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Motivational and Inspirational Quotes of the Day.

Motivating Yourself & In Business

Motivating Yourself & In Business.

Motivation is the strategy to initiate, guide, and maintain goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is the driving force behind human actions it is about the ways you and your business can encourage yourself and your staff to give their best performance. Motivation is not just about Business it is about empowering and inspiring oneself to do better, which in turn is passed down to your workforce. Motivated staff care about the success of the business and work better. A motivating workplace results in improved quality as the staff takes greater pride in their work and turns out great results.

However in some cases people especially my family and friends have never understood me when it comes to running a business, after all, they have never had a business of their own.

So when I decline meetups and am content with Skyping they do not support me and come up with advice on how it is not healthy for me to be working from the moment I wake to the moment I fall asleep.

I personally do not listen to people giving me advice, as they may have many opinions to make but may not be experts in the topic of discussion. Unless I am speaking with an expert, someone else’s opinion is simply their own. It does not matter what other people think, what you think is the most important.

As the following interview on Elon Musk explains why he is a workaholic just like me. I can relate to so many things he said and it may also be relatable to you.

Sitting around a dining table chatting about life is a waste of time for me personally, time that can be better spent helping my business evolve. People that cannot see my vision and are not supportive of me, have no right to be dining with me. In fact, I conducted a social experiment a while back and wrote about it called “Support & Encouragement“. It was disheartening to see not one person from my close-knit circle did not respond.

So the other day I reached my limit of 5K friends on Facebook and asked people in my close network of friends and family to subscribe and follow me on other social media channels and again strangers I have never met have the decency to follow me but my family and actual friends have not.

People who are not supportive of you may think of themselves as better than you they may feel they are privileged and like to see you struggle and just wait for you to fail or they could be envious of you. Remember when you reach your goals they will then want to know you.

My business is precious to me I have spent long tireless hours and money building it and will not allow anyone to stand in my way. My business is my baby which needs nurturing. My business model is digital marketing, mentorship, and website design for “People in Business” and people who are Disabled Entrepreneurs.

I would never work these hours for a job I did not love. I believe in helping people and if I can become a good teacher hopefully this will inspire other people to do the same.

I am currently also researching “Neuroplasticity” this link is to articles I have previously written and how to rewire the brain to have positive thoughts. A book I highly recommend you read is “Think and Grow Rich” By Napolean Hill.

If you are wondering why I am an advocate for disabilities is because both myself and my daughter have some form of disability. However, this has not stopped me from doing my work or my daughter doing hers, we have learned to manage our disabilities and work around them.

My ultimate goal is to cure myself and then teach people how I did it. I have started my journey and once I recover I will teach people and tell my story.

I am learning about self-hypnosis which I wrote about on my other blog, how this type of therapy is not available on the NHS, hence it has never been offered to me in the 30 years I have been a sufferer of OCD. Not every person can be hypnotized it does not work for everyone. But if you have a strong enough mindset to believe it will happen, then through the power of suggestion, anything is possible.

There is still a certain taboo about disabilities and I have listed Famous People with Disabilities so that you can understand Disabilities and who has them in the world of celebrities. Elon Musk suffers from Aspergers Syndrome.

Some motivational speakers talk about dream boards. I agree to a certain degree you have to visualize what you want and set goals to achieve what you desire. Scripting your thoughts in a journal every day and using the present tense, you are paving your path to your destiny. You also have to believe that whatever you want can be achieved providing you repetitively every day think and talk about or self-hypnotize yourself into manifesting it.

Empowering oneself and others involves identifying, nurturing, and utilizing strengths. Promoting constructive motivational resources in oneself and others can teach us how to acknowledge and repair weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

My chapter has just started and will post more motivational articles in due course.

Further Reading:

Motivational Neuroscience

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Money Worries & Mental Health

Money Problems and Poor Mental Health.

Money Worries.

It is with no surprise that mental health is affected by financial worries, with an astonishing 9.5 million Brits suffering from mental health issues due to money worries. More than 18 million UK adults worry about money on a daily basis with a third saying their sleep is affected.

Therefore utility companies should not be intimidating and be wolves at the door if your bill payment is a few days late. They need to show compassion and be more understanding rather than harass people. Landlords should also take into consideration a person, personal circumstances before demanding money at short notice, 30 days notice is not adequate time if you have not put into place a surplus amount of money that you can use should the creditor increase their prices by an astronomical amount over the rate of inflation. Just because a property rental price is lower than the average price, says if a tenant did not agree with the prices they would have no option but to pay the average cost or move to an entirely new area. However, if the tenant needs to be in the area for business reasons and they have been a long-term tenant this says that the person has stayed in the area for a reason. Therefore if a landlord deliberately makes s a person get into debt which in turn causes mental health issues, the landlord should then be liable for the ill health of a person.

Some people can manage their money to a certain degree whilst others find it very difficult.

Feeling your financial circumstances are too much to bear, often people try to avoid the problem hoping somehow it will go away, but it never does, and the more you ignore it the worse the situation will become.

It is a well-known fact that people struggling with money have a link to poor mental health.

Below I will address the following categories:

  • What is the definition of poor mental wellbeing?
  • Can poor mental health affect the way you deal with money?
  • What if you feel everything has become too much and very overwhelming?
  • How to return to the drawing board and try and re-budget your finance?
  • Are there organizations I can try to get free debt help?
  • How to Deal with creditors?
  • What should you do if you have been unfairly treated?
  • How to manage your expenditure whilst you’re in the hospital?
  • What Benefits are there you can claim if you have poor mental health?
  • If someone you know is struggling with mental health and financial issues, how to help them?
  • If you cannot manage your money yourself who can help you?
  • Getting extra support for mental health?

What is the definition of poor mental wellbeing?

If you are finding that your mental health is being affected because of your financial circumstances and life is starting to be very overwhelming with sadness, stress, and anxiety, you may be experiencing poor mental well being which you need to contact a health professional like your local GP.

Poor mental wellbeing is when you experience the loss of a loved one (grief) feeling lonely or in despair, having relationship issues, or money worries or your physical health is not so good or you may even have problems at work. Most of the time we know what is causing us to feel low and we need to admit to ourselves that we do have a problem and learn how to deal with it. By simply ignoring the problem or being in denial will only make matters worse.

If you are feeling very low to the extent you may be having suicidal thoughts because of your money worries, you need to talk to a friend, family, neighbour or stranger otherwise call 999 if you are in immediate danger or give the Samaritans a call on 166 123.

Poor mental health can come at any time and last indefinitely unless treated. Your financial circumstance and worries about money can cause a chain reaction of problems not only to your health but to your day-to-day living.

Mental Health issues such as anxiety depression, sadness, stress, and PTSD can happen to the best of us, and remember you are not alone there are other people out there that most probably going through what you are going through.

Can poor mental health affect the way you deal with money?

Poor mental health being can be an onset of events that have caused you to feel, stress, sadness, sorrow, and despair. Your mental health can cause you to have anxieties, stress, depression, lack of motivation.

Some examples of the domino effects that can cause a chain reaction include:

  • Your income has been affected due to redundancies or could have stopped if you can’t work and are awaiting help from Univeral Credit, Housing Benefit, etc, or have to take time off work. It could also be because your child which is full-time education has turned 19 and you are no longer eligible to claim for your child tax credits even though their expenditure has not changed and you still have to feed them clothe them etc. (This is where the pencil pushers in parliament have not thought this through and have never been in this predicament). This is a loss of £400 per month and how is one supposed to live?
  • Your Landlord decides to give you one month’s notice to increase the rent without giving a thought about your financial circumstance. Even comparing the increase to similar rents in the area. So what happens if you do not agree, he/she will serve you notice to quit and where will you go then? He /she could potentially make you homeless and would he/she care of course they would not.
  • I have a saying “do I need it or do I want it”? If money is tight I weigh up would I be able to put off my wanting for another month. Could I live without whatever it is I want for a while until I could afford it? I have wised up to my financial spending about a decade too late. But now I have a better understanding of what is going in and what is going out. Someone with depression might spend their money on things they don’t need just to make themselves feel better and worry about consequences later, this will eventually become a vicious cycle with more unnecessary debt piling up.
  • People with depression may feel anxious or stressed about doing things like facing people, talking on the phone, going out, or opening their bills.

