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IONOS Poor Customer Service Part II

Angry Client
Angry Client

I wrote my disdain towards this company in a previous article and thought to update what seems to be an ongoing sage.

You can read the previous article here:

To Recap:

  1. I cancelled my hosting for 5 domain names at the end of July manually but wanted to keep the domain names.
  2. I phoned customer support beginning of August to double check I had done it right and it was confirmed it was done right.
  3. In September I got invoiced for the hositing I had cancelled.
  4. I phone back and (12) credit notes were issued.
  5. I had no refunds (apart from one) even though the amounts for the original invoices left my account.
  6. I proceeded to write emails (not one, but a few).
  7. I had no replies to my emails.
  8. I then phoned and tried to get someone to look at my account .
  9. The person I spoke to on Monday 20th September randomly was picking invoices I had not disputed but assured me it would get escalated to the complaints depaartment and that someone would reply in 72 hours.
  10. I had not communication from IONOS over this matter so I phoned customer service today and was told an email had been sent out. I replied I never received an email and could they forward it to me again today. The person then put me on hold for 5 minutes and sent me an email that that was not forwarded and claimed he had copied and pasted the original (why not simply forward it if it really existed?). I replied do not insult my intelligence you have just written it out and you are lying and he went on the defence and said he was not. (Talk to the hand as I am now dealing with stupid people).
  11. The email said that I need to send in all the invoices I am disputing and not the credit notes (Even though it is the credit notes I am disputing as I have only had one refund for £13.84 I said if IONOS want me to do any work they will have to pay me and he said fine. He told me to send in my invoice. The email said that IONOS had done an indepth report of all my payments yet what they refer to is a PDF I had sent them cross referencing every domain name and contract number and payment. So they lied yet again claiming they had done the report even though I had sent them the report and I have had little to no communication with them over this matter.

I really do not want to seem racist but this company is employing cheap labor from the Philipines that are illiterate and have not got a clue what they are doing.

Here is the last email I sent to them omitting any overcharged payments or my fees for my time.

If they wish to cross me to cross-reference everything and write all the corresponding credit notes and invoices because they cannot do it on their end for some reason, just wait for my part III update is all I can say.

My cell phone bill is due in five days I will be adding my time to the final invoice.

To think I was dealing with a 💩 show from the other company I still have some of my websites hosted on I thought this company was a bit better until now, obviously not. They do not have five stars but more like 💩💩💩💩💩 in my opinion.


12. I then asked to speak to some of the authorities and was told all the supervisors were coincidently in meetings when I phoned and I was told that someone would phone me back.

13. I just got off the phone and they make things up as they go along. The woman said that my credit may not reflect as payments would be adjusted against the payments going out.

14. I said I would send them my bank statements, cross-reference everything and send them an invoice for my time.

15. The customer service woman then replied there is no guarantee that IONOS would compensate me.

16. I replied once I generate an invoice and the invoice does not get paid there would be a risk of the debt going to a small claims court in which a county court judgment would be made.

17. I ended the call as it was getting beyond a joke.

Let’s just wait and see what update I will post in part III of this saga.

God knows how many other people they scammed with their fictitious credit notes.

You would think they would care for a customer that had over 60 contracts with them but they don’t.

The last thing this company needs to do is mess with me. They need to learn more about me by visiting which ironically is hosted by them 😂.

I feel sorry for any other person trying to raise a complaint with this company.

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IONOS Poor Customer Service, Part I.

Anger Management – When a Third Party Pushes Your Buttons.

IONOS Poor Customer Service.

I have used many hosting providers over my time and some are worse than others. IONOS although a bit on the pricier side have had a few things going for them until lockdown happened.

They say they have 24/7 telephone support but what they omit in saying is that cancellation and billing are only open Monday to Friday during working hours. From my understanding that is not 24/7 support?

They also prompt you to write emails but in most cases, they go unanswered as in my case.

Their invoices simply have invoice/contract numbers but do not have any associated domain names (named), hence unless one can memorize contract numbers off by heart, cross-referencing contract numbers can be time-consuming and costly to a business that could be using the time more pro-actively, as in my case.

