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Cardiff Online Guitar Lessons

Cardiff Online Guitar Lessons.

Do you want to impove your guital skills or want to learn something new. Perhaps your love for music needs to be fine tuned and maybe you are looking for lessons online with a friendly, experienced person.

Jon is located in Cardiff but can arrange lessons via Skype or Zoom.

You can contact Jon on his mobile: 07595 632451

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Covid 19 Update Wales

CARDIFF, UNITED KINGDOM – SEPTEMBER 18: The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, speaks during a press conference held to give an update on the coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Wales at the Welsh Government building at Cathays Park in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Listen to Wales First Minister ‘Mark Drakeford’ how he talks about what is happening in Wales and how people can meet only 6 people from their extended family.

He also talks about not being able to liaise with the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Does Boris not have a phone or email?

There is so many things I could talk about in this speech such as if people are only supposed to meet up to 6 people from their extended family, does that mean people cannot meet strangers?

Furthermore what about the schools, colleges and universities. Why are colleges not abiding by the 2 metre rule inside of class, having 24 or more people in a classroom?

What about the data breach, first I have heard of it yet ‘Mark Drakeford’ said it has been addressed and people have had an apology. I am reading the news everyday regarding updates how come I never heard of a data breach until it was mentioned in the speech yesterday.

Wales First Minister Mark Drakesford Press Conference 18/09/20

People in general are being complacent about the virus and young people in particular are meeting up at house parties and mixing with friends. Young people are oblivious to how serious this virus is and are going on dates and hanging out with other people outside of their housholds and family networks, why are the Governements so naive?

Its is human nature to socialise. Not everyone can live without interaction from other people.

It needs to be drummed into young people with adverts on all social media platforms the implications of not abiding by the regulations set out by our Governments. People need to be made examples of that do not abide by the rules.

Shock tactics need to be made in order for people to take this virus more seriously.

Things that need to be addressed is:

  1. Addressing people crossing borders to counties.
  2. Schools, Colleges and Univestities with more than 6 people in a classroom.
  3. Protecting Vulnerable People and (Vulnerable Students Especially) to have online lessons indefinately until the virus is under control.
  4. Educating Young People about the implications of not social distancing (Shock Tactics).
  5. If the rule of only 6 people apply, then how can you go to work when there are more than 6 people in a workforce?

I do not get paid to make suggestions and half the time it falls on deaf ears considering the amount of emails I have written to VIP regarding ‘vulnerable students’. It is very disheartening when your own local MP totally ignores you (Jo Stevens).

Furthermore the regulations are giving mixed signals in which a lot of people will have the attitude “que sera sera, what ever will be will be”.

I personally have not ventured outside since the first National UK Lockdown other to meet and greet delivery drivers. I am more concerned about my own daughters well being rather than my own health and because of my own disabilities I do not socialise anyway and the only person I am contact with is my daughter.

Something that ‘Mark Drakesford’ said about ‘Boris Johnson’ that ‘Boris’ was addressing the problem nationally which ‘Mark’ interpreted as England. Because the UK is split into Wales, Scotland, Engalnd and NI each member state should follow the leader, you would think? So either Boris speaks for all of the UK or speaks for England but he need to make that clear so that all member states can follow suit.

Schools In Wales On Lockdown News

Schools in Wales on Lockdown again.

I wrote an article a few days ago about my concerns how one particular college in Cardiff is being complacent about the fact of social distancing and the further I try to make my point heard the more silence I get.

I firstly contacted my local M.P on Facebook, by email and on LinkedIn as well as her office and you would think considering I have on average about 1000 emails and manage to mark the ones for reply and usually replying the same day you would think that there would be no excuse for her to acknowledge my messages. Yet my daughter also had the same problem with her tutor who abruptly said that she was a busy women and could not reply to everyone.

Obviously if an email have been marked as urgent one should not ignore it, so spare me your lame excuses why you cannot reply. Absolutely no excuse what so ever not to reply to an urgent email.

My daughter knows how many emails I read on a daily basis and how many inboxes I have open, yet I manage to reply to everyone that needs replying to.

So seeing as I thought I had exhausted all my options trying to contact my MP, my daughter and I tried contacting the local council whom said they could not help and for my daughter to phone the Welsh Government. After being put on hold for about 20 minutes on a 0300 number my daughter spoke to someone who also said they could not help and transferred her to another line which went to voice mail.

Not giving up I also decided to write and email to the Welsh Government and also to the Head of the College. Usually when you write an email to the council you get an auto-responder message saying they have received your email and someone will be getting back to you, so it is slightly concerning that I have not had an auto-responder message from the Welsh Government.

Obviously I am not the type of person to give up and will not leave any stone unturned, hence I will start sharing my findings across the internet if I do not get a satisfactory conclusion.

It has been surveyed that 86% of parents living in Cardiff UK are unsatisfied with school support over lock-down.

Why does that no surprise me. Its the people that work in Government at the very top in Houses of Parliament that need to address the issues concerned and pass it down across all networks. But if there are grey areas this only spells a recipe for disaster.

There have been 9 schools in Wales that have gone on Lock-down as of today, which is very concerning considering the experts say younger children have better immune systems than adults yet the problem is now in schools.

So what does this say if colleges do not have to maintain social distancing as quoted by my daughter’s tutor. What about cross contamination and students do not have to wear masks in class only in the foyers. One cannot make up rules as you go along as someone showing no signs in a classroom of the virus could be a carrier and could spread the virus to his/her class mates.

