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Dodgy Trader Trophy For Dodgy Traders.

Unprofessional Website Designers

Unprofessional Rogue Website Designers.

I was on my Facebook Business Groups yesterday when I got a notification that someone was offering their services as a website designer for free.

As in any industry you will get cowboys or unprofessional people. But when they are on my doorsep I will call them out as they give the rest of us a bad name.

When anyone says something is for free there is always a catch, as nothing is free in this world. When something is free it usually means there is a trial and prices or fees will be incurred thereafter.

Their pitch said they would build a website for free but hosting and a domain name was not included.

So without hesitation, I asked the question how much is the hosting and how much is the domain name, and do they do SEO?

I also asked the question how long will it take to get the website on the first page of Google.

Now any competent website designer will not just build a website and let it float in cyberspace, they will do everything possible to optimize it using SEO strategies.

So the person replied and was immediately on the defense that SEO was not included, they would not disclose the price of the hosting or price of a domain name. He went on to say so he would think I was in the know to ask the question but if I was really in the know I would know there is no time frame for search engines to rank a website. I did not respond as I did not want to give the game away, as usually, it takes anything from 12 to 18 months to get a website on the first page of Google although I do not want to blow my own trumpet I have got websites on the first page of Google between 1 to 3 months in the past using my own strategies.

The reason why I tried to call this person out is I once price matched a client’s previous web developer prices only to find they did not include SEO in which I do by default. The client who was clueless about the website design industry wanted to pay the same as the previous developers and I agreed to match the price only to find out that they were not that professional until it was too late.

The post yesterday grabbed the attention of more clueless people who would struggle to get their businesses on the first page of any search engine without extensive SEO and Marketing in which this person was not including in his offer.

It was no suprised I was then blocked from that post.

I feel sorry for the people that get sucked in by these amateurs claiming to be professional website designers.

Also, beware of companies offering to scan your sites, they will always say your website is 💩 and give you a hundred million reason why you should ditch you current web designer just so that they can get business from you.

If you feel your website needs improving or you could do with more traffic talk to your current web designer, they don’t bite and will do everything they can to keep you as a customer.

Nine times out of ten you will get a company from India disguised as a company from the UK. Do due diligence and make sure they can prove they are a legitimate company trading in the UK.

Do not get scammed by rogue traders aka Rhys Griffiths so-called web designer on Facebook who I called out the other day and he ended up blocking me because he must have found out who I am and what I do.

Rising Damp, Black Mold & Links to MS.

Example of Black Mould and Painting Over it. (Not My Mould – Stock Photo).

Rising Damp, Black Mold & MS.

Rising Damp, Black Mold & MS on my mind.

I live in a rented property and I have black mold on my walls which has ruined my furniture and furnishings and all the landlord has said for years now, is “wash it down with bleach and re-paint it” and that he would pay for the paint.

Now I know what his argument is going to be if I ever try to bring this up again and that is because of my OCD he was not able to fix the rising damp properly.

In my defense, my OCD is up and down from day to day so even if I was having a bad day I would work around workmen. My OCD does not define me and I can work around it in my home. It did not stop me last December with the numerous amount of people that entered my property to fix the ‘hot zone’ in the kitchen over the installation of a cooker I had bought. So his argument can be counter-argued.

Rising damp has to be treated properly and needs qualified builder to take on the job not some cowboy building contractor which I have met a few over the years.

Rising Damp and Black Mould can have adverse effects on your health especially if you fit in to the following categories:

  • babies and children
  • elderly people
  • those with existing skin problems, such as eczema
  • those with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma
  • those with a weakened immune system, such as those having chemotherapy (this is something my daughter has and has been treated with).

These people should stay away from damp and mould.

Moulds produces allergens (substances that can cause an allergic toxic reaction), irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mold spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash, or even death. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks and MS. Mould (black) can be deadly and a sign of a house that is lacking ventilation, not only would it be bad for MS but general health.

