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Faceless – No Empathy Companies

New Profile Image.

Companies that do not have human interaction are cowards if you ask me. Any company offering public services should show they care and have empathy for their customers by having online chat at least.

Companies that are too large for their boots and think they can play God with people should not exist, yet they do. I always think if I was a search engine or social media platform how would I behave. I would have online chat at least. I would obviously prompt people to try and find the answers via the FAQ forum themselves and if after that they still needed to ask a question I would help them.

But these corporate gorilla’s just do not care.

If I offered a public service I would not discriminate in order not to face litigation proceedings against me.

Do not pick an choose who you want to serve.

I refer to my previous post about corporate gorillas who can do what they want with you and if they do not want you to do business with them for whatever reason they will make it extremely difficult for you. Yet if these companies which are owned by the public then they should not discriminate but they do.

So what is this rant over today, well I will tell you, although I do not know why for the life of me why this has happened and cannot get hold of anyone to find out to resolve the issue….

The notification is as follows:

“Your advertising access is restricted • You’re no longer allowed to use Facebook Products to advertise. You can’t run ads, manage advertising assets, or create new ad or business accounts”.

Who the hell do they think they are?

To dictate and to interfere with my business as I manage Facebook Pages for my clients is beyond unbelievable, do not dictate what I should or should not do unless it is a breach of your T&C’s.

If this is not reinstated I will be suing Facebook for loss of business and I welcome any other business having similar problems to also contact me, together we can face these bullies and stand up to them.

Yes you heard me I will be suing Facebook if my advertising is not reinstated.

If you do not like your new image do not be a bully and re-instate my advertising and I may consider taking it down at my sole discretion……….it works both way, see how you like it having an image of you on my blog which depicts who you are in which I have sole control over!!

You can DM me to get my details and ask me to take the image down and
reinstate my advertising or you will be hearing from my lawyers.

British Gas Privacy Policy Data Sharing

British Gas the Corporate Gorilla.

Did you know that regardless of GDPR rules these blue chip corporate companies have rules of their own and if you are not happy they simply will not provide you the service.

I have just got off the phone with a customer service rep who basically said if I am not happy with their data sharing they will not provide me Gas regardless of GDPR rules.

So looking further into their privacy policy I was shocked to find not only do they share information with credit reference agencies they also share your personal data with the following companies. My question is what has my data got to do with Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like?

Their answer was that because they offer credit they must share your personal data. I am obviously not a corporate giant and I do offer monthly payment plans for my clients, yet the difference is I safeguard my clients personal data and do not share it with any third party.

This is totally wrong on so many levels and the cheek of it is if you are not happy then “Adios” you will have to burn candles instead to keep you warm.

Here is the pdf for their privacy policy:


For a quick review here are the companies they share your personal data with:

Centrica Plc (Their Parent Company).
National Grid
GHE Solar
ECO Greendeals
Infinity Energy
Infinity Energy
Trade Engine

They claim they do not sell your information to third parties, but sharing is ok in their eyes. So in theory anyone of these companies I have listed to you above can contact you with their marketing spiel. Have you ever wondered how these marketing companies get your information?, now you know, as each one of these companies have their own set of T&Cs and they can then sell your information on.

I think that credit agencies need to be accessed to see if you can pay your bills or not and if you fall into arrears then debt collecting agencies. But to share with social media platforms and affiliate sites is absolutely a NO WAY for me and should not be allowed. But GDPR only covers the UK & the EU so sharing your data to countires out of the jurisdiction is possible and you will have to get an army of lawyers to back you up.

I’m not happy and thought I should share this with my readers.

Managing Business Payments

Managing Business Payments

When managing money on a monthly basis it is always best to write out a payment plan.

Be brutal with yourself and allow for the unexpected expenses.

Decide also what needs paying first or like me predict when payments are coming in and when they are going out.

If push came to shove would you put a website on top of the list if it meant that without a website your main source of income would fail?

If you a bricks and mortar business and have some business walk-ins then maybe you may not want to prioritise your website. But if your website generated your main source of income you would pay your electricity, your broadband, your telephone and your website hosting first. Obviously there are other factors, such as rent, rates and staff wages, but without your business engine running smoothly your are potentially sabotaging your whole business which then causes redundancies or worse your whole business closing down.

