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Keep your business moving forward Can Be The Next Twitter.

Why Settle For Second Best (Twitter) When You Can Have

Elon Musk is in the news because he wants to acquire “”.

OK I get it, he wants his own social media platform that he can control, but what if there was an easier way and he had something everyone is doing for the most part and that is getting likes to social media posts. Imagine having a domain name called

With the right people to build a platform, Elon would own a social media app that could potentially blow everyone else out of the water, it is not exactly rocket science.

Having a team dedicated to the platform, from website designers and app developers to digital marketers and social media influencers will be quicker to launch than building a colony on Mars. He would have to employ a special ops department specifically for the project. This project would be bigger than anything he could imagine and he would have to have offices in multiple regions. This would need planning from who would build the platform to the staff that would have to run it on a daily basis. This would create jobs in multiple countries.

If I were in Elon’s shoes I would build something Grander than Twitter or Meta/Facebook and let the other social media platforms hurtle into cyberspace.

With all the money he is expected to pay to get control of ‘Twitter’ I would save him the money and the trouble and get him to build something himself, rather than squabble over ownership of a platform I personally very rarely use @ukdomainbrokers, although Elon @elonmusk is pretty active on there.


Michael Dooner and I are brokering ( domain name in partnership on behalf of the owner.

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Big Tech Giants Forced to Open Offices on Russian Soil.

Big Tech Giants Forced to Open Offices on Russian Soil.

Yes, you are reading this right companies, such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok to name a few are being forced to open offices on Russian Soil.

A Bill passed by the British Government allows Russia to fine companies if they do not comply with their terms which means that companies that do not delete content banned by the Russian government could have their sites restricted access if they ‘discriminate’ against Russian media.

From what I understand if countries that oppose social media and restrict their residents, cannot expect the rest of the world to not read or view fact-checked content.

Now let me get this right and just for argument sake I build a social media platform and have more than 500,000. users I will be forced to open an office in Russia even though I am a British Citizen and have no intention of ever doing business with Russia.

So this brings me to the next question who owns the internet and what about free speech?

To answer the question of who owns the internet?

No one owns the Internet, and no single person or organization controls the Internet in its entirety. Yet there are organizations that think they have the right to control the internet as a whole. The internet is more of a concept than an actual tangible entity. The Internet relies on a physical infrastructure that connects networks to other networks. Therefore, the internet is owned by everyone that uses it.

What about freedom of free speech?

Under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998, “everyone has the right to freedom of expression” in the UK. But the law states that this freedom “may be subject to formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary for a democratic society”.

This includes the right to express your views aloud (for example through public protest and demonstrations) or through:

  • published articles, books or leaflets
  • television or radio broadcasting
  • works of art
  • the internet and social media

I can understand regulations and restrictions not to mention licenses that website owners and social media companies have to abide by, governed by the laws in their own countries.

Should a country decide to restrict content in their region similar to the EU and GDPR then I understand about licenses in order for the content to be viewed in targeted countries. The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.

Surely though any country that forces a company to abide by their regulations in order for their residents to view your content then that should be down to the discretion of the company if they want their content viewed or not, pending the purchase of a license.? For example, if a country said to me buy a license or we will restrict your content, then it would be up to me to decide if I wanted traffic coming from the targeted country or not and I could restrict it on my end if I so wished or pay the license. The country that enforces the license could also restrict the content if a license was not purchased.

How To Block A Country Using a WordPress Plugin:

You can turn a WordPress Site into a Community Social Media Platform Using BuddyPress Plugin.

WordPress is the easiest to use the platform to build your own social network using the free BuddyPress plugin. It is super flexible and integrates beautifully with any kind of WordPress website. You’ll need a self-hosted website to start using BuddyPress.

Physical Office on Foreign Soil.

However, to be forced to physically open an office in a foreign country is beyond ridiculous. However, with the rules of GDPR that came into force on 25th, May 2018 most website owners added cookie banners and privacy policies whilst others blocked people in the EU from visiting their sites. Here is an example of one site that restricts EU users:

So how is it that Russia has any say in what BIG Tech Giants can and can’t do unless they are sponsoring and investing in them in some way? The move is to stop any company from promoting propaganda about Russia and that is fair enough in itself.

The 13 foreign and mostly US technology companies must now be officially be represented on Russian soil by the end of 2021 or could face possible restrictions or outright bans. If anything the website owner could restrict a country from gaining access and that is what I would do if I were in the Big Tech Company’s shoes?

