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Harrison Teas – UK Tea Store

For UK Tea Lovers!

It is coming up to Christmas and the nights are getting colder and what is the best way to snuggle up on the sofa enjoying a beverage loved by Britains for Centuries.

You could also gift your family, friends, and colleagues a drink guaranteed to be loved by everyone.

Did I also forget to mention Harisson Teas is:

100%  Vegan

100% Vegetarian

Do Not Use Single-Use Plastic at all!

All Teas Are Sustainable, Many Are Organic & Wherever Possible Fair Trade.

Get Cozy With a Hot Cup Of Tea!

The range consists of:

China Tea, Pu erh / Oolong., Yellow Tea , Kenyan Tea, Kenyan  Milima  Black Tea, Kasabei TGFOP Black Tea, Kenyan Milima GFBOP, Blended Tea, English breakfast Tea, Blue Earl Grey Tea ,Earl Grey Jasmine, Rainbow Earl Grey, Black Tea, Nepal Blended Black Tea, Chinese Black Dragon Pearls, Russian Caravan Black Tea Blend, Ceylon Sarnia BOP, Assam Blended Black Tea, Vietnam  OP Black Tea , Lapsang souchong Black Tea , Masala Chai Spiced Black Tea , Indian spiced black tea, Santosa BOP Black Tea from Java, Moroccan Mint Black Tea, Russian Caravan Smokey Black Tea, Anytime Black Tea Blend, Welsh Breakfast Blend Black Tea, ASSAM, Lahidzan TGFOP Persian Black Tea, Tukdah TGFOP Darjeeling, Sarnia Estate, Kenyan  Milima  Black Tea, Rose Garden, Premium Black Loose Leaf Tea, Green Tea, Genmaicha Green Tea, Japanese Sencha Green Tea, Sencha Green Tea, Genmaicha  Popcorn Green Tea, Gunpowder Mint Green Tea, Ty Gung Yin, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Chinese Oolong, Ty Guan Yin Oolong Tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea, Dragon Pearls, Gunpowder Green Tea, Jasmine Sencha Green Tea, Organic Bancha Green Tea, White Tea, Silver Needle White Tea, Menglian Xngjlan  ( White downy ) White Tea , White Downy, Herbal Tea, Camomile Flower Herbal Tea, Rooibos ( Red Bush), Hibiscus Flowers, Nettle Leaf, Peppermint  Leaf, Together Mint, Christmas Chilli Blend, Classic Rose Hip Shells, Sleep Easy, SARNIA PLAIDERIE, TGFOP-1 ORTHODOX, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Rose Hip, Fruit Teas, Raspberry  & Wild  Strawberry  Fruit Tea, Berry Fruit Tea Mix, Red Berry, Loose Leaf Tea, Nepal Majarajah Hill Black Luxury Single Estate Second Flush Loose Leaf Tea, Premium Black Loose Leaf Tea, Moroccan Tea, Moroccan Mint Black Tea, Moroccan Mint Black Tea.

Visit the Online Store Today!

(Currently Only Shipping to the UK).

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Wales Tea Merchant


Everyone Loves a Cup of Tea!

Harrison Teas, Tea Merchant Based In Cardiff UK and has over 70 varieties of teas.

Shane Harrison is a sole trader and currently has the following websites: which forwards to and a blog

Aswell as selling online you can find him in Hay on Wye Historical Market near the clock tower.

You can also find him every fortnight at Cowbridge Farmers Market and on Sunday at Belle Vue Tea rooms in Newport.

Please contact Shane in advance to save you the journey.

His Range of Teas are as follows:

  • Estate Tea
  • Decaffeinated Tea
  • Fruit Tea
  • Indian Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Herbal Tea
  • China Tea
  • Ceylon Tea
  • Pu Erh / Specialities Tea
  • Flavoured Tea
  • Kenyan Tea
  • Blended Tea
  • Red Tea
  • White Tea

I have linked his store here:

If you have any questions drop him a line here:


Phone: 07882112330

Next Week Teas.

Here is a sneak peak of next weeks teas:

Next weeks tea will be a Classic Royal Tea a blend that certainly lives up to its name it will be  a 2nd flush Darjeeling  picked in  June along with a 1st flush  Assam picked in April at the peak of the season and finally a Ceylon picked in  Jan and Feb.It will be full bodied and deep in flavour with an overtone of toasty notes from the Darjeeling, then maltenes  from the Assam finishing of with the lively flavours of the Ceylon. 


December 2022