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Renata is a businesswoman and published author. She primarily focuses on Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Website Design, Develo[pment, SEO, and Domain Brokering.

Renata is also the Editor of '', 'UK Website Designers', 'Cymru Marketing Journal', 'UK Domain Brokers' and 'Disability UK' Online Magazine.

Renata offers several services for startups and SMEs.

Renata has a large network of over 10K connections on LinkedIn, compromising of Directors, CEOs, Millionaires, Billionaires, and Royalty.

Business Owners Should Learn About SEO, Domain Names and Marketing.

If someone wants to help you for free – no catches, then you should let them!

Business Owners Should Learn About SEO, Domain Names & Marketing!

When you try doing things yourself and things go wrong, you have only yourself to blame. If you think by using a web builder is going to get you traffic, you need to think again. You either have to hire an SEO specialist, buy add-ons like a ranking coach or have to do the SEO & Marketing yourself. But if you do nothing your website will just float in cyberspace.

If a website designer offers you a helping hand, do not be ungrateful. If they offer you free advertising space and free backlinks you have nothing to lose especially if it does not cost you a single penny.

Do not make excuses that you only need one brand domain name and that your website is going to bring you tonnes of traffic if you do not have a blog associated with it.

Blogs are extremely important in generating traffic. You are kidding yourself if you do not master the techniques or hire someone to do it for you.

I know you may be on a budget that is why you should learn to do things properly, do not think that building a website in a web builder is all you need to do, because it’s not, you need to work on the engine for the wheels to move.

Example A:

I was recently approached by a lady who had a branded domain name and a website she had built herself on one of these basic web-builder platforms and she asked me if I could help with her content.

I looked at her site and immediately saw red flags. Her website was not responsive to all devices and she was using a branded name that unless someone has heard of you, they are not going to search for you.

If you do not perform SEO your website will be swallowed up in a sea of other sites all fighting to be on the first pages of search engines.

I made an example of my personal brand (iRenata -Renata Entrepreneur). Although I am well known in certain circles (LinkedIn), I am by far not famous, so if people have never heard of me they are not going to search for me, hence that is why I have built an SEO Link Wheel with Keyword Domain Names Websites and Social Media Pages.

Sample SEO Link Wheel
Example SEO Link Wheel!

So I took the liberty of doing an SEO Audit Report which I sent to her and found she had zero visitors to her site. Her website was not indexed and ranked.

I gave her my recommendations and showed her how having a secondary keyword domain name will help her. By coincidence, I had two matching keyword domain names on my books. She then asked me how much it would cost and after an exchange of emails, she came back to me and said she would attempt to do the SEO and try and fix her site herself. To this date she has done nothing other than adding a cookie banner, which again she did not think she need to have, I soon put her straight.

I then responded to her and said I would reserve the domains for her free of charge for the first 12 months and give her free backlinks to her business and amazingly she has gone off the radar. I was essentially going to give her a piggyback for free.

Example B:

Another example of a business not valuing a domain name that they owned and dropped, inclusive of a website that was on the first page of search engines and had secured global positioning and brand authority in favor of their Facebook page so to save money. The problem is this particular business had just won an award and was buzzing, but once the dust settles and business starts to dwindle they will be asked by their customers why they do not have a website and when they try to get their domains back they will have to pay a hefty fee to get them.

Doing It Yourself To Save Money.

All I can save if you are a business and you try to build websites yourself learn about SEO, keyword domain names, and brand domain names because if you think you can do it yourself to save money do not be surprised your website will not see the light of day and most certainly will not be on the first pages of search engines.

Do not think that cutting corners is going to save you money because I can tell you for starters you will lose traffic which could potentially convert into leads if you do not do things correctly.

If someone is trying to help you free of charge do try to take their advice (do not look a gift horse in the mouth). I tried helping Client B by telling him to put his website on his market stall banner but did he listen, did he hell? I told him he was losing business through passing trade and told him his particular niche people not going to be searching for him when they can literally go to any supermarket and buy something similar.

If you think that you can do it yourself why are you not already on the first pages of search engines, or why are you not generating enough traffic”?

If you think a Facebook Page is all you need then this is only one source of traffic.

Never rely on one source of traffic.

I may go on Facebook once every couple of days, maybe even once a week. I do not have enough hours in the day to spend my time on Social Media unless I am advertising and marketing. I certainly do not use Facebook for personal entertainment so my point is there are many people like me who either do not have Facebook accounts or do not spend time hanging out. I see this too many times on LinkedIn where it may say the user has not posted lately. People especially entrepreneurs are very busy and may not have the time to surf social media.

By rights the (Client B) that gave me no notice to terminate even though he had a contract, I should have charged him but I would have then run the risk of him huffing and puffing and then talking sh#t about me.

I am patient one day he will need his domain names and I gave him plenty of opportunities to transfer them to him (I asked him to give me the name of his registrar) and he declined so he cannot come back to me at a later date because they will be in use when I forward them to an affiliate page that hopefully will convert into sales for me in the same niche. His loss my gain.

Do not try to be a smart arse as the latter (Client B) with dropping his domain names including his branded name, because one day he may want the domains and I will get my money back from what I have lost for the late cancellation.

If you have not got a clue about website design, SEO, domain names, and marketing leave it to the experts and do not do it yourself.

Do not expect a web designer to fix your botch job. If you want someone to fix the foundations of your house, any reputable builder or architect would recommend demolition first before building on weak foundations before doing a proper job of rebuilding. The same applies to a website. Imagine building a high-rise building on foundations that could not withstand earthquakes, it just would not happen. The same applies to websites.

Example C.

Finally do not be a tire kicker, consider this, how would you feel if someone wasted your time?

You could have been busy generating leads rather than messing around with someone who has no intention to buy from you.

This actually happened to me a few months ago someone contacted me over a domain name I gave her the price and she seemed to be happy, but she said something that made me think she was simply wasting my time and that she was off for a few weeks on business and would come back to me on her return.

If she wanted the domain badly enough she would not have waited for a few weeks to acquire it considering we were in full flow communication, she is a Limited company because I checked her out on Companies House, so she could have afforded it if she needed it badly enough. All I was asking was £500, I have since listed back up on Godday and increased the price.

I did wait for her to come back to me and she didn’t, even though I had taken the domain off the market for many weeks where potentially I could have lost a sale. I then decided to message her one last time and asked her to let me know either way, which she did by saying she no longer needed the domain.

Time waster, what was the point of the outreach? She had her chance to acquire it and then bailed out. Why agree on a price and then make a BS excuse not to buy?

The thing is when I sell domain names I may include hosting, design, and development, SEO, Marketing, and Advertising at my discretion. It all depends on who the company is and what its reasons for buying the domains are.

The moral of the story, learn about SEO and Domain Names. If you want more traffic then you need to have a blog and regular content. The more times your articles are published the higher up the ladder you will climb.

Either way, I try to mentor my clients if they simply want a domain name or if they want website design and development or lead generation. You defiantly get your money’s worth with me and I even give you a free ebook I have written to give you a head start.

If you have any questions, please contact me using the form below:

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Lenovo Customer Ratings

Lenovo Customer Ratings.

After what seems like an eternity of emailing back and forth customer service, they have basically told me to “go forth and multiply”.

My dilemma started when a laptop was purchased as a gift to me only to find I had 10 months warranty instead of 12. Not thinking too deeply about it I raised a support ticket and the full 12 months were reinstated, that was until a couple of days later I experienced a blue screen.

I immediately contacted customer service and they told me to perform a BIOS system recovery meaning all my data and brand new 1 user software licenses programs would be lost. I asked how does that help me repair a brand new computer and Lenovo would not answer me. They then tried to pass the buck by saying it most probably is a Windows problem.

Not wanting to do this, I said if I lose my data will they compensate me and they said they would either refund or replace my laptop, but refrained from admitting liability or compensating me, however, after doing some digging and landing on the subdomain page of their own website I was shocked to read this:

Replacement or Refunds

So as you can imagine I am very apprehensive about sending back the laptop for a replacement or a refund if all trust is broken.

They have refused to meet me halfway, failed to respond to questions I asked them, and hid behind the ‘company policy’ excuse.

My argument was why do I have to do a BIOS reset on a laptop that I did not want to send back which would cause a problem for my business if I had to return it and they would not answer me?

I made them aware blowing my own trumpet that the previous article I wrote about them only managed to get on the first page of Google for the search terms Lenovo BSOD 2022 so if I can do this, imagine what I can do with this post.