Now you have to weigh out all the pros and cons when complaining.

Landlords are bound by Government Legislations to conform to the laws set out.

If a Landlord is found to be doing things, not by the book he can be fined and even face a custodial sentence, hence if you complain about your landlord you have to also think about the domino effect.

The landlord is no longer going to be favorable towards you and will slap you an eviction notice at his first opportunity once the dust has settled so to speak. He will just claim he is no longer renting out the property and unless you have £££££s of pounds in the bank you could find you are kicked out on your ear with no where to go.

For me personally, I am going to move the first opportunity I have and then report him and not a moment sooner.

I know that the mold could have been a contributing factor to my daughter’s ill health and when I do move my landlord will reap the consequences.

The guidelines to keeping moisture at bay is to keep your home warm and have good ventilation, which I do and have the central heating on 24/7 in the colder months, and have an extractor fan. They also say open windows when your cooking or in the bath as the steam need to escape. This is not ideal in freezing cold temperatures during the winter months and extractor fans are the better option.

Mould and damp are caused by excess moisture. Moisture in buildings can be caused by leaking pipes (I believe to have leaking pipes as my combi boiler cuts out every two hours or so and I have checked why that could be happening and it could be because of a leaking pipe, not only that, one of my kitchen radiators was leaking water so I have turned it off completely. Rising damp normally starts in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or around window frames. (Well my window frames are rotting and are single glazed so that could be another contributing factor).

Some damp can be caused by condensation. This can lead to a growth in mould that appears as a cloud of little black dots.

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear. It also occurs in places the air is still, like the corners of rooms, behind furniture or inside wardrobes. (This is particularly true as my Italian Furniture is ruined and have photographic evidence of this).

Damp Proofing.

‘Rising damp’ is due to a defective (or non-existent) damp course. This will leave a ‘tide mark’ about a metre above the floor. Fixing rising damp is a job for a qualified builder.

Final Thoughts

Do consider the consequences of complaining about your landlord and even though he cannot serve you an eviction notice willy nilly, as it is illegal to do so, he can bide his time and once your contract is up for renewal simply say he is no longer renting out the property and will give you notice to leave. He could use a number of reasons why he does not have want to rent out the property any longer and the only thing you can do is claim compensation is for damages due to ill health and damaged property as in the case of my furniture. Also, you have to weigh out the length of time this will take to be dragged through the courts and is it in your best interest to start something knowing there are consequences in every action we take.

Remember there are always ways to skin a cat and get around things and if he no longer wants you he will find a way, even waiting for your contract to end to serve you notice. He can easily just keep the property empty for a few months and in most cases as I have witnessed with the numerous tenants over the years below me, he waits until they have moved out before refurbishing leaving the properties empty for a few months.

Do have a ‘Plan B‘ ready for when the landlord says he will no longer be renewing your contract. Do save some money, including deposit and rent for the next property and removal costs as well as buying furniture etc, etc…..

For me personally speaking, I will bide my own time and when the time is right have all my guns blazing. No one should live in substandard conditions and you do have rights but always do your research first before taking action and always have a ‘Plan B’.

To complain:

Electrical Safety 5 Year Checks


Electrical Safety 5 Year Checks.

I wrote a while back about an electrical engineers company in Cardiff (UK) that did not notice that there was a problem with my kitchen hotzone in my property when they came to do an electrical inspection approximately a year ago and as a consequence caused a domino effect, whereby my cooker which was delivered on December 17th 2020 to be precise was not fitted until the 11th January 2021, because it was difficult to get anyone out to resolve the problem and then fit it.

I was then subjected to having take-outs at a cost of £50 per day for two meals per two people over 25 days period totally £1,250. My Christmas was ruined.

Moving forward to today I get a message from my landlords assistant who says the same company that came to do the an electrical inspection a year ago are coming tomorrow to do an annual check?

I responded and said unless it is mandatory I would prefer no visitors, to which she replied it was and it has to be done by law.

