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How To Get More Clients

How To Get More Clients

Regardless of what industry you are in, you always want more business. However, for startups, it is even more daunting when your phone does not ring or you have tonnes of emails with people selling you things but you have no inquiries.

So you have got a business plan and you think you have it all worked out but you still have no customers so what do you do?

In this article, I will list some ideas that you may not have thought about.

But first, we have to establish the difference between a small business and a large powerhouse. With a corporation or business that has been established for many years their brand name is well known and people will always choose a well-known brand over a lesser-known one.

If you are just starting out or are struggling to get business through the door, you may have to adopt different strategies to get you noticed. If this is the case you need your business to be in the news you need to be consistent and not hide behind your brand but instead be out there flying your flag high.

A more established company will have more money to spend on advertising and on staff and employee incentives. These companies use marketing agencies to help them get more exposure and will encourage their staff to publicize their company, products, and services

If you are a small business for example of 1-10 employees and your advertising budget may be on a shoestring, you have to invent ways to advertise your brand on next to nothing.

So here is a list of things to do to increase business.

(Some are free and some are pay per click or editorial or offline advertising suggestions)

  1. Start a podcast, talk about your company, conduct interviews with people that are making the news in the same industry as you.
  2. Start a Vlog and set up your own YouTube Channel.
  3. Consider Video Marketing, design your own videos or hire an agency.
  4. Start a Blog and write regular content. Do make sure the domain name has the exact match searchable keywords and phrases.
  5. Perform a SEO audit report and see how you can optimise your website/blog to perform better.
  6. Get backlinks.
  7. Get Like for Likes on social media groups and pages.
  8. Guest blog for free on other peoples blogs or comment on their articles. Some companies even pay you if they find your articles useful.
  9. Network with other businesses, LinkedIn is a good place to start and if you have networking events in your area consider going to one or two and start making acquaintances.
  10. Make use of all your social media platforms. Create business pages and join groups and like, comment and share your blog posts and interact with other business owners, don’t forget to use hashtags and if permitted backlinks to your page or site.
  11. Set up a business forum in your niche through WordPress, they have plugins that are already designed for you.
  12. Join Business Forums and interact.
  13. Set up a (chat) on your website and blogs so that you can interact with your visitors ( is free). Remember to have the chat bot on during office hours.
  14. Share Banner Ads on Social Media, Platforms, Pages and Groups.
  15. Advertise in Business Directories (most are free).
  16. Advertise on Classified Ads (Some are free, like Gumtree, Craiglist and FreeAds).
  17. Interact with local communities, some have websites (Quora, Reddit) aswell as Facebook groups.
  18. Set up a local workshop.
  19. Do Public Speaking.
  20. Offer free business consultation if you are in the industry of helping business grow.
  21. Offer to advertise other peoples businesses, products and service on your site free of charge for a limited time.
  22. Sell your advertising space to business owners.
  23. They say the money is in the list, set up a newsletter and send out information to your contacts. Offer incentives to get people to sign up to your newsletters.
  24. Consider Affiliate Marketing where you get paid if someone clicks an ad you are displaying on your site or through an email list or newsletter.
  25. Pay people to advertise your business through companies such as ‘Clickbank’ ‘Rakuten Linkshare’, ‘Shareasale’.
  26. Write an ebook that you can offer your customers in exchange for their email.
  27. Set up an event such as a conference, auction, or networing seminar.
  28. Sponsor an event, this could mean you may have to either pay/domate or offer your services for free. This will give exposure to your company and your brand.
  29. Organise an open house and offer wine tasting or set up a stall and sell your products and services. The series on Netflix “Selling Sunset” hosted parties and a wedding in a few of their luxury properties they were selling to VIP guests, multi-million dollar real estate.
  30. Set up an auction or fashion show and get other businesses to donate something and charge an entry fee for the evening of the event with your brand name in the limelight.
  31. Partner with a small business, offer your products and services at a discounted price and ask them to do the same in exchange. They may be a Web Designer but may not offer marketing, whilst you as a marketing agency could offer your service in exchange for leads and visa versa.
  32. Public Relations – make an announcement on PR Agency websites where journalist can write about you.
  33. Create a Google Business Page and update regularly just like you would a blog.