The reason for the 10-month warranty originally I suspect this laptop was returned previously and resold after refurbishment. The reason why I say that is a brand new laptop comes with protective plastic on the mouse and on the screen and this laptop “Lenovo Ideapad 5” did not have either, giving me the impression this is a secondhand laptop. In total, I have had 3 BSOD to date and this laptop is coming up to being 3 weeks old.

I think I will persevere until I buy a new one, most definitely not a Lenovo may I add.

To think of the amount of time it has taken me writing emails back and forth and writing these posts, does this company not think I have anything else better to do?

If anything if I was to consider a replacement I would want a straight swap with the courier and not have to wait for another laptop to be sent out.

Lenovo BSOD 2022

Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is defined as the trust of the consumer and believability of the product or service contained within a brand.

brand name distinguishes itself from one seller to another. It will have uniqueness and will have distinguishable symbols, slogans, and taglines.

Brand credibility requires that consumers perceive that the brand has the ability to show expertise, secure global positioning, and as well as showing trustworthiness to continuously deliver what has been promised. However, if a brand does not deliver what it promises eventually its brand equity will erode).

You would think a company that has a very low trust rating would go above and beyond to make its customers happy.

I do not believe their replacement or refund is worth the paper it is written on because if I send this laptop back they just may not refund or replace it.

Although this laptop was bought through Amazon I am not sure about their return policy other than I have 30 days to send it back which gives me another week. I still need to break the news to the person that gifted me.

Evading answers not admitting liability and hiding behind company policies does not give the consumer confidence to invest in a brand that does not care about its own reputation.

Would I recommend this company to anyone? Most Certainly Not. Anyone thinking of purchasing a Laptop from Lenovo should think instead of ThinkPad should Think Twice!

#lenovo #lenovoideapad5 #lenovobsod #lenovobsod2022 #lenovobadreviews

Smoke Alarm Testing Residential Properties & Hearing Loss.

Smoke Alarm Testing Residential Properties & Hearing Loss.

I am a private tenant and have lived at this property (a two-bedroom flat) for the best part of 24 years. It seems a lifetime I know, and I could have bought a house but I have never been in a position to invest. Instead, I invest in digital real estate.

My article is about the hearing loss I have due to the extremely loud smoke alarms and heat detectors.

I have had two smoke alarms (landing /living room) and one heat detector in the kitchen in the last 3 years installed and have endured other incidents by an incompetent electrical company that has scammed my landlord and caused me monetary loss as well as health issues.

Does spraying smoke from an aerosol need to be done by a qualified electrician or can anyone do it, it is laughable: Smoke Alarm Tester Sprays. To think my landlord has been charged for this.

My Digital Real Estate I Own.

Living in a residential property that does not belong to you, limits you with what you can and can’t say. The company that is scamming my landlord thinks I know jack sh#t about the law.

As a website designer, digital marketer, and content writer, I make it my business to learn about regulations.

I am actively promoting my client who by coincidence is on the first page of search engines namely Google for the search terms ‘electricians wales’ and landlord ‘safety checks’.

So my grievance is with an electrical company that my landlord hires and has caused me considerable emotional distress, health issues as well as monetary loss. It rattles me that not only have I had hearing problems which are documented in other articles I have written, I now have to have my morning disrupted because my word is not good enough to simply confirm my alarms and detector are working.

This is my client which I highly recommend.


This is what the government says:

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 came into force on 1 October 2015.

The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022 will come into force on 1 October 2022. From that date, all relevant landlords must:

1. Ensure at least one smoke alarm is equipped on each storey of their homes where there is a room used as living accommodation. This has been a legal requirement in the private rented sector since 2015.

2. Ensure a carbon monoxide alarm is equipped in any room used as living accommodation that contains a fixed combustion appliance (excluding gas cookers).

3. Ensure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are repaired or replaced once informed and found that they are faulty.

The requirements are enforced by local authorities who can impose a fine of up to £5,000 if a landlord fails to comply with a remedial notice.

This booklet provides information about the requirements, who they apply to, and how they are enforced. It is designed as a Q&A to cover the most common situations but it is not intended to cover every scenario, nor should it be seen as a substitute for reading the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2022.

These regulations should be considered alongside other relevant laws on fire and carbon monoxide safety in rented homes such as the Housing Act 2004, the Fire Safety Act 2021, and the Building Safety Act 2022.

It is the department’s intention to ensure this booklet is updated whenever there are changes, but it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that they are applying the relevant laws correctly.

If, after reading this booklet, you are not clear whether or how the requirements apply to your individual circumstances you should seek legal advice.

Separate guidance is available for local authorities.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022: guidance for landlords and tenants – GOV.UK (


So in the last 2-3 years, I have had this company, ‘ come to the property I rent, and this is what a sh#t show they have done up to now (or should I say have not in some cases).

  1. Carried Out a landlord safety inspection but did not provide a copy of the report to me because I could easily have argued and could have pulled them up about the fact my chandelier and the dimmer switch were never tested in my living room plus other things in the list. I do not use it as a consequence and just have floor lamps).
  2. The extension lead from the back of my washing machine was never hardwired. So if the washing machine sprung a leak there is an electric cable extension trailing on the floor.
  3. They failed to notice the hotspot behind my cooker which caused me a lot of money in takeouts one Christmas (Documented).
  4. They scammed the landlord by installing two lights on my landing on the same loop so when one lightbulb goes, it trips the second light, defeating the object of having to change a light bulb above a 30ft drop as it is situated directly on top of my stairs.
  5. They installed two smoke alarms on one floor and a heat detector in the kitchen (saying I needed a heat detector in the kitchen, a smoke alarm in my on the landing (10ft apart) as well as in the living room by law). Another scam for my landlord. It makes no sense to have a heat detector in the kitchen because the kitchen does get hot from the cooking especially if you have the hobs and oven on at the same time.
  6. They insist on checking each smoke alarm once a year even though it should be checked by anyone who is competent (insinuating I am not).

My smoke alarms work especially if we are cooking and when this happens, all three alarms go off at the same time.

Where do smoke alarms need to be located?

According to the GOV.UK Regulations it does not stipulate where the alarms should be placed.

At least one smoke alarm should be installed on every storey which is used as living accommodation.

Landlords should follow the individual manufacturer’s instructions when installing the alarms. However, in general, smoke alarms should be fixed to the ceiling in a circulation space, i.e. a hall or a landing.

Your local fire and rescue authority may be able to provide further advice on installation or you can download fire safety information from

Can Smoke Alarms & Heat Detectors Damage Hearing?

Since having these alarms installed my hearing is not so good, I experience headaches and a constant humming noise in both ears. My volume on my devices has to be turned up to the max for me to hear. I cannot hear my doorbell which tells me my hearing is damaged.

The sheer volume of noise isn’t everything and the distance you are from the source of the sound and how long you are exposed to it is just as important as the noise.

Sound intensity doubles with every increase of 3 decibels so even though the sound of a car horn may not sound twice as loud as a vacuum cleaner, the intensity levels make it seem so. That is why, if you are working in a noisy environment with sound levels in the region of 80-85dB, you should be wearing protective hearing headsets. 

For sounds in the region of 110 – 120dB, short exposure is enough to cause lasting hearing damage.

Prolonged and repeated exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing and if you stand next to a smoke alarm for a long period of time, it can damage your hearing (I am about 10ft away when I am sitting down and working and have to switch/reset all the alarms which may take a few minutes because both my daughter and I are disabled and cannot move very fast and cannot reach because the ceilings are very high.

Though the point of a smoke alarm is to get you out of the vicinity of a fire so this is rarely an issue. The louder the noise is and the longer you are exposed to it, the higher the risk to your hearing.

My Landlord.

On the imminent appointment (which I could do without), scheduled tomorrow to have my alarms tested because I am obviously not trusted or capable enough to test them myself, I not only will have to contend with the deafening noise of 3 x 85 decibels = 255 decibels, but they will have to disconnect my electricity because the alarms are connected to the flat below me. (I would not be so p#ssed if it was one alarm but there are three that will go off simultaneously and one of the alarms is about 10 feet away from where I work. When these alarms set off they hurt my ears).

How can I protect my health and work at the same time?

I am keeping a record of everything that happens with this company and my landlord.

My alarms work fine because there is one heat detector in the kitchen which is very sensitive and sets off all the rest. I have reduced my cooking because of the price rises in the cost of living but that is another story.

Update 26/08/22

The electrician arrived and knocked on my door and when he did not get an answer he opened the door and came on my stairs. (My daughter was a witness).

I normally do not lock my flat door because the flat is a terraced house converted to two apartments and there is a front door that is locked before anyone can get to my door. You would think I should feel safe in my home, but obviously, people that do not get a response from knocking think they have a license to just let themselves in…

No word of a lie he puffed an aerosol can on the alarms, waited for them to go off, and left. He did not switch off the electrics like the last guy a year ago. It most probably took the guy today all of two minutes from start to finish, I wonder how much he charged for this?

How should a tenant test their alarms to check they are in working order?

Testing of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms does not require specialist skills or knowledge and should be straightforward for tenants to do.

Landlords should consider providing residents with a demonstration and/or instructions to support residents’ understanding of how, and how often, to test their smoke alarms and make sure they are in working order. Landlords should follow the individual manufacturer’s instructions for testing alarms and consider sharing these instructions with tenants to support regular testing.


Would I recommend this company to anyone to anyone? most definitely not, they are a bunch of cowboys!

They do not know what they are doing, they are not on the first page of search engines and their website looks like an amateur has done it which tells me they are not making much money otherwise they would afford a Professional Website Designer.

This now gives me the perfect opportunity to promote and market my client who is professional and knows what he is doing. If I could dictate to my landlord who he should choose to hire then I would most definitely have recommended my client.

For those of you that are in need of a Landlord Safety Inspection I highly recommend:

#landlordsafetyinspections #electricianswales #smokedetectortesting #smokealarmtesting #hearingloss #smokedetectorhearingloss #dodgytraders #dodgyelectricians #electricianscardiff

Lenovo or Windows Fault – Blue Screen Of Death – BSOD -2022

Lenovo or Windows Fault – Blue Screen Of Death -(BSOD) 2022!

In the last month, my HP laptop which was about 4 years old on a Windows 10 OS started to have the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). It got to the stage it was not loading at all. I loved that laptop, but sadly it has grown its wings.

Eventually, not even a week ago it was replaced by a Lenovo Idea. Excited at the prospect I was going to be doing my work again after being out of commission for about a week, you would not believe what happened…I only experienced the BSOD on a brand new laptop twice to be precise.

I have started a support ticket with Lenovo. I am going to wait and see what they say.

According to someone I spoke to in Microsoft said it was not an OS issue but more so a hardware issue.

I have since found this article albeit a couple of years old: Windows 10 failure: Lenovo confirms BSOD, more users report bugs (

However, the Trustpilot 1-star reviews say it all.

Lenovo Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

Apparently, I am not the only one this has happened to:

Lenovo Ideapad BSOD’ing even after system reset | Tom’s Guide Forum (

To be honest, I do not care what the problem is or whose fault this is, I just want to get on and do my work without any disruptions and anyone that causes me not to perform my job should compensate me. I have now had to back up all my work, very annoying, and am feeling very apprehensive about using this device.

I will update this post as soon as I get word from Lenovo.

I am not a happy bunny.

Things like this cause knock-on effects and whilst most people will say well that’s life, I tend to disagree. There is always someone to blame if something does not go to plan. If something is broken then it is definitely someone’s fault and it needs to be rectified and the person suffering needs to be compensated. This is now causing me stress and anxiety.

Lenovo when they read this need to realize how many people I am connected with on LinkedIn (nearly 11K): Renata Barnes | LinkedIn to see the influence I have regarding reviewing products and companies.

UPDATE 25/08/22 – Incident: 220825-000001

What a 💩show. I have just finished a chat session because no one has come back over the support ticket and I was basically told to fix the problem myself.

Excuse me but if you sell a faulty product then you should do something about it and not the consumer. Considering this was a gift I dread having to tell the person about this. I feel really sad that someone has gone out of their way to help me and bought a faulty product that Lenovo says in order to get a replacement I have to do the following:

1. Turn off your PC. (Laptop, all-in-one,notebook, Chromebook,tablet)
2. Now disconnect all devices from your PC (printer, scanner, hard drives).
3. Also remove the memory card in the card reader, if inserted.
4. Please disconnect the power cable from the device.
5. Now press and hold the power button on the PC for about 60 seconds.
6. Next, plug the power cord back into the device.
7. Now you can switch the PC on again.

2. BIOS Defaults:

1. Turn off your device
2. On the left side there is a small pinhole button, the Novo button. You will need a paper clip or something pointy to press it. Press and hold for a few seconds.
3. Blue Novo button menu will appear on the display
4. Using keyboard arrows choose BIOS Settings
5. Press the “F9” key on your keyboard and new windows will pop up
6. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
7. Press the “F10” key on your keyboard and a new window will pop up
8. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
The device should continue to boot and please test the device

3. One Key Recovery:

You will need to perform a One-Key-Recovery (OKR), which will reinstall the operating system and reset your device to factory settings.

Any software issues present on the device will be eliminated in the process.
Please make sure that your device is plugged into the charging unit, otherwise, the One-Key-Recovery will not work.

Before performing this procedure, please make sure to back up your files from all hard drives to an external storage device as all your files will be deleted from the device.

Once the procedure is done, you can then upload your files back onto the device again.

Make sure to remember to reinstall any programs you had on the device previously.

*** The ‘Novo-Button’ is located on the side inside a little hole. It needs to be accessed with a pin/needle*** (It is signaled by a bent arrow pointing to the left)
If you have a desktop machine you will need to power the machine back on and keep tapping the F2 key.

1. POWER OFF the device.
2. Poke the NOVO BUTTON, located on the side of the device.
3. A LOADING SCREEN will appear.
4. You should see a BLUE SCREEN.
5. Then a RECOVERY MENU will load.
6. Select ‘SYSTEM RECOVERY’, then confirm using the ENTER key.
7. Select either the option named ‘INITIAL BACK UP’ or ‘TROUBLESHOOT’ (this option is different for each device).
* When you get the option “INITIAL BACKUP’ you can skip steps 8 and 9
9. When getting prompted for which drive to clean select ‘ONLY THE DRIVE WHERE WINDOWS IS INSTALLED’.
10. Now recovery will start and takes about 30-120 mins.
11. Asks for RESTART.
12. Need to RECONFIGURE the device, as you did when you first purchased it.


Here are some of the screenshots I managed to capture of the chat:

The Transcript:

Response By E-mail (Haris Hadzic1) (25/08/2022 11.15 AM)

Dear Ms. Renata,

Chat transcript below,

[10:46:03 AM]Renata:
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Greeting] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Hello there. I’m Lena, your Virtual Assistant. I can assist you with Lenovo Products & Services. If you would like to review our FAQs, you can select hot topics below. Otherwise, please describe your issue directly.]
ChaTbot[Faq]:[Repair status check] [Check general warranty] [Update your Computer using Lenovo Vantage] [Windows 11 Information] [Camera Not Working] ]
Customer[QuickResponse]:[Windows 11 Information] ]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Helpful] [Unhelpful] ]
Customer[Text]:[I want to speak with a human]
ChaTbot[Text]:[I apologize for the inconvenience. Addressing your concerns is very important to us. Before offering you the relevant contact options, we need a few more details from you. Please click the button below to get further support.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Get Further Support] [Start Over] ]
Customer[Text]:[You button does not work]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Could you please describe your issues again?]
CusTomer[Text]:[I have a blue screen]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Are you referring to one of the following questions? You can click on it to continue. Or kindly rephrase your question.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation] [Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Bootup] [Color Bias] [None of the above] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[I think you are experiencing this issue: “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation”. Don’t worry, I will do my best to assist you with this matter.]
ChaTbot[RichText]:[Please follow the steps below to obtain the BSOD code for further diagnostics: ▪ Check the BSOD code. If you are unable to record the BSOD code, change settings as follows: Right-click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Startup and Recovery -> Settings (Button), then uncheck “Automatically restart”. Troubleshoot blue screen errors You may also check the Microsoft Bug Check Code Reference.]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Did this help resolve the issue?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[No] ]
ChaTbot[RichText]:[If you added new hardware or software recently, please remove the hardware or uninstall the software. Sometimes, software incompatibility may cause an auto shutdown. Updating software may fix the issue. For the next step use the Lenovo Diagnostic tool to check if there are any hardware failures.]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Did this help resolve the issue?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[No] ]
ChaTbot[RichText]:[Please run the Lenovo diagnostics tool to check for failing components at Lenovo Diagnostic Tool Solution.]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Did you receive any failure on the diagnostic test?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Yes] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[I apologize for the inconvenience. Addressing your concerns is very important to us. Before offering you the relevant contact options, we need a few more details from you. Please click the button below to get further support.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Get Further Support] [Start Over] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Get Further Support] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Sorry for the inconvenience, to offer you other support options, I need to confirm your Serial Number. Is PF3PCXZC your Serial Number?]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Yes] [No] ]
CusTomer[QuickResponse]:[Yes] ]
ChaTbot[Text]:[Here are the other support options that are available to you below.]
ChaTbot[Button]:[Create service request] [Chat With Live Agent] [Email Us] [Consult our Forum] [Start Over] ]
Customer[QuickResponse]:[Chat With Live Agent] ]
..Case Summary..transfer problem : [“Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue during Operation”]
user comment :
transferReason: fast channel