I am fortunate I do all my banking online and have done away with statements and bills coming through my door, everything is electronically done, I would like to think I am contributing to helping save the planet with zero carbon footprint emissions.

Money Navigator Tool

Are you looking for money guidance, but don’t know where to look? Start with Money Navigator, giving you instant help based on your circumstances.

Remember if you can write down all your going in money as well as your going out you will have a clearer picture of what costs cuts you can make.

Sometimes people that have enough money to live on may worry about money worries just in case they have to break into their savings. With rising costs and people in the human hierarchy importance ladder who simply do not give a damn about your mental health, you have to start fighting for survival and researching different options and how to get over your obstacle.

  • Your current situation may make you feel worried, anxious and nervous, or even depressed. You may have no motivation to face people let alone talk to them.
  • Your current situation may make you more stricter with your spending to the extent that you may not want to spend anything at all even though you may have money in the bank you do not want to dig into your life savings. This can cause anxiety and depression.
  • Your current situation may be the difference between putting food on the table because of people that do not care about your financial predicament and if you can actually afford a price increase. Small businesses should be more understanding and make massive increases to the tune of £80 as in the case of my landlord. (He will one day feel my wrath), he claims he has made repairs and has offset annual inspections that he is obliged to do onto the tenant. (I have so much ammunition on him he won’t know what has hot him).
  • Some people such as myself may find it hard to concentrate on making important decisions or concentrate or stay focused and may not take in all the detailed information and may not be able to manage their money properly.
  • Under Stress, people become forgetful and may not remember to do things.

There is an online tool provided by the NHS that can access you mental health especially if you are affected by financial difficulties NHS Money Worries tool. It does not take long to fill out in fact it only takes five minutes, which will then direct you to specific help based on your answers.

What if you feel everything has become too much and very overwhelming?

There is not one person on this planet that feels happy 24/7. Some may have very good days followed by very low days (Bipolar). Everyone feels low from time to time. Being able to identify the root of the problem is the first step to recovery. If one can pinpoint what is causing you to feel low and have your financial forecast in black and white in front of you (one needs to be ruthless with oneself) be as open and honest with your finances, which will pave a path tackling the problem.

If you cannot shake the persistent feeling of anxiety, worry, and depression off, you should seek medical advice from a health professional such as your pharmacist or GP. Sometimes making the first move and asking for help can be difficult and daunting that is why there are organizations that help you on the road to recovery. Mind has devised a tool called Find the Words, which will help you help you devise a plan of action and what you can say in the preparation of having a consultation with your GP, Nurse, or Pharmacist.

When it comes to financial difficulties the sooner you begin admit you have a problem, the sooner you can to tackle the problem and the easier it will be to take control. However it is understandable that some people may not be able to find the strength to deal with financial issues independantly and may find the whole ordeal overwhelming to the degree it may feel even impossible.

How to return to the drawing board and try and re-budget your finance?

  • Write Down in a Book so you can return to it later all your expenses and all your income. You will see at a glance how you can possibly save some money or juggle your money around. This is a perfect opportunity to manage and budget your money. Give yourself a Petty Cash so you can dip into that rather than your savings.
  • Do some research and find organizations that can help you with your finances
  • Reach out to your friends, family, and healthcare professional if the constant worry about money is so overwhelming that you cannot function properly.
  • Nominate someone you can trust to look after your mail for you, going as far as helping you budget and manage your expenses. Sometimes the thought of opening bills or statements is too much to bear.
  • Contact creditors, banks, and utility companies at the first opportunity and explain your circumstances they may put your debt on hold. If you ignore them this will only make matters worse and the problem will not go away by itself, in fact, it may escalate to debt recovery where your initial debt might double with recovery fees. It is best to just get the bull by the horns and confront your creditors before they do.
  • If you start to feel that life is unbearable and you cannot even face going to work, you must go to your GP to explain your ailments and ask to have a sick note. Contact your manager or HR department to let them know you are unwell. Some companies offer extra employee support, which is free and confidential.
  • If you go to your GP or another health professional and explain your problem, not only will your mental state of mind be logged on their system they may be also able to guide you by providing a Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form, which can help make assure creditors take your mental health problems into account. Only if you are in severe debt financial services may want to see written evidence of a mental health issue, but this is something that should only be discussed if you feel the situation has no way out and you are willing to share your personal data with these organizations. This is not mandatory and you will not be asked to provide medical evidence unless it goes to court.
  • If you a shopping addict or feel that buying something to cheer you up is the solution, when in fact it will only make your finances worse, consider doing something that occupies your mind that does not include browsing the internet with the temptation to spend. Go to your local library and borrow some books that you will be inspired by. If you are arty start painting. Do things that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Download some e-books before turning off the internet for a month or so. Give yourself time to re-rejuvenate.

Visit Money and Mental Health Policy Institute website for a list of recommended tools you can use.

How to return to the drawing board and try and re-budget your finance?

Poor mental health may make not allow you to be focused and may hinder the decision you make, thus avoiding making them at all can cause a domino effect with consequences to one’s actions. When you are starting to feel you are able to tackle your problems you need to be assertive, stay focused and correct the problems you may have. Also, try to safeguard yourself from future issues which may arise, by putting a little away each month if at all possible.

Are there organisations I can try to get free debt help?

  • I have been there when I had a nasty surprise when Norton renewed itself automatically approximately two months before the termination of the contract. I went about removing my card details from their system and every other company that I was not comfortable having my card details. This is the same for most online shopping sites and browsers often remember card details to make it easier and smoother to make purchases. If you feel at risk of making impulsive spending decisions you later regret, remove the auto-filled information from your browser settings.
  • Consider cutting up your cards or have just one for essential shopping, but do away with credit cards at your first opportunity. If you are in debt with credit cards the banks and credit card issuers will be happy for you to offer them something rather than nothing at all. This will also save them time chasing you and they will get their money although albeit it may take them a little longer. Offer something that is reasonable and show them your expenditure report.
  • Download this useful tool The Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) that was created by Mary Ellen Copeland and others who have lived experience of mental health issues themselves.
  • Also if you have overspent and regret it, you can cancel or return items so you get the money back.

How to Deal with creditors?

If you have had poor mental health for some time it may be a combination of different things that have happened in your life. One of the reasons could be because you don’t have enough money to pay for the basics, such as food and rent or mortgage or you’re unable to pay your debts.

Although there are many places where you can get free financial help and information, only you know if you have enough money coming in or not to cover your bills.

A debt adviser can help to a certain degree and talk through your money worries and find ways for you to manage your debts, but they may not have all the answers. If you have been good at managing your money and all of a sudden someone throws an unexpected spanner in the works such as a rent increase of £150 for arguments sake, this will throw your budget straight out of the window.

Debt Advisers can suggest solutions you may not know about and can help even if you don’t think you have any spare money to deal with your debt.

A lot of people have felt stress when seeking debt advice; you’re not alone and it’s not a sign of weakness.

You can talk to debt advisers online, on the telephone or face-to-face – however, you feel most comfortable.

Get free debt advice here.

How to Deal with Creditors.

You should never be ashamed or embarrassed about talking about mental health to anyone. It is not a sign of weakness and in fact, speaking about is a sure way of finding the right help to dealing with it. Suffering in silence does not help you if you do not tell anyone how you are feeling. There are millions of people just like yourself in similar situations and if you can find the courage to speak out you have made the first steps to recovery.

If you do not tell anyone how you are feeling how are they supposed to know.

Creditors are human after all and even if they have never experienced stress, anxiety, and depression they may in fact know someone that has and they should be sympathetic towards you as long as you explain to them what you are going through.

Write it all down on a piece of paper or type it up, mentioning your mental state of mind, your disabilities and any medical help you may have. Do not leave any stone unturned.

Mention your incomings and outgoings so that they have a clear picture and may give you more time to pay off any arrears or debt you may have.

It is better to offer them something than nothing at all.

They will be happy to accept whatever you can offer them rather than taking you to court, which not only costs money it is a waste of resources that can be better spent elsewhere.

Creditors can be empathic and the definition of a creditor is someone you owe money to, such as a landlord, utility company, car finance company, your bank, building society, or lender (payday loans, store cards, etc).