Furthermore, because everyone is working from home people are not updating the system properly so you end up having to pull your hair out talking to the next rep, and having to repeat yourself. I phoned twice yesterday and the second rep said there was no record of me phoning the time before?

For me, I have had an ongoing issue dating back to July of this year, where I canceled my hosting but kept the domain names for 5 products, and to be double sure I phoned to confirm my hosting had been canceled a day or so later and was told it was. Moving forward to the beginning of September I was invoiced again for the 5 domain packages including the domain names and hosting. Obviously, I was straight on the phone, and credit notes were generated but they did not reflect my invoices as I only had one refund to date.

I sent numerous emails to and and for some reason, they were unable to collect any outstanding balance of £32.40 which I had disputed, which in turn, caused my account to be blocked all for the sake of the disputed £32.40.

So because they had now got me by my short and curlies, I tried updating my card payment but there seemed to be an error so I decided to pay by bank transfer. You would think that would be the end of the drama, you can think again….

Not only had I paid and proved I had paid by sending them a copy of my bank statement, but my account continues to be frozen. I have given them 48 hours to rectify this otherwise I will be sharing my disdain for all the world to read and his maker, Achim Weiss (CEO).

Like I keep saying “a happy customer will tell their friends and family and an unhappy customer will tell the world”.

IONOS already have some bad press if you read all the unhappy customers via Trustpilot

To think I have made about 15 communications in total (emails/phone calls) over this one incident which if you divide this into an hour is 4 minutes per email or phone call, yet today’s call lasted 43 minutes and a previous call log was 1.04 hrs, so you can imagine if each email takes me 10 minutes to write and each phone call takes sometimes over an hour well you can imagine how much of my valuable time is wasted and if I charge £300 per hour for my time then I should be compensated accordingly considering the incident was not my fault. I will have a full statement of the duration of calls I have had with this company in the next 9 days and will update them on this post.

What companies do not realize is if they cause a person to become unwell because of direct negligence and for the customer to lose business because of their incompetence then it is only fitting the company compensates the customer for their time and health recovery. They should have professional liability insurance. I wrote about my ill health because of this company on my other site:

They say you should not keep all your eggs in one basket and I should take a leaf out of my own book. In total, I have 63 contracts with this company to be exact and it is high tide I took my business elsewhere and look for a different hosting provider.

Not only has my account been blocked over a £32.40 outstanding disputed payment in which I have paid by bank transfer under duress, but I have to wait a further 7 working days to have my account unblocked as the system needs to process my payment. Well, I still have to run a business and 7 days is 7 days too many in my eyes and if IONOS purposely stops me from conducting my business then “all is fair in love and war” and they should compensate me for the loss and damages this has incurred.

Will I be using this company in the future?, this remains to be seen and depends on what olive branch they bring to the table.

They have 48 hours before I blast this post all over the internet. Currently, it can only be found organically and is not shared on social media.

I will update this post in due course.

#ionos #ionos1and1 #1and1 #ionosbadreviews more hashtags coming soon…

Landlords & Asbestos

Landlords & Asbestos.

My article is about asbestos but first I have to explain a bit about my landlord and I am sure I am not the only person in the UK that has these problems and some have worse than I do. I have therefore dedicated a category solely to collecting enough evidence about him without mentioning his name for legal reasons.

I wrote an article relating to health concerns about the condition of the property I rent. I have since decided to do an add-on to what I believe is appalling living conditions considering my landlord demanded an extra £100 per month, rent increase this year in the midst of a pandemic, where businesses were losing business hand over fist and I too lost business but he thought I could just get an extra £100 from somewhere only giving me one month’s notice and the ironic thing is in his new contract he stipulates I could not conduct a business from the property, yet during lockdown how was I supposed to work if not from the property? So essentially if I do not work and I cannot obviously pay him, although I begrudge paying him considering the amount of money he scammed from me over the years and the health issues both my daughter and I have because of him.

Landlords & Asbestos

It has since been brought to my attention about the health risks if a property has asbestos such as the one I have been renting.

The following is research I have made relating to asbestos in properties.

