The Girl Who Disappeared Book Written by James Lingard.

About James Lingard:

Author /-Retired banking and insolvency lawyer- Tonbridge, England, United Kingdom

THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED, is a fact-based novel with a strong female lead inspired by real events taking place during WW2 in Britain.

Emily falls passionately in love with working-class Walter, despite fierce opposition from her class-conscious father. She resolves to elope to escape such a male-dominated society. Her actions will see her struggle to survive the devastation brought about by the war, as she and her four-year-old son are thrown into the midst of danger and death.

They experience rationing and the terror of bombing. Their air raid shelter is destroyed by a direct hit.

The Girl Who Disappeared is a moving love story about one woman’s enduring resilience, a story full of quiet humor and surprising twists and turns.

‘Wow! What a good book’ (Goodreads reviewer) ‘James brought their lives to life’ (Library Thing reviewer) ‘A beautiful historical blend of fact and fiction. This book was an emotional read for me, and James Lingard gets a thumbs up. 5stars.’ (Readers Favorite)

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Also, James’s publishers have now launched my new thriller, THE CAUCASUS CAULDRON. MI6 spies; Russian FSB; Chechen terrorists; Abkhaz Separatists; the 1992 Georgian war.

This breath-taking and the brutal novel is set in the Caucasus Mountains during Georgia’s ill-fated invasion of Abkhazia in 1992. The Caucasus Cauldron gives a vivid focus to a world ripping itself apart and ravaged by never-ending hatred and blood feuds. Can our hero, Mac, trust the attractive Russian FSB officer, Kris, who befriends him and how will she react to Doctor Anna, a Separatist rabble-rouser who holds the key to his secret mission? And what about the mysterious Sergei, a former British agent, who seems to have disappeared? How will Mac cope with the Chechen terrorist who has vowed to kill him? ‘You are a dead man English. We know who you are. Now you die.’ The result is an intense action-packed thriller full of danger, death, and fear but a story full of quiet humour and surprising twists and turns.

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