  34. Set up a contest/competition.
  35. Offer Discounts and Incentives to all you current and prospective clients.
  36. Upsell to your existing clients.
  37. Offer Free Trials and Demos.
  38. Wear your insignia and get your employees to wear branded apparel.
  39. Send out compimetary useful merchandise with your company logo, website and telephone number.
  40. Ask for referrals, offer you clients incentives that if they refer you, you will give them something in return, it could be a product, service or discount.
  41. Get your family and friends to spread the word.
  42. Consider leaflet drops to businesses or homes depending on the industry you are in.
  43. Sell a course online to educate people in your industry.
  44. Sell merchandise with your company name.
  45. Set up a Wikipedia page.
  46. Set up a Crunchbase profile.
  47. Pitch your business to angel investors, private equity firms to raise funding and spread awareness. Angel investors may put you in touch with some of their contacts if they think your business is viable, in exchange for a commission on every introduction.
  48. Set up a squeeze page using click funnels to your offer.
  49. Consider advertising your busness on other sites (rate card advertising prices will apply).
  50. Google Ads not only help with ranking they will get you on the first page of Google instantaneously providing you meet the bidding price of your daily budget.
  51. Facebook Ads, can fine tune the audience you wish to target.
  52. Instagram Ads – Instagram has over 500 million users per month.
  53. Start following people and businesses in your niche on Instagram and interact with their posts.
  54. Newspaper Ads.
  55. Editorial Publication Ad Campaign.
  56. Guerilla Marketing, do something outlandish but first get permission from the local council and the police. If you are a web designer set up a office type table and chair in a busy high street and when people ask what you are doing you can hand out your business cards. Baroness Michelle Mone did a stunt promoting her ‘Ultimo Bra’ brand back in the day when she was starting out by having actors dressed up as plastic surgeons protesting that ‘Ultimo’ was putting them out of business. The day of the event all her bra’s got sold out. Hire a plane or drone with the flogo and have your advert flown sky high.
  57. Promotional giveaways, you can do this digitally or can set up a physical stall, you can giveaway products and services but do get permission first if you plan to do it in a public place.
  58. Make the most of trade shows by either networking or setting up a stand an expo.
  59. Create your own App.
  60. Billboard advertising is another way to attract business, such as bus stops and on sides of buildings.
  61. Advertise on Publish Transport on the side of buses and taxis.
  62. Send your products and services to influencers and celebrities and ask them to endorse your brand.
  63. Advertise your business on Black Cabs if you are in the UK and Yellow Cabs in the States.
  64. TV & Radio Advertising.
  65. Help non profit organisations by donating or marketing, either way the charities will advertise you.
  66. Go physically into businesses that are in the same niche as yours and if you are a pet sitting/dog walker business go to your local vets and ask them to display your posters or brochures. If you are selling cruises get your local high street travel agents to display your information.
  67. Offer your services for free for the first month or so, get people to sign contracts as they could take you up on the offer and then walk away once it is ended. Or if you are selling a product why not “try before you buy” type of offer.
  68. Ask businesses if they would like free exposure to their products and services and display, their merchandise in your establishment, moreover they may also do the same for you.
  69. Go to cafes and grocery stores where they have message boards and display your information, or if you are more high end, visit hospitality venues and advertise your products and services there. Give them incentives to market your business such as an exclusive discount and mention their name in the print.
  70. Start a directory of businesses in your niche and offer both free and paid listings. When constructing the directory contact each business owner and tell them they have a free listing. This will give you the opportunity to explain who you are and offer them more exposure with more prominent paid advertising. Instead of waiting for the mountain to come to Mohammed, get Mohammed to go to the mountain.

Note From The Editor.

When promoting your business try to expand your products and services, it is good to have your fingers in many pies.

As well as the above-mentioned hints and tips, re-train your mindset and stay focused and positive. Be assertive with yourself and do not allow any negativity to get in your way. Just before you go to sleep visualize your ultimate goals and desires and imagine yourself already have acquired your wealth, do this every night for 30 days and see changes manifesting. Research neuroscience and the power of thought.

Do some research into neuroplasticity and a book that is highly recommended read is Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”

Further Reading:

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Landlord Resposibilities Fact Checking.




I am the voice for tenants that are not in the know.

