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Brexit Business Directory or Brexit Law Firm Domain Name For Sale!

On my mind today is ‘Brexit’.

Brexit obviously still has a long way to go to seal deals in the political sense, but what does that mean for small businesses that want to trade in the EU?

How can UK Small Businesses notify other nations that they are open for trade? Also what are the implications for trading in the EU?

If you look at domain extensions primarily. Google and other search engines use algorithms to drive traffic to your location from the said domain extension, but for websites to be seen in particular locations such as Poland (.pl) or France (.fr) etc one has to have a website for that location. Yes you can ask a search engine to target traffic from another locations to your website but more often than not you domain extension will be the key to where your traffic comes from. The alternative is to have an (.eu) website but wait for it…..that means one needs to be a resident of the EU to own such a domain. Ideally businesses which want to trade from other locations should build a seo link wheel and drive traffic from different locations to their default site. Also check out limitations such as .eu as some countries forbid you to register a domain name if you are not already trading or are a resident there.

I have an example of a seo link wheel and will show you all the ways I am driving traffic with a list of my network below:

Sample SEO Link Wheel
Sample SEO Link Wheel

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Similar to there should also be a directory for UK Small Businesses trading in the EU.

The domain I am talking about is this could be a post brexit directory and advice forum for all small businesses in the UK wanting to trade in the EU.

I have looked at how much per month in Google Ads (screenshot attached) would cost per month to use the keyword ‘brexit’ at the lowest cost of bid per searches per month ‘Brexit’ generates 2,240,000 searches at a cost of .84 pence (I am using the UK version) which equates to £1,881,600 in paid advertising, providing a 100% of the people that searched clicked on the Ad.

However in reality the Click Through Ratio is 2% of 2,240,000 searches which leaves a total of 44,800 clicks per month, multiplied by .84 pence which leave a Grand Total of £37,632.00 in paid advertising per month.

At its highest cost per bid of £3.42 per click at 2,240,000 = £7,660,800 with a CTR of 2% equates to 44,800 clicks per month multiplied by £3.42 leaves a Grand Total of £153,216.00

In Summary:

(Low Price Per Keyword)

Searches per month 2,240,000
Click Through Ratio 2%
Grand Total of Clicks per Month 44,800
Cost of Keyword Bid 0.84 pence
Multiplied by 44,800 Clicks Leaves a Total of £37,632.00 in paid adverting per month

(High Price Per Keyword)
Searches per month 2,240,000
Click Through Ratio 2%
Grand Total of Clicks per Month 44,800
Cost of Keyword Bid £3.42
Multiplied by 44,800 Clicks Leaves a Total of £153,216.00 in paid advertising per month

This means the owner of the domain name will save at least 11 months worth of paid advertising costs providing he does his SEO correctly at the lowest £37,632,00 and at its highest £152,216.00 per month in paid advertising.

One also has to remember the site is developed and can be redesigned which means there would be also hosting charges and development fees attached to this domain name, plus seo and marketing, if the new owner wanted to go down this route. If not then the valuation of this domain is anything between £37K and £153K

This site is ideal for Brexit Law Firms.

This domain is for sale and I welcome all serious offers for this valuable domain name.