[10:46:07 AM]Hello! Welcome to Lenovo, my name is Haris Hadzic1. How may I help you?
[10:46:57 AM]Renata: I have had two BSOD in a hort time of having this laptop i have escalated a ticket
[10:47:06 AM]Renata: Incident: 220825-000001
[10:47:17 AM]Renata: short time
[10:47:47 AM]Renata: Hello are you there?
[10:47:59 AM]Haris Hadzic1: yes, one moment I will check this
[10:48:07 AM]Renata: ok
[10:49:40 AM]Haris Hadzic1: can you tell me what is the message on BSOD?
[10:50:36 AM]Renata: I submitted a screenshot in the support I sent yesterday it should be attached to the ticket
[10:51:14 AM]Haris Hadzic1: ok, did you try any troubleshoots?
[10:51:18 AM]Renata:

[10:51:35 AM]Renata: it rebooted itself
[10:51:55 AM]Renata: I should not have to troubleshoot a brand new laptop
[10:52:03 AM]Haris Hadzic1: did you try anything to resolve the issue?
[10:52:46 AM]Renata: I just let it reboot like I said i should not have to do anything to resolve anything on a brand new laptop
[10:53:33 AM]Haris Hadzic1: you will have to try some troubleshooting steps
[10:53:57 AM]Haris Hadzic1: 1. Static discharge:
1. Turn off your PC.(Laptop,all-in-one,notebook, Chromebook,tablet)
2. Now disconnect all devices from your PC (printer, scanner, hard drives).
3. Also remove the memory card in the card reader, if inserted.
4. Please disconnect the power cable from the device.
5. Now press and hold the power button on the PC for about 60 seconds.
6. Next, plug the power cord back into the device.
7. Now you can switch the PC on again.

2. BIOS Defaults:

1. Turn off your device
2. On the left side there is a small pinhole button, the Novo button. You will need a paper clip or something pointy to press it. Press and hold for a few seconds.
3. Blue Novo button menu will appear on the display
4. Using keyboard arrows choose BIOS Settings
5. Press the “F9” key on your keyboard and new windows will pop up
6. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
7. Press the “F10” key on your keyboard and a new window will pop up
8. Confirm by pressing the “Y” key
The device should continue to boot and please test the device

3. One Key Recovery:

You will need to perform a One-Key-Recovery (OKR), which will reinstall the operating system and reset your device to factory settings.
Any software issues present on the device will be eliminated in the process.
Please make sure that your device is plugged into the charging unit, otherwise, the One-Key-Recovery will not work.
Before performing this procedure, please make sure to back up your files from all hard drives to an external storage device as all your files will be deleted from the device.
Once the procedure is done, you can then upload your files back onto the device again.
Make sure to remember to reinstall any programs you had on the device previously.

*** The ‘Novo-Button’ is located on the side inside a little hole. It needs to be accessed with a pin/needle*** (It is signaled by a bent arrow pointing to the left)
If you have a desktop machine you will need to power the machine back on and keep tapping the F2 key.

1. POWER OFF the device.
2. Poke the NOVO BUTTON, located on the side of the device.
3. A LOADING SCREEN will appear.
4. You should see a BLUE SCREEN.
5. Then a RECOVERY MENU will load.
6. Select ‘SYSTEM RECOVERY’, then confirm using the ENTER key.
7. Select either the option named ‘INITIAL BACK UP’ or ‘TROUBLESHOOT’ (this option is different for each device).
* When you get the option “INITIAL BACKUP’ you can skip steps 8 and 9
9. When getting prompted for which drive to clean select ‘ONLY THE DRIVE WHERE WINDOWS IS INSTALLED’.
10. Now recovery will start and takes about 30-120 mins.
11. Asks for RESTART.
12. Need to RECONFIGURE the device, as you did when you first purchased it.
[10:56:05 AM]Renata Maziak Barnes: I am sorry your laptop is faulty I will start letting everyone know on LinkedIn that I have nearly 11K connections about Lenovo unless you do something. Do not pass the buck and get me to fix a dodgy laptop Lenovo or Windows Fault – BSOD – CYMRU DIGITAL MARKETING BUSINESS JOURNAL ( I also want a transcript of this chat please when it ends to my email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[10:57:24 AM]Renata: are you there?
[10:57:57 AM]Renata: hello

[10:58:11 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I am here, sorry but I can’t help you in any other way, you will need to try these troubleshooting steps, we need to determine what is causing this

[10:59:34 AM]Renata: I should not do anything on a faulty laptop do you want to get bad press because you will I will make sure of that under trading standards you need to do something not me
[11:00:12 AM]Haris Hadzic1: sorry, but it is impossible for me to do these steps, the device needs to be powered off
[11:00:15 AM]Renata: I want a transcript of this conversation, please
[11:01:18 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I will check if we can send it
[11:01:31 AM]Renata: ok
[11:02:49 AM]Haris Hadzic1: ok, I will send you the chat transcript on the email
[11:03:00 AM]Haris Hadzic1: can I do anything else for you?
[11:04:03 AM]Renata: I need his name, please
[11:04:31 AM]Haris Hadzic1: my name?
[11:04:50 AM]Renata: The owner of Lenovo
[11:05:17 AM]Renata: your boss at the very very top
[11:06:04 AM]Renata: are you there?
[11:06:11 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I am
[11:06:26 AM]Renata: so why are you not answering
[11:06:44 AM]Haris Hadzic1: Chairman of Lenovo is Yang Yuanqing
[11:06:44 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I need to find the answer
[11:08:38 AM]Renata: ok thanks I will be tagging him into a post I have made on on the right-hand sidebar you will see the first post I have already written which I plan on sharing with the world and will make sure Lenovo lose loads of business
[11:08:55 AM]Haris Hadzic1: that is your right
[11:09:36 AM]Renata: but imagine how many sales you will lose no company wants to lose business
[11:10:22 AM]Haris Hadzic1: we can not influence that, as we can not influence what you will say on social networks about Lenovo
[11:11:34 AM]Renata: I would like a transcript I am going now and you have broken the trading standards policy because you have not offered me an alternative solution other than telling me to fix it myself

[11:12:19 AM]Haris Hadzic1: By the policy, we have to try troubleshooting the device before we offer you a replacement, if these ts did not help we would offer a replacement

[11:12:34 AM]Haris Hadzic1: as the device is within first 30 days of usage
[11:12:57 AM]Renata: I should not have to fix anything
[11:13:38 AM]Renata: I need the transcript for the instructions you sent earlier because I cannot scroll up to read your instructions
[11:14:00 AM]Haris Hadzic1: I will send you everything on the email
[11:14:15 AM]Haris Hadzic1: sorry we could not find the solution for the issue
[11:14:26 AM]Renata: ok
[11:14:35 AM]Haris Hadzic1: have a nice rest of the day
[11:14:38 AM]’Renata’ disconnected (‘Concluded by Agent’).

My campaign for all social media including LinkedIn will say the following: AVOID BUYING ANY LAPTOPS FROM LENOVO!

For argument’s sake, you buy a brand new car and you drive it down the road, you then discover a fault. Do you go back to the showroom you bought it from or do you try to fix it yourself remotely with the support from the showroom? The same goes with any product you buy if it is faulty it needs to be replaced.

I have 30 days to get a replacement, sorry but I do not want to do business with Lenovo again ever and will be seeking to refund the person that gifted me and compensate me for wasting my time and the one-time user software licenses I have bought.

Imagine how many companies may contemplate buying laptops in bulk for their offices and imagine how many think twice before buying from Lenovo.

It is going to cost Lenovo more than a simple refund and compensation if I start singing like a canary. I have not shared this article with social media until I get positive feedback and offer to stop sharing. Giving me an offer, I can turn this post around and give positive feedback (I will change some of the headers to say that I have changed my mind and despite a faulty computer Lenovo came through, which will encourage people to buy). I am good at my job and businesses pay people like me to influence the markets. This article can be edited to read more positively, providing Lenovo comes up with an offer I cannot refuse.

The agent I chatted with was not overly concerned that posting one bad review spreads like wildfire, never mind damaging brand credibility and trustworthiness. The more sales a brand loses and the fewer profits they make, the potential for staff layoffs can be catastrophic, and there is always a knock-on effect on ‘Brand Reputation. With a one-star rating, Lenovo needs all the help it can get with marketing its business in a positive light.

The Lenovo CEO (Yang Yuanqing) Emails: &

I will be connecting with him on LinkedIn and contacting trading standards if I do not get positive feedback from Lenovo.

(Just a quick update I cc’d Mr. Yuanqing into an email on 29/08/22 and both emails bounced).

They may not care because they may think I am one person, but my business can put any brand in a good or bad light. Just Try Me!!!!!!!

UPDATE 29/08/22

I had one BSOD I did not screen capture and then I had a BSOD on Wednesday 24th August 2022 and then had another BSOD on Friday 26th August 2022:

I also had an email today from Lenovo who purposely ignore my comments and do not answer my questions:

I am starting to lose my patience! In total, I have had (3) BSOD on this laptop, the first one I did not capture in time because I was in shock and could not find my phone. This makes me think that the person that bought this laptop as a gift for me, was sold a refurbished device because I questioned why there was originally only a 10-month warranty even though I should have had 12 which was then extended to 12 months after I did a support ticket. It seems questionable to me.

UPDATE 05/09/22

I have decided to keep the laptop even with the BSOD I even had one yesterday until I buy a new one but it is basically £400 down the drain because the warranty is not worth the paper it is written on if a consumer has to wipe the computer before it gets repaired. I understand wiping the computer if you are getting a replacement or refund but to have it repaired, I don’t think so.

My trust in this company is ZERO and to add insult to injury they were sent a link to this site and low and behold my listing has disappeared from all search engines overnight (a bit of a coincidence don’t you think), I believe Lenovo tried banning this article (LOL). They will need an army of people working day and night to get rid of all the bad reviews they are getting all over the internet and not from me may I add.

Furthermore, if they return to this article, all I will say there is more than one way to skin a cat (not sure where the phrase comes from). I won’t be beaten and I will keep on cloning because I am p#ss#d.

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How To Reduce Your Energy Usage Home & Business

How To Reduce Your Energy Usage Home & Business

21 Tips On How To Reduce Your Energy Usage In Your Home & Business

I start this post with the concerning price hikes of energy providers it is predicted by experts that the energy price cap, currently at £1,971 a year, could skyrocket to £6,000 next April.

Energy consultancy Auxilione said the cap is expected to reach £3,576 in October, rising to £4,799 in January, and finally hitting £6,089 in April.  Rishi Sunak, has said he would also scrap VAT on energy bills for the next year in a move that would save households around £160 a year.

Poverty Advice.

Now as a consumer £160 is a saving of £13.34 per month which does not sound like much of a saving. ‘Help Is Coming’ To Ease Cost Of Living Pressures, Cabinet Minister Says | HuffPost UK Politics (

Both leadership rivals Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss who are battling it out to be the next Prime Minister do not know the meaning of the words (Poverty & Depression) They have never experienced poverty for themselves nor their entourage on pen pushers and have never had to worry about how to make ends meet and put food on the table or a keep a roof over their heads.

So it seems ironic that they can dictate to the less well-off their mediocre plans to reduce the cost of living and they will study proposals from the Treasury over how to bring bills down for families. Perhaps if they spent more time with real people living in poverty, instead of owing trillions to the EU over Brexit people would not be suffering.

If I could be Prime Minister I would put a wage cap of £1,000,000 after that any money earned would have to be taxed exponentially.

I would not let anyone vote that did not know anything about economics or politics. The ones that were to vote would have to prove they had qualifications, experience, and an IQ. This is why the UK owe trillions to the EU because they allowed everyone to vote over the age of 18 regardless if they finished their GCSEs or not.

Cost of Living Payment £400 or £650 divided by 12 months works out £33.34 to £52.17 per month. So if bills are going to be predicted at £500 per month from next April how is this tiny offering helping families who may be not in poverty now but will be because of this elaborate game of Monopoly?

Don’t Pay Campaign – I DISAGREE WITH THE CAMPAIGN- (Instead Reduce Your Usage).

Yes I know I will have about 113,000 people disagreeing with me at the time this article has gone to press.

But if you don’t pay you will get into debt because you still owe money regardless.

The ONLY WAY to overcome this is to REDUCE YOUR USAGE so that you do not have to pay so much.

Stopping your direct debits without a payment plan in place will cause your account to go to debt recovery.

Debt collectors put their costs on top of recovering the debt and you will be forced to have a smart meter. How Safe Are Smart Meters For Your Health? | DISABLED ENTREPRENEUR – DISABILITY UK Not only will you get into debt, but it will also damage your credit rating making it difficult to get credit in the future.

There is currently a campaign going on planned for the 1st of October 2022 Don’t Pay ( to get the consumer to refuse to pay their utility bills and cancel their direct debits.

I disagree with the campaign and I only agree with one thing and that is to stop your Direct Debits and MOVE OVER TO A MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN ( Magnetic Card or Bank transfer) where you can pay at a post office, bank transfer, or via their websites.

I do NOT agree that everyone should stop paying their bills this will be catastrophic and will cause a domino effect. People will get into debt and will have debt collectors chasing them.

Direct Debits were a way to conveniently pay on time and also save you a bit of money paying via this method, according to British Gas you could save up to 7% off the cost of your energy when you pay by Direct Debit (example – 7% on a bill of £100 you would save £7.00) This will be shown as a discount line on your bill. But if they raise their prices you will not be saving anything and having a Direct Debit allows them the take out more money even if you cannot afford it. Don’t Pay (

My Advice.

  1. CONTACT YOUR UTILITY PROVIDERS – and ask them to switch to a magnetic card and pay at a post office or online. Ask them for their bank details if you intend to pay by bank transfer or set up a standing order with your bank where you have control of your bank account.
  2. CANCEL YOUR DIRECT DEBITS ASAP – do not wait until October, but you must change to a payment plan first by contacting your energy provider. They may be insistent you must have a direct debit agreement, do not get intimidated.
  3. REDUCE YOUR USAGE – The less you use the less money they make and their profits will drop. This is the ultimate way to hurt them where it hurts and that is in their pockets.
  4. DO NOT STOP PAYING – continue paying your usual amount.
  5. DO REGULAR METER READINGS – and monitor your usage.
  7. IF THEY REFUSE TO PUT YOU ON A PAYMENT PLAN – Write to them with your proposal of what you intend to pay and on what day of the month.
  8. IF YOU HAVE NO PAYMENT PLAN AND HAVE CANCELLED YOUR DIRECT DEBIT – they may demand all the money you owe in one lump sum. Continue paying your usual affordable monthly payment and contact them again but continue reducing your energy consumption, whilst updating them weekly by phone or email. (The calls are recorded). Keep a note of when you made the call and keep a diary of the conversation. This will come in handy when things start to escalate. They will threaten you with debt collection agencies and will add recovery fees on top of what you owe.
  9. IF THEY THREATEN YOU WITH A DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY – report them to OFGEM (The utility & telecommunication ombudsman), I will add their contact detail towards the end of this article.
  10. CONTACT YOUR GP – There is an article in the news if you are unwell because of the way creditors are behaving you should contact your GP and they can write a prescription letter: Brits could get money off their energy bills by getting a PRESCRIPTION from their GP under radical new plans | The Sun (To be honest I do not know how that would work unless you genuinely were diagnosed with a disability. I use my site to document my health) and encourage anyone facing difficulties to reach out.


This is what the media are saying about not paying your bills which can land you in heaps of trouble: What is ‘Don’t Pay UK’ and what could happen if you refuse to pay soaring energy bills? | ITV News

How might a mass payment strike impact the energy industry?

Hafez Abdo an associate professor at the University of Nottingham Energy Insitute was quoted as saying “Such action may have detrimental consequences on energy companies and supply chains”.

