the targeted audience attention with networking and outbound marketing and promotions. Marketing is what a company does to undertake and to promote the buying or selling of a product or service. Marketing includes online and offline advertising for national or global awareness for consumers or other businesses.

Marketing predicts consumer requirements and preferences, to gauge consumers interests, thus contributing towards increasing sales, revenues and profits, through providing insights into consumer behaviour.

About the Author.

Every one has a book waiting to be written, in a similar way to marketing where you want the whole world to know about you, your product and service, the introduction of a brand, a person or a business helps people understand what you are all about

Who am I……

My name is ‘Renata Maziak Barnes’, however I prefer to be called ‘Renata Barnes’. I am an Entrepreneur first and foremost, I am also a web designer, internet marketer and photographer. I am the founder of ‘Cymru Marketing Blog’.

My story begins in Shrewsbury Shropshire where I was born and later I travelled to Wales in 1993 and have stayed here ever since.

I suffer with ‘Cerebellar Atrophy, OCD & PTSD, these illnessess are related to Multiple Sclerosis which my daughter has. My symptoms are cognative impairment, I muddle my words up and forget things. So if you see spelling errors in my posts and in my emails, its not me its my Cerebeller Atrophy.

In fact my first business related book I published about ‘Domain Names’ was titled ‘Domain Sellers Handbook’ and was full of spelling errors even after it was published and even though I proof read it over ten times. I have other books that I have published including and

Since then I have hired a proof reader as one can never be too careful and one can only learn from ones mistakes. I do not claim to be perfect and if you come across someone that claims just that they are lying. We all have flaws and imperfections and I work hard to diminish mine.

This blog has been written by me without a proof reader just in case your wondering….

So your thinking now if I have these issues “how can I work”? My illnesess do not define me they are just flaws and as ‘Confucius’ once said “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” Anyone can claim to be an expert but it takes a special kind of person to be the diamond amongst the pebbles.

So to answer your question “I have specific staff that I assign work to, for each assignment”. Everyone has a specialist field that they are an expert in and I oversee the work from beginning to end.

I offer the following services:

SEO, SMO Marketing, (For promoting the website to its full potential)
Internet Marketing, ( For Advertising using campaigns, sending emails & PPC)
Social Media Marketing,(For company awareness on social networks, spread the word).
Domain Brokering, (For attempting to find prospective buyers/investors and to help generate more traffic to your business) To include Website Design & Development as well as Landing Pages and Blogs.
Advertising (For Letting the world know about your brand)
Graphic Design, (For Designing Logos, Stationary and Literature)
Affiliate Marketing, (To monetising your domain name, whist generating traffic)
Re-Branding, (Help make the transistion)
Books/eBooks Design & Publishing, (Help you or your business write about your story or a business service)
Blog Posts & Articles, (Write as if you are an author and write about the niche)
Press Release, (Let journalists write about the business you are promoting)

I also offer Website Design, Development & Hosting, you can view pricing and a sample portfolio of our work on

I am very approachable, I have a good sense of humour and like bringing people together. Contact me for a no obligation chat.

My whatsapp is: +44 (0) 7565253529