People often feel talking about mental health that there is a stigma attached and the person you disclose this information to may think you are crazy. Having mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are normal experiences most people go through and experience at some point in their lives, from sitting your exams to having your first interview to feeling your job is not rewarding or you may be having relationship troubles. Everyone has experienced sadness, anxiety, and depression at some point in their lives.

When our parents and loved ones pass away we experience, sadness, grief, and depression.

Talking to their creditors about your poor mental wellbeing makes you a stronger person because you are brave enough to speak about it rather than shutting it out.

You can choose how much information you want to share and how it will be stored and used. You have control over your data.

Most importantly if you are feeling as if things have escalated out of control and you have nowhere to turn, do visit a health professional or GP asap and then contact your creditors in writing or appoint a friend or family member to do it on your behalf. You are not alone there are millions of people in the same boat as you.

Find out more about notice of correction on Mental Health and Money website.

What should you do if you have been unfairly treated?

Most organizations are empathetic providing you do give them the runaround. if you choose to ignore the past due letter and hope the problem will go away by itself you are very much mistaken and you will only infuriate your creditors. The sooner you make contact with them and the sooner you put all your incomings and outgoings on the table and a proposed payment plan the sooner they will give you extended time to pay. Remember they sooner prefer to have something than nothing at all and they certainly do not want to waste their precious time dragging it through courts. They will even cap any interest you may have as long as you make contact with them.

However if after you have disclosed your situation to the lender and they are being ruthless you can put in a letter of complaint and then go to an ombudsman who will act as a mediator. You also have the option of going to citizen advice and get free advice from volunteer solicitors or legal advice pro bono meaning they will not charge you until they win a case similar to (not win no fee).

The most important factor is you have to make contact physically or in writing and if you still feel you are not getting anywhere start pulling ranks so if the bank teller cannot help you ask for the bank manager and if the bank manager refuses to help go to an ombudsman.

In most cases as long as you offer your creditors something they will call off the wolves and will not pass your debt onto a debt collecting agency.

If you want to speak to a creditor in person it is wise to have someone with you as a witness and for moral support but the best way is to put it all in writing and do not leave anything out.

How to manage your expenditure whilst you’re in the hospital?

Sometimes the unexpected can happen so you should have a plan of action for a friend or family member to take over your day-to-day expenses. The best way is to set up a standing order or pay via creditors’ websites manually. Often setting up direct debits is a good idea but with this method, the dates transaction leave your account are fixed, whilst withstanding orders you have more control.

The best plan of action is to appoint someone as power of attorney and have it in writing that should you be unable to sort out your own finances and day-to-day routines like feeding the cat and watering the plants and putting any subscriptions on hold etc.

Obviously you need to be able to have someone you can trust.

However, if you are alone and have no family or friends, you could talk with your bank manager, you will be surprised what people they are in contact with and what resources and organizations they could put you in contact with.

On Rethink’s Mental Health and Money website, there is a full list of options and things you should think about, including how someone can help you pay bills, deal with benefits or talk to your bank or other service providers, such as your mobile phone, gas or electricity provider.

Always plan ahead should something happen like you being admitted into hospital suddenly. This will start a plan of action with the domino effect of the next person being notified to sort out your affairs.

If you are dependant on Government Benefits and Support you must notify the agencies because some benefits you will no longer be entitled to and this will avoid them overpayment, in which you guessed it, you would have to pay it all back. So it is best to let them know as soon as you can or get someone to do it on your behalf.

If you are admitted to hospital for a long stay you should know about the following:

  • If you are getting Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Allowance, or Attendance Allowance, your benefit will stop.
  • If someone gets Carer’s Allowance for you, their benefit will stop at the same time.
  • You are able to continue to get Housing Benefit for up to 52 weeks
  • If you are getting Employment and Support Allowance it will continue to be paid but depending on which type you are getting, you may lose some premiums or housing costs
  • Universal Credit will not usually be affected for six months
  • You will need to continue paying your bills. Think about setting up a direct debit so it’s done automatically

If you get benefits, tell the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) – or the Social Security Agency (SSA) if you are in Northern Ireland.

Tell your local authority if you get Housing Benefits or pay Council Tax because you may qualify for a reduction.

If you don’t tell the agency dealing with your benefits, they may continue paying you and you may end up owing money.

You may need someone to help you do some of these things. Read our guide Getting informal help to manage your money for more information.

Go to the Mental Health and Money website for more help you can get and things you need to do if you are in hospital.

What Benefits are there you can claim if you have poor mental health?

If your mental health condition persists or worsens or another disability is diagnosed, you may be entitled to help with certain benefits.

If you are over 16 and have a diagnosed mental health problem, you may be entitled to a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) if you need help with everyday tasks. This isn’t means-tested, so you may be able to get it whether or not you have an income or savings. However, they will first make you have a long interview and will assess you on the day. With the Coronavirus Pandemic Regulations and Restrictions, these assessments have been put on hold. Do not be disheartened if your claim has been denied, nearly all claims are rejected and it is up to you to appeal their decision.

If you can’t work for an extended length of time because of your illness and you’re not entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (or it has run out), you might be able to claim Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit to help replace lost income. If you’re claiming a sickness or disability benefit, you will usually need to have a medical assessment as part of the claim process.

The Mental Health and Money Advice website has a full list of benefits you may be entitled to if you are suffering from mental health issues, or if you are a carer of someone who is struggling.

The charity Turn2us has an online calculator you can use to see what benefits you may be able to claim.

If someone you know is struggling with mental health and financial issues, how to help them?

As a friend or family member, you know the person you are worried about better than most. So you can spot changes in behavior, sometimes before they do, that might send out warning signals.

You may want to make an agreement with them that they let you know if they seem to be becoming unwell. You could make an action plan together, for example, you could look after their credit card or bill payments when they feel unwell or help them make a GP appointment.

Are you worried about someone you know being under too much stress? If so, the Samaritans website has a page on what to look out for if you are concerned that someone you love is harming themselves, having suicidal thoughts, and might be at risk of suicide.

Getting extra support for mental health

Mental health is complex and there can be many symptoms other than feeling low. If you (or someone you care for) needs support with mental health, these organizations can help:

NHS Choices



The Mental Health Foundation



When you feel like there is a constant grey cloud following you everywhere you go and no matter what you do and nothing seems to be working in your favour, you must step back and analyze the situation and see how you can tackle the problem or make changes to make your life more bearable.

Sometimes stress, anxiety and depression can make it difficult to see straight, making it difficult to focus and make important decisions.

I have suffered from clinical depression for many years and I find writing down my thoughts and helping others as I am doing now part of my therapy. I have other disabilities which you can read on my other site My disabilities are not a burden per se, but a superpower as I can inspire other people that your disabilities do not have to define you and you can adapt around them within your means.

I have learned what to avoid that may trigger my depression and my other disabilities and what can worsen them. I have a controlled environment that is not normal by any standard but it works for me.

The first step to getting help is to talk with your health professional such as your local GP.

It’s easy for someone to say “things will get better” but if they are not walking in your shoes they do not have a clue what you are going through and have no right to give you that advice.

Only you can make the changes and make things happen and for people to say “things will get better” are basically sugar coating the problem.

If you are to your eyeballs in debt no amount of words is going to help you. You need a plan of action and you need people that can help you, rather than people trying to put a band-aid on a gaping wound.

The only way you can get out of debt is to talk to a professional that can help. You can even try to consolidate your debts into one monthly affordable sum. You need to speak with your creditors that you have run into financial difficulties and if you are also suffering from depression you MUST also see a Doctor. To be prepared to make the changes, you must make the first step.

It’s also soul-destroying watching people live in fancy houses driving fancy cars whilst you are struggling to make ends meet.

The constant noise of people bragging how successful they are is all smoke and mirrors and you should not be interacting or viewing this.

If you are connected on Instagram with people and groups living luxury lifestyles, turn off your account or simply do not log in.

For the MPs that dictate to people on low incomes how much support they are prepared to give people to live on, it would be interesting to see if they could live on £98.48 tax credits per week for six months supporting a young adult in full-time education who have no way of supporting themselves.

By my calculations, £98.48 per week based on 40 hours of work is £2.46 per hour, which is less than the living wage. Now if you add other income this could equate to a further £1.65 per hour, which brings a total of £4.11 per hour which is less than the national living wage, and they wonder why people have mental health issues.

So for a small business owner, they would have to further earn more than £164.48 per week to live and make a profit. Which equates to £657.92 per month that a small business owner would need to find just to get by on a low income.

If a small business owner has bills to pay and has a very low income that is struggling to pay its business overheads how does the government expect people to live on £98.48 per week? Even with the extra income, a small business owner makes it only comes to £164.48 per week. How on earth are people supposed to support themselves?

I have a question if a young adult turns 19 years of age, do they eat less the older they are or use less toiletries, electricity, water, etc? My point being if a young adult is still in further education not claiming universal credit and is not working and is disabled should the carer for that young person get penalized £100.00 per week and be given less to live on.

These politicians need their heads banging together and get basic salaries, equating to the National Living Wage of £8.91 per hour and not a penny more. They are not small businesses that often are highly educated CEOs that can command large salaries. Yet MPs are civil servants and you do not need to have a degree to become one all they need is to pay £500 with their application and if they are voted in by the constituents (followers), they then get to train alongside other MPs with starting salaries of £30K which equates to £625 per week or £15,63 per hour based on a 40 hour week.

Yet these MP’s command extortionate wages, bonus’s and expenses that come out of the taxpayers money, rather than helping people that genuinely need help.

I think it is bloody disgusting that politicians dictate how much a person should live on without calculating the cost of food and overheads expecting the average person on a low income to live on basic breadcrumbs that they begrudgingly give out.

They should try to live at least 6 months on those payouts and actually see how the other half live.

How about they swap their swanky homes for a person in a council house for at least 12 months, they would soon be singing a different tune.

Regardless of how much money I personally make and even if I could afford a house like the Real Housewives in Beverly Hills which I am watching on Netflix, I would never buy a house to flaunt my riches and make the less fortunate people feel envious of me. I would however live in a modest house that would not make me look like a privileged snob and I would use my money to help people less fortunate than me. I currently live in privately rented accommodation.

I challenge any politician to live on the income some of the small business owners live on just to be able to interview them 12 months later.

Similar to the film with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd ‘Trading Places it would be interesting to see a MP live on the money the government payout to small business owners and swap places with them for a year.

I apologize if I offend anyone reading this with my language but some people really are trying to make something of themselves and do not want to get into debt by getting loans/grants and simply need some help financially or help with getting more leads for free.

Some people may be disabled and may not be able to work in a normal working environment and choose self employment as one of their options other than being on the dole for the rest of their lives.

I have not really spoken with any small business owners on the subject but I am sure there are plenty of lone parents out there that support young adults whilst they are in college whilst juggling a small business and decreased revenue because of the ‘Coronavirus Pandemic’.

There Are Many Dr Evil’s In This World, Disguised!

It is society’s fault and a contributing factor that people suffer from depression!

For the landlords that increase your rent and expect you to find the money within a month are just plain greedy and ruthless without empathy, they should increase the rent by the Bank of England Rate of Inflation which is 2.5 %, NOT 14% as in my case.

My landlord said due to the fact his insurance has gone up because of the pandemic and the annual electricity check and extra alarms fitted, he has had to increase the rent by £960 per annum. I also have business insurance and my insurance has NOT gone up. He thinks I am stupid.

I will ride the wave and when I am finished I will create my own tsunami.

Further Reading.

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Sending Emails to CEO’s

Sending emails to ceo’s.

My Pet Peeve is that I have emailed some CEO’s directly of late and have other people email me back, not the CEO themselves.

If I have taken the trouble to seek a CEO’s email out, as some are difficult to get hold of, you would think they would have the decency to reply. Instead I get emails from other people underneath them.

If I wanted the opinion of another person I would no doubt have seeked them out also.

If I get emails directly, I do not portray myself to be “so very important” that I cannot answer my own emails. I most certainly would not employ someone to open my emails and filter what is worth me reading, I would somehow use the money paying someone instead to go use.

Yes I hear you, the CEO has created a job for someone, I will no doubt agree but surely making an employee more proactive and getting them to find more business is better than someone just responding to emails all day.

Why do CEO’s act like they are from another planet. Nearly all started out the same way as most of us and only a few were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

I am not talking about A-Lister Celebrities, who potentially have millions of fans emailing them, in which they may need help answering all the fan mail, I am talking about owners of companies, who also think they are untouchable and think because they have risen above the clouds they are essentially no longer human and have minions doing the work for them, whilst they sit back and reap the rewards.

To employ someone to respond to emails is basically lazy and pretentious, which I certainly I am not.

By getting someone else to respond on your behalf it like saying “Look at me, I am SO VERY IMPORTANT AND BUSY and you are an insignificant person to me, in which I will not respond directly and will get someone else to respond on my behalf”.

Obviously I have enough common sense to filter out what is in need of my attention and what is not. If on the other hand I had an email that may need investigating and I was too busy to do the work myself I would get someone to do the work and then write it out but I would still send it from my inbox as courtesy.

It really gets to me, the biggger the company the less they care about their customers and its all about how much money they make rather than seeing a customer happy.

“Without customers, followers and connections you would not be living in your fancy houses driving your fancy cars”.

I know enough that even if my emails have not been read by the CEO’s I always have my platform to fall back on if I get a lame response from someone underneath them. Never judge a book by its cover or underestimate anyone.

No matter how successful you are, remember where you came from and the strugggles and sacrifices you made getting where you are today”.

No matter how important you may be and even if you are one of the fortune 500 it is always good to show empathy to your followers, connections and customers, otherwise you have the misfortune of alienating yourself from the rest of the world. Showing people that you care will only entice more worshippers.

When contacting CEO’s evaluate is your email worthy of a response as CEO’s are busy people and although I made light of it earlier, they do not all sit in swanky restaurants sipping cocktails all day, they actually do work and jolly hard too, so you need to ask yourself does your email warrant a response.

I personally have eleven inboxes open on my phone and every few hours scroll and mark the ones that need my attention.

Finally, if all CEO’s thought they were untouchable we would not have LinkedIn and the ones that do and do not connect with you after you send them a message may find they have missed out on an opprtunity to get more business and added exposure and as I see it, thats their loss not mine.

Reasons Why You Will Never Be Rich.

This Is Why Most People Will Never Be Rich

  1. You are too complacent and too set in your ways to make changes. You like to play it safe.
  2. You have no ambition.
  3. Your attitude to money is wrong *What ever will be will be”.
  4. You believe high brand items and fancy cars will make you look rich, hence you give a false perception of yourself so that people think you are rich.
  5. You are very materialistic, you spend more than you earn because you want the best of the best and you want to look your best even though you cannot afford it.
  6. You do not respect money, you will squander money on trivial things.
  7. You value going to the pub over education (entertainment instead of learning something new).
  8. You’re afraid to take risks.
  9. You don’t have a plan of action. You do not know how to execute an idea.
  10. You have not set any goals.
  11. You spend more than you make.
  12. You do not have a budget.
  13. You do not save money, save 10% of your earnings.
  14. You do not invest.
  15. You do not consilidate your debts and eliminate them entirely.
  16. You do not perservere.
  17. You give up to easilly.
  18. You think investing is risky but fail to realise that not investing is the biggest risk of all.
  19. You put your eggs in one basket, meaning you do not have several income streams.
  20. You complain about not having enough money rather than doing something about it.
  21. You live for today & and have no plans for tomorrow.
  22. You believe money will just fall into your lap.
  23. You don’t think you have what it takes to succeed.
  24. You think you need to be lucky to have money including gambling or expecting to win the lottery.
  25. You’re scared of failure.
  26. You don’t have access investment strategies & high quality mentors.
  27. You want to get paid based on your time rather than on your value.
  28. You’re surrounding yourself with the wrong people.
  29. You want to get rich quick rather than doing any work.
  30. You don’t understand the fundamentals of a budget – spend less than you earn.
  31. You think money is the route of all evil.
  32. You take things to heart and not not do well with criticism.
  33. You do not have a passion and do not love what you do.
  34. You do not know how to solve problems, people need help with problem solving, you do not know how to get over obstacles or mistakes.
  35. You do not have patience, you expect to get rich quick.
  36. You do not have a mentor.
  37. You do not have a network of like minded people.
  38. You do not test your product or service with consumers.
  39. You do not take care of your mental or physical self.
  40. You work for a company but you do not own shares.