Today I talk about overdue payments. Everyone has bills but there is a way to manage them by writing out a payment plan. It does not have to be anything fancy and it can be done with word and a table of columns (date, description, dr, cr, balance).

When writing your business plan consider that you may need extra money for an added expense not forecasted within the month. If this unexpected bill does not materialise one month let that payment roll over to the next month and so one so that when it eventually rears its ugly head you are prepared for it. Be strict with yourself and never go over your budget. If you manage to save as some months and in my case I do not get domain renewals every month but I still set myself a budget and I roll over that expense to the next month and so on.

Also highlight the most important bills you have to pay and prioritise these payments over others. This payment plan can also be incorporated into your personal expenses. At a glance each month you will then see what needs paying without receiving embarrassing reminder txt messages or phone calls.

I have added a payment plan template for your convenience below:


Preinstalled Microsoft Windows

Various Operating Systems

Microsoft Operating Systems on my mind.

The reason I write this is because I was forced to do an update of ‘Windows 10’ which I ignored for about a week but then started noticing problems so I started the update begrudgingly. Three hours into the update I had only reached 5% so I decided to do some research and found this update can take as long as 24 hours. No one from Microsoft had notified me of this prior to the update. So I powered my computer off. This was last night.

Today I come into work and power my computer on and low and behold a message comes up ” undoing changes to your computer”. OMG I was infuriated as I needed to access my computer there and then and not wait for Microsoft to mess me around. At this stage I wanted for heads to roll as I am trying to run a business and is Microsoft going to compensate me for every minute I am not working.

So I phone a number which is apparantely it was Office 365, I explain I needed Windows Tech Support and no one can give me a number but they put me through to the Tech Support internally. I then asked the Tech Support for their direct number and again they went round the houses and avoided giving it to me. So after the telephone call I then did some research and found the number for the UK : 0344 800 2400 ,so why was it so difficult to give it to me? For the USA it is +1 800 642 7676

Anyway moving on the telephone consisted of the tech support person telling me to wait for the changes to be undone which meant me waiting several hours for the changes to happen.

So in my opinion Microsoft are bullies and all they care is about the promotion of their product and seek to maintain market competition. A Monopoly exists when a specific person or enterprise is the only supplier of a particular commodity. This contrasts with a monopsony which relates to a single entity’s control of a market to purchase a good or service, and with oligoply which consists of a few sellers dominating a market.

Hence all computers are prinstalled with Microsoft Operating Systems which in other words is The Bundling of Microsoft Windows is the installation of Microsoft Windows in computers before their purchase. Microsoft happen to encourage original equiptment manufacturers (OEMs) of personal computers to include Windows licenses with their products, and agreements between Microsoft and OEMs have undergone antitrust scrutiny. Users opposed to the bundling of Microsoft Windows have sought refunds for Windows licenses, arguing that the Windows end user license entitles them to return unused Windows licenses for a cash refund. Although some customers have successfully obtained payments (in some cases after litigation or lengthy negotiations), others have been less successful. This is so unfair as not everyone wants Microsoft as their operating system and the amount of time and resources wasted configuring updates they should just give the money back without argument.

I believe that an equipment manufacturer should make the market fair and purchase equal percentages of end user licenses of various operating systems not just Microsoft and offer the consumer a choice. Just like you have a choice of colour, ram and storage space etc, you should have a choice which operating system to use.

The best part is the tech support person just rang me back and said I need to do the update and I said I was not going to if it is going to take me 24 hours so he suggested I get a pen drive on a minimum of 16GB and he would help to install the update on Friday. He never said Microsoft would supply one for me, he just said I should acquire one. What if I was someone who could not afford to get one, why should I pay extra to get something fixed that was not my fault to begin with?

Imagine the rest of the population that are tearing their hair out right now because of Microsoft.

Microsoft as a gesture of goodwill should at least give office 365 to anyone that has had issues with my complaint, that would be the most decent thing to do.

So if you are stuck try rebooting your computer to safe mode.

How do I boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode?

To access the Boot Manager of your system, please press the key combination Ctrl + F8 during the boot process. Select the desired Safe Mode to start your PC.

