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Saliva Cross Contamination of Germs



You would think dealing with the Corona Pandemic was already enough for us to deal with for the rest of our lives but wait for it there is something else lurking on the horizon. In fact, 6 countries have been placed on ‘Urgent Alert’ amidst a new “EBOLA” outbreak.

Ebola kills through organ failure and severe bleeding and is very transmissible through body fluids. During the 2013 to 2016 Ebola outbreak more than 11,000 people died across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

So what has Saliva and Mail got to do with anything, I hear you cry?

Saliva & Mail.

People send letters and parcels all over the world everyday and yes most parcels and envelopes use postage stamps other than the ones that use franking machines then this does not apply.

What does a person do to seal an envelope or stick a stamp:

So what does a person do when they stick a stamp on an envelope or parcel or seals an envelope?……they use in most cases their own saliva.

Therefore what happens when you have just stuck an envelope down nice and wet or stuck a postage stamp, you have now smeared your germs right across and have successfully contaminated the said item.

How long can germs live on surfaces:

Different Kinds of Surfaces

Metal Examples: doorknobs, jewelry, silverware 5 days

Wood Examples: furniture, decking 4 days

Plastics Examples: milk containers and detergent bottles, subway and bus seats, backpacks, elevator buttons 2 to 3 days

Stainless steel Examples: refrigerators, pots and pans, sinks, some water bottles 2 to 3 days

Cardboard Examples: shipping boxes 24 hours

Copper Examples: pennies, teakettles, cookware 4 hours

Aluminum Examples: soda cans, tin-foil, water bottles 2 to 8 hours  

Glass Examples: drinking glasses, measuring cups, mirrors, windows Up to 5 days

Ceramics Examples: dishes, pottery, mugs 5 days

Paper Examples: mail, newspaper The length of time varies. Some strains of coronavirus live for only a few minutes on paper, while others live for up to 5 days.

Food Examples: takeout, produce. Coronavirus doesn’t seem to spread through food.

Water Coronavirus hasn’t been found in drinking water. If it does get into the water supply, your local water treatment plant filters and disinfects the water, which should kill any germs.

Fabrics Examples: clothes, linens There’s not much research about how long the virus lives on fabric, but it’s probably not as long as on hard surfaces.

Shoes One study tested the shoe soles of medical staff in a Chinese hospital intensive care unit (ICU) and found that half were positive for nucleic acids from the virus. But it’s not clear whether these pieces of the virus cause infection. The hospital’s general ward, which had people with milder cases, was less contaminated than the ICU.

Skin and hair There’s no research yet on exactly how long the virus can live on your skin or hair. Rhinoviruses, which cause colds, survive for hours.

So what is my point to all this?

If people who may not even be aware they are carriers of ANY disease spread their germs and contaminate envelopes and parcels imagine the knock on effect this has on th population. First the parcels and envelopes get picked up and sent to a sorting office where multiple people handle mail. Imagine how many people may get infected simply by that one task alone?

Yes but it is embedded into our brains we must wash our hands frequently, but how many of us actually do? People are not OCD like me may be complacent about touching things and them washing hands. All it takes is for an infected person to touch several surfaces and someone else then gets contaminated. You not only need to clean your hands but everything you come into contact with. Germs live on surfaces for days.

I am a suffered of contamination OCD I have been for over 30 years so I am more aware than anyone about cross contamination and germs and will not touch something that has been touched by someone else without disinfecting the item first. With mail that can be difficult to disinfect, hence I use disposable latex gloves. The same goes with outer packaging of food and toiletries and household products.

You have to think outside the box (no pun intended), the items have been shipped from somewhere before ending up on our shelves, imagine how many people have touched that item before you?

You will never be able to stop any virus from spreading if not enough is done to:

SPREAD “Germ Cross Contamination” AWARENESS to the Masses.

This has to be done with media amplification.

How is Coronavirus is spread?

According to current evidence, the COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes.,%2C%20faeces%20and%20urine.

This means the virus comes from the mouth, from sneezing and coughing and what else is our mouths…..SALIVA!


