Making an Appoint with Albany Surgery 219-221 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JD

Its been a while since I wrote about this GP as I have simply avoided going to them after my last attempt to book in a routine appointment to have my ears syringed by the nurse to be told I needed to see the doctor first. I know I have a problem and I have suffered with this for the last 20 years so 4 years ago I attempted to make an appointment to no avail. I do not see the point of wasting a doctors time when they could use it for more serious matters and free up appointments and I will know what the doctor will say and that is I need to see the nurse.

To me this is bad management and they seriously need business consulting training. The receptionist are rude and hostile. I would expect them to be empathatic considering people also have mental health issues so to be down right rude they should be either re-trained or dismissed, one or the other.

So today I phone up and am put on hold for 20 minutes on a count down of how many people are waiting in a queue. When they finally answer they say all the appointments have gone for today and I should ring back tomorrow. I do not have time to play these stupid games. They have a computer in front of them and there is nothing stopping them making an entry for the following day. But they choose to stress people out which makes no sense to me. Also not everyone can phone at 08.30 and if they do the lines are engaged which is infuriating to say the least.

The alternative was that you can book the appointments online yourself but first……….wait for it………you need to come into the surgery to fill in the form to register online before, you can register online if you see what I mean:

Now anyone knows that when you visit a professional website one can register online, which to me what they are asking is time consuming and stressful and total nonsense.

I for one am not going to close my business down to come to their surgery to fill out a form, I have a business to run. I have emailed them and am waiting to see if they reply. If they don’t I will make waves.

It is absolutely appauling how they treat their patients and I for one have had enough of having to run around them, when they obviously have bad management and do not care about how they treat people.

Look at all the bad reviews:,1,,,

Its a wonder they have any patients left !!!

Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) Sanofi Genzyme Deaths

A pharmacetical company in the USA is selling a drug which costs $158,000 per treatment per person and was approved by the FDA although it states on the FDA website the drug can cause fatalities. (FDA PDF Below). It has been used in the UK since 2016.

Lemtrada (alemtuzumab) Sanofi Genzyme

Lemtrada Targets MS-related Cells

Lemtrada, which is also known as alemtuzumab, was originally approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, under the brand name Campath, to treat B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The drug is a humanized monoclonal antibody which seeks out and destroys specific immune cells that carry a protein called CD52. Many of these cells are believed to be the white blood cells that attack the central nervous system in people with MS.  When those cells are destroyed, the body manufactures new white blood cells that have different properties, i.e., beneficial helper cells rather than the destructive cells that are programmed to attack myelin. Thus, the similarity to stem cell replacement therapy. That therapy uses chemotherapy to destroy most of the body’s immune system cells. Then, fresh stem cells are infused into the body which, over time, create new white blood cells. Unlike other disease modifying therapies (DMTs), which require injections every few days or monthly infusions, patients receiving Lemtrada are treated once a year, for two years.  The first year the drug is infused daily for five days in a row, on an out-patient basis. Each infusion takes about four hours and the patient is watched for another two hours afterward.  A year later that process is repeated, but for only three days.  And that’s it.

Neurologist Power of Persuasion.

A new database reveals that individual medics are receiving tens of thousands of pounds in consultancy fees from the pharmaceutical industry while recommending products to patients.

Some NHS officials involved in assessing which drugs should be prescribed to patients, such as the neurologist have been earning up to £20,000 per patient from directly marketing their products to the health service. However, tens of millions of pounds worth of payments have been paid to doctors and officials and were not individually declared because the recipients refused to be named (I wonder why?). This proves what I originally suspected that even though the Neurologist mentioned some risks he said in his time of prescribing the drug he never heard of any fatalities. In other words money talks…..


Screenshot European Medicine Agency
Cost of Treatment For the NHS.

However earlier this year the Europen Medicine Agency restricted the use of the drug to “new patients” in the UK and stated that the drug can cause serious life threatening illnesses and the drug is under investigation in which all investigations will be completed by October of this year. However what the European Medicine Agency failed to say is that there have been numerous fatalities.