Due to the current fast computers with fast boot or SSD, it is troublesome to catch the exact time frame with the Ctrl + F8 key combination during the boot process. Therefore it might take several attempts to access the Boot Manager this way. Alternatively, the Safe Mode can also be launched directly from Windows.

Start Safe Mode directly out of Windows

  1. Click Windows-button → On/Off.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and click Restart.
  3. Click the option Troubleshoot and then Advanced options.

*****Finally if you are still having trouble with the update you can visit or phone the numbers which I mentioned earlier.

So Friday came and the Tech Person phoned and rather than to perform a quick fix like he had promised he told me to sit the update out. So what was the point of me waiting 2 days only to be told the quick fix he thought of using was not stable and that I should just be patient? Why waste my time? I told him I needed my computer on and he said do I not sleep? The update took 20 hours I usually have about 6-7 hours sleep before im back on the computer and I even had to justify my hours to him. I tried looking for him on the internet and he does not exist no social media or digital footprint, absolutely nothing which tells me his name was made up. Why go to these lengths to hide your identity why bother giving a surname when you know its not going to be real and won’t help me.

This has now made me so angry that Microsoft who need not worry about putting food on the table can waste other peoples time and not give a monkeys about other businesses that have to work for a living.

Here is my review on

and here is what other people are saying:

Brexit – If I was a Member of Parliment


If I were a Member of Parliment I would make Politics and Economics a Compulsary Subject in Schools, the reason for this to educate people to not make hasty discisions such as the predicament we are in now, with a population of elderly people who are against immigrations full stop and for the the larger majority who do not know anything about business. Only a small percentage of people are educated to understand about Politics and Economics so society is under an unfair disadvantage.

I have my own opinion on Brexit but I have just had an interesting conversation with my 18 year old daughter that opposed my idea that the people of the UK should not have had a right to vote in the referrendum about the desicion to stay or leave the EU.

She explained “In my opinion, I agree with the government in the sense of relying on society to confirm a choice of whether we remain in the EU or whether we decide to leave. The reason behind my viewpoint is simply due to the fact that the government needs to contain their social control, if, for whatever reason, they decided to put matters into their own hands and make the decision on behalf of society, there could easily be a moral panic, an instance of public anxiety in response to a problem regarded as threatening the moral standards of society. For those members of society who’s values are against those of the governments decisions would form a lack of trust and create animosity towards the government, overall causing a decline in social cohesion”. Written by Zena Maziak.

Obviously if the Government have messed up and have not put their house in order and not implemented laws such as reducing asylum seekers or immigrants with no prospects of work then the people that were responsible should step down.

Obviously I do not the full extent why Brexit started as I do not proclaim myself to be an Economist other than what I know was a rise of an EU Budget that the European Parliment were not happy. After all the UK has never voted on being part of the EU, which was formed at the time of the Maastricht treaty in 1993.

According the MPs who have always wanted not to be associated with the EU have said Brussels has been on a mission to expand its powers and sought further political integration, which is far removed from what the UK originally wanted. Britain appear to have decided that this was their one chance to leave a union they never particularly embraced and did not consent to in the first place.

*I for one if I was a Prime Minister would start off with cleaning up the people in power who have no clue what they are doing.

*I would then put a cap on wages and expediture. So if you earn say £1M per annum you should pay for example 2% extra tax per year. People that earn a certain amount of money should pay higher taxes and all footballers should have a wage cap and the rest of the profits these clubs make should go back into society. Any blue chip companies that hits a threshold either should pay higher taxes or return their profits into society.

*I would concentrate on the NHS and Businesses in the UK.

*Finally stop asylum seekers draining our resources ( I would make sure for every asylum seeker there would be a job waiting, if not they would not be allowed in and would have to go to a country that could provide work for them. All immigrants would have to have a job before entering the country and if they were to loose their jobs they would have up to 3 months to find a new one or leave. They would have to have work permits that would have to be updated each month by an employer and if they then left the country and tried coming back without an updated work permit they would be refused entry.

I would make small businesses pay smaller taxes and bigger companies pay more or give back into society with a cap on profits, this would include banks and all blue chip companies.

Roath Court Road,’The Sunday Play Project’.

Roath Court Road, The Sunday Play Project’.

Roath Court Road ‘The Sunday Play Project’ – Roath Recreational Play Ground.

Perhaps I am a long in the tooth or a prude, but I did have a child about 18 years ago so I am trying to see this from a parents perspective, however before I go into detail, I just would firstly like to explain that on a Sunday I work from home. Where I live it is a built up residential area with terraced houses which have long gardens in the back of the houses.

So some clever person decided a while ago perhaps nearly a year ago now that they would introduce a play area project where on a Sunday young children can play on the ‘actual road’ which would be cordoned off to the traffic, meaning no cars can drive up or down this road between the allocated time.

Now here is the thing, whoever decided to do this did not ask all the residents if they agreed or opposed to the idea, they just went ahead and did it.

Heres the directions to the ‘Roath Recreational Play Ground For Children just in case newcomers Parents do not know their way around Roath:

Distance of Roath Recreational Park From Roath Court Road.

So now your wondering where am I going with this and here’s my answer….

  1. Firstly all residents on this street and nearby areas have got back gardens for children to play in.
  2. There is Roath Recreational Park (Roath Rec as known by the Locals) especially designed for young children to play nearby.
  3. It is a potential health and safety issue to allow children to run around on gravel tarmaced roads unlike the specially designed: Artificial Grass and Sports Surfacing. … Grass Matting. … Resin Bound Gravel. … Rubber Mulch. … Wetpour Surfacing. So if a child happens to slip and graze their hands and knees, who is at fault and who should compensate never mind and God forbid if the gravel even richochet into the child’s eyes? (maybe the clever parent who thought of this brainwave idea)?
  4. The decision maker also did not take into consideration the fact some people work shifts and most bedrooms face the front so hearing screaming children and chattering from parents is viewed dimly from the perspective of the person trying to get some sleep.
  5. Now here is my ten peneth, what about the people that want to work from home but they can’t because of the noise outside? Should the person just go to their normal place of work because the children of the community have the priority for the day? (I don’t think so………. and I live in a flat so my living room unlike everyone else’s on this street faces the front, furthermore I am limited to where I can work).
  6. Who would pay if there was damage to a parked car on the road that happened to be where the children were playing, who would even own up to it? There are no street cameras on this road, so can one prove that the child caused the damage. Would that mean the car owners will have to install cctv but there is a law where you cannot record minors so the car owners are screwed unless they physically stand by their cars in vigilence for the duration of the play time. (I for one have had my car dented and scratched but could not prove who did it so I am left to pay for the damages). Imagine if this was the fault of one of the children then the parent would have to pay or the decision maker of this idiotic idea. (There is an image on of an example of children playing football near parked cars. I could not use the image as I would assume it is copyrighted by the same person whom set up the twitter account.

This project was not thought through at all……

I am livid to say the least as when I was bringing up my child I took her to the playground at Roath Rec as shown above and she has come out fine from it, so why was it that whoever decided to implement such a stupid idea did not have a plan in place and did not do their research of all the bad things that can happen causing a butterfly effect.

I for one think roads are dangerous to play because of the health and safety aspect for the child. Also what happens if the child kicks a ball too hard and dents a car or scratches it?, who will compensate then? Furthermore cars which are on the road that pay car tax have the right to come and go as they please, imagine if someone was moving in or out and had to make several trips this would obviously disturb the parents who would not be happy and no doubt would be up in arms saying that the mover could have planned another day or time as not to intrude of their childrens play time.

I personally think it is too late to do something about it now as how can you take something away (the play project) from a community that you originally gave it too?, It is like taking candy away from a child, parents would be in upheival saying “no one has complained before” or “what harm can children do”? So now you would be left with a lot of explaining to do. The only way anything is going to change is if one complained to the powers that be and even then they would take their time and have to do surveys and their own investigations before even coming up with a final decision which would take weeks or even months or if someone has an accident or damages a car where the owner of the car has witnessed it happening.

The moral of the story is do your research first before deciding for the people and weigh up all the pros and cons, not all people will agree to your idea and if you want my opinion the project should be scrapped as the parents of the children have a perfectly good play area within walking distance ‘Roath Recreational Play Ground’ or their own Back Gardens to play in.

