Interview with Prince Harry & Megan Markle Suicidal Thoughts.

As most of you have already seen, heard and read Oprah Winfrey had an interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle, so I won’t bore you with what he said she said, I just want to address a couple of things that were said by Piers Morgan in the afermath of the airing of the interview last night.

First of all anyone that has suicidal thoughts regardless if they are a celebrity, royalty or the guy or girl on the street should not be mocked or scutinised. They should be given the support they need regardless of social status and certainly should not ridiculed on television.

Mental Health is not a thing you can switch off and on when you please. Mental Health can sometimes linger for years without the right support, therapy and medication. The onset of a traumatic event can cause a person to have suicidal thoughts and simply critising someone and making them into a mcockery can actually do more harm than good.

For Piers Morgan to MOCK Megan it just tells me he is a pompous pretentious full of himself narcissistic bully.

No one in their right mind would ever admit to having suicidal thoughts publically unless they actually did experience it for the fear of being scrutinised even further, which in turn causes a viscious cycle and ones mental health continues to go down a downward spiral.

For Piers to mock Megan and accuse both Prince Harry and Megan of having some sort of vendetta on the whole of the Royal Family as Racist is utterly ridiculous and I quote “Megan Markle called the Royal Family a Racist Institution” according to Piers. Not once did Megan ever say that. That is why we have bad press because the opinion of one journalist can be misconstrude.

Furthermore Megan and Harry were not divuldging the name of one individual, that does not mean that they were saying anything bad about the Royal Family, they were just being tactful. Does it really matter who insinuated about the ‘colour of the skin’ of the unborn child, at the end of the day no one is going to admit to being racist even though they may think that way.

Will it be in public’s interest to know the name of the person, personally speaking I do not think so. So for Piers to demand to know the name of the person is wrong and Megan and Harry should not be put in that position.

Besides and this is a general question why does it matter what colour of someone’s skin may or may not look like?

Whoever asked that question is racist, there is no doubt in my mind.

Anyone asking the question would been deemed as discriminating or racist, regardless of who was asking the question Royal or not.

In fact listening to the interview Megan and Harry did not say anything derogatory about the Royal Family. All they said was that they did not get the support they needed or the security and Prince Harry was financially cut off and Prince Charles at one stage was not accepting Prince Harry’s calls.

I have shared the ‘Good Morning Britain’ episode and how Piers Morgan sunk his teeth into the interview and basically mocked Megan Markle and called her a ‘ruthless social climber’. How is trying to survive deemed as ruthless?

Also with any church wedding their is also a registrar signing, if both Harry & Megan decided not to have that televised, which Piers has made a mountain out of a mole hill, why is that such a shocker, some things need to be private and sentimental and not everything needs to be public?

Finally it is no ones business who should be invited to a wedding and Piers had no right to call out Oprah Winfrey for attending, I am sure there were many more guests that attended that Megan and Harry may or may not have met more than once.

Piers said no one attented the wedding on Megan’s side of the family, if you remember Megan’s mother attended the wedding and her father was in hosipital.

As for Trisha Goddard I cannot fault her for calling Piers a “Bully Piers” and he woud be the star of the show. The reason I do not watch ‘Good Morning Britain’ as I do not want to contribute towards Piers Morgan pay cheque. As long as he is on the show I will not watch it. The clip I embedded was off ‘Youtube’ and is circling on ‘Facebook’, but actively I will never watch the show as long he is on there.

Final Thoughts.

Whatever happens behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors and if the couple wanted to share their side of the story, all I can say there two sides to every story and someone in the palace needs to speak up and say theirs.

At the end of the day we may never know what actually happened and it is unfortunate that it has come to this and caused a media frenzy.

I wish both Prince Harry & Megan and their children a way to mend and heal and build bridges with their extended family. I wish them a future where they will be happy and will be successful whatever path they choose and get the support they need.

At the end of the day “todays news will be old news tomorrow” and rekindling family bonds are most important.

“I wish for a happy ending and everyone can play happy families again”.

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