According to Newswise who wrote an article about the dangers of Asbestos stating exposure to toxic amphibole asbestos may contribute to autoimmunity, potentially laying the groundwork for future autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, according to a study published of the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP). Researchers evaluated 50 residents in a town polluted by asbestos—and found them much more likely to have a class of autoantibodies in their blood than a control group. The presence of these biological markers, known as antinuclear antibodies (ANAs), is often found in people whose immune systems may be predisposed to cause inflammation against their own body tissues.

This concerns me tremendously, considering in February 2020 workmen accessed my attic to repair a leak in the roof and only cross-contaminated my kitchen with asbestos. I took the images as evidence to prove that my kitchen was covered in dust but it never crossed my mind it was asbestos until now. Only because someone mentioned it and I started doing some research. (I have since cleaned my kitchen of the particles).

See images below of the dust particles from the workmen:

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is most commonly a problem in older properties, usually, that built pre: 1980, but it may also be present in homes built or refurbished pre: 2000. It was commonly used as a building insulation material between the 1950s and 1980s, and if you invest in an older property – which many landlords do because they tend to be cheaper – you could unknowingly be exposing your tenants to asbestos.

My landlord has not had an asbestos survey done, knowing that this house has asbestos in order not to pay to have the house gutted.

Asbestos is a term used to describe six naturally occurring silicate minerals. Viewed under a microscope, they look like tiny fibers. These fibers are not dangerous until they are released into the air and subsequently breathed in.

This happened in my kitchen and my utensils, bookshelf of cookbooks, and appliances all had a brown film of asbestos covering every part of the kitchen.

Obviously, we have washed out utensils, pots, and pans and dusted the bookshelf, but imagine how much we breathed in before noticing what the brown film of fiber was.

So on top of the black mold and the mushrooms, we also have an issue with the asbestos.

I hear you when you say so if I know all this why do I not move?

Moving costs money, my health is not good and so is my daughter’s. I also run a business so do not know where I can get the time to move even if moving was possible.

I do not plan to be in this property forever I think 23 years is way too long to live in a property that not only is a health hazard is also the cause of a lot of our health problems.

I will however use all the evidence I have collated over the years and take legal action. At the moment I am stuck between a rock and a hard place meaning once I am ready to move, my landlord will not know what has hit him. The emotional distress my landlord has caused me over the years will have to be addressed sooner or later.

Emotional Distress in a Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Landlords may be sued for emotional distress in certain situations. It has been known that some courts have awarded emotional distress damages to tenants for their annoyance and discomfort caused by inhabitable living conditions such as inadequate heat and water and dangerous pests, this includes a landlord’s breach of quiet enjoyment caused by a landlord’s miscalculation of rent and subsequent eviction action may lead to emotional distress damages.

I have a long list of grievances, which I aim to deliver.

Asbestos illnesses do not happen immediately, but in time, the presence of asbestos fibers in the lungs can lead to serious lung disease and cancer. It’s basically a ticking timebomb, which is why industrial workers are only now seeing the ill effects of exposure to asbestos 20+ years after they left their workplace.

Where is Asbestos Found?

To properly evaluate where asbestos can be found in your home it is recommended to have an asbestos survey done. There is a number of places where asbestos may be lurking, including:

  • Insulation panels used as fire-proofing material in partition walls, soffits under the roof, above ceilings, behind fuse boxes, and in airing cupboards
  • Artex textured ceiling coatings
  • Pipe lagging in the attic and airing cupboard
  • Cement panels and roof in a garage
  • Roofing felt in outbuildings and sheds

This is not an exhaustive list; asbestos was so commonly used it could be present anywhere in an older property that hasn’t been refurbished in 20+ years. 

What Should a Landlord do About Asbestos?

Asbestos Surveys

The only way to know for sure whether a building contains asbestos is to have a professional asbestos survey carried out by a professionally qualified expert. 

Management surveys are visual inspections of the building to ascertain where asbestos may be present. The aim of the survey is to locate and monitor any asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. If the asbestos is deteriorating in any way, it can then be dealt with.

Management surveys are not usually necessary for domestic buildings but may be required in communal hallways and corridors in HMOs or blocks of flats.

A refurbishment and demolition survey is recommended if you are planning a major refurb of an older rental property and you suspect asbestos might be present. It’s also recommended if the property has an older concrete panel garage. This is a more intrusive survey and extensive samples will be taken to test for the presence of asbestos.

The UK Accreditation Service can help you find a suitably qualified asbestos surveyor if you need advice on whether a survey is recommended or an actual survey. 

Note: asbestos surveys are a legal requirement for non-domestic properties built prior to 2000. This will be applicable to commercial landlords.

When is Asbestos a Problem?

Asbestos is not an issue unless it is disturbed in some way, for example, if it’s drilled into, sanded, or chopped in half. When this happens, asbestos fibers are released, hence why it is often called the ‘silent killer’. Unless precautions are taken, exposure to asbestos can lead to serious health problems. Breathing in asbestos fibers can cause Mesothelioma.

A Landlord’s Legal Responsibilities for Dealing With Asbestos

The law is clear on a landlord’s responsibilities with regard to asbestos.

Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006

According to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006, Reg. 4, landlords must take certain steps to minimize their tenant’s risk of exposure to asbestos. 

1 (a) every person who has, by virtue of a contract or tenancy, an obligation of any extent in relation to the maintenance or repair of non-domestic premises or any means of access thereto or egress therefrom; [4-1(a)] 

8 Where the assessment shows that asbestos is or is liable to be present in any part of the premises the duty holder shall ensure that—

(a)a determination of the risk from that asbestos is made;

(b)a written plan identifying those parts of the premises concerned is prepared; and

(c)the measures which are to be taken for managing the risk are specified in the written plan. 

Landlords of non-domestic properties, such as commercial or industrial properties, are also covered by the legislation. In addition, ‘common’ areas of certain properties, such as larger houses converted into flats, are included, such as gardens, hallways, lifts, etc. Shared bathrooms and kitchens in HMOs are also classed as ‘common’ areas.

Landlord and Tenant Act 1985

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 states a landlord is obliged to maintain the structure and exterior of a property; this includes a shared party wall in a terraced or semi-detached property. If asbestos is present in the roof or some other part of the building structure and is not maintained, the tenant has the right to sue the landlord for breach of contract. 

Housing Act 2004

Local authorities can take action against landlords under the Housing Act 2004. Asbestos is classed as a hazard under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS); click here to read the guidance for private landlords.

If asbestos exists in the property, the HHSRS includes a prescribed course of action, which includes identifying the hazard, assessing the extent of the damage and risks the asbestos poses, and how vulnerable it is to damage. 

If a landlord fails to take appropriate action, the local authority is given powers under the Housing Act 2004, Part 1. It can serve an Improvement Notice, Hazard Awareness Notice, and even a Demolition Order in severe cases. 

Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act received Royal Assent in 2018. The act requires homes in the private rental sector to be ‘in repair’ and ‘fit for human habitation’. Asbestos is listed as something that could lead to a property being classed as ‘unfit for human habitation if it is found to be defective. 

The Environmental Protection Act 1990

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the presence of asbestos in a rental property could be classed as a statutory nuisance. If a tenant reports the presence of asbestos to the local authority, they have an obligation to investigate. If an environmental health inspector decides the asbestos is prejudicial to health, they can serve an abatement order forcing the landlord to deal with the ‘nuisance’. If the landlord ignores the order, he can be prosecuted in criminal proceedings and the court can force him to comply with the order or instruct the local authority to carry out the work – at the landlord’s expense. 

Tenants can also bypass the local authority and take action against a landlord directly, by filing a complaint at their local magistrate’s court. Tenants can also lodge a complaint with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which will investigate on their behalf. 

Dealing with a Defective Property 

Self-build landlords are liable under the Defective Premises Act 1972. If you built the property, you must ensure there are no major defects, which include asbestos. If a tenant is reasonably affected by such defects, they can sue for compensation under tort law. The court can then order the landlord to carry out any work required to rectify the problem.  

Former tenants who buy their property from the landlord can also take action against the landlord. This is applicable to social landlords. Claims can be difficult to prove in the case of older properties. 

In all cases, if asbestos is present in one of your properties, follow the prescribed course of action in the HHSRS. Ignoring the presence of asbestos is not a solution. 

Asbestos Checklist

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has a useful checklist for dealing with asbestos.