Why are the parents only thinking of themselves, think of the other residents including the elderly that do not like noise.

#rcrplaystreet #noisepollution #damagedcars #childrenplaygrounds #childplayareas #roathcommunity



Brains SA on my mind.

This is the third run in I have had with this company.

Yesterday I visited a bar and this is my third run in, in the centre of Cardiff called the Barocco, situated

12 Wharton Street,
CF10 1AG

I am 56 years of age and here is my problem. I proceeded to order two for one cocktails and a jug of Pimms.

Once I had made payment the female bar tender then said the person I was with needed to show some ID.

Granted she was well within her rights to ask for ID but she should have done so before taking payment.

I said no problem. but could she do it after she has made up my drinks as I planned to drink all the drink myself.

She insisted that she would not serve me until ID was produced, but she took my money….

I have a question what would have happened if ID was not produced would I not have had my drinks? I was getting distressed at this stage as my OCD and anxiety levels were kicking in and I simply did not want to drink there no more and wanted my money back which she refused to do.

Now going back to two other incidents of which I have mentioned in my blog before one was in Costa which at the time was owned by Brains SA where the trumped up manager was very rude and another time in the Pear Tree Wellfield Road where I witnessed a managers dog placed on the table where food get served on.

This company needs to train their staff properly and I will never step foot in a Brains SA establishment again.

Brains SA do not give a monkeys about their customers all they care about is getting money from them and that is it.

Absolutely Atrocious Company.



They say that hospitals have to be clean, well ever since my daughter was admitted into hospital 5 days ago, I beg to differ.

As a sufferer of OCD for the last 30 years I am more aware about germs and bacteria than the average person.

Upon arrival and before sitting down I brought with me all my cleaning products needed to disinfect our surroundings. I started cleaning the window sills first off with dettol and anti-bacterial wipes. The nurses on duty commented about the smell and how refreshing it was to inhale and that it was a shame the hospitals do not use Dettol anymore……

When I finally finished cleaning, my wipes were very dirty and brown, so to make a point I left them on the trolley for a senior staff member to see. When the doctor came in I pointed out how dirty I found the room to be and his reply was I’m a Doctor not a Cleaner……

This annoyed me as he continued to say if I had a complaint I should raise it with the Ward Manager or the Cleaning staff. He clearly missed the point as guaranteed if I went to every single ward in the hospital I would find the same standards everywhere.

Considering my daughter is at high risk of contracting diseases you would have thought the area would be super clean.

Furthermore the oxygen mask they gave my daughter was neither wiped before use or after she had finished with it, so imagine someone with vrus could have used it before my daughter. The thought makes me shudder.

The hygenie standards of the UHW are really bad and they wonder why people do not like coming into hospitals.

I also observed the one doctor who had trouble getting my daughter bloods, pushed the syringe up rather than down. I’m no expert but surely that is pushing air into the veins? correct me if i’m wrong? What was I supposed to do or say “excuse me but what the hell are you doing?” im sure that would not have gone down well.

Also the intelligence of some of the staff is something to be desired. I was always taught when you enter the room and you see more than one person you address them all and not ignore the one and just talk to the other. Its called etiquette.

Obviously this Doctor who did not have a name badge was not taught manners and blattently ignored me as if I was invisible. Surely as I am the mother she should have at least acknowledged both my daugher and I and then continued with ther job.

All I can say was we were on ward C4 at eh UHW or (UHS as it is called now in Cardiff Wales) and the Doctor was a female muslim because of her head dress. I did not once see her wash her hands prior to taking my daughters bloods and she did not wear gloves as she was having problems feeling my daughters veins.

I thought that every time a doctor or nurse attends to a patient they have to wash their hands, this has not been the case in Unit C4 or in A&E when my daughter was admitted a few months ago and was ther overnight.

Also what happened to the rule (bare below the elbows) does that just apply to nurses or should all staff that care for patents wellbeing?, as that was clearly not the case with this female doctor on Unit C4 on 19/08//18.

My OCD observations are clearly doing over-time and the hospital should hire me to be the health inspector.

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