Due to an incident that happened to me last year with the installation of my own cooker, I decided to make some enquiries as there was mixed information and I needed to get the facts right.

So here is what I know:

If a cooker is installed by the tenant it is the resposibility for the repairs and maintenance by the tenant but the annual Gas Safety checks are the responsibility of the landlord.

Below is an email to confirm this and I have redacted part of the senders information for privacy purposes.


I also asked the question in an online form how often do fire alarms have to be checked and the Government Agency told be to look on their link as follows where it does not mention the frequency of the alarm checks by a regualated electrician or anything about annual checks.

There is no mention how often a fire alarm has to be checked by an regulated electrician.

From I have read on other sites it is the tenant’s resposibility to check the arms are working once a month.

Here is the screenshot of the Fire Reguations from the link above:


For the gas engineer to say there is no need for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted they are wrong, every rented property has to have a carbon monoxide alarm.

For the annual fire inspection done by a regulated electrical engineer, there is no data to support this and it is the responsibility of the tenant to make sure their alarms are working once a month.

If an electrician or landlord tells you otherwise they are wrong and the electrician is making money off the back of the word “legislation” is basically hoodwinking the landlord who may have a few properties.


The only thing I can say is that the majority of people do have common sense and do test their alarms and it is down to the landlord to decide can he/she trust the tenant enough to do the fire alarm test once a month…..

The can of smoke the electrician used to test the alarms on my property can be purchased below:

Renata Entrepreneur

Renata Entrepreneur Personal Brand Promotion.

The owner of this blog – and static site has launched her own Personal Brand ‘Renata Entrepreneur’ Virtual Business Card.

Its early days but I have acquired both domain names and

The site is just over a week old and I wanted something that would reflect who I am and what I do.

In the early days I used to have and then which I dropped. I found people could not spell my surname. I have now re-branded myself so unless people cannot spell ‘entrepreneur’ 🤣 I should be easier to find.

This is going to be my virtual business card nothing more and nothing less, just something to point people to, in the right direction. It will save me time as I have lots of people asking me what I do and it takes me forever in a day to explain.

The idea came into my head after a telesales person looked me up on line and found a site that I was associated with many years ago. I want to set the record straignt that people can simply look me up online and see what I do at a glance without having to search tonnes and tonnes of information.

Explaining who I am is no easy task as I diversify in a wide range of services.

I have many blogs, static site’s and social media pages.

I ideally wanted but it was gone many years ago to a watch battery manufacturer/distributor called ‘Renata’.

Its ok I am happy with what I have chosen and it serves its purpose.

Please Note: Anyway reading this please do not offer me alternative domain names, as the answer will be the same, unless you want to gift me the domain name, I am not interested.

Phone Call Scam alert.

I received a phone call from this number today 023 7925 8035 located in Southampton England. It was is an automated message claiming to be the National Crime Prevention Agency saying my National Insurance number had been infiltrated with an option to press to continue. I immediately disconnected.

However you can buy telephone numbers from anywhere around the world. So just because this number came up as Southampton the owner of this phone number may be located in Nigeria for example.

When you get these type of calls do not press any options to continue and NEVER give out your details over the phone. If someone asks to confirm your details do not confirm anything. These scammers use well known company names such as businesses and agencies to pretend they are who they say they are.

Legitimate businesses and agencies do not phone or email you to collect sensitive data about you.

Do not press any keys to continue as they may put a virus on your phone or run up your phone bill. Do not attempt to phone them back either.

The government if they thought you have been cloned and data stolen would contact you by letter.

I have tried reverse call lookup: but there was no imformation on the caller and no one had made any comments so I was the first and marked the number as ‘Dangerous’.

I also phoned 101 Police Non emergency telephone number and was told to report the incident to Telephone: 0300 123 2040 as .his is central hub to all fraud incidents.

Be vigilant and be safe.

Loosing Faith & Confidence

Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

As most of you are already aware I do have suffer with insecurities and I am sure I am not alone when it comes to saying that no matter how hard I try to prove to people that I am know what I am doing people still seem to find a way to judge me and I feel they do not trust me even though I have not given any reason to feel this way. Is it paranoia pehaps?

I have been judged all my life and I do try to not let it get to me at most part but sometimes it is really hard. I will give you and example yesterday and today I posted a crowd funding project with the hope that people will help to fund it so that I can employ 2 people full time at a mnimum wage of £8.75 an hour for at least 4 months. Now you may think so what was so wrong with that afterall I am trying to better myself well the problem is some of my connections have disappeared on LinkedIn and I don’t know why?

Now I have tried to be as transparent as I can and even wrote a Business Plan for people to read. Either they do not want me to succeed and are jealous or they do not believe in me or it could be LinkedIn themselves that have glitched out somehow.

I have in the past been trolled and humiliated and even been accused of things that really saddened me. But I try to keep my head up and think oh well, “it your loss as I will succeed with or without your help”.

So just like I tell my readers I also tell myself:

Don’t let it phase you. I am not saying all people are narrow minded but we have all been burned at some point in our lives by people we have trusted. I am not alone as people have scammed me due to my trusting nature. However I have learnt from my mistakes and know what to look for if someone has ulterior motives. So I understand that people can be less trusting especially if they have encountered bad business through their employee, partner or client. It could be a number of different things that people find distrusting about you and you should not take it personally. Its their opinion and no one elses.

Gaining their trust. Always keep your head up high and do not let your insecurities get to you. Let people gain their trust in you by you offering them incentives or offers they cannot refuse. Once you deliver outstanding services, work and results only then will they change their opinion about you. Try to be their friend and not be so formal. Sometimes being to business like can be very cold which sends out singles that may look like you are superior or have something to hide. Try being natural so that they can learn what you are about.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Just as I am doing here I have literally told the world who I am and what I am about. I do not paint myself to be anything other than what you read about on my blogs. Just because people do not trust you don’t let it it prevent you from being the awesome person you are. (I know I’m awesome and tell myself that everyday), thats not me being conceited it ‘s me boosing my moral.

Alway remember someone else’s opinion is not your opinion and if that is how they feel its their problem not yours and it is not your fault. 

We all feel low from time to time and our self esteem becomes questionable. Some people deal with these issues differently to others. I tend to switch off from the world when it gets too much for me. I need to re-charge my batteries and come back with a clear mind.

Have you noticed how people with a lot of money and I am not talking about everyone but even with a lot of money they have insecurities and mental health issues like depression? How many actors (A-Listers have had alcohol dependency issue, when in theory they never have to worry about putting food on the table or have a roof over their heads but they still drink themselves stupid or take drugs)? I often think if I had so much money that I did not know what to do with, I would not be depressed and my insecurities would diminish to next to nothing. But you cannot speak about everyone as each and every one of us has different opinons and beliefs and differrent mental states.

Each person is different, there are many factors, including social class, cultural background, child and life experiences, race, gender, personal relationshionships worth environment etc, that can make us feel insecure with low self esteem. We cannot change our past but we can change how we feel now and for the future. Just because people do not trust you, thats their problem not yours. You just need to be able to rise above it.

Genes and Temperament

Our self-confidence is built into our brains at birth. We are molded genetically and studies have shown our genetic makeup affects the feeling of confidence-boosting chemicals (Serotonin) our brain can access through receptors. It is also thought that 25 to 50 percent of the traits linked to confidence may be genetically inherited. Our personality can also stem from temperament

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with feeling of happiness and Oxytocin can both be triggered by certain genetic variations. especially when confronted with a situation known as “behavioral inhibition.” one can to start to question logic of the situation. Not everyone impulsively jumps into every situation, some who tread with caution and are reserved may let self esteem elude them.

Life Experiences

Certain life experinces can lead to feeling completely unsure about oneself or even the feeling of worthlessness.

Trauma. When someone has experienced traumatic life changing experiences such as physical and mental abuse, rape or sexual assualt, public humiliation, judged, discriminated and death of a loved one, this can play on ones mind and unless the memories are erased a person can be tormented indefinately. As a consequence the persons self confidence and esteem will be very low and they may feel ashamed of their experiences and embarresed aswell as devasted and feeling lost and empty. A breakup, divorce or seperation can be equally devasting to loosing some one thorugh death and the effects on a person mind can be debilitating.

Our Parenting. The way we have been brought up determins how we are shaped. I four up bringing was of neglect we will show signs later on in our adult life that may mirror how our parents treated us. As an example if a parent who constantly belittled you, compared you to others, or told you that you were worthless and would never amount to anything, you would eventually believe them thorugh brain washing. Depending how you parents treated you, will depend on your mental state of mind later on in life. My father was really strict and everything had to be done his way or not at all and if we misbehaved we were belted. That has be one of the contributing factors of my insecurities to this day, although other life changing traumatic events have made me who I am today.

Bullying, humiliation, discrimination and harrassment. I remember when I was in infants and could not speak English but understood to a certain degree what the other children were saying, I remember having my blazer spat on and being pushed down some concrete steps to a gravel laiden payground where I suffered gashes to my face. Then in senior years the bullies would wait for me outside the school gates where I would get numerous kickings. Therfore from childhood bullying left a mark on my confidence. This in turn continued into my adult years with my abusive ex.

Bullies will bully you when it comes to your appearance, your intellectual and athletic abilities and so on, aswell as other areas of your life, because a bully is also insecure and will try to take the onus away from them in order for them to feel momentarily better about themselves by degarading another person.

Humiliating experiences in adulthood, including public humiliation by people in authority and in the workplace or a peer group that disrespects or demeans you will cause you to question yourself and your abilities as you have been told by someone else this is what you are supposed to believe. However people whom humiliate you are more inadequate because if they felt good about themselves there would be no need to undermine you to make themselves feel better and more powerful.

Discrimination Gender, race, and sexual orientation. Studies have shown women are socialized to worry more about how they’re perceived.

A womens racial, social class, cultural background and sexual orientation can also cause a women to suffer low self esteem. A woman that has been on a receiving end of discrimination may have internalized some negative, untrue messages about her worth and true potential and whether she“belong.” However this also applies to other genders also and people perceived to be worthless will eventually believe they are and will not take risks in order to better themselves.

Lack of knowledge

Someone full of confidence does not care how they are perceived as in their mind they are on a pedestal and no one can take that away from them, however a person that lacks self confidence needs to reassure themselves that they are confident and this in turn leads to insecurities where they question themselves and find faults which leads them to failure. Not be certain of your circumstnces or lack of knowledge of your surroundings can manifest into insecurities.

On the contrary a person who is a perfectionist also suffers with low self esteem as they have to battle to have everything perfect all the time in order to be accepted as a confident person.

How the Media Perceives People

You have heard it before “Sex Sells”. All the glossy magazines, billboards and catwalk runnways are targeted for women always having a beautiful women on their covers or super skinny top models strutting their stuff down the catwalks. Products and Fashion is advertised always by beautiful looking men and women. Its is drummed into our heads that this is how we are supposed to look and the average looking person will always feel inadequate by their looks because they can never achieve the same standards as that of these good looking people who are portrayed to be the ideal perfect looking person.

But the ideal look does not stop on the catwalk it has infiltrated social media channels with adverts and influencers making the virtual world look like reality but really it is fantasy in most cases, superficially imposed, yet we are supposed to believe what we see even though our lives are not perfect, we start to show less confidence in ourselves when we see other people looking so perfect with their perfect lives and women looking like super models, showing off flashy houses and cars. We live in a materialistic superficial world and we too also want to have luxuries with little effort but in most cases that is virtually impossible. Yet in reality the people that post online are heavily curated and edited. Everyone has bad days, self-doubt, and physical imperfections and it is drummed into our heads each and every day that in order to look like a certain person we need to mirror them, which sometimes is rarely possible to achieve.

Anxiety and Depression

Low Self esteem and low self confidence causes people to doubt their state of mind and their abilities which in turn causes anxiety and depression which go hand-in-hand.

There are a few self help books that I have posted below, just in case you are feeling low. However do speak with your GP if things are getting out of control.

Remember when someone says something bad about you are shows you no support and you feel they do not have confidence in you, let them think what they like afterall you are not indebted to the them and you do not have to prove anything, just be yourself. It’s their opinion and not the rest of the worlds.

I know what I am worth and I do not have to prove anything to anyone.

All I can say is: “if you do not believe in me then its your loss”.

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I have decided to update this post as I am glad to say that my connection drop the other day must have been a LinkedIn glitch as I know have all my connections back:

Mental Health & Loneliness

Being Alone and Loneliness are two different things.

Being alone can for some people be more gratifying than being in a room full of people and not having anything in common or anything to talk about. Some people choose to live alone and live happily without intervention of other people.

We all experience the feeling of loneliness from time to time. Our self conception is very unique to us and not everyone who feels loney may feel the same type of loneliness as yourself. My conception of loneliness is not being on my own. I actually like my own company. My perception of loneliness is not being able to share my thoughts or have people share my passion or give me the support I need. My loneliness is the emptiness I feel when I cannot talk to anyone that shares or cares about my thoughts.

The most common description of loneliness is the overwhelming emptiness feeling we get when our mental state, views passions beliefs are not recognised by other people.

Loneliness is not always the same as being alone.

You may the most social person on the block and have lots of friends and acquaintances or part of a large family, but if not one person shares your views and you cannot reach out or relate to these people as they simply are not interested you will find the loneliness creeping in.

Mental health may increase the chance of feeling lonely and although feeling lonely is not a mental health issue it is however strongly linked.

People who suffer with social phobia’s may find it difficult to express their mental well being which in turn can cause loneliness. If you have suffered with the feeliing of loneliness for a very long time undiagnosed this may well impact your mental health in the long term, which in turn can manifest into stress, low self esteem, depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

What is the cause of loneliness?

Loneliness differs from person to person and each case is different. ‘Life Changes’ play an important factor diagnosing someone with loneliness. Each life event is unique and some people can handle these events better than others.

Examples of life events that can cause loneliness are as follows.

1). Traumatic Event in your life that has had devasting and lasting effect (I have had eight but whose counting)

2). The loss of a loved one (bearevement), family member, friend, pet, life partner (I have experienced this three times, I was once asked so when will I stop grieving, well the answer is never).

3). Break up of a relationship, (divorce, seperation) (Most memorable I experienced four times)

4). Abusive Relationship, violence and rape (I experiend this as two seperate incidents).

5). Retiring and loosing the network of collegaues that were friends at work (No issue).

6). Moving to a new location with no network of family or friends. (No Issue).

7). Feeling isolated from your co-works who alienate you. (No Issue).

8). Changing Jobs and learning the ropes from scratch with no support from other co-workers. (No issue).

9). Starting a course at College or University and you do not know anyone and do not make friends easily (No Issue).

Depending on each individuals circumstances determines why the feeling of vulnerability sets in. It is suggested by some researchers that certain life changing factors will be the root cause to the problem.

1). It may be that you are part of a minority group seperated from your family and friends due to immigration as asylum seekers as you fled from a war stricken country to somewhere very alien to you.

2). You could be in an ethnic group alienated for your race and values

3). You could be discriminated because, of your colour, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities and social class.

4). You are estranged from your family.

5) You have been physically and mentally abused and find it diffficult to form relationships.

6). You have been publicly humiliated and made a mockery of.

7). You have no friends or family

8). You are a single parent or carer and may not be able to maintain a social life.

9). You are judged by how much money you have or what job you do.

10) Although unlawful you may be discrimiated by employers for your mental health or disabilities or even you appearance. It is not supposed to happen but it does and its even more harder to prove.

This feeling of loneliness can be crippling and some people do not know where to turn or how to rectify the problem and thus spiral out of control.

My therapy is wrting, I call my blogs my online diaries that anyone can read. I can express myself and I know someone somewhere is reading this and possibly can relate.

My loneliness is not being able to share some of the trauma, humiliation and pain I have endured over the years and would love to give the people that made me this way a good old fashioned public shout out and watch them squiirm getting publicly humiliated as I did. But for now let sleeping dogs lie, one day their time will come.

So when the next time you are talking to someone you find that you have nothing in common, nip it the bud, do not let it fester and do not pretend to be a friend as that makes you a hypocrite. You are either with that person because you actually care or you are with that person for your own agenda.

Only be with people you genuinly care about and support, do not be two faced. If I can share similar life experiences and idea’s, passions and goals with others as I am doing I am half way there to battling my feeling of loneliness. The peron does not have to sit in the same room as me but could been thousands of miles away with only an internet connection between us.

I have only one goal and that is to make a lot of money, I am not looking to make friends or relationships but instead to connect with like minded people that share my goals and my passion. The power of mind over matter is the differnce of filling the void of loneliness.

I tend not to dwell on all the bad things that have happened in my life (which no doubt have been a few) but instead try to turn the negative feelings and thoughts into postitive ones. I set myself realistic goals that if I achieve I reward myself. I buy myself something that will cheer me up and set another goal and another.

Remember always be kind to others as you do not know what they are going through and never be two faced or judgemental. Treat people with respect just like you would want to be treated and if you know someone is alone especially during the holidays do something nice for them just so that they know someone was thinking about them.

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Failing in Business.


Lessons of Failure in Business and in Life!

Very few successful entrepreneurs may succeed on their first business venture. For example did you know Microsoft entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s first business venture was the Traf-O-Data. Traf-O-Data sold just one unit before the business dissolved.

So do not beat yourself up if your business is not going to plan, “if at first you do not succeed, try again”.

You just need to stay focused and if there is a will there is a way.

This also applies to your mental health and everyday scenario’s and it does not always have to be about business per se. You just must find a way to carry on and fight your cause. No one else is going to help you so do not rely on other people and do it yourself. You are the master of your own destiny.

Statistics show whilst most new businesses (80%) survive their first year, only half of them will still exist after five years down the road.

The key to a successful entrepreneurship that has failed previously is that entrepreneurs have seen failure as lessons of how to overcome obstacles.

So, although at first failure may look like doom and gloom, one needs to turn the negative into a positive. Business failures may incur financial hardships, so you must find ways to get around this especially if you bank is not supportive. There are many ways to raise funds including re-inventing yourself and crowd funding. Business failures could also be a breakdown of business relationships with your business partners. You must decide if a person is weighing you down do you continue to have them in your life or do you find a way to move on and leave them behind. After all and this applies to business as well as your personal lives, do not surround yourself with negative people.

Call it tough love and only the toughest survive so that means you must make tough decisions.

Establish what the root of your problem is and then tackle it head on.

Do a deep clean analysis of the failure. Work out the biggest contributing factors that are making your business fail.

Look at factors why you started the business and what you wanted to accomplish from it. Write down a list and also do not forget to say what you ultimately wanted to achieve when you started out. It may be that you may feel you are overwhelmed and have lost the plot of what you wanted then to what is happening now and you can easily start to feel lost.

The following needs to be addressed.

  1. What was your goal at the beginning of your start-up?
  2. What problems are you encountering?
  3. Do you have financial issues and do not know how you will pay your bills?
  4. Do you have staff issues?
  5. Do you have management issues?
  6. Is your product or service not unique or sort after?
  7. Are you have problems generating business?
  8. Is your website not optimised to its full protentional?
  9. Do you have marketing and advertising issues?
  10. Have you got personal (spouse/partner) or mental health issues that are interfering with your business?

There are many factors that can cause a business to fail and you need to find the core to the problem in order to address it in order to avoid the demise to the business.

The sooner you find what is causing your business to spiral out of control, the sooner you can get hold of the reigns again.

Sometimes you need a moderator, mentor or consultant that can sit on the fence and give you a neutral opinion of what you are doing wrong. Find someone you can confined in, whether it is a spouse or partner or a friend. There is always someone that can lend an ear especially if your failing business is causing you mental and psychological health problems. Do not forget you can also speak with your GP if the stress is becoming overwhelming.

Useful Links:

What is Anxiety

What is Stress

What is Depression

Suicide Healthline

There are always solutions to all problems, no matter how big or small.

Once you have established the root to your problem the next thing is to address it and make the changes.

1). If you have ‘FINANCIAL ISSUES’ and have come to a road block either because your customers are paying late or you bank does not want to lend you any more money, consider ‘FACTORING’  where the  banks pays you 80% of your invoice upfront and the customer then has 30 days to pay the invoice whereby the bank will pay you the remainder of the invoice. Do speak with you bank manager about this service as it does not come cheap, but at least you have one less thing to worry about when the customer does not pay as the bank will do the chasing for you. Consider ‘CROWDFUNDING’ and ‘PRIVATE EQUITY’ where you raise funds publicly or through Angel Investors who are looking to support small businesses in exchange for a stake of your company.

If you are starting up and this applies to the UK as other countries may differ, you can apply for tax credits and housing benefit and council tax reductions to help you. Phone your Local Council about Housing Benefit and Council Tax and HMRC about Tax Credits. You can also find information online.