How To Become Rich.

  1. You need to able to persuade, negotiate and sell.
  2. You need to be able to read people, know which people to trust.
  3. You need to share your knowledge, if people can see how you make money they are more likely to invest in you.
  4. Rich people master leverage, know how to delegate and crowd source.
  5. Grow a Network with like minded people and get a mentor.
  6. Master Energy Management. Sleep well, take care of your mind and your body.
  7. Learn to probem solve not only for yourself but for other people.
  8. Critical Time Path (CTP), know how to delagate your time management productively.
  9. Know how and when to take risks and manage money, including budgeting and investments.
  10. Be assertive, confident, focused and determned.
  11. Learn something new every day and share it with others.
  12. Retrain your brain.

Lockdown Boredom Ideas 2021


As the New Year has come upon us, Lockdown is still in the midst, hence we have to decide what to do whilst we are in isolation before the boredom sets in.

Like with all New Years past and present, it is out with the old and in with the new. We make promises to ourselves that the in the New Year we will quit smoking and go on diets, but what if the new chapter waiting to be written does not have to be just about New Years Resolutions but about significant life changes that can set the stepping stones to something much bigger.

Obviously taking care of our bodies is very important and we also need to take care of our minds. Watching films back to back will take your mind off things but it is short lived and you do not come out it any wiser unless of course they are educational documentaries. I agree we need to switch off and unwind and that is the only time we should have for watching films. The rest of our precious time should be put to good use. Do something that occupies our minds, such as learning a new language, new skill, craft or trade.

A New You and New Year Resolutions only means one thing, do something that you will be remembered for, not only will you be helping yourself you will be writing your destiny and passing it down as a legacy.

Here is a list of things you can start doing and my own recommendations. Remember only you can make the change and there is nothing stopping you making it happen other than your imagination.

Learn a craft.

Types of crafts

  1. Ceramics and glass crafts, tile making to mosaics.
  2. Flower crafts (Wedding Bouquets to Flower Arranging.
  3. Leatherwork (Make handbags, belts and purses).
  4. Houseware, Basket weaving (also called basketry, basket making).
  5. Fashion Design, Cloth, Dyeing and Printing.
  6. Jewelry Design, Jewelry Making.
  7. Needlework, Applique, embroidery, Crochet,Cross-stitch,Ribbon
  8. Embroidery, Knitting, Needlepoint, Patchwork, Quilting

Paper crafts

9. Paper crafts include: Paper marbling, Origami (paper folding), Papermaking, Cast paper, Decoupage, Papercutting, Iris folding, Paper embossing, Bookbinding, Quilling, Papier-mâché, Paper model, Parchment craft, Calligraphy,Scrapbooking.
(I have an idea consider designing colourful organiser/journal inserts in various designs, I have noticed there are not many outlets selling a wide variety. Check out Etsy for inspiration. Design the inserts by themes, nature, fashion, children, doodle colouring in, motivational etc).

Wood and furniture crafts.

10. Marquetry, Wood burning (Make jewelry or wall art), Wood carving, Woodworking, Lacquer art, Carpentry, Cabinet making, Upholstery,.Intarsia, Woodturning, Green Woodworking, Spoon Carving (Welsh Spoons), Kumiko, Timber Framing.

Stone crafts.

11. Mosaics and inlaying, Stone carving, Stonemasonry, Flintknapping, Letter carving on stone.

Metal crafts.

12. Metalworking – metalsmith, Enamelling, Blacksmithing, Farrier, Tinware – tinsmith, Weaponsmith – sword making, armorer, gunsmith, fletching, Clockmaking, Silversmith, Coppersmith, Knife making, Locksmithing. Jewellery. Goldsmith, Lapidary, Watchmaking, Pewter, Casting.

13. Write a Book, an autobigraphy, fiction or screen play or become a content writer.

14. Write some songs or some poems.

15.. Start Baking or Cooking (Deliver meals on wheels to your local community). Sell cupcakes or birthday and wedding cakes. Do tutorials on YouTube. Volunteer to help vulnerable people.

16. Do home repairs ( help the elderly with their gardens or maintenance whilst keeping to social distancing).

17. Learn to Draw & Paint. (Become a Fine Artist, Cartoonist or Illustrator).

18. Learn photography be the next wedding or commercial photographer (master photoshop) – Learn Drone Photography and Videography, (Landlords, Estate Agents (Real Estate) want virual tours of their properties).

19. Set up a stock library of images to sell online.

20. Learn to Play the Guitar or any musical instrument.

21. Learn Gardening, grow herbs and vegetables (enter into competitions or sell online homemade chutneys jams and preserves). Teach Lessons on Gardening on YouTube.

22. Learn about Property Investing.

23. Learn Self Defence – Teach Online Self Defence.

24. Make your own furniture and home decorations (sell online).

25. Master Yoga and Tai Chi – Teach Yoga and Tai Chi Online on YouTube.

26. Learn to Dance and Teach Online Dancing Lessons.

27. Learn Survival Techniques.

28. Sew Home Decor or Toys and Curtains, Patch Photo Blankets, Cushion Cover etc. (Turn your childs favourite outgrown outfit into a toy or patch blanket). Sell Online.

29. Learn to overcome shyness and gain confidence.

30. Learn to be a motivational speaker or consultant.

31. Learn First Aid.

32. Impove Memory Skills.

33. Learn Marketing.

34. Learn Search Engine Optimisation.

35. Learn Coding and Website Design & Development. (Start a blog and monetise it).

36. Learn Money Skills and Budgeting.

37. Learn about stock markets.

38. Learn a new trade, open university, udemy and edx.

40. Learn About Aromatherapy. Make your own Homemade Soap, Spa quality bath bombs, Bath salts, Body Butter, Soothing creams, Exfoliating body scrubs, Moisturizing body lotions and sell them online.

41. Start a Sport, running, boxing, martial arts, weight lifting, caving, pot holing, etc (be competive run marathons and join sporting events when they return). You have plenty of time to train.

42. Learn Business Skills, offer networking and lead generation.

43. Restore Old Furniture.

44. Restore Vintage Cars & Motorbikes

45. Learn about Antiques. (Sell Antiques online).

46. Set Up a Car Boot Sale (Regulations Permitting).

47. Be a collector of coins, stamps and memorabilia (sell online).

48. Learn Nail Art and Teach Online

49. Learn Wine Making.

50. Make Music.

51. Learn Programming

52. Learn to be a tattooist

53. Performing Stand Up Comedy

54. Proof-Reading and Editing.

55. Chauffering.

56. Offer a Concierge Service.

57. Design a Magazine.

58. Make T-Shirts, sell online.

59. Painting & Decorating.

60. Washing Windows.

61. Flipping Houses.

62. Buying and Selling.

63. Create & Edit Videos.

64. Create & Sell Pet Clothing.

65. Learn & Offer Engraving Services

66. Become a Computer Technician.

67. Offer Translation Services.

68. Home Staging.

69. Dog Walking.

70. Dog Training.

71. Learn Meditation.

72. Make Time Capsules.

73. Candle Making.

74. Magic Tricks & Card Tricks.

75. Urban fruit picking.

76. Journaling (Write Articles For Newspapers).

77. Fostering Animals.

78. Make Miniatures.

79. Tatebanko.

80. Singing.

81. Quilling.

82. Learn Archaeology.

83. Learn to Play Chess and enter competitions.

84. Learn Feng Shui Decorating.

85. Learn to Crab.

86. Shell Fishing & Collecting.

87. Fossil Hunting.

88. Foraging.

89. Fishing, fly, spear, rod, ice.

90. Car Racing.

91. Fencing.

92. Rock Climbing, Bouldering.

93. Hunting.

94. Reviewing Products, Services & Gadgets.

95. Building Electronics.

96. Become a professional Alcohol Connoisseur.

97. Hiking.

98. Collecting Military Paraphernalia.

99. Boat Making.

100. Robot Making. (AI).

101. App Development.

102. Storm Chasing.

103. Whittling. (the art of carving shapes out of raw wood using a knife).

104. Star Gazing.

105. Lamp making.

106. Learn to become a chocolatier.

107. Learn to do Pottery.

108. Learn Acting.

109. Learn Film Directing.

110. Model Ship Building.

“Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today”.