Obviously I never take things at face vaule and I decided to do some research and this is what I found the screenshot follows after the PDF:


Now considering the UK has a “stay at home ruling” you would think minimising contact with other people would be of highest priority but somehow people are being so blasé about the Pandemic it is starting to make my blood boil.

Secondly the Landlords Assistant whom I assume should have done some training with ‘Rent Smart Wales’ would know that the electrical tests are every five years not annual. It is the Gas Safety Checks that have to be checked annually.

However I am going to have some fun tomorrow when the the Electrical Engineers arrive and will ask them to comment to the following questions:

  1. Why they are doing Electrical Inspections on an annual basis, when it says every five years? (already had this answered, they are apparantly doing fire alarm inspections instead).
  2. Why they failed to notice a problem with the kitchen hotzone a year ago?
  3. Why they failed to move the socket from the hotzone on the 17th December and only covered it with a plastic covering? ( According to the electrician today that was ok. No this is not fine as the plastic could melt from the heat).
  4. Why they fitted a light on the same circuit as the banister light which when one light blows the electrics trip? (He said that yes when the light goes it will trip the electrics but if the bulb goes on the light which is positioned in a dangerous place I still have to change it as it will continue tripping otherwise. So that was a waste of time installing the second light).
  5. Why they changed the bathroom light which was already bathorrom safe for another one, just to make extra money? (I never got round to answering this question).
  6. Why they fitted an extra three smoke alarms on top of the one I already had, considering my flat has one floor and I should have one alarm on each floor? (he said by law I had to have one in the living room, on the landing, kitchen (heat detector) and the entrance to my flat, we where having a full blown argument as he was persistant that I was wrong).
  7. Why they did not spot the washing machine was plugged into an extension lead, which was trailing on the ground and not plugged into a wall socket which I did not have behind my machine? (if there was a leak and water went over my extension lead, well all I can say is, I would be toast)? (I mentioned about this and he the best thing would be for me to lodge a complaint with the company, once I get the information from the government I will be emailing these electricians and reporting them).
  8. Who will compensate me for all the money I wasted on take-outs?
  9. Where does it say I have to have annual fire alarm checks done? (I asled the electrician and he could not give me an answer I wanted the name of the website to fact check).

Considering this company is registered with electrical safety register I would like to know who taught them about electrical safety inspections?

Furthermore my daughter is classed as vulnerable person according to the government, so why is it that people insist on visiting my property when I do not want them to? Its all getting beyond a joke.

I will update you soon.

In the meantime I highly recommend “First Phase Electrial – Electricians Wales”, if you have any electrical emergency work that needs doing. Give “Jeff Smith” a call or visit his website:




I stand corrected I am not having an electrical inspection done after I pointed out the 5 year rule to my landlords assistant, instead I am having a fire alarm system check but as always I leave no stone unturned and have found this PDF from the Governments website relating to Fire Alarm Inspections. There is no mention how often fire alarms should be tested by a quaified electrician and besides it is not rocket science to test the alarm yourself which is recommended that everyone does anyway.

This is now an invasion of my privacy, against covid regulations and a risk to my daughters health.


My grieviance is not only the hotzone and money I wasted on take-outs, but the amount of visits I have had to my accomodation outside of my immediate bubble to the total of 9 people relating to my landlord’s decision, within the last month. This is now wearing me down. Had they all come at the same time, I could have had a party.

  1. Two DHL Appliance Delivery Engineers.
  2. An Electrician who capped the socket the same day as DHL Delivery.
  3. My Landlord the following day and his assistant x total 3 visits.
  4. The Gas engineer who came and went without installing the cooker.
  5. The Two Gas Engineers that finally installed my cooker.
  6. Engineer today checking the fire alarms.

A total of nine people in the last month that have entered my accomodation.

Update 18.33 pm 22/01/21

I had my visitor today person number 9 in the space of one month test the fire alarms and basically this is all he did, he sprayed some smoke from a canister directly below the alarm, waited for the alarm to activate and disarmed it, wrote something down and off he went.