While acknowledging that non-payment would be a means of expressing anger at “unbearable” energy prices, Mr. Abdo explained that some firms might suffer “a severe hit to their cash inflow and this means these companies would not be able to pay for their liabilities and other operating costs”.

“People may lose their jobs and businesses in the supply chain may go bankrupt”.

So although the prospect of all the CEOs of the utility companies losing their jobs sounds promising, the knock-on effect on everyone else would prove detrimental to the energy industry. I believe if everyone reduced their usage drastically this would hurt the energy provider’s profits.


It does not surprise me that ‘Amnesty International has just announced in Breaking News that our ‘Human Rights are being taken away from us by the UK government which by coincidence will be in preparation for ‘Civil Unrest/Disobedience’ the ‘Don’t Pay’ Campaign is going to cause. Home | Amnesty International UK

How To Reduce Your Home Energy Consumption.

Reduce Your Energy Usage – Hit Utility Companies Where It Hurts!

As the alarming energy bills rise, we must find ways to dramatically reduce your fuel consumption and monthly costs.

Winter is around the corner and energy bills are at a record high we need to start preparing to combat the problem and that is not to refuse to pay as that will land you in debt.

Obviously, some of the suggestions in the list only apply to homeowners but for people who rent, you have to make do with what you have and your own resources. for example, none of my windows are double glazed and I’ve been in rented accommodation through a private landlord. Therefore the Landlord should be as much to blame as the utility companies for me using more energy to keep my home warm.

1. Invest in Building insulation, roofing solutions, and draught proofing

Winter-proof your home by installing draught-proofing strips around window frames and door edges. Consumer group Which? suggests using a special inflatable balloon designed to block unused open chimneys and silicone-based filler to fill gaps in floorboards and skirting. (Although this applies to homeowners, landlords should also be made to be responsible to keep your home warm).

COST: Diall self-adhesive draught seal, 98p per meter (; chimney balloon, £18.99 (’ Osmo gap sealer, £10.27 (

If you are a renter and plan to insulate your home yourself, keep a record/receipts of the items you have bought.

Check for leaks and drafts in your building, your premises won’t be energy efficient. Invest in insulation to cut down your energy consumption by 10%. Ceiling insulation is equally important. It is an essential part that helps keep the warmth in during winter and can cool the property in summer. Loft insulation can keep indoors up to a 10c cooler during the summer (this is a homeowner/landlord problem) – I do not have loft insulation.

Certain roof tiles are better at reflecting the sun’s rays, or you can paint a roof with heat reflective paint. This reduces the amount of heat absorbed during the summer months and puts less pressure on cooling devices.

2. Unplug gadgets

Evaluate your gadgets, and refrain from leaving them on standby, especially if they are old. Unplugging could save £55 a year, according to the Energy Savings Trust. Unplug chargers when they are not in use and turn off your TVs, Computers, and Gaming Consoles.


COST: -Free

3. Swap your lightbulbs

Swap your lightbulbs to LED lightbulbs to save around £180 per year. My landing is usually quite dark living in a top-floor flat and up until the price hikes I used to have my landing light on 24/7 I have now changed my habits and only have it on at night using LED bulbs.

Switch to one of the following:

  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

When possible, replace incandescent lamps with CFLs. Make sure you install compatible dimming technology if there is already a dimming system in place.

  • T8 (if your office lights use fluorescent T12)

When fluorescent T-12 lamps need replacing you have the option to switch to T-8 lamps and change from magnetic ballast to electronic.

  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

LED lights are your best choice – they use up to 75% less energy and they last 25 years longer than standard bulbs.

COST: Around £3 per bulb.

4. Defrost Freezer

My fridge freezer is on its way out. In the past, my landlord being the cheap skate always bought second-hand white goods so I replaced the appliance whenever I could afford to. I would much rather wait to buy a brand new fridge freezer than have something that will break every few months.

Your fridge-freezer costs on average £115 to run, but you can cut this down by defrosting food in your fridge to help cool your fridge temperature down. Don’t put hot food in the fridge or freezer. Let it cool down first. Don’t let ice build-up, as this makes freezers less efficient

(This is a problem for me as one of the trays has completely frosted over).

COST – Free

5. Insulate your loft

This is for the homeowner and your landlord to do (but if your landlord does not like to spend money he is not obliged to insulate anything in your home and it is up to you to claim compensation when you leave the property. Keep a record of your costs and how much money you could have saved by obtaining an energy efficiency report. Off the top of my head, they are around £40 but I could be wrong (Do your research). Getting your loft insulated saves up to £ 135 a year according to Which? Make sure it is at least 270mm thick for optimum impact. This will make your loft colder so, at the same time, insulate any water pipes up there. (This is a homeowner/property owner or landlord problem).

COST: Between £400 and £600 according to, significantly less if you do it yourself.

6. Reflect heat

If you plan to use radiators this winter consider fitting reflector panels behind radiators on uninsulated external walls will keep your room warmer and could save you around £25 a year, said Joanna O’Loan, knowledge manager at the Energy Saving Trust.

COST: £7.59 for 1.88 sq m (

Screwfix has reflector panels for sale for £7.59 

I have noticed that gas is costing more than electricity, so this winter I will not be putting my central heating on and will use oil-filled electric radiators Last year for three months straight I would have my central heating on 24/7, my usage is drastically going to change this winter coming. I will only be using the radiators when it is extremely cold. I plan to wear multiple layers of thermal clothing and thermal wear socks in bed. I have an existing issue going on with my gas energy provider so I begrudge giving them any more money than I have to.

7. Heat only what you need

Save hot water by not washing up every five minutes let your dishes pile up (not too much, though), and use a plug in your sink or a washing-up bowl.

COST: Recycled plastic washing-up bowl, £4 (

Air dry clothes

Hang washing out to dry (or on the radiator in winter) rather than using a power-guzzling tumble dryer. A tumble dryer costs £105 (based on 148 cycles per year) to run. (I have a washer/dryer and wash once a week, so if I wash on average once a week rounded off to 50 cycles will cost about £30 per annum, I have just saved £70 per year).

COST: Free, if you hang out your clothing to air dry.

8. Be savvy with appliance use

Cookers – I wanted to have an electric cooker when I bought the appliance only to find out later that I needed a special connection plug and thought my landlord would moan about the added expense so I settled for Gas, which now is costing an arm and a leg to run. I have reduced my cooking to 10 -12 days a month the rest of the time I have sandwiches, salads, and ready-made meals which can be heated in a microwave. Electric hobs cost £85 per year, versus £60 for an electric oven (based on 135 uses), so theoretically baking is cheaper than cooking on a hob. Consider ready-made meals which you can heat up in a microwave. You can also cook jacket potatoes and other recipes, it does not all have to be ready-made. Microwave Cookbook 365: Enjoy 365 Days With Amazing Microwave Recipes In Your Own Microwave Cookbook!

Dishwashers – cost £55 for 135 uses, and should only be run when full. Use your hands and wash up in the sink.

Kettles – boiled 1,524 times in a year will cost £48. Reduce this by only boiling the amount of water you actually need. I used to drink hot drinks like coffee until I discovered energy drinks so I very rarely use the kettle unless I am boiling water for ramen noodles. There are plenty of alternatives to boiling the kettle every five minutes.

COST: Free.

9. Get smart with tech

Smart Thermostat

Most new versions of combi boilers come with a control that can regulate every room. If you do not have a state-of-the-art combi boiler you can consider investing in a smart thermostat that allows you to operate your heating remotely, so you can adjust it depending on the weather and your plans.

Smart thermostats are must-haves for all homes and businesses. Thanks to innovative mobile and web applications, motion sensors, and usage monitoring features, a smart thermostat can help you regulate the temperature with minimal effort or errors. Some are programmable and can automatically adjust temperature settings based on the time of the day and day of the week.

COST: This depends on what kind of radiator valves you have, but a smart thermostat costs around £225, including installation, according to

10. Upgrade your heating

Running your boiler accounts for around half of your energy use. If you’ve got an old boiler you could save around £195 per year by upgrading to an A-rated condensing boiler. (Check out energy grants to help with keeping your home warmer especially if you are vulnerable and have disabilities), even if you are renting your landlord will be over the moon if you are entitled to upgrades.

Turning down the temperature on your combi boiler and in your rooms can cut your gas bill by six to eight percent according to research by the Heating and Hot Water Council. Most boilers are set to provide water to radiators and taps at around 80°C – by turning it down to 70°C to save.