Stop procrastinating and putting things off, becasuse the longer you leave things the longer it will take to do something about changing your life for the better.

If you feel depressed with low self esteem, read some self hep books and reach out to organisations that may be able to help you. Talk to your GP.

If there are obstacles in your way learn how to get round them. No one is going to help you if you do not help yourself.

I hope I have given you some ideas to help you blow the blues away. Do take inspiration on Amazon and see what people are selling from handmade gifts to finding the ideal book to help you learn. You can find pretty much anything on Amazon from learning a new language to learning how to code.

Whatever your forte from drones to drills, you will not have any trouble finding what you need on Amazon.


For Anything else on AMAZON like BOOKS & TOOLS,

Visit the Links Below.

Good Luck !

Repairing a Bad Reputation

Repairing a Bad Reputation.

Your Reputation is the key to your success. If your reputation is tarnished how do you make it squeaky clean again?

Warren Buffett’s famous quote on reputation goes like this: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Our reputation can be damaged via our personal lives through melicious rumours, this can start in school onto higher education, it could be at work because of competive co-workers who are jealous of your performance or it could be unhappy customers writing bad things about your Brand. In some case it can even be political. Whatever the circumstances we have the power to create our own destinies and by confronting the issue head on we are one step closer to regaining our good image back.

Reputation may be falsely advertised with personal attacks, customer complaints and blatant falsehoods but what if what was said was true how do you recover from that? How do you restore your brands reputation?

If you find untrue content published, you can take legal action against the perpetrators. However if the content is damaging and true there is little you can do to remove the content other than to bombard the internet with lots of good news.

Slander can cause irrevocable damage against companies and individuals. Slander is when content is published to be untrue and or misleading causing defamation of character spoken oral or written communication with the intent and unjustly harm the reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime.  In the late 19th century, the expression “yellow journalism” was used and described by New York Press editor Erwin Wardman, how newspaper moguls, specifically Joseph Pulitzer II and William Randolph Hearst, would use misleading sensationalized news article to improve circulation. Randolph Hearst was the subject material that inspired Orson Welles to make the film Citizen Kane, based on the influence and corruption he acquired in the 1920s and 1930s.

A damaged reputation may be difficult to recover from or repair. That is why protecting you brand is so important, Getting your good name back is not always easy, but it can be done with patience, determination, and perseverance.

If the truth is out there is little you can do to take it down, but you can bombard the internet with good and positive news. If you continue filling the internet with good things your bad reputation will be old news in no time at all. Time is a healer as they say.

A bad reputation is potentially temporary providing you can continue to have positive things written about up consistently.

Never forget what damage has been done but always remember people care less over time. After all the world does not stay in the same place all the time, people have other things to talk about and providing you are meticulous with positive news eventually your bad reputation will be history.

Think of this this way your bad reputation is only what happened today or yesterday, but you can make a difference by not carrying on into the future. Your bad reputation can continue manifesting if you do nothing, but with the right resources you can make it a thing of the past. Research shows that, contrary to popular belief, when compared to other means of social evaluation, reputation matters measurably less than other factors.

Remember, focus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t. What content has been published cannot be unpublished but the more content you have written that is positive will eventually outweigh anything bad.

Consider addressing the world about the bad content and make you views known. If there is no proof of the statements that have been published and is pure speculation directed at you consider a way that can help you rectify any misunderstandings. Perhaps there are other entities that may not be directly linked to you that have disgraced your honour, yet people have come to a conclusion it is your own wrong doings that have caught media attention and you need to set the records straight. Discuss with people openly about what has happened and regain peoples trust.

The secret is to change how others think about you. Sometimes you just need to control the perceptions of others. People need to be programmed to see things in a different light. Reinventing yourself and showing people a new you and by consistently showing a different perspective on what would have been once thought as bad will encourage people to talk about you in a positive manner.

Whether your reputation is true or false try to denounce accusations as lies as quickly as possible. The longer you leave it the more chances of you being labelled and associated to this atrocity. Be assertive not aggressive, and make sure you spread the word that you have tried to defend yourself. If you do nothing the finger will be pointed your way. Ask other people to help set the story straight. The longer this bad reputation exists, the harder it may become to fix. Clarify any misunderstandings. Be outspoken when challenging lies.

A good way to improve your reputation and regain trust is to do show you are a good person and go out of your way to be kind and do good deeds.

However, doing too much too quickly can backfire and you must be steady with your pace and be consistent. Its no-good holding and event you need to hold several. There is no quick fix. You cannot come across as desperate a people will see through you, which will damage your reputation even further.

1). If the bad reputation revolves around you alone do nice things for your family, friends and co-workers or your local community. A good way to do good deeds is to do some volunteering work, this is especially helpful in your local communities with elderly or disabled people.

2). If the bad reputation revolves round your business do good deeds for your employees and your customers.

3). If the reputation revolves around something bigger (An Entity) then there are steps you can take to try to resolve the problem and I have a consultation white paper of suggestions for anyone wishing to contact me.

The key to getting rid of your bad reputation is to impress others. Go above and beyond your call of duty. Do impressive things and in turn you can improve how people see you. Gaining peoples trust and respect which is earned can go a long way towards improving your reputation.

Evaluate your social circles, change your life and your beliefs. If you do bad, only bad things will come your way, do good things on the other hand and only good things will come your way.

If the problem is at work and you are caught in a toxic environment this can lead to depression and a poor work performance. You need to tackle the problem head on and if you cannot resolve the problem alone speak with your superiors or HR. A work environment which encourages an unhealthy work-life balance can make it seem that a hardworking, dedicated person make look they are lazy and not performing well, but there could be underlining problem that could cause others to perceive a person differently. Evaluate your workplace if you think you will never fit in because of the perceptions people have about you and after offering an olive branch to make things right, things have not changed consider changing career paths. You cannot make yourself ill by simply being in the wrong job with the wrong people.

When trying to get rid of a bad reputation which is a stigma attached to you try to change yourself. Try to see yourself through the eyes of others, if you do not like what you see, consider changing your mindset. We need to retrain our brains to think differently and it easier said than done as we are creatures of habit. However, making gradual changes in our mannerism and in our thought process and our behaviour eventually people will start to notice.

If you bad reputation is surrounded by who you are and what powers you have, and people are immediately fearful of you try to change your persona to be a loving and kind individual.

Seek professional help, from specialist advisors and consultants. Life coaches or a spiritual guides also can help you transition into a different person. Never be false and always be true to yourself. By starting with yourself and believing in yourself only you can make those changes without being superficial. This will carve the steppingstone to a brighter future.

Once you have mastered your own new strength you need to make people believe in you. Rebranding yourself does not necessarily mean renaming yourself it just means you can change the social stigma to be a more positive one.

By monitoring your reputation online you will help eliminate any false truths and will prevent prolonged damage to your integrity.

The quickest way to see what has been written about you or your brand is to go online and search the search engines results pages (SERP). Monitor your Google Analytics and look out for unusual performance anomalies in your site traffic.

Manage Google Alerts for all your titles using brand names, product tags, popular misspellings, competitors, senior team leaders and key industry terms and popular search phrases.

Evaluate if whilst trying to defend yourself it will cause more harm than good specifically if the damaging content published can be used to gain even more traffic. Consider if the site is a blog where subscribers can leave comments. Do not fuel the fire.

It is common knowledge that there are three laws for reputation management which are authority, authority and authority. The more popular you are, the easier it is to gain authority of your brand be in personal or commercial. A sure-fire way to gain authority is by building a social media reputation with a strong following. The followers must be authentic legitimate people that have subscribed to your social media pages or on blog posts.

You can also build your authority by networking at business intro events or public speaking. You could even be a sponsor, or you could join charitable organizations. Whatever strategy you use if the media is filled with good deeds you are doing only good things will come out of it and your bad reputation will be a thing of the past.

Remember if you are honest with people, people are forgiving and can learn to trust you again. Be the bigger person and own up to your wrong doings, apologise if you can and address the elephant in the room. However not everything is black and white and not everything that has been written about you can be swept under the carpet hence you have to show people you are not as bad as everyone is making you out to be.