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s communication regulator enforced demands that even companies that already have Russian offices will need to register online accounts with the regulator to receive user and regulator complaints, according to Reuters. All of the social media companies named, including the messaging app Telegram, have reportedly been fined this year for failing to delete content that Russia considered illegal.

I agree that all social media giants should stop the propaganda and fake news. However, if the news is fact-checked there is no reason for it not to be published. It stands to reason the social media giants should also remove content that is prohibited, such as drugs, pornography, suicide, and terrorism, or any criminal activities, you do not need the likes of Russia to tell you that and it is the responsibility of the website owner to do their due diligence and be responsible to protect its users from ever accessing anything that is deemed illegal. With High-Tech AI Algorithms, it is easy for robots to scan millions of articles daily and flag them for deletion.

This comes as Russian authorities tried to crack down on social media companies in the wake of protests following the arrest of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny. Furthermore, a court in Moscow filed a lawsuit against Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Google accusing the social media platforms of failing to remove content calling for teenagers to attend unauthorized protests.

Roskomnadzor also announced that it was restricting its citizens’ access to Twitter, accusing the American company of failing to remove thousands of posts relating to drugs, homophobia, pornography & enticement to unauthorized illegal protests.

Apple, which monopolizes the mobile applications market in Russia has been targeted for alleged abuse of its dominant position. Roskomnadzor said company’s that violate the legislation could face advertising, data collection, and money transfer restrictions, or outright bans.

If I were Apple I would not sell my product to Russia. I have clients that only ship to the UK, it is their prerogative at the end of the day although I am sure Welsh produce would be welcomed to the rest of the world.

Apple and Google in September removed an app meant to coordinate protest voting in the Russian elections. The Russian government has previously said that Moscow had no desire to block anyone or anything, but stressed that companies needed to follow Russian law.

Data that is used by Russian residents should be stored on Russian Servers according to Russia who has imposed repeated fines for banned content. Russia is promoting its domestic tech sector over Silicon Valley alternatives, proposing taxes on foreign-owned digital services, tax cuts for domestic IT firms, and requiring smartphones, computers, and other devices bought in Russia to offer users Russian software by default.

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Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus VR, Outage.

Facebook is down, along with Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus VR.

Posted 4th October 2021.

Social media giant Facebook who also owns WhatsApp and Instagram has all been hit by an outage lasting more than an hour this afternoon.

All three services are owned by Facebook and could not be accessed over the web or smartphone apps.

Downdetector, which tracks outages, logged nearly 80,000 reports for WhatsApp and more than 50,000 for Facebook earlier today.

Data from the website suggests the outage is affecting user accounts across the globe.

Some people also reported problems using Facebook’s virtual reality headset platform, Oculus.

Facebook commented by saying: “We are aware some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and apologize for any inconvenience.”

No official reason for the problem was given.

Online IT experts speculated it may involve an error with DNS records, or the domain name system, for Facebook sites and apps.

DNS is a string of commands that directs the domain name to an internet protocol (IP address) often compared to an address book or phone book for the internet, pointing web browsers to the computer server system which hosts the website they are looking for.

Previous issues with DNS led to widespread outages of several major sites earlier this year.

In one of those instances, it emerged that the blackout was caused by a single customer of a widely-used service who changed their settings, triggering a software bug affecting a huge number of websites.

It is unusual for such problems to occur affecting a single tech giant such as Facebook, or for the issue to remain unfixed for a long length of time.

Unfortunately for Facebook several other tech companies, including LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter, have jumped on the bandwagon to make fun at the social media giant’s expense.

This is very frustrating for the business owners that only have Facebook pages and Facebook groups to trade from as many feel having a website to be too costly hence rely on the cheaper option of a social media page.

This now should be a lesson learned for all businesses not to keep all their eggs in one basket and always have a backup plan should something like this happen again. For my clients, I always build a website, blog, and social media page, essentially creating an SEO link wheel.

Facebook Error Message.

I only use Facebook for business to market other people’s businesses and as it happens I was about to create a Facebook page for a client to compliment his website only to find an error message. I automatically thought I had a problem with the internet only to go on Linkedin to read all the tongue-in-cheek comments and that is when I clocked on what had happened.

Facebook Andy Stone Tweet.

Andy Stone, from Facebook’s communications department, tweