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Breaking Covid Rules – Implications

Polish Abortion Protest Bristol.

I am on a rant today.

I am absolutely fuming and I know I will get a lot of hate from this but one thing I cannot be accused of is being racist.

I have dual nationality British/Polish.

Now here is my rant if an activist named Tommy Robinson is arrested for organising a public event under the Coronavirus Regulations Ruling where one cannot hold an event of more than 30 people together outdoors and not maintaining social distancing and he is British, then this should also apply for anyone else organising protests.

I will also share the ‘Polish Abortion Protest in Bristol organisers Facebook page‘ and all the people that said they were attending the protests. The powers that be can now find these people and do what they have to do.

You need to hear me out.

I first want to show you a video of protests in Bristol where Polish people are protesting the “Abortion Law in Poland”, not social distancing in Poland or the UK and some not even wearing masks.

I have twice tried to offer an olive branch to Poland on two seperate occasions and twice it has backfired, once over a problem I have trying to acquire some land and secondly saying if the law exists in Poland then women should consider having abortions abroad. This did not go down well on a Facebook Group and I was told why should women have to travel abroad? I toally understand but did not reply to the debate.

All Poland needed to do is start a petition on or similar to get their point across and not start civil unrest in the middle of a Global Pandemic and help the virus spread even more.

So now that we have a Global Pandemic and England has gone on a Lockdown for the second time, I am ready to turn my back on Poland. The reason why I am ready to turn my back on Poland is they have not respect for anyone else other than themselves, why is their problem all of a sudden becoming UK’s problem and they are not taking the pandemic seriously?

If a Government gives you an opportunity to work and live in a Country at least do as your told.

Poland would not take too kindly if the shoe was on the other foot and say Britains started to protest in their country I can tell you that for a fact.

All people attending these protests should be fined and or deported.

If Poles cannot abide by British Law they should not be made welcome. This applies to every nationality if you disobey British Law you should be punished.

I hope someone in Government sees this and I will be messaging people all day today with this. Who is to say that Poles are not planning other protests every Sunday outside Churches in the UK?

This protesting has to stop.

Womens Rights In Poland

Strike For Womens Rights.

This article is two parts, one for English Speaking and One for Polish Speaking Readers.

Ten artykuł składa się z dwóch części, jednej dla czytelników mówiących po angielsku i jednej dla czytelników mówiących po polsku.

As you have read in the news people all over Poland are protesting against the New Ruling of the Ban of Abortions in Poland with the exception if a woman is raped or becomes pregnant through incest.

Women who need to have an abortion in Poland and have restrictions should consider contacting the following organisations.

Remember to practice safe sex and use condoms that are a reliable form of contraception and can also protect you from venereal diseases.

If you have unprotected sex there is a Morning After Pill that you can take:

Boots Chemist in the UK and online.

Links to the abortion clinics are here:
Aborcja Bez Granic
Abortion Without Borders.
Same Day Consultation

Abortion Care Price List For Irish And Overseas Patients

Prawa kobiet w Polsce

Ten artykuł składa się z dwóch części, jednej dla czytelników mówiących po angielsku i jednej dla czytelników mówiących po polsku.

Kobiety, które muszą dokonać aborcji w Polsce i mają ograniczenia, powinny rozważyć skontaktowanie się z następującymi organizacjami.

Pamiętaj, aby uprawiać bezpieczny seks i używać prezerwatyw, które są niezawodną formą antykoncepcji, a także chronią przed chorobami wenerycznymi.

Jeśli uprawiasz seks bez zabezpieczenia, istnieje pigułka poranna, którą możesz wziąć:

Boots Chemist w Wielkiej Brytanii i Internecie.

(Możesz potrzebować kogoś z Wielkiej Brytanii, aby ci to wysłał, ponieważ nie jestem pewien, czy ten chemik wysyła za granicę. Poszukaj informacji, aby znaleźć innych sprzedawców oferujących online pigułkę dzień po).

Linki do klinik aborcyjnych znajdują się tutaj:

Aborcja Bez Granic
Abortion Without Borders.
Same Day Consultation

Abortion Care Price List For Irish And Overseas Patients

Boycott Abortion Ban in Poland.

Boycott Abortion Ban in Poland Digitally.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski has no regard for women. He is a hypocrite to ban abortions in Poland to save human life yet he has caused a civil unrest in which people are protesting right across Poland without social distancing.

Seeing as we have Polish immigrants working in the UK who travel back and forth Poland and we are straining our economy to safe guard our citizens, the virus will spread due to what is happening in Poland.

Jaroslaw Kaczynki the deputy Prime Minister should be held accountable in the European Union Courts and if this virus spreads and people die because of him he should be tried and sentenced especially if it spreads further to the UK.

Jaroslaw Kaczynksi who is 71 years of age and is basically a grumpy old man whose twin brother died in the Smolensk Plane Crash which killed a number of high ranking Government officials in April 2010, never married and lived with his mother until she was hospitalized.

This man has no regard for human life. He believes that the feminist movement in Poland want to destroy the country, he is destroying the country just fine single handidly.

To think that my parents were Polish and my father fought in the Polish Army in WWII in Monte Cassino and then later in Britain, I am ashamed to even admit I have Polish Roots because of this idoit (idiota) in power, why has he not retired or stepped down?

To think businesses in the UK are struggling and closing down left rght and centre, if I had some sort of power in the UK Governement I would close the borders for all Poles coming in and out of the UK indefinately until the virus was under control because of the country unrest of the abortion ban protests with no social distancing and perhaps with one exception allow women from Poland to enter to have private abortions after being quarantined.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski should never had made this law knowing people would protest in the middle of a Global Pandemic!

