Just Eat – 1 Star Review

This is the start of my post that I want to go viral. Just Eat Service is a joke and I have added my trustpilot review of 1 star here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/submitted/review?correlationid=35a875f3-5867-4830-98ee-67cf984a3220

They lack business management and training and need to be consulted how to run a business smoothly. One of customer representative staff said the reason why I had to wait more that 30 minutes to be connected was because of the high volumn of calls, well no I would never had known that had she not have told me (my sacarasm is coming through) and no cigar for her…….. Just Eat should employ more staff or use virtual assistants not come up with lame excuses.

Their lame excuses continued with another representative saying the third party driver systems were down and when I asked who their third party driver company was they said ‘Steward’ so whilst I am talking with them I type in and low and behold they gave false information as there are no results for my search terms. Why lie to me??? and that was the icing on the cake because I then cancelled the order after two and a half hours and told them what my mission was to make it know to the world what a useless company they are.

For the time being I will recommend Deliveroo and Uber Eats as Just Eat is a joke in my opinion.

Mess with me and I will mess you back ten times harder.



Brains SA on my mind.

This is the third run in I have had with this company.

Yesterday I visited a bar and this is my third run in, in the centre of Cardiff called the Barocco, situated

12 Wharton Street,
CF10 1AG

I am 56 years of age and here is my problem. I proceeded to order two for one cocktails and a jug of Pimms.

Once I had made payment the female bar tender then said the person I was with needed to show some ID.

Granted she was well within her rights to ask for ID but she should have done so before taking payment.

I said no problem. but could she do it after she has made up my drinks as I planned to drink all the drink myself.

She insisted that she would not serve me until ID was produced, but she took my money….

I have a question what would have happened if ID was not produced would I not have had my drinks? I was getting distressed at this stage as my OCD and anxiety levels were kicking in and I simply did not want to drink there no more and wanted my money back which she refused to do.

Now going back to two other incidents of which I have mentioned in my blog before one was in Costa which at the time was owned by Brains SA where the trumped up manager was very rude and another time in the Pear Tree Wellfield Road where I witnessed a managers dog placed on the table where food get served on.

This company needs to train their staff properly and I will never step foot in a Brains SA establishment again.

Brains SA do not give a monkeys about their customers all they care about is getting money from them and that is it.

Absolutely Atrocious Company.


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