  • Verify asbestos is present in the property – assume a material is asbestos unless proven otherwise
  • Have an asbestos survey carried out, taking samples where appropriate
  • Assess what condition the asbestos is in
  • Make a written record of where the asbestos is located and its condition
  • Carry out a risk assessment based on the current condition of the asbestos and how likely it is to be damaged/disturbed
  • Make a plan of action
  • Take action where appropriate
  • Keep your plan up to date

Note that all asbestos surveys and sampling should be done by licensed professionals. 

Dealing with Asbestos

The plan for dealing with asbestos will depend on its current condition. 

If a survey reveals the asbestos is sound and best left undisturbed, a landlord has no legal obligation to act. Many tenants will be unhappy about the idea of asbestos in their home and it may be prudent to have the material removed. 

Asbestos is an emotive subject. Some tenants will not be averse to complaining to the local housing department, even if it’s been proven by a professional survey that the presence of asbestos is not a threat to their health.

If asbestos is present (or potentially present) in the property, it’s vital that contractors are informed before they do any refurbishment work on the property. 

While asbestos in good condition can be left alone but monitored, it must be encapsulated if it shows evidence of minor damage. Monitor the asbestos closely for signs of any further damage and again, inform any contractor that does work on the property. 

Asbestos in poor condition or in a location that’s likely to be disturbed must be removed as soon as possible. This is not a job that landlords can do themselves – a specialist contractor must be hired to do the removal work and dispose of the material safely. This ensures you and your tenants are not put at risk by escaping fibers. 

Rehousing a Tenant During Asbestos Repair Work

Whether a landlord is legally obliged to rehouse the tenant during asbestos repair work will depend on the nature of the work being done.

For minor repairs where the asbestos is being contained rather than removed, it won’t be necessary for the tenant to be rehoused, as the material is not being disturbed and therefore no dust will be created.

If the asbestos is being removed, the tenant will need to move out temporarily, as there is risk dust will be created during the removal process. A landlord is under no legal obligation to rehouse the tenant during the removal work, but you should do so if they have nowhere to go, e.g. family willing to offer them a place to stay. Refusing to help a tenant when the issue is not their fault will only lead to a loss of faith and almost certainly future problems. 

The local authority can rehouse a tenant during asbestos removal work if the presence of asbestos on the property has been classed as a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. If it takes this step, the court can order the landlord to reimburse the local authority for the cost of temporary housing, which is likely to be a lot more than it would have cost the landlord directly. 

In summary, asbestos should not be ignored. Always consider that asbestos might be present when you invest in an older property. If you spot any suspicious materials when viewing the property or if a survey flags it up, have an asbestos survey done to verify the extent of the problem. 

An initial survey is relatively inexpensive, and it will give you peace of mind. Just make sure you hire an accredited asbestos survey company. 

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Pros and Cons Hiring a Contractor vs Employee

Pros and Cons Hiring a Contractor vs Employee

When businesses start up they may invariably decide that you need extra help.

Most small businesses start by hiring outsourcing their work to agencies and freelancers, but eventually, they may decide to hire staff instead to make things more permanent. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of hiring employees vs. independent contractors and how starting out can save you money hiring companies rather than employing staff.

Hiring Employees

Hiring employees, a business owner is obliged to pay a wage regardless if there is any work or not. The perfect example is being furloughed during lockdown; this was a headache for most business owners unable to trade.

An employee is basically a person who works for a person or company whereby the employee is under the control of the employer and has to work a certain number of hours each week.

The advantages of hiring an employee are you have sole control of the employee’s work schedule which would mean the employee only works for you and is trained and guided by you. You have few restrictions or limitations on what you can assign to the employee or about your ability to terminate the employee without paying out a contract.

However, by employing a staff member, you have to abide by the laws and regulations of your given country. You cannot hire and fire unless it is legally warranted. You have to abide by the payment of wages or salaries, overtime, and other work rules.

You must adhere to comply with payroll tax requirements, including paying National Insurance and Taxes, Pensions. (This part is an example for the UK, other countries have different payroll rules).

Hiring Independent Contractors

By hiring an independent contractor, you pay for a job or assignment. You do not have to worry about paying for holidays or sick leave. You do not have to worry about paying wages and P.A.Y.E.