If you intend on sending mail and have to seal envelopes and postage stamps get a sponge from the kitchen or bathroom and soak it with water, then wipe the envelope or stamps with it, NEVER USE SALIVA.

When handling goods always disinfect outer packaging whenever possible and when handling mail use disposable gloves.

On another note about spreading awareness I for one do not buy tabloids, do not watch terrestrial TV so how can people like myself be alerted of cross contamination? I have an answer social media push notifications.


According to a study conducted early on in the pandemic found the virus lost infectivity on paper within three hours, says Professor Mark Harris, from the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Leeds.

Prof Harris told HuffPost UK it is “highly unlikely” you’d spread Covid by licking an envelope – or catch it by touching an envelope that had been licked. Furthermore, the average time an envelope would probably have spent in a postbox would be no more than three hours waiting to be collected. By the time it’s been through the postal service, three hours will most definitely have passed.

(What about parcels which also have stamps and have to be taken physically to post offices or given to couriers)? sorry but I am not convinced...

“However my thoughts on this are, for example, an elderly person who has a friend, family member, carer or neighbor asks them to post their mail for them they essentially would cross-contaminate”.

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TV Licensing UK Part II

Do you need a License to watch NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME VIDEO?

Should TV Licensing UK offer “Pay As You Go”?

The other day I had my annual reminder that my TV License had been renewed, which reminded me to phone these people up and ask the question do they do “Pay As You Go”. Meaning if I only access and watch one or two documentaries a year if that and that is pushing it, why do I have to pay for a full license?

In fact I wrote about TV Licensing a while ago posing the same question:

I was told the other day by someone who clearly did not seem to be a happy person, that if I watch tv I have to pay for the license and was very arrogant as he spoke to me as if he had some sort of power over me. He was not symapthetic to my call and I felt that my call had literally fallen on deaf ears…..Talk to the hand!

This is what the Governement says about TV Licensing:


You must have a TV Licence if you:

  • watch or record programmes on a TV, computer or other device as they’re broadcast
  • download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand

A TV Licence costs £157.50 (£53 for black and white TV sets) for both homes and businesses.

What’s covered

A single TV Licence covers all of the following in a single property:

  • TV sets
  • computers
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • mobile phones
  • any other device that can receive a TV signal

You do not need a TV Licence to watch:

  • non-BBC programmes on online catch-up services
  • videos or DVDs
  • clips on websites like YouTube
  • closed circuit television (CCTV)

Find out if you need a TV Licence on the TV Licensing website.

Free and discounted TV licences

You can get a free licence if you’re 75 or older and you get Pension Credit.

You can get a discounted licence if you have a severe vision impairment.

If you live in a residential care home, the person who is in charge of the home can apply for a licence for you.

Fines and penalties

You can be fined up to £1,000 if you watch or record live TV without a TV Licence.

Do you need a Licence to watch NETFLIX, AMAZON PRIME VIDEO?

The answer is simple you do not need a licence for NETFLIX & AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.

If you only watch on-demand or catch-up programmes through streaming services like Netflix, then you do NOT need a TV licence – UNLESS you‘re watching BBC programmes on iPlayer. … You need to be covered by a TV licence if you watch live TV on any channel or device.

For a List of Streaming Sites Visit:


There has been a lot of talk recently about scrapping the TV Licence, with culture secretary Nicky Morgan suggesting it could be abolished by 2027, but by this time the TV Licensing People should refund people like myself and for argument sake if I watch two documentaries a year that equates to £13.00 per month which if say each documentary was one month apart and I have adapted this for the last 10 years that would mean for every year I should get a refund £131.00 multiplied by 10 years is a total of £1,300 that the TV Licensing people have made off the back off me. Moving forward another six years based on my current viewing will be a further £786.00 I will potentially pay the TV Licensing people for nothing. This would bring the grand total of £2,086.00

Brits who want to watch live TV or use the BBC’s iPlayer service must fork out for a licence for their home. It used to be straightforward, as until the 21st Century, if you wanted to watch TV shows, you needed to watch an actual TV.