If Jaroslaw Kaczynski does not care about social distancing, the coronavirus or women, why should the UK Government care about his people.

I was born and bred in the UK and am proud to be British.

Furthermore since when has any person got any right to tell you what you can or cannot do with your body?

If I was a woman that wanted or needed to have an abortion in the UK it is perfectly legal to have one, yet in Poland they live in the middle ages and it is against the law unless a women was raped or becomes pregnant because of incest, otherwise if a fetus is found to be deformed including down syndrome it would have to be carried full term so that in the event of still birth it could have a proper burial.

The country is so messed up that if a person dies in the UK and leaves a last will and testament the will goes to probate and the estate is distributed to the people named in the will. However if someone in Poland dies and leaves a last will and testament every living relative from all over the world has to be informed to give an opportunity to contest it. This in turn drags on for many months and incurs a lot of court costs which is chi-ching to the Polish Government.

Poland are so many decades behind to their western counterparts, they blame everything that has happens to their country past and present all on WWII and being supressed by communism yet now that they are free they have not moved on. Yet the rest of the world was also affected by WWII atrocities that is why it was called a World War but we have moved on. It is part of history and something that is taught in schools not brain washed in our heads via tv programmes on a weekly basis.

Guaranteed you will always find a documentary about WWII every single week along side the Smolensk Disaster.

The commercials between the tv programmes are always about vitamins which I have not worked out why yet?, perhaps because of the rural culture and the low pay, people may be lacking in nutrients to maintain a substantial diet and hence vitamins are brain washed into peoples minds as a way to supplement their poor diets.

The country is a very racist and homephobic This may not be the case for young people living in urban areas in Poland but for the most part the rural elders do play a part in their racist homaphobic beliefs which are passed down to their children and granchildren. People in rural areas are very judgemental. I once gave my aunt a ‘Chanel’ scarf and she said she did not want something that was made by a Jew. I told her it was from a French Fashion Design House but she did not want to believe me and tossed the scarf to the side, like garbage. I was deeply offended considering how much money I spent on the gift. These people do not know anyhting about the western world, lesson learnt.

Men especially in rural Poland do not respect women, (again i’m not saying all men but most men) I should know I have a large family in the villages and also the Cities.

Men go into the fields all day to work hard and the women are at home-making, getting their dinners ready and their beds warm (I know that sounds extremely sexisist, but thats the truth) aswell as attending to their children. Men whom are essentially the bread winners of the family (warm bath theory) without ambition who do the same job day in and day out turn to alcohol usually vodka to relieve the tensions (this is the norm). This in turn results in them getting excessively drunk and then mentally and physically abuse towards their partners/wives. This is then passed down from generation to generation.

Poland lives in the name of the Catholic church, they have more religious holidays than we have public holidays.

Everything is to do with the church. The church is against abortions so that is why Jaroslaw Kaczynski has made it a law without consulting the public people first.

Every Sunday like clockwork the families gather together and put on their Sunday Best to go to Sunday Mass and willingly donate to the churches. I once had a choir boy menacingly stand over me to see if I would donate and at that time I had no loose change and mistakenly said the words (no thank you – nie dzienkuje) as he was waving the basket full of money in front of me. He may have thought I was saying “no thank you” to his kind gesture of him offering me the basket of money lol (I know it a collection basket lol).

The priests live in modern houses which look like villas by UK standards and every religious holiday not only do they collect at mass which could be a couple times a day, mass is also performed every single day of the week. The priests who you would think have no income drive top of the range cars (work that one out and go abroad on holiday regularly). They also come round the houses of all the residents for more donations. Yet the poor people (especailly the elderly) who have literally no money to scrape together have to do what it takes to give the priest a donation in exchange for the priest to bless them, their homes and their land, yet all their lives these poor people pray for a better life and it does not take a genius to know who gets richer and gets poorer.

The church is a big scam and if there is a God and (I am not saying that there is or isn’t), if you pray God will hear you where ever you are without you going week in and week out praying in Church and making the church richer and yourself that tiny little bit poorer.

The schools are usually run by priests and there is one particular priest which I met a couple of times was rumoured to be physically and mentally abusive towards children in the classroom by physically assualting them if they misbehaved or had low grades. He visited my ex-partners mothers house on this one occasion whilst I was there on his collection rounds and did not take to kindly to me, maybe he could sense I could see through him or maybe thought because I had a British accent I was a foreigner which they are not so fond of. He was nicknamed the ‘Demon Priest’ of Grabice in West Lubusz Voivodeship Poland by the children in the village and some of the parents. There was an unpleasant mannerism and persona about him, perhaps maybe because I did not give him any money he took a disliking to me, who knows – put it this way if looks could kill.

Women in Poland wanting abortions.

If I was a women in Poland and I wanted to have an abortion I would make arrangement to come to the UK and go to a private clinic. Also there are morning after pills whereby after unprotected sex you can take a pill which can be bought in local pharamcies such as Boots Chemist in the UK and online.

Always practice safe sex. Condoms not only are a reliable form of contraception they also protect against venereal disease.

Clear image and proof of absoultely NO social distancing.

Links to the abortion clinics are here:

Abortion Without Borders.

Kobiety, które chcą aborcji i mieszkają w Polsce, muszą skontaktować się z „Aborcją bez granic”.
Udostępnij ten link każdej znanej Ci kobiecie i spraw, aby ta informacja o go stała się wirusowa.


December 2022