I have since written to the government to confirm what legislations there are for checking fire alarms and how often.

From what I have read one has to check the alarm once a month.

If this is the case there is no way on this earth I am allowing any more visitors to my accomodation.

I pointed the hotzone out to him and he agreed the electrical engineers overlooked the hotzone but I could not blame the company but the engineers.

He continued to say that capping the wall socket was ok. Obviously another cowboy to the list of cowboys.

Here is my capped wall socket, which is now behind a splashback, which today electrician said was fine.

Landlord & Tenant News

Landlords & Eviction Notices.

From September 30th 2020 in Wales, Landlords will have to give you 6 months notice to evict you providing they have good reason. However if you hold a short term tenancy then the landlord can evict you based on the contract term, giving you notice.

You can read the full article here:

Another thing you may need to consider is if your landlord is being difficult and does not want to do all the repairs even though you have told him, you may consider especially if you have a short hold tenancy agreement is do the repairs yourself, keep all the expenses receipts and at the end of the day get them back by invoicing him/her. Worst case scenario you can take him/her to a small claims court to recover the costs.

Social Media Scammers

Social Media Scammers

Social Media Scammers and how Social Media should change to stop fake accounts.

Its all very well having social media platforms where people can register accounts but more should be done to stop fake accounts, this in turn would save thousands of people being scammed out their life savings.

These scammers usually target businesses as they think businesses are in the position to hand out hard earned cash.

I once challenged a supposed Prince who shall remain nameless yet I have serveral different invitations to connect with the said individual with several different accounts. I got so infuriated that I ended writing to the family office and suggested as a security measure they should contact LinkedIn and take down every fake account to stop this happening. I still have a phone number and email address for this one particular individual who claimed he was a ruler of a certain country.

I am sure you have had emails such as for example the Lord Reginald Cuthbert the III who is 99 years old and on behalf of his late wife who left millions of dollars in a trust fund for their daughter who got killed in a car crash, you get the type of email I am talking about. They usually are found in the spam folder along side scammers saying your account has been accessed and unless you hand over ex amount of money they will let a virus destroy all your files or will send explicit images to all your contacts.

Well now I have encountered another scammer and I am calling on the real person of this image below to contact me with their rank number and army base they are stationed at as verification and for them to remove the fake carbon footprint off the internet. This potential can save many vulnerable people falling into a trap and being scammed.

Why am I making this my business?. because this person has contacted me and keeps engaging in text and email to me, I am concerned if he is not real then that the next person he befriends may not be so lucky and may get scammed.

If the shoe was on the other foot and this happened to me, I would contact all the websites to take my photos down and where people were impersonating me I would verify my identity to a concerned party without being offended and would understand that they are meerly performing due diligence to safe guard themselves from fraud. I certainly would not make a big deal about it and I would respect them more for taking security measures. When I challenged the supposed Prince and asked him contact me via email he got very irrate and said am I questioning him and direspecting him? The person was very intimidating and I should have insited on a video call rather than simply chat via text message he is still on my whatapp as an active user and this is from many months ago.

What gets me this particular individual in this photo I have published has had a whole album of photos posted on the internet so was his whole computer hacked that is the question?

I have spoken with the supposed person this evening whom is an American yet sounded like he had a middle eastern person distinctive foreign accent.

I will try to get this individuals rank number but when I asked him what time it was over where he was he pretended to not hear me and did not reply. I already know the time difference if where he says he is legitimate.

Will the Real Soldier Stand Up!!

These social media sites should put a stop to all fake accounts and verify each user with photo id.

So considering we are supposed to be security conscious this is not happening and I want to know why?

I am so tempted to start a petition to make all social media sites verify each account holder with 2 forms of id including photo id and a recent utility bill. This will stop all fake accounts.

Surely this guy has family and friends so someone will know how to contact him?

How can so many of these images get leaked on the internet?