COST: Around £2,000.

11. Choose showers

Showering saves water and also saves money by running a hot bath. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that swapping a weekly bath with a four-minute shower will save £35 per person per year. A water-saving shower head will reduce the amount of hot water you use by adjusting the flow and spray pattern of water.

COST: Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Eco Shower Handset, £32.99 (

12. Microwave on

Cooking in a microwave is the cheaper option especially if you buy ready meals.

There are plenty of cookbooks you can buy where you can cook from scratch: : microwave cook books

Microwaves are cheaper to run than cookers and hobs, said Joanna O’Loan, knowledge manager at the Energy Saving Trust. Use it for anything that is slow to cook, for example, baked potatoes and risotto. Nigella Lawson famously uses her ‘meekro-wav-ay’ to make colcannon while Jamie Oliver has a nifty recipe for a microwaved steamed pudding that would help with insulating your tummy.

COST: Beko 20L Solo Microwave, £64.97 (

13. Fit solar panels

Generating your own power is the most drastic option for energy savers, reducing bills by up to £ 400 per year. (£400 x 24 years =£9,600 would be how much I could have saved had I had solar panels. Solar power was invented in 1839 by French physicist Edmond Becquerel at the tender age of 19. Who Invented Solar Power? The Story of How & Who Discovered Solar Power

Solar panels work best on south-facing roofs, which are not shaded during the day and you will need expert advice to check if your home is suitable, and what kind of panels you will need (start by checking out:

If you do install solar panels you may be able to export the power you don’t use back to the grid, and get paid for it – the Energy Saving Trust estimates that typical earnings would come in at £80 to £110 per year. On this basis breaking even will take around 14 years, but in the current climate solar panels are turning into a real selling point if you are considering moving home.

Solar panels are a smart long-term strategy to save on energy costs and ensure that the energy used in your business is clean and renewable. Solar panels may have an expensive upfront cost but will recover that over several years. Once installed there are few maintenance issues and they will start to bring down your monthly energy bill.

COST: An average of £6,500 according to

14. Look for efficiency

Avoid buying second-hand white goods, you will not know for certain how much money you may be wasting. If you intend on buying a new washing machine go for an energy-efficient model to save. Which? the research found that different models running costs vary from £15 per year to £70. recommends the Haier HW80-B1439N 8kg washing machine for its combination of good value and low energy consumption. I personally would go for a brand I have heard of. My washer/dryer is an Indesit and I pay a monthly breakdown cover which costs me £5.00 per month.

COST: £399 (

15. Wash at 30°C

Whatever model you have don’t run half-empty machines, wait until you have a full load. Washing clothes at 30°C instead of 40°C can save you around £9 a year.

COST: Free.

16. Go for Double Glazing

Double glazing is a job for homeowners and landlords, switching over from single to A-rated double glazing should save up to £110 per year. (£110 x 24 years = £2,640 that I could have saved over the years had I had double-glazed windows, the flat below me was fitted out but mine never was even though I have the longest tenant). An alternative to double-glazed windows on a budget is:

WINDOW FILM – The number one choice when you’re deciding how to insulate windows, whether you’re planning garage insulation or insulation in a shed, is window film. Made from plastic, window film is easy to apply and comes in a kit that generally includes the film and tape for the window. 

BUBBLE WRAP – is a good way to insulate a window if a warmer home is an urgent requirement. We have to admit that it’s not going to help any with the view, though.

USE CAULK – To insulate windows effectively, you may need to use a combination of methods for the best results. So, if you can feel a draft coming through the window before you apply the plastic film, try using caulk to seal the gaps.

HANG INSULATING CURTAINS – Hanging insulating curtains at the window can also help with insulation. This can be a solution you use after caulking and/or weatherstripping, and combined with the use of window film or bubble wrap.

COST: £200 to £700 per window according to

17. Air Conditioning

Planting trees outside of your office building can provide shade and keep the building cool during summer. Trees can also purify the air and create a much healthier home environment for your employees, this will reduce your air conditioning and air cooling costs if you are on a commercial property. Alternatively depending on where your home or business’s premises are located, you should consider covering up the windows with blinds. This stops direct sunlight from entering and heating the building. These can be particularly helpful on south-facing windows.

18. Invest in cogeneration systems

In large facilities, cogeneration energy systems – also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems – can recover waste heat from on-site generators and transform it into water and space heating.

19. Consider smart design elements

Whether you are a business and looking for premises or you are an architect planning on building a custom commercial property, you should consider energy-smart design elements such as reflective outside mirrors and rooftop green areas.

20. Shut off unused areas of the premises

If your business premises are extensive, consider shutting down a whole area and carrying out the work in just a portion of the building. This won’t just reduce running costs, it can also optimize operations.

21. Avoid buying secondhand

Every time your equipment, machinery, or system breaks down, see it as an opportunity to invest in better, more energy-efficient alternatives. If you have a piece of equipment that breaks down think of the repair costs and whether would it be better to trade in for a newer model rather than trying to fix things? The cheapest option is to buy a breakdown cover that way you will not get charged for callouts or repairs and if they cannot fix it they will replace it. Buying a breakdown cover is better than having to find a large wad of money to buy new equipment. This might seem an unnecessary cost at first, but you will be able to count on more efficient tools that will last longer.


62 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption in your Business (

Why thousands are joining the ‘Don’t Pay Campaign’ as energy prices rise | ITV News Central

More than 100,000 people join Don’t Pay UK in protest against energy price rises | UK cost of living crisis | The Guardian

Dont Pay UK: Movement gains support as BP reveal record profits (


Be prepared for energy prices to soar to £6,000 from April next year. Start making changes and avoid getting yourself into debt.

I have compiled a list of useful links on my other site. I have also included OFGEM energy and telecommunications ombudsman details, plus many links to financial support & charities. USEFUL LINKS | DISABLED ENTREPRENEUR – DISABILITY UK





Energy Ombudsman complaints form or call 0330 440 1624

British Gas complaints.


You can do one of the following:

  • Fill in an online form
  • Online Chat
  • Phone: 0333 202 9532
  • Email Customer Complaints at: (This fell on deaf ears, just saying).

Remember to keep a log of all phone calls you make, emails you send and ask for copies of transcripts if you are on online chat, and any phone calls you make.

Just beware that ‘British Gas’ online chat says they send out transcripts of your conversations but in reality, they do not so screenshot your conversations.

Do not be intimidated by any of your energy suppliers, they may use bully tactics and tell you the only way you can have a payment plan is if you have a Direct Debit (this actually happened to me so I reported them to the ombudsman) You have every right for them to move you to a magnetic card payment plan whereby you can go to the post office or pay by bank transfer, standing order or online via their websites.

Do cancel your direct debits asap after you have communicated with your energy supplier. If you continue with a Direct Debit you essentially give the energy supplier a license to increase the payments and take money out of your account which you may not be able to cover.

Be in control of your bank account and do not let your bank account control you. Not having enough money to cover your direct debit will incur bank charges of up to £30 which will start getting you in debt.

If you cancel your direct debit without a payment plan in place they will send your account to debt recovery where the debt collectors put a charge for collection on top of your bill. Always communicate with the energy supplier even if it means phoning them every single day.

Finally, reduce your usage (this is super important, have takeaways or ready-made meals or as I do, sandwiches, salads, takeaways or ramen noodles – I have managed to reduce my Gas to £30 pm.

They rely on profits and if everyone used less energy the less money they make!

Disagreeing With Your Competitor

Keep your business moving forward

Disagreeing With Your Competitor.

Minding my own business, I scrolled through my LinkedIn Notifications and noticed someone blatantly taking the proverbial p#ss out of a local pizza company. Curious about the topic of discussion and because I specialize in domain names I decided to join the conversation.

The entity happens to live in the same city as me in Cardiff Wales and runs a Marketing Agency, he pointed out that a domain name a pizza company was using has the word sh#t in the domain name. It did not have the actual word; it was the way the letters were merged and highlighted by my competitor that showed all the words in poor taste (no pun intended).

There is a saying “put your brain in gear before putting your mouth in motion” and for me, Monday morning was the start of my content writing week, and I should have thought twice before ending up arguing in a testosterone-heated discussion.

My competitor later admitted he copied the image and content from Reddit and then went on a defense that he has always supported the company and gave them free marketing…yer right.