Patients already on the treatment are asked to continue with the treatment and if they have any concerns they need to speak with their doctor.

Now here is the scenario the NHS have bought this drug and they would obviously want their money back if the drug is deemed to be unsafe, but that is never going to happen as the government would be out of pocket. According to the (EMA) European Medice Agency patients who are benefiting from the drug can use it. In other words “we will see what happens”….

Am I missing something here if a drug is unsafe to use do not allow patients to continue using it. From citations from Nine fatalitiy cases were deemed probably caused by Lemtrada, with six of these patients dying within one month after receiving just one treatment infusion, In my opinion one fatality is one too many…….

So here is the other scenario I know about this drug as my 18 year old daughter was about to start her second treatment this year in August, precisely one year after her first treatment.

I was told the ‘European Medicine Agency’ if they suspect the drug is unsafe to restrict it to all patients but I can see red tape and they have come back to me saying that I should talk to my daughters doctor. I explained if a maufacturer of a car for example had a fault, the cars would be recalled and the manufacturer would not risk a law suit, but the ‘EMA and the Drug Company Sanofi & the NHS’ think they can go unchallenged, if something was to go wrong. EMA responded that all drugs including Ibroprofen and asprin has an element of risk. But none actually state anything about fatalities. I was told by the EMA if there was a drug that could prolong your life for another ten years if I had cancer, knowing after the ten years I may get another form of cancer would I take it? Obviously I am not speaking for everyone but I would look for alternative medicine and look into stem cell technology, I would not take sometime that was dangerous and could cause fatalities.

I wrote to the FDA and they did not reply but the pharmaceutical company did and so did the ‘EMA’. I said to both organizations you cannot use people like ‘lab rats’ without their knowledge and they both did not comment on this and said if I had any concerns I should speak with the consultant/neurologist, so I hit a brick wall with my questions.

The hospital also have not said to my daughter the drug has been restricted. When I challenged the sister on duty at the time of my daughter second infusion, the sister said the drug had been restricted because it was too expensive for the NHS (she blantantly lied to me), I then asked a nurse and she said she did not know it was restricted.

So this tells me the staff in the hospitals have been pre-warned that if anyone was to ask is to just act dumb, afterall they would not want a moral panic. (A moral panic meaning – A moral panic is a feeling of fear spread among many people that some evil threatens the well-being of society).

The drug can cause, thyriod, liver, kidney disease, cancer or death.

Moving on my daughter for the next five years religiously has to have her bloods and urine tested each month. What is the NHS going to do if she contracts another illness because of the drug…….no doubt put a plaster on it and come up with some lame excuse? She is also assigned a Nurse from the MS Team and any concerns she has to ring the helpline.

So last Friday my daughter phones the MS team 11/10/19 as she knows for a fact her immune system has been shut down from the drug to ask if she is ok to be amongst people who may have scarlet fever. She happens to be in college studying her ‘Health & Social Course’ and one of her class mates has ‘Scarlet Fever’.

When she is connected to an operator she is told they are not qualified to give advice and that she has to phone another number, which again she ended up out of frustration after the 4th attempt to contact the Neurologist’s Secretary who told her to go back and phone the MS Team. So we are four days into my daughter phoning for advice and no one from the MS Team, my daughter phoned Friday 11th October 2019 and no one has bothered to phone her back.

My daughter then said she experienced a sharp shooting pain across her chest and down her left arm over the weekend and thought she was relapsing. My thoughts were she was having a side effect from the drug and having pains across ones chest and down one’s left arm is not a good sign especially at a tender age of 18 is very concerning.

I did try and contact the media over this in July of this year and the well know national newspaper journalist said how come it has not been in the news?, well unless someone does a hooha and starts behaving like a raving looney banshee, no one is going to take any notice, so that is why I have started putting the wheels in motion. The media are not going to publish something that can cause a major uproar throughout society. People will loose faith in the healthcare system and people will look for alternative medicines which will then cause adverse effects to the economy.

