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Seeking Gambling, Betting, Horse Racing Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Seeking Gambling, Betting, Horse Racing Businesses & Entrepreneurs.

Typically Horse Racing is two or more horses racing against one another ridden by jockeys. Horse Racing is an equestrian performance sport. It may be either jockey-ridden or may sometimes be without a rider over a set distance for the purposes of competition. Horse Racing has been around for centuries and it is one of the most ancient of all sports.

Horse Racing encourages tourism and boosts the hospitality sector. Horse Racing is the biggest market mover of today. The total economic contribution of horseracing to the UK economy alone is estimated to be in the region of. £3.5 billion, with over 85,000 jobs supported by the industry. This does not include the rest of the world, so you can imagine owning the world’s most expensive horse racing network what it would do for the world’s economy.

Seeking Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

  • Race Horse Owners
  • Horse Racing Syndicates
  • Thoroughbred Breeders
  • Jockeys
  • Racecourse Owners
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Startups

You could be an existing business or you could be a venture capitalist with a vision to build the largest and most expensive horse racing network in the world.

The potential to own exact match searchable keywords and phrases digital real estate, with the perceived equity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The owner of this network has set prices for each domain name but he is also selling a system.

I have listed all the articles to the Gambling and Horse Racing Domain Names and Network below:

**Both Myself (Renata M.Barnes) and (Michael Dooner) are jointly brokering this whole system. Anyone interested in partnering with my client should initially use the form below to discuss your interest.

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Horse Racing Network For Sale!




*ESCROW.COM Buyer to pay fee

Sports media is a $44.6B market and set to be $78.5B by 2021 *Annex 1
Esports a $1.8T market by 2026 *Annex 2
Online Gambling a $74B market and set to be $565B by 2022* Annex 3
Horse Racing is a $139B market* Annex 4

The global Esports market size is projected to reach USD 1860.2 Million by 2026, from USD 691.6 Million in 2019, at a CAGR of 15.1% during the forecast period 2021-2026. … While esports may have once stood for a subset of sporting culture, it has become a complete industry in its own right with the current developments.

The Sports Media industry is $44.6B of which $22B is from the USA alone. As per PWC, it will hit $78.5B in 2021.


  1. BetHorse.Racing ($500,000)
  2. BettingHorse.Racing ($300,000)
  3. BetOnHorse.Racing ($200,000)
    ASIA: (Bundle $500,000)
  4. AsiaHorse.Racing
  5. Hongkonghorse.Racing
  6. MalaysiaHorse.Racing
  7. MacauHorse.Racing
    Horse racing is one of the world’s Top 5 sporting events, and #2 in many countries, including the United Kingdom and India, the world’s 2nd most populous country with 1.3 billion citizens. Horse Betting is a $139 Billion Dollar Market. The Horse .Racing monopoly connects to over 100 million horse racing betters in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, and beyond.
  8. Horse Race Betting was a $100 billion dollar market in 2015.
  9. Horse Race Betting is poised to reach $139 billion by 2024.
  10. ShanghaiHorse.Racing
  11. SingaporeHorse.Racing
  12. TaipeiHorse.Racing MENA: (Bundle $500,000)
  13. DubaiHorse.Racing
  14. QatarHorse.Racing
  15. DohaHorse.Racing
  16. SaudiArabiaHorse.Racing
  17. AbuDhabiHorse.Racing Rest of the World: (Bundle $500,000)
  18. AustraliaHorse.Racing
  19. FrenchHorse.Racing
  20. GreeceHorse.Racing
  21. GermanHorse.Racing
  22. GreatBritainHorse.Racing
  23. IrelandHorse.Racing
  24. IndiaHorse.Racing
  25. NewZealandHorse.Racing
  26. SouthAfricaHorse.Racing
  27. UnitedStatesHorse.Racing Gambling Domains .com & Generic EDM’s – Exact Domain Match
  28. BetEsports.Games ($250,000)
  29. BetPoker.Online ($250,000)
  30. BetFootball.Online ($250,000)
  31. BetRoulette.Online ($150,000)
  32. & ($150,000)
  33. CheckOdds.Live & CheckOdds.Online ($150,000)
  34. ($125,000)
  35. 4Bet.Online * & Bet.Online for sale $1M each
  36. 5Bet.Online
  37. 8bet.Online
  38. to 19Bet.Online *Will sell all for $125,000
  39. BettingOnline.Club  – * & Betting.Online are both for sale for $1.250M &$1.450M  each on
  40. TheBetting.Shop – Huge brand name for any betting shop (Minimum 6 figures USD
  41. UsHorse.Racing *Premium
  42. JapaneseHorse.Racing
  43. TokyoHorse.Racing
  44. CanadianHorse.Racing
  45. ItalyHorse.Racing
  46. IranHorse.Racing
  47. IrelandHorse.Racing *Premium

World’s Most Expensive Sports Networks.

1. ESPN $6.61 x 94.5 million homes = $7.5 billion

2. NFL Network $1.31 x 73.6 million homes = $1.16 billion

3. FS1 .99 x 91.2 million homes = $1.08 billion

4. ESPN2 .83 x 94.5 million hiomes = $941.2 million

5. SEC Network .66 x 69.1 million homes = $547.3 million

6. Golf Channel .35 x 79.4 million homes = $332.2 million

7. NBC Sports Network .30 x 83.1 million homes = $299 million

8. Big Ten Network .39 x 62 million homes = $290.2 million

9. MLB Network .26 x 71.3 million homes = $222.5 million

10. FS2 .28 x 64 million homes = $215 million

11. NBA TV .29 x 57.2 million homes = $199 million

12. ESPNU .22 x 74.9 million homes = $198 million

13. CBS Sports Network .26 x 61 million homes = $190.3 million

14. NHL Network .32 x 37.4 million homes = $143.6 million

15. Pac 12 Network .39 x 12.3 million homes = $57.6 million

(FYI, these revenues are based on year-end 2015 numbers. Per SNL Kagan if you average out the year then the number of average subscribers in 2015 are somewhat lower: NFL Network 73 million, FS1 88.2 million, SEC Network 66 million, Big Ten 61.1 million, NBC 82.3 million, CBS Sports Network 58 million, FS2 54.3 million, MLB 70.8 million, NHL Network 37 million).

Gambling- Market-Reach-565-Billion-2022 sportsbetting- market-is-expected-to-grow-by–139-52-bn-during-2020-2024- progressing-at-a-cagr-of-9-during-the-forecast-period-301064821.html

Some More Domain Names Added 24/05/21


Seeking $850,000 for all three.


Seeking $850,000 for all three.

The Full Portfolio Can Be Viewed Here:


Note From The Editor.

I wrote a while back about these domain names and I am pleased to be able to showcase these domain names again with the view of finding an investor that can acquire the complete network of domain names and syndicate proposals. To view the previous post please click the link here.

These domains will also be listed on This site is independent of the horse racing domains listed and will eventually be a directory of racecourses from around the world, as well as a horse racing news hub.

Further Reading:


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