If Universities in Cardiff have to have Covid-19 tests done this should apply to every student of every age group regardless if it is high School, Sixth Form or College.

So my daughter’s life is at risk and I am getting anxious for her health well being as I do not seem to be getting any answers.

I will update you if I get any news.

As this afternoon has progressed I sent an instant message to the after my daughter said they have time to post things on Facebook but have no one to answer her concerns.

Since doing some more digging I have found the contact detail for Health Secretary Matt Hancock and also the Minister of Health & Social Services in Wales Vaughan Gething, these will be the next people who I will be emailing especially when according to ‘London Loves Business’ UK Health Secretary warned young people about the consequences of not maintaining social distancing, but has not addressed the fact that social distancing for young people not only should it be for the home and public places but for schools, colleges and univeristies.

In my opinion do not give tiny bits of information instead address all areas that are a high risk and set out plans and stick to them.

I personally think all school, colleges and universities should wear face masks in the classrooms as well as in the assembly rooms and corridors. Every student should have a corona-virus test done which should be compulsory and done regulatory. All students should maintain social distancing even if it means putting less students in class at any one time.

All students should be provided hand sanitiser that they would have to use before commencing class.

The classroom would have to disinfected before and after each lesson. That means all chairs, desks, equipment, floors, door handles and utensils would have to go through stringent cleansing.

By sharing and touching equipment and utensils including text books there is an element of possible cross contamination. (I personally will not touch anything that someone else has touched, I would have to use latex or vinyl gloves and sanitise the item or product first). Food on the other hand has its own set of rules and regulations I always check the use by dates and adhere to rules regarding cross contamination. Knowing I have cooked and prepared the food safely gives me piece of mind, considering I am a germ conscious.

I could easily write out a set of rules that would work but I am not paid to do their job….

Vulnerable People in Wales – Cross Contamination.

Cross Contimination.

Since lockdown vulnerable people have had letters instructing them what they can and cannot do from the governement in terms of social distancing. So the last letter was up to the 16th August 2020 in regards to shielding and that after the 16th vulnerable people did not have to shield but still had to maintain social distancing.

So what has changed in regards of Covid-19 are we less likely to contract it now seeing lockdown has been relaxed, as the next bit is confusing??

According to the Welsh government we have to continue to maintain the 2 metre rule when out in public at all times but in the same breathe students that go to College can no longer have online lessons but must attend class and in the case of my daughter who is classed as vulnerable (with a chronic disease) will have to sit in close proximity in a small class room for an hour or more cramped up with 24 other students. It is impossible to be two metres away from the next person. (How can social distancing be maintained) and god forbid if my daughter was to contract the disease who would be held accountable?

Obviously the pen pushers that are assigned jobs to make press releases may not be advised properly and just churn out rubbish without thinking outside the box.

The college have said that the Government have advised them that it is madantory for all students, staff and visitors to wear face masks in the corridors or foyers but inside the classroom it is optional (I think it should be mandantory for all students to sit two metres apart and wear face masks the classrooms to be disinfected before every lesson or all students need to be tested on a daily basis).

Now this is where my OCD head is coming in, if you can contract the virus in the corridors you can contract the virus in the classroom aswell.

These people that write these mandates should know the consequences of having a classroom full of people huddling together for an hour or so and should be made accountable if someone becomes ill because of their bad advice.

Vulnerable people should continue to have online lessons. Whatever is taught in the classroom is uploaded to the Colleges database where students can get access.

So even though it is not the College’s fault as they are only going by the guidlines set out by the Welsh Government, my daughters life is being put in imminent danger and if she was to be kicked off the course for making a fuss or in the case of her tutor who stated once when my daughter compalined about her pain in her legs (my daughter has multiple sclerosis) the tutor said and I quote “you’re being too dramatic”, then either way the college would be discriminating against disabled people.

The Welsh Governement should take extra precautions for people who are living with chronic diseases and not be blasé.

Llandough Hospital on the outskirts of Cardiff is full of Coronavirus patients, so the virus exists and we are on the verge of a second way.

By having people intermingling together only spells trouble.

Picture the scenario you have been wearing your mask all day and you may have interacted with Covid-19 people but you are oblivious that the germs sitting on the surface of your clothes and the devices such as your mobile phone and your mask. Germs can linger and last for upto a day according to Amesh A. Adalja, MD infectious disease expert, who is quoted in saying “I suspect that you can find viability of the virus for several hours to maybe a day on clothes,”.

So you go home and you take your mask off, but do not change your clothes, you have then successfully cross contaminated everything you are in contact with.

According to experts who have commented in the England Journal of Medicine, COVID-19 can live on copper for up to four hours, on cardboard and porous fabrics for 24 hours and on stainless steel and plastic for up to to three days.

Other studies have shown the virus can remain on synthetic materials used in shoes like rubber for as long as five days.

So imagine you are in a classroom you have someone that is infected and they have spread their germs right around the room full of students. The droplets then land on your laptop, tablet or folder of your study notes and your pens, pencil case, nevermind your clothes.

More needs to be done about Germ Awareness and Cross Contamination.

Not everyone changes their clothes when they get in.

Not everyone disinfects their handbags, tablets or laptops or mobile phones.

Not everyone is aware of cross contamination and germ awareness

……and my final thoughts are vulnerable people such as my daughter should still have online lessons. Furthermore today my daughter has been informed the lifts in her college will no longer be in use, there will be a one way system and she will have to climb 8 flights of stairs to get to her class (being disabled). Now considering her legs are bad as she suffers with MS I am afraid she could suffer a relapse not to mention the college is not disability friendly.


December 2022