This is all smoke and mirrors in order to cover up the seriousness of dangerous drugs that are put on the market and not publicised as dangerous and the greedy pharma companies do not care who it effects as long as it makes them money.

Its a viscious circle with the governments funding the pharmaceutical companies that charge the hospitals attrocious amounts of money for drugs that are not safe to use on humans and for every person that is prescribed the drug, the consultant gets paid the pharmaceuetical company gets paid and so does the government. Its a win win situation at the expense of the people.



They say that hospitals have to be clean, well ever since my daughter was admitted into hospital 5 days ago, I beg to differ.

As a sufferer of OCD for the last 30 years I am more aware about germs and bacteria than the average person.

Upon arrival and before sitting down I brought with me all my cleaning products needed to disinfect our surroundings. I started cleaning the window sills first off with dettol and anti-bacterial wipes. The nurses on duty commented about the smell and how refreshing it was to inhale and that it was a shame the hospitals do not use Dettol anymore……

When I finally finished cleaning, my wipes were very dirty and brown, so to make a point I left them on the trolley for a senior staff member to see. When the doctor came in I pointed out how dirty I found the room to be and his reply was I’m a Doctor not a Cleaner……

This annoyed me as he continued to say if I had a complaint I should raise it with the Ward Manager or the Cleaning staff. He clearly missed the point as guaranteed if I went to every single ward in the hospital I would find the same standards everywhere.

Considering my daughter is at high risk of contracting diseases you would have thought the area would be super clean.

Furthermore the oxygen mask they gave my daughter was neither wiped before use or after she had finished with it, so imagine someone with vrus could have used it before my daughter. The thought makes me shudder.

The hygenie standards of the UHW are really bad and they wonder why people do not like coming into hospitals.

I also observed the one doctor who had trouble getting my daughter bloods, pushed the syringe up rather than down. I’m no expert but surely that is pushing air into the veins? correct me if i’m wrong? What was I supposed to do or say “excuse me but what the hell are you doing?” im sure that would not have gone down well.

Also the intelligence of some of the staff is something to be desired. I was always taught when you enter the room and you see more than one person you address them all and not ignore the one and just talk to the other. Its called etiquette.

Obviously this Doctor who did not have a name badge was not taught manners and blattently ignored me as if I was invisible. Surely as I am the mother she should have at least acknowledged both my daugher and I and then continued with ther job.

All I can say was we were on ward C4 at eh UHW or (UHS as it is called now in Cardiff Wales) and the Doctor was a female muslim because of her head dress. I did not once see her wash her hands prior to taking my daughters bloods and she did not wear gloves as she was having problems feeling my daughters veins.

I thought that every time a doctor or nurse attends to a patient they have to wash their hands, this has not been the case in Unit C4 or in A&E when my daughter was admitted a few months ago and was ther overnight.

Also what happened to the rule (bare below the elbows) does that just apply to nurses or should all staff that care for patents wellbeing?, as that was clearly not the case with this female doctor on Unit C4 on 19/08//18.

My OCD observations are clearly doing over-time and the hospital should hire me to be the health inspector.


Albany Surgery.

Address: 219-221 City Rd, Cardiff CF24 3JD.

Absolutely awful service!!!.

Even their website looks dated and unprofessional including unsecure. Google plan to take these websites down. Its shows the surgery is lacking funds if they cannot pay for a decent website, get more telephone lines and staff to mann them, let alone only have one Doctor in the Surgery all day.

How is this possible that there is only one Doctor on duty all day during the week? Bad Management, if your running a service you should have a team of doctors everyday you are open and not have one Doctor on duty in the middle of the week.

Want time off take advantage of the weekends.

Furthermore what other company asks their clients to phone all at the same time potentially jamming the phone system.?

There is a traditional way of taking bookings by using a diary for a week in advance.

Not all people can phone at 8am as they may be working?

The surgery is poorly managed and the NHS need to intervene as peoples lives could be at risk if they cannot manage to see a Doctor on any given day.

Imagine if this was an elderly person or someone who is vulnerable with mental health issues and may phone only to get a hostile response and will not bother to phone back again.

I only have good reviews for for the one GP ‘DR R.Dolben’ whom I have been with for over 20 years, he has always been understanding, considerate and very professional and knows what he is talking about unlike his colleagues whom do not seem to know what they are doing.

As an example my daughter who is 17 went to see a GP at the practice as she was complaining she was experiencing pins and needles and sometimes numbness to the bottom half of her body. The GP she saw was NOT Dr Dolben but a different Doctor who did not know what my daughter was talking about, dismissed her symptoms as phantom and prescribed her ‘Gaviscon’ an antacid indigestion remedy.

My daughter has since been diagnosed with MS after we went to A&E and started the ball rolling on our own after being disatisfied with the GP’s response. If we had done nothing my daughter would have been disabled or bed ridden, now she has a chance with the medication she is due to have over the next couple of weeks.

I for one suffer with OCD, I have trouble interacting with people so to make the decision to make an appointment at the Surgery today 31/07/18 was a big deal for me. I was told by the receptionist that the day was for emergencies only as there was only one Doctor on Duty? I told her my medication had run out and she said it was not an emergency. I cannot stop my medication ‘Mirtazapine’ suddenly and she cannot make that desicion and told me to phone back tomorrow at 8am…..

Luckily for me I am self employed and can choose my hours when I can see a GP but she did not know that and I said it was my day off today. So that would mean if people who have 9 -5 jobs this potentialy means they cannot be seen by a doctor as the surgery. the surgery opens at 08.30 and if you have to be at work for 9am how would that work out? OK they may work until 18.00 but what if you 9-5 job entailed you commuting an hour each way?

In my opinion that should have one late night up to 20.00 hours that way the people that have 9-5 jobs would be seen. The surgery cannot expect people to take time off work to go to a Doctors appointment and loose money. The surgery should also take bookings a week in advance and not make people phone at 8am all at the same time. This is ridiculous in my opinion.

Some people have to travel to work, some drive and cannot redial 100 times or more in order to get an appointment especially if they are driving. By taking time off work you potentially could have your wages docked, but do the surgeries care? of course they don’t!

Furhtermore the receptionists ask personal questions which should only be discussed with the GP, yet they ask what medication you are taking or what is wrong with you before making an appointment. (Their answer is that they need to know to prioritise patients in order of serious to non serious symptoms).

When I asked Dr Dolben why they do this he answered as above to prioritise and that they too are bound by patient/doctor confidentiality. I think this is wrong as half the time you don’t know the name of the receptionist but they know everything about you.

This is unexceptable as a patient should not have to discuss anything with a receptionsist other than to make or cancel an appointment or ask if their prescriptions are ready.

I have see and heard with my own eyes and ears how some receptionsist speak to the patients yet there are massive notices everywhere saying they have zero torlerance for rude behaviour. One should practice what one preaches before putting up such signs. Obviously there are individuals that do not take no for an answer and can become aggressive so I understand the policy but staff need to be curtious also, whats good for the goose is good for the gander so to speak.

I was going to give them a bad review on Google but I still need to be registered with this practice and who is to say that the Practice Manager does not unregister people for speaking their minds. After all if I had bad reviews, I would possibly refuse to continue giving the service to that individual.

Saying this I have heard that most General Practices in Cardiff have adopted the same system to phone at 8am precisely, with a first come first served basis. Elderly people do not have smartphones to continue redialling by pressing the green redial button and traditional home phones take time to redial unlike the smart versions.

Something has to change and I will be contacting the health board to make an official complaint. I don’t mind going to UHW to be seen by a doctor, should I get thrown out of my surgery for speaking my mind.