For businesses considering to pay their employees in anything else other than good old fashion cash, they have another thing coming……

As crypto currency has evolved, so has tighter regulations on who can and can’t trade. What this means is one has to acquire a license in order to have search engines rank your website, without this your website will just float in cyberspace or may be taken down indefinatley.

The same goes with businesses paying their employees in gold bullion only or accepting payments in gold or silver bullion. A new law has been introduced in order not to avoid paying taxes, so that it is illegal to trade this way.

Read the full article on the ban on gold bullion here:



Business’s are starting to talk about the importance of securing domain names and how to value these digital assests. Nine times out of ten your one word dot com would have already gone but if you search what keywords your customers are using you could secure yourself an exact match keyword domain and be ahead of your competitors whilst generating free traffic.

Read what ‘Forbes’ had to say about exact match keyword valuation.


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our new blog. We have been around for over 25 years but we are better known as and

The founder of these domain names is ‘Renata Barnes’, she started her career over 30 years ago as a photographer, working as a Studio hand in a well know photography studio in Shrewsbury. She lived and worked in Shrewsbury most of her life until she found work in Wales and has lived there ever since.

With the ever increasing demand for B2B lead generation ‘Cymru Marketing’ was born.

We have offered marketing through ‘UK Website Designers’ and ‘Startbrand’ but we wanted to make use and secure keyword domains for our business and just like ‘UK Domain Brokers’ we aim to be on the first page of search engines for the keywords ‘Marketing Agency’.

Businesses need to follow suit in order to generate free organic traffic and save money on expensive pay per click advertising.

We plan to offer marketing for all industries from startups to blue chip companies.

Businesses are regularly tracking the efficiency of their marketing
campaigns and depend on solid data to foresee future trends and requirements in
their niche.

Tracking data is especially important in the industrial marketing business as trends can affect the outcome of not only individual clients,
but whole sectors of the business industry.

Data analysis configures facts and figures about a business’s past marketing strategies and integrates projections forecasts suggesting effective marketing plans.

This service requires good communication between the marketing agency and the client, exceptional math skills and internet technology experience.

…………over the next few days I will be adding more information to most of the categories on this site. Feel free to look at previous marketing blogs on our other sites.

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