My point was, never take the mick out of another business for the following reasons:

  1. If you are on a network channel such as LinkedIn, someone you are connected to and who does not agree with your message may never use you in the future or pass work your way. You should never burn all your bridges. I wont be sending business their way.
  2. If the business that was made a mockery of found out and the article went viral, there would be a certain amount of people that may not use the business, thinking if they cannot get their domain/branding right, it could look like they do not have much money to invest in a decent domain name so what is the quality of their pizzas going to be, are they scrimping on the ingredients too?
  3. The business does not want to be seen by people that will join in on the banter. The business loses credibility.
  4. It shows unprofessionalism.
  5. You instantly lose trustworthiness and credibility.

The image below is proof in the pudding of what I was trying to say as low and behold a person actually commented about the innuendo the marketing agency implied about the domain name and the pizza guy.

I have redacted the person’s name that made the comment.

So, although this competitor thought it was funny to take the p#ss out of a company. I quickly jumped on the bandwagon in the Pizza Companies’ defense.

I tried to point out if this was a photo of my business being circulated around social media and I had a questionable domain name (I am a domain broker so that would never happen but if it did) and people were laughing at me I would if I was in the Pizza guy’s shoes, sue the entity that started it.

Not being a lawyer (solicitor), I used the wrong words, I said I would sue the entity for defamation of character but what I should have said was “I would sue them for Libel”.

Yes, this article came with trolls, and everyone seemed to be on the side of the competitor, congratulating him for his publicity stunt and stupidity.

However, for the pizza guy, his pizza domain will be stuck in my head, not for his delicious pizzas (as I have never tried them) but for his poor choice of the domain name and the article I read.

The one troll said any lawyer wanting to take this case on would also be taking the p#ss. I stopped interacting after that, as I did not want to add any further fuel to the fire. I defused the situation.

So unbeknown to the entities in this article, I consult with lawyers (solicitors) as I happen to own a solicitor’s directory and forum which is for sale:

(The Domain & Website Are For Sale Or Lease, along with and

What is libel and slander?

Headlines show us that celebrities and the rich and famous go through libel or slander lawsuits – however, it’s also a big problem for businesses and in the most extreme cases can damage a business’s reputation to the point where it can no longer continue trading.

So, what should a business do if it finds out that a third party is making libelous or slanderous statements about it?

The fundamental differences between libel and slander are when somebody makes a false or untrue statement or claim about an individual or an organization that harms their reputation or good standing, verbally or in writing.

Both cases are classed as defamation although there is an important difference between the two – libel concerns written or drawn statements, and photographs, whilst slander concerns verbal defamatory words.

Defamation is said to have occurred simply when a statement is made that lowers somebody’s opinion of your business as a result of hearing or reading it.

A brand that cannot afford a high-quality domain name may be questioned if they have enough finances for their business and the quality of the products or services they sell.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. – Jeff Bezos, Founder,

Defamation is notorious on social media as I have found out and can often take place where individuals and customers are able to express their feelings about your business.

As an example: Price Chopper in the US saw a tweet that was criticizing them. They saw that the individual who had tweeted was employed by a business who they had some sort of commercial relationship with. And although the tweet wasn’t related to that relationship, and was on a personal account, they complained to the employing company that the tweet could jeopardize the relationship between the two companies, and they requested that the employer take some action against the tweeter.

What my competitor failed to see is even though he is one of my first connections on LinkedIn I am never going to send business his way or recommend him, as who is to say that he could not or would not slander me or anyone I sent his way further down the line? He lost credibility and trustworthiness posting that article on LinkedIn.

Another Case of defamation: In Preece v JD Wetherspoon plc, a pub manager was verbally abused by certain customers. The manager posted on her Facebook account about the situation and criticized the customers. A relative saw the comments and complained to the company which subsequently dismissed the manager for gross misconduct.

If your business finds itself in the unfortunate dilemma of having a libelous or slanderous statement made about them they need to collect all the evidence to make the case solid. It is very important to quickly assess the situation and, if necessary, take decisive action.

In most cases, no action will be taken as there is not enough evidence and witnesses may be reluctant to get involved. People are likely to hear the statement and/or may not take the comments seriously or back your corner.

One has to weigh up the pros and cons and if it is worth the money, time, and heartache of suing someone that may not have two cents (pennies) to rub together?

Sometimes causing unnecessary publicity from the lawsuit could actually further damage a business’s reputation and in such circumstances drawing attention to itself may actually do more harm than good.

If you feel this is the route to go through, are adamant you have enough evidence, and can prove you have lost business or will lose business, then the next step is to find a lawyer (solicitor).

Sometimes lawsuits can be avoided, and incidents nipped in the bud and mended what is broken by doing extensive PR Campaigns to show the business in good light.

In the case of the pizza guy, the best plan of action would be to change his domain name. He does not necessarily need to rebrand just have an exact match of searchable keywords and phrases in his domain name without the letter SH#T in the URL.

For the marketing company disrespecting his brand name, I would have done this differently if I were them, I would have reached out to the pizza guy and told him what people have noticed and are saying and then offer some relatable domain names, rather than making a mockery of his brand for a few likes and follows. (Low Blow PR Stunt).

What the marketing company (competitor) did was give me an idea to write an article that relates to my three sites: UK Domain Brokers Site and also the Cardiff Solicitors Site as well as the Marketing Journal and it gave me the opportunity to contact the pizza guy myself with a couple of domain names and offer him some marketing...thank you.

Legal action can be costly and time-consuming and there is no guarantee that the outcome, hence if people are laughing about a brand name behind the owner’s back, someone needs to step in and defend them.

A pizza guy may be an expert in baking pizzas and may not have the knowledge of SEO and Marketing, so PR stunt or not I will not be giving this marketing company any work or recommendations.

What if I need to take legal action?

To make a claim against libel or slander you must start legal proceedings within 12 months of the defamatory statement being made otherwise you will be legally unable to take any action against the other party.

How can I avoid making libelous or slanderous statements myself?

The best course of action is like I said earlier putting your brain in gear before putting your mouth in motion and quite simply ‘think before you speak!’ Be extremely careful about making accusations about another party, especially if you cannot provide proof that what you are saying is true.

Never make innuendos such as the marketing company did, and highlighted the letters SH#T in the domain name. This implies the guy’s pizzas are inferior. Sometimes it is better to keep your opinions to yourself.

I have not shared the previous article written by my competitor purposely as I do not want to draw further attention to something that should have been avoided providing the person posting the article had one ounce of common sense, which in my opinion he did not.

Simply highlighting the letters SH#T in the domain name was disrespectful to the domain owner even though he could have chosen a better domain.

Who wins at the end of this? I do of course because I have secured two exact match domain names that will help the pizza guy with his marketing and advertising?

I wonder what the competitor’s clients would think if this was brought to their attention, after all, my competitor has his clients on his landing page and I am sure it would not look good for him if he was seen to be disrespecting another company.

When publicly speaking about a third party one needs to be careful not to say anything derogatory or offensive, because making statements can leave you open to being sued for defamation or libel.

It is much better to empower, support, and find solutions for businesses that may be experiencing issues with branding and domain names rather than criticizing and laughing at the expense of their errors, for your own gains”.

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I will write:

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Working in Partnership with can be the next Twitter.

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Why Settle For Second Best (Twitter) When You Can Have

Elon Musk is in the news because he wants to acquire “”.

OK I get it, he wants his own social media platform that he can control, but what if there was an easier way and he had something everyone is doing for the most part and that is getting likes to social media posts. Imagine having a domain name called

With the right people to build a platform, Elon would own a social media app that could potentially blow everyone else out of the water, it is not exactly rocket science.

Having a team dedicated to the platform, from website designers and app developers to digital marketers and social media influencers will be quicker to launch than building a colony on Mars. He would have to employ a special ops department specifically for the project. This project would be bigger than anything he could imagine and he would have to have offices in multiple regions. This would need planning from who would build the platform to the staff that would have to run it on a daily basis. This would create jobs in multiple countries.

If I were in Elon’s shoes I would build something Grander than Twitter or Meta/Facebook and let the other social media platforms hurtle into cyberspace.

With all the money he is expected to pay to get control of ‘Twitter’ I would save him the money and the trouble and get him to build something himself, rather than squabble over ownership of a platform I personally very rarely use @ukdomainbrokers, although Elon @elonmusk is pretty active on there.


Michael Dooner and I are brokering ( domain name in partnership on behalf of the owner.

Further Reading:

Brokerage Site

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