I have even seen a photo of his passport, regardless if it is fake or not, that is not the point, the bigger question is where is this real person in this photo and why is he not doing anything to help himself and remove the fake data and help others from falling prey to these scammers?

There is such a thing as GDPR for those that do not know one can complain to them and have ones incorrect search results removed. Also where is his Army buddies they too can contact him and let him know what is going on.

Where is the guy?

Please share to find this guy and get him to contact me. What worries me is this person identity is being cloned to the extent that fraudsters are doing all sorts of damage to this individual and surely the Military should be advised if he is on active duty.

All these fraudsters should go to jail for impersonating military personnel. In fact impersonating any person should carry a custodial sentence. There is a way of tracking these people down with reverse data api’s so surely the people in the know can track these scammers down.

I need to do some research and find someone high ranking that I can talk to, I have a few thousand connections on Linkedin so someone is bound to know someone that I can speak with.

This individual I have spoken with this evening does not convince me he is the real McCoy and I need to find a way of verifying his identity because if he is not the real deal he obviously has ulterior motives to pose as a high ranking soldier.

My father was a soldier in the Polish Army in WWII and fought the battle of Monte Cassino before settling in the UK. He wrote a biography which you can read by clicking the link here:

So I have great respect for our military past and present and feel sorry for the individual this is happening to.

Awaiting positive feedback on my investigation.

Stay Safe.

Addendum 06/05/20

More Reading:

Help with Avoiding Being a Victim of Fraud

What Facebook & Twitter are saying

Addendum 08/05/20

Since writing this post a few days ago I contacted the supposed individual that had originally contacted me, by email and sent him a Non Disclosure Identy Verification Document for him to fill in and return to me. He seemed to get a bit angry by the tone of his reply in the way he wrote to me, I doubt that I will ever hear from him again.



ONE.COM The hosting company for website and domain names. No I am not putting them on a pedestal to market them as being the best hosting company on the planet on the contrary I am putting them on a pedestal for being one of the worst. I cannot say they are the worst as there could be worse hosting companies out there.

Instead I will just highlight how they have added an extra fee for renewing domain names. So if you are in the business of buying and selling domain names you will know that DNS Domain Administration comes part and parcel of the package of renewing domain names as without a DNS system one cannot alter DNS Records or forward domain names.

So a .CO.UK Domain Renewal on any other registrars website costs £10 plus vat but this company ONE.COM are charging for the domain name renewal and also the DNS administration system as you can see below:

ONE.COM DNS Administration Fee.

This is a scam if I ever I saw one and the customers they have most probably do not know that DNS comes as default with a Domain Name and should not be charged as an add on.

I would avoid like the plague, all they have been is problem after problem from the start and God knows what nightmare stories their ex-customers would have to say given half the chance.

Slowly but surely they will end up loosing me as a customer. Customer services were no better basically saying if I did not like it, to take a running jump, I would call their bluff but I cannot afford one of the domain names going into migration over to another registrar as that would mess up one of my clients websites, which I cannot afford to do right now, considering lost his blog (it just disappeared off the face of the www) not so long ago.

Total Nightmare Company!

28/02/20 Addendum

As you are aware I am down sizing my portfolio with and am moving over to another hosting provider.

Upon checking a particular website today the contact page was off centre.

This means when I published it the other day they must have re-published my site (even though they claim they NEVER do).

So today I spend my valuable time talking to these idiots again and they admit that they had done a bug fix the other day which may have caused one of my codes to be none responsive.

If my site was working fine the other day and you do a bug fix and it is not working fine today you should reimburse me and you fix the problem without blaming everyone else on the planet bar yourselves.

This is NOT the first time they have done this and then tried blaming the consumer.

I am livid to say the least and hope and pray my client does not see the unresponsive page, they only lost his blog and could not retrieve off their server. I am amazed that they have any business.

…….since writing my post earlier they found that it was not a bug fix but something else which the technician should have spotted before creating a ticket and I did not get an apology, says it all…..


December 2021