The advantages of hiring an independent contractor are you assign a job to meet a deadline and once the job is completed you have no other obligation to the person or company you hired. You can assign duties to an independent contractor and impose a deadline, but you cannot tell that person how to get the job done. You can however ask the independent sub-contractor to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your trading information is not shared with their competitors.

An independent contractor sets his/her/their own hours and fees which are agreed by the client and he/she can work for other companies as well as yourself. An independent contractor often provides his/her/their own equipment and tools i.e., computers, cameras, software, and may come to your place of work or work remotely based on their terms and conditions.

However, when you are doing your tax returns (HMRC UK) you should also include that you have paid sub-contractors.

To be defined as an independent contractor the following must apply:

  • He/She/They consult for multiple businesses.
  • He/She/They control the hours worked.
  • He/She/They choose where they work.
  • He/She/They are ineligible for employment benefits from your business.
  • He/She/They work independently and choses their location where to work.
  • He/She/They decide how they will complete the work.
  • He/She/They incur costs that relate to the comletion of the assignment.
  • He/She/They are experts in a chosen field with the relevant qualifications and experience.
  • He/She/They are responsible for paying self-employment tax.
  • He/She/They are not entitled to workers’ or unemployment compensation benefits.
  • He/She/They are not eligible for overtime pay.
  • He/She/They are not entitled to holiday pay, sick pay or maternity leave.


This post is meant for UK Businesses and in other countries, federal laws will be different, so you must check the rules and regulations appertaining to your location.

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Working From Home.

Working From Home.

The burning question that is trending right now is the topic of working from home especially after Rishi Sunak said that “working from home is not nearly as “valuable” for young people’s career progression as going into the office” after the government changed its guidance.

I agree that young people need to be nurtured and need onsite training, they also need to be monitored for complacency. Young people left to their own devices (no pun intended) are more likely to spend more time on their phones than doing any work. Only focused people who are dedicated to their jobs will succeed, that is why it is imperative to keep an eye on young people especially school leavers. A more mature person will be more responsible.

Hence home office jobs should only be offered to people who are more than capable of setting critical time paths (CTP’s) and guarantee to get the job done by the given deadline.

A young person needs to learn the skills first and that usually needs to be onsite. They also need to have someone of authority (management) making sure they do the work properly and do not slack.

The advantages of working from home can be beneficial to both the employer and the employee. The employer will save on overheads of heating and lighting and coffee breaks. Whilst the employee will save money commuting to work.

However, there will be employers that will want to get their money’s worth and will expect their employees to work at the business location rather than home.

Employees, working from home on the other hand can boost productivity as the employee will get more done without the pressure from a normal working environment.

An employer that hires virtual assistants can save a lot of money rather than employing someone and having them on their books.

The employee will have a duty to their employer and an obligation to complete the assignments. If they are customer service telesales they have to have an area in their home designated without distractions. A virtual assistant is a subcontractor and will already be self-employed with their own office setup. A virtual assistant will already be supplying a service that would invoice for the job in question.

In an office, banter is kept to a minimum and people have less freedom to talk, whilst working from home you can do the work productively without the stress of your boss overhearing or management watching you.

Working from home is ideal for mums and disabled people. Disabled people can adapt their home around their office unlike a business adapting their office around the disabled person.

To work effectively from home, you’ll need to make sure you have the technology & equipment that you require, a separate workspace from your family and kids.

When working from home you also need good Internet service and speeds, you will also need a landline or a VoIP phone. You also need to treat your home office as a business and work the hours set out by your employer unless you work for yourself that is.

Top Hybrid Jobs for working remotely include information technology (IT) and healthcare; positions include customer service representatives, sales representatives, project managers, etc.

A lot of top companies such as Google, Microsoft do offer work remotely.

At the end of the day, it is up to the individual’s personal preference and personal circumstances if they would prefer to return to a normal office environment or work from home and the employer should give the opportunity providing deadlines are met. However, the bottom line will be whatever your employer wants rather than what you want.


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AI Inventions

I wrote a while back about AI and Robot Inventions and am pleased to say (AI INVENTIONS) Domain Names is For Sale.