But the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made some people realise they do not actually watch TV through a TV aerial or record programmes on a TV, computer or other device that are broadcasted, downloaded or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand

I think it is daylight robbery for people like myself and someone needs to demand that the TV Licensing People offer “PAY AS YOU GO” rather than rob you blind.

Obviously the BBC have to pay their journalists and the Licensing contributes to their fees and overheads so I am not saying abolish the licensing all together as people will still watch BBC and the media still needs to get paid but instead give people the opportunity to pay as you go.

For all intents and purposes someone should start a petition. I personally do not have time to do it myself as I am busy with my work, but someone should contact Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan:

Baroness Nicky Morgan Of Cotes,

Contact Details:

House of Lords

Phone: 020 7219 5353


Addressing Member of the Lords:

**Remember to be professional, polite and courteous, be straight to the point and do not waffle. Remember everyone is human and is approachable providing you know how to do it.

Further Reading:

TV Licensing (UK)

UK TV Licensing – Live Streaming

Today I received by email my renewed TV License.

Something flipped in my brain to say hold on but you and any member in your household do not watch terrestrail tv and its time to do something about it…….So I decided to contact the “TV Licensing” by their online contact form. I filled in all the neccessary questions and then posted the following message and I will tell you what happened when I pressed the send button at the end of my post.

The message was:

I am a web designer and want to know how using Amazon Prime Video which Amazon use their own servers for has anything to do with you?

I underatand watching terrestrial television on any device is payable but where websites use their own servers why do you charge when these services do not belong to you?

I will be making a blog post about this on as I think it is a questionable charge for something that has nothing to do with you and is against my consumer rights to be forced to pay for something that I do not directly use, which is terrestrail tv or live streaming.

If anything for people such as myself you should offer “a pay as you go service” for the occasional viewing.

But anything that is not part of itv hub should not be passed off as belonging to you and that is illegal to claim that it does.

I have thousands of followers and I will cause an uproar as I feel I am being misleaded.

I would like an answer and an explanation why you are charging me £154.40 a year for something I do not use.

Your terms and conditions state the following Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, Sky Go, etc. What does the (etc) mean?, you are not being transparent which is also illegal.

I think trading standards should get involved. However when I pressed the (send) button I ended up with the following error:

A bit of a coincidence that an error occurred. Obviously the TV Licensing people do not want confrontations so they make it difficult to complain. What use will it be to me to phone up to be told they cannot give me an answer over the phone.

Youtube do not charge you to watch programmes and websites such as Netflix charge subscription fees. Sky TV you pay a service charge to them directly and they use their own servers just like Amazon and this has nothing to do with the TV Licensing people. I can undestand if a signal from their masts were being used to broadcast channels to your device, so yes I would understand that one would have to pay for the service but for the occasional use it should be a pay as you go service which you could cancel any time.

What gets me is they send intimidationg people to your door if you do not pay.

Streaming TV

According to the TV Licensing people, broadcasts coming direcly from their hub or live viewing such as sport events are deemed as payable to the TV Licensing Organization, However other websites hosted on other servers and services offered by other websites such as Netflix or Amazon should not be also charged to the consumer by TV Licensing UK. If anything they should charge the website owners and make them have a license but not charge the consumer as well……. that is just plain greedy.

Since when do the TV Licensing bodies own the internet or the movie websites?

I do not know too much about streaming websites but I assume one needs a license in order to offer a service. The TV Licensing people are burning the candle at both ends.

The basic rule of thumb is that you must have a TV licence if you watch, record or otherwise consume live television or watch ITV, BBC, S4C. Which I do not!!!! It doesn’t matter which television stations you watch, or how you watch them. You still have to buy a license even if you only watch live streams from Mongolia’s Eagle TV channel.

The definition of “live stream” means it is in real time although there can be delays in transmission such as buffering due to weak wifi/broadband signal strength, and many set-top boxes and PVRs let you pause or save TV programmes to watch later. Therefore recording, capturing and storing live TV shows also counts as watching live television. You can’t get out of paying for a licence by recording programmes and watching them later.

So if you are considering streaming a TV programme just before it ends, you need to have a licence. If you start streaming it just after it has ended, you don’t need a licence.