Have you noticed at political rallies how politicians pick up babies to show the world they have empathy and can relate to normal folk? Politicians for example have both good and bad followers so see how they deal with the public and follow suit.

When dealing with your brand reputation try to control to conversation using social media platforms to clarify any misunderstandings, reduce complaints and build a fan base at the same time. Monitor not just the public but more closer to home your employees complaint platform such as there could be other sites in your region, do your research and find out what people are saying about you and your brand. Limit the possibilities of people buying up domain names with your brand name and writing controversial things about you. Own all the variations of your website URL, including negative versions (

Be quick to apologize to customer complaints. Remember a dissatisfied customer will tell between 9-15 people and 13% of very dissatisfied customers will tell more than 20 people. Bad reviews spread like wildfire. However happy customers who have had their issue resolved will tell about 4-6 people about their experience.

Be authentic and never make up excuses or try and blame the problem on someone else. Always be transparent when handling customer complaints and if you have had bad press do not shy away and hope the problem will go away on its own it wont unless you do a press conference and address the issues.

Gain positive feedback from influencers who can help boost your personal image.

Most importantly, reward loyal customers, influencers and internet marketers. Make your clients and supporters feel appreciated by giving them exclusive content, products or experiences.

Finally, be patient, building a good reputation doesn’t happen overnight whereas rebuilding a damaged one is going to take even longer.

Be in control of what is written on the internet whereas it may take millions of dollars and years to build a a good reputation, it only takes a few minutes to create a social media account and potentially ruin a company’s brand and reputation.

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How to React When Someone Blanks You.

Lack of Motivation

Motivational PEP Talk.

Lack of Motivation.

Do you get that feeling somedays when you wonder about the meaning of life and why things are going slow or not going right for you at all. Do you sometimes wish you could stay in bed and let the world pass you by?

I am not the type of person that could stay in bed all day sleeping or doing nothing but I do have low moments which spurred me to write a post on my blog “Disabled Entrepreneur”.

Today I was lacking motivation. I really did not want to do anything other than binge watch movies and comfort eat, but some how got round to writing two motivational posts.

People of all walks of life have problems and may not feel up to par, that is why I wrote this post to give people incentives.

I know a lot of people are struggling right now with their mental health. Some may have lost their jobs or may be confined to their homes alone, some may be grieving. Any one of these factors can trigger depression.

You have to know you are not alone and there are people out there you can talk to. If you are feeling alone you can talk to a friend, family member or neighbour. You can even join online group chats and forums but if you feel none of these options are suitable you can also call the Samaritans on 116 123

To be honest I have my own demons I wrestle with but most days I can keep them at bay and bury them under a work load of paperwork. Occasionally they rear their ugly heads and its at those moments that I get deflated, which isn’t often. I always make sure I have plenty to do.

I hope you find my advice useful:

Remember you have to train your brain to think differently. If you are procrastinating you will never succeed.

You need to find the courange to let go of what is holding you back and move on. You may think what do I know, well let me tell you, I am still grieving a decade later but I know feeling sorry for myself is not going to get me anywhere so I push myself to carry on.

I do not rely on anyone to help me or motivate me. I motivate myself. My mind & body is my temple and I worship it.

You are in control of your own destiny.

Recommend Reading:

Reconciling (Pogodzić in Polish)

Reconcile (Pogodzić) in Polish.

Reconciling whether it is to do with work or in your personal life can be very daunting especially when you try to call it a truce but your opposition is not willing to come to terms.

You should never beg or grovel to get someones attention. If they are not ready or willing there is little you can do and you need to give them time and space.

Today I tried to offer an olive branch as I am in the middle of a legal battle with my family. Due to the court case being on going I will not name anyone for legal reasons and all I will say is that the said people live in Poland.

With a heavy heart I will say what the argument is about and the reason why I have come to my decision.

About 10 years ago I was visiting my distant relatives in Poland as I had lost my mother and wanted to be close to her family in some way. I knew my mother had been left land by her parents and a house but could not finalise the deeds as everytime she wrote a letter my aunt claimed she never received it.

Furthermore my aunt refused to give the last will and testament of my grandparents to my mother and then later to me, hence I took a photograph of it as proof that she had it.

My mother then came to the conclusion that my cousin’s (a) wife was intercepting the letters as something my cousin’s (a) spouse said could only have been known through the letter my mother had written.

My visits were a few months at a time and I paid for my upkeep. So a year or so later I meet my abusive ex-partner (I did not know he was abusive at the time) and we are invited to my cousin (b) wedding.

We travelled from the UK to Poland and the bride arranged accomodation in the hotel where the reception was supposed to be. Upon arriving we are led through the kitchen to the hotel room.

La Cucaracha

My observation on first impressions was that there were large black bugs crawling in the kitchen. Seeing I had never seen anything like this up close before, I did not think too much until the night of the reception. It did not cross my mind that the bugs were in fact cockroaches. My second observation was the hotel was a workman hotel very basic and the sheets were filthy dirty. Without a second thought we did not checkin and immediately found another hotel close by. (This is something my family most probably were not aware of and the reasons why we never stayed at that hotel, but now they will know). The night of the reception I became very ill and left early with my daughter back to our hotel but left my (ex) partner who was not an ex at the time at the wedding reception. In true Polish style he became paralytic and was brought back to the hotel unconscious by the taxi driver. It would be interesting to know how many other people were sick after the wedding.

Cockroaches Facts:

Cockroaches are a health hazard and carry bacteria that can contaminate your food and make you sick! Cockroaches can contaminate food with their waste and saliva which contains bacteria that can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and Staphylococcus infections. (I had vomitting and diarrhea).

Unaware of the traditions in Poland the following day there was an after party in the evening and the groom (cousin b) came to my aunts and was talking to all member of the family apart from me.

I thought it curious but did not say anything and instead decided to walk through the village to try and help my ex with his hangover, thinking the fresh air would do him some good.

As we approached the village hall I noticed a lot of cars and commotion and then I saw the groom (my cousin b) taking food containers out of the boot of the car and that is when I realised that there was an after party that I was not invited to.

My cousin (b) once he noticed me was in shock and said we can come after if we wanted to. I decided instead to show my face to the brides mother and asked if they needed any help preparing the food, knowing for a fact I was not welcome, just after my cousin (b) had gone. The brides mother also looked in shock when she saw us. She said she did not need any help and that we should come to the afterparty (I politely said I would knowing full well I would not).

So I had flown a few thousand miles to come to the wedding gave a lot of money to the bride and groom for their wedding (tradition to give money not presents) and this is how they treated me and my daughter.

So moving on a week later I ask one of my cousin (a) spouse to look after my daughter as we were planning to go to the Ukraine.

Cousin (a) is my aunts son which I have a dispute with.

We had heard stories it was unsafe to go and I did not want any harm coming to my daughter. The spouse of my cousin (a) which will remain nameless for now was hesitant and did not want to comply.

I thought that that was very odd considering all the months we had visited before she did not have a probelm.

I remember she was in the field picking raspberries, I told her I would come back in an hour to try and change her mind. I went and withdrew 1000zl knowing my cousin’s (a) spouse earned only 600zl per month working in the candle factory.

When I returned I said “maybe this will help you change your mind”. She muttered something under her breathe and took the money.

So a week goes by and we return from the Ukraine and every Hotel we tried was fully booked so begrudgingly I phoned the spouse of my cousin (a) up and said there are no hotels and I have a probem as we have no where to sleep.

Now you have to picture the scenario I am in a taxi and the taxi driver and my ex are in the car with me and the phone is on loud speaker and my cousin’s (a) spouse said “there is no room for you here”. Obviously very disappointed with the way she handled the situation, the taxi driver phones his wife and makes up a bed.

I proceed to go to the village that very same night and take my daughter in the middle of the night and not one person in the household got up to speak with me.

So now I know something is not right with them and cannot wait to go back in the morning and visit my aunt and say “I have never been so humiliated before in my life”. I also said “I would never treat my family they way they have treated me”.

This is where everything comes to light when my aunt says if I had not brought a drunk to the wedding and shamed the family and that he had tried a accosting the brides mother, maybe the family would have treated me differently.

She then went on to say I had never paid any upkeep in which most weeks I would pay for a full grocery shop. So my aunts son (my cousin a) and his wife were not telling my aunt that I was paying for things….rude.

My aunt then said and I will never forget these words said “why did you visit so often no one invited you”.

So in anger all my suitcases and belongings I could not take with me back to the UK I threw into the courtyard and told them they can sell it or burn it as I could not care less and my final words were “I will never step foot on the land again but I will take it off you”.

A decade later my aunt tries to claim the land as her own and says she has been paying all the taxes on the land. Yet she ommits the fact that she never paid my mother a single penny (grosz – 1PLN) from the income of the land which far weighs the taxes which I have been told are about 100zl per annum. She was also paying for taxes in a dead mans name (this is fraud).

So the other day another cousin phones me (cousin c ) and says I should try and reconcile the differences with the family and that I really do not need the land.

I agreed I do not need the land (although there are opportunities to harverst commercial hemp and I have contacts) and I have enough money for this courtcase and this was just personal satisafaction payback for what they did to my mother and to my daughter and I.

So I decided I would make a proposition that my cousin’s (a) wife publically apologises to me. I was also going to say I would help them harvest hemp, but I was stopped in my tracks and was told that the letter I wrote to the court was too damaging to overturn a reconciliation. (All I did was just tell the truth).

I was also told that I must have not have understood his wife had said (under normal circumstances that could have been possible but I had two witnesses who heard the whole conversation what his wife had said) who spoke fluent Polish.

He went on to say that for there to be no hotels that was impossible and that I was a liar and making it up and the taxi driver in someway was wanting to make money from me.

What my cousin (a) did not realise was I paid the driver to pick us up from the border of the Ukraine and I paid him handsomely, so he had already made some good money and did not need to make any more also how would the taxi driver have know what would transpire from all the hotels we tried and each one said they were fully booked?

We drove to every hotel in the next main town to the village. How would the taxi driver in advance have known that my cousins (a) wife would say what she said to us?

When I said I will get the taxi driver to phone him to verify what I said my cousin’s reply was that he was not going to speak with him. (I wonder why because the truth hurts).

Furthermore my cousin’s (a) sister had room in her house that night and lived only a couple doors away according to my daughter. His sister’s family apparently had gone away for the weekend leaving only his sister and her husband in a 5 bedroom house.

All his wife could have said was phone her sister-in-law. In my defense I was not going to ring the whole village up to see if there was room in the inn.

Now my cousin (a) today says that the whole village knows what I wrote to the court (what happened to data protection).

Talking about data protection I did not have my cousins (a) telephone number as he appararenly changed it two years ago and some stranger answered so when I tried getting the number most recently from other members of the family they said due to data protection they would not give out my cousins number or pass on any messages.

After my cousin (a) said the whole village knew about the court letter I replied if I wanted the whole village to know I could just copy the letter and publish it on or as I own both domain names and also if I wanted a worldwide audience I could have published on

Now I do not want their lame apologies, they had their chance to reconcile and chose not to. So as far as I am concerned it is too late to make ammends. Either they settle out of court and buy me out or I continue contesting until they run out of money.

Denial and protecting other people when you know for a fact you are in the wrong will eat you up and will eventually destroy your soul.

I have been honest and upfront and they have just caused even more animosity by not trying accept my olive branch.

I know that the conversation with my cousin (a) today is just hearsay and cannot hold up in court. I have not approached my aunt considering she is 93 years of age.

I am angry that they still want to be greedy and have no doubt said bad things about me and my mother hence there is no coming back from that especailly when they have been bad mouthing me to the whole village.

How can they make ammends they would be a laughing stock if they did?

I was told by someone that they are simple folk and do not understand about certain things and I should just keep it simple.

The 12 Steps to rebuilding a broken down relationship.

1). Recognize that reconciling is different to forgiveness. You can make ammends but you do not have to forgive. If you can do both you are an awesome person.

2) Set realistic goals. For me asking for an apology but that will not happen and even if it did I do not want an apology now.

3). Put away your personal difference. Set your ego aside. Be the bigger person.

Raczyna Land I am contesting.

4) Weigh up the pros and cons of a broken relationship, sometimes it can cause more damage perusuing ita misuderstanfing or an argument than it will do good. If it is going to cause more grief, is it worth your health and your time persuing it.

5) Make the first steps and start the reconciliation process. Everyone has to start somewhere right?, otherwise you may be waiting forever to sort something out. Just bite the bullet and get on with it.

6). State what you want the end goal to be and be clear of your desire for a positive outcome

7) Admit any anger and resentment. In my case I asked my cousin did he know why I was feeling disdain towards the family and he claimed he did not have a clue. (Denial). Even though the day I threw all my clothes out into the courtyard he would not have asked his mother why (Very hard to believe).

8) Give the other person an opportunity to defend themselves and listen to the other person’s perspective. (In my case all he kept saying was that the whole village know about the letter I wrote to the court and it would be difficult to reconcile).

9) Had I have done anything wrong personally I would be the first to apologise.

Hence apologize for any wrongdoing. (However bringing a drunk to a wedding not knowing the person cannot hold his alcohol is not my fault)

If anything I should apologise to the brides mother for my ex partners behaviour and seeing he was a grown man had he have raped her surely that would not have been my fault?

I cannot take responsibility for someone elses actions unless they were my child.

10) If you feel you are the wrong doer apologise it is not hard or if you have been done wrong ask for an apology and if the other person apologises accept the apology and try to forgive. Sometimes you can accept an apology without forgiving and have a mental note somewhere just in case the person repeats the same thing again in future. We can all act civil without proclaiming being anything else other than neutral.

11) Rechurning the Past. Instead focus on the present, reconciliation is focusing on rebuilding and repairing relationships. Constantly repeating the past cannot help you move forward to the next hurdle. Get over what has happened and move on.

12). Begin by rebuilding trust. Trust once it is broken can be very hard to rebuild. I personally only trust a handful of people and these distant relatives I cannot trust as far as I can throw them.

I personally think I had a fairly good relationship with them to the point I introduced them to my ex-partner and everything went downhill from then on.

I should not be so naive, if my cousin (d), (I have a lot of cousins) was hitting the back of my head in a courtroom saying “why do I want with the land” and all my cousins leaving me on the courtroom doorsteps in cold sub zero degrees snowy temperatures, why would I expect a reconcilation or anything different.

To think they could have had a options like to buy me out or work with me haversting hemp, but instead they believe I have contacted them as it is costing me money on the contrary this can go on for an eternity for all I care. So for my cousin (a) to say the whole of the village knows, when this courtcase is over the whole world will know what they are like. I kept repeating myself, “if I treated him this way how would he feel” and he could not give me an anwser.

They are not my family any longer. As of today I have washed my hands of them and want what is rightlfully mine.

“Hell hath no fury like a women scorned”.

Angry Entrepreneur.

Once this court case is over each and everyone of them will get a letter from me and everyone of them will be mentioned in my autobiography book I am writing. This will be etched and I will make enough carbon foortprints that their great great grandchildren will know how they treated me. My mother is most probably turning in her grave knowing the antics they have got up to and the lies they have spread.

Even my aunt in court said she tried giving me the last will and testament, What really happened she threw the document on the floor rather than handing it to me. I said if it meant so much to her I would just take a photo as proof. No sooner I did this she claimed her blood pressure was high and she was feeling unwell. My cousin’s (a) wife said if anything happens to my aunt it will be all my fault.

My aunt also did not have any respect for my mother and called her lazy. She even stated her parents helped my mother to emigrate, but what she failed to say was my mother paid them back. So this argument can go on forever and somehow this blog post will help cement how bad my mothers side of the family really are.

Footnote, always try to be kind to one another and try to help one another out. Do not judge and try to help people. Never be greedy or selfish.

Update: 02/09/20

By coincidence today I received an email from my solicitor in Poland that is working on my behalf and the court have decided that my Aunt is entitled to half the land. My solicitor said I can appeal but I must do so within 7 days and there was an initial court fee of 100 zl PLN in which I transfered over to her today. I assume this is a notification fee to the court to prepare the paperwork and I assume the other fee is for appeal to pay for the judge and the court hearing. She went onto say that I will then have a further 14 days to pay 2000zl PLN.

I assume that my aunt will have to pay solicitors fees to defend herself.

Lets see who runs out of money first.

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