For all AI Inventors who have AI Inventions, I have for sale Imagine having a site and showcasing the most trending projects. The domain is not developed, although I can offer this as an extra service or you may already have a team of IT experts and simply would like to acquire the domain name only. If you are interested in this domain or perhaps know of someone please do share this post with them to help me spread awareness so that I can reach the right people.

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Unprofessional Website Designers

Unprofessional Rogue Website Designers.

I was on my Facebook Business Groups yesterday when I got a notification that someone was offering their services as a website designer for free.

As in any industry you will get cowboys or unprofessional people. But when they are on my doorsep I will call them out as they give the rest of us a bad name.

When anyone says something is for free there is always a catch, as nothing is free in this world. When something is free it usually means there is a trial and prices or fees will be incurred thereafter.

Their pitch said they would build a website for free but hosting and a domain name was not included.

So without hesitation, I asked the question how much is the hosting and how much is the domain name, and do they do SEO?

I also asked the question how long will it take to get the website on the first page of Google.

Now any competent website designer will not just build a website and let it float in cyberspace, they will do everything possible to optimize it using SEO strategies.

So the person replied and was immediately on the defense that SEO was not included, they would not disclose the price of the hosting or price of a domain name. He went on to say so he would think I was in the know to ask the question but if I was really in the know I would know there is no time frame for search engines to rank a website. I did not respond as I did not want to give the game away, as usually, it takes anything from 12 to 18 months to get a website on the first page of Google although I do not want to blow my own trumpet I have got websites on the first page of Google between 1 to 3 months in the past using my own strategies.

The reason why I tried to call this person out is I once price matched a client’s previous web developer prices only to find they did not include SEO in which I do by default. The client who was clueless about the website design industry wanted to pay the same as the previous developers and I agreed to match the price only to find out that they were not that professional until it was too late.

The post yesterday grabbed the attention of more clueless people who would struggle to get their businesses on the first page of any search engine without extensive SEO and Marketing in which this person was not including in his offer.

It was no suprised I was then blocked from that post.

I feel sorry for the people that get sucked in by these amateurs claiming to be professional website designers.

Also, beware of companies offering to scan your sites, they will always say your website is 💩 and give you a hundred million reason why you should ditch you current web designer just so that they can get business from you.

If you feel your website needs improving or you could do with more traffic talk to your current web designer, they don’t bite and will do everything they can to keep you as a customer.

Nine times out of ten you will get a company from India disguised as a company from the UK. Do due diligence and make sure they can prove they are a legitimate company trading in the UK.

Do not get scammed by rogue traders aka Rhys Griffiths so-called web designer on Facebook who I called out the other day and he ended up blocking me because he must have found out who I am and what I do.

Seeking Gambling, Betting, Horse Racing Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Seeking Gambling, Betting, Horse Racing Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

Typically Horse Racing is two or more horses racing against one another ridden by jockeys. Horse Racing is an equestrian performance sport. It may be either jockey-ridden or may sometimes be without a rider over a set distance for the purposes of competition. Horse Racing has been around for centuries and it is one of the most ancient of all sports.

Horse Racing encourages tourism and boosts the hospitality sector. Horse Racing is the biggest market movers of today. The total economic contribution of horseracing to the UK economy alone is estimated to be in the region of. £3.5 billion, with over 85,000 jobs supported by the industry. This does not include the rest of the world, so you can imagine owning the world’s most expensive horse racing network what it would do for the world’s economy.

Seeking Business Owners and Entreprenuers.

  • Race Horse Owners
  • Horse Racing Syndicates
  • Thoroughbred Breeders
  • Jockeys
  • Racecourse Owners
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Startups

You could be an existing business or you could be a venture capitalist with a vision to build the largest and most expensive horse racing network in the world.

The potential to own exact match searchable keywords and phrases digital real estate, with the perceived equity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The owner of this network has set prices for each domain name but he is also selling a system.

I have listed all the articles to the the Gambling and Horse Racing Domain Names and Network below:

**Both Myself (Renata M.Barnes) and (Michael Dooner) are jointly brokering this whole system. Anyone interested in partnering with my client should initially use the form below to discuss your interest.

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