2). Do you have staff issues, consider outsourcing the work to virtual assistants and freelancers if it is office related? If it is manual work, consider hiring school leavers you may even be eligible for grants or sub contractors, these are self employed businesses and you just pay them for the job on a contract basis.

3) Do you have management issues where people are getting too big for their boots. Remember you are the Boss and you say what goes. If you feel that your staff are not pulling their weight, offer incentives to make them work harder.

4) If you have debt issues there are companies that can consolidate all your debts to one manageable monthly payment plan. Never brush your debts under the carpet, they will never go away on their own, instead take the bull by its horns write out all your debts and work out your monthly overheads and contact these companies that can resolve your problems.

5) Is the product or service that you are selling the problem. Reinvent yourself if you must and address pricing, competition and why the product or service is not selling. It could be your online presence is not optimised and you are not generating enough traffic. With this said speak with the web developers, whom are also internet marketers to see why you are not generating enough traffic. Consider PPC advertising this will get you on the first page of Search Engines for the exact match search terms your users are looking for. Also consider offline advertising like Newspaper, Magazine Ads as well as Leaflets.

6) Have you got problems at home such as marital, speak with a counsellor.  Or do you feel lonely and come home to an empty home? Whatever the problem is what ever happens at home should stay at home but often we bring it to work with us as we are constantly fretting and thinking about the other person and not concentrating on the work put before us. I am not a marriage councillor but there are many ways you can address these issues. Do some research there are plenty of organisations that can help.

7) MENTAL HEALTH and PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS. Sometimes the stress is too much to bear and you can barely find enough energy to get out of bed, sometimes only wanting to cocoon yourself under the blankets and wait for the world to pass you by. I’m the world’s worst when it comes to this as I have suffered with mental health issues (Depression and OCD) most of my adult life, but somehow I find the courage to face another day. So, from my own personal experience and perspective I have planted a seed in my head. This seed is my goal to achieving what I want in life and I try to stay focused. If on days where the stress is too much to bear, I take time out and do something that I enjoy doing such as writing and reading or watching movies and a takeout. I know I will not be defeated, and I know eventually I will get where I am going.

Consider a dream board that you hang in your office which will be a daily reminder why you are where you are and where you want to be. A dream board (vision board) is a montage of images of all the things you want out of life, call it a bucket list if you will. Every morning take some time to think about your goals before starting work.

So do try to take leaf out of my book and remember there is no success without failure. Rejoice your failure. The failure is a lesson and you can learn from. People who take risks are prone to failure but without risks there are no opportunities. Your self-confidence should not be diminished by your failures, your failure should be embraced as achievements. You have to take risks in order to succeed.

Never be ashamed of your failures in fact teach others and mentor them that failure helps us to learn and to succeed. We have all failed at something in or lives, if its not exams at school or Uni, to driving tests, to personal relationships. Don’t tell me you have never been heartbroken or come close to loosing your life partner, or not achieved careers goals you had hoped for. Life gives us choices and life is what you make it. You either fail and give up or fail and move on, I prefer to fail and learn not to do the same mistake twice and teach others about my mistakes and pay it forward.

Finally if you found this post useful, do comment, share, like, subscribe and pay it forward.

Monetising Your Websites/Blogs

This is a test page/post for something I have dabbled in the past but have not actively done anything about until now.

So today I have decided to monetise all my blogs that I am managing for other clients as well as my own.

I was toying with the idea when I posted an image of a product on someone elses blog and thought what if the person reading the post will want to buy the product? What will I get for promoting it. So I thought ok here goes nothing.

If you are serious about monetising your sites consider Amazon Associates or Google Adsense. I prefer Amazon as that is where I do most of my shopping aswell as streaming etc.

So after spending the last couple of hours trying to figure out how to add the iframe code into the post I finally figured it out as it was not displaying on Mozilla Firefox for some reason. I will try clearing my caches late to see if it has worked, hence when I switched browsers and when onto Chrome you cannot image my joy when I actually saw the link visible.

So basically all you need to do is add the code into the ‘Custom Html’ block on your post in WordPress.

Finally always tell your visitors that you are using affiliate links in your posts for the sake of transparency as in the case of this site and this post in which I have done so in the cookie banner.

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