Regardless what device you use to view live television, or how you collect and process the media, you are still viewing real time TV. No matter how you get the feed whether it is an aerial, a cable network, a satellite dish, a wifi hotspot or any other internet server it all still counts as streaming. This includes watching live fights on Sky Sports Box Office, NHL ice hockey games from Canada, ATP tennis on Amazon Prime and so on, even though you will be paying separately to watch them. Logically, it must also include any live television feeds on Facebook or Twitter. Which I reiterate I do not!!!!

Live Streaming is viewing a Live Feed in Real Time.

It does not matter if your watching live TV via a feed on a TV set, a computer monitor, on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, on a VR headset or projected on to a wall, you still have to pay, which is underatandable providing what you are watching is in real time or on the ITV Hub or BBC iplayer.

Anyone who thinks they can get out of paying without a legitimate reason is very much mistaken as they will hound you until you pay and will even fine you and take you to court. So regardless what device you use if you watch terrestial tv such as ITV, BBC, S4C or live stream TV programmes in real time on your devices whether it is a TV, Laptop, Computer, Smartphone or via a Roku stick in the back of a monitor you still have to pay.

I would therefore like to know what I have got for my money considering they have just charged me £154.40 – the answer I will tell you, absolutely nothing not one iota.

I have basically handed over £154.40 for nothing, imagine this money could go towards my grocery shopping and not the TV Bosses who live in luxury accomodation, with fancy cars and fat pay cheques (checks) from misleading consumers.

I happily pay both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (For Movies) but I do not live stream and do not watch terrestrial TV such as ITV, BBC or S4C. Half the rubbish they broadcast only destroys my valuable brain cells which are better spent blogging. I do not see why I have to pay the TV Licensing people if I do not use their service.

If their argument is that all broadcasts over the internet belong to them then they should make the website owners pay for a license and not the consumer.

But if they can get money from the consumer as well as the website owner thats more chi-ching for them and the consumer who thinks he has to pay regardless if they live stream or not because they are brain washed into thinking they must then, they will pay because they would not know what else to do and the TV Licensing people then laugh all the way to the bank.

Why should I pay Amazon for Prime Video to be charged more than double amount by the TV Licensing people also even though I do not live stream? Amazon is an American Company so what has that got to do with the British TV?

Surely there are jurisdictions on counrty to country viewing tv laws and Britain does not govern the whole wide world. So my question is how can Britain dictate for example Amazon Prime Video which is an american streaming channel, where I presume in order to stream Amazon would have already acquired a license to offer the service and with a paid subscription. So how does Britain have a say in the broadcasting of a foreign country, when it is over the internet and via satellites which do not belong to Britain. I would understand if the live stream was being broadcasted in Britain but if is from abroad how can Britain charge a license fee and if it is for a one time even, for £152.40 and one only viewed as a one off you could go literally watch the event live and get yourself front row tickets for that amount of money. Just asking?

I am angry to say the least and like an idiot I have been paying them for the last 10 years even though I might have only watched a handul times worth of viewing at the most 7 days viewing (not live streaming may I add) only on ITV hub, so for say 10 years at a cost of £1,524.00 they have made over £1,524.00 and I have had nothing for that amount of money which I think they should refund me for.

I remember once whilst I was abroad in the EU back in the day when we were in the EU, I wanted to access a documetary whilst I was in my hotel and it basically said I could not watch the program on my iphone, so the following day I rang theTV Licensing people and they said my license did not cover me to watch British TV on my device whilst I was abroad. So if that is the case they should not charge for live streaming from TV networks from abroad.

But have I the energy or time to complain and just like the rest of the british people (programmed sheep} who end up paying because they are scare mongered into a corner, end up paying for the sake of not having any problems with the TV Licensing people, I may actually break free and stand my ground.

**Note: Anyone reading this please share it far and wide and bring a stop to this once and for all. If Microsoft get their money from every laptop, computer, tablet that is sold that has Windows installed on it, then the TV Licensing people should do the same with all newTV’s and have a subscription service for people who want to view online.

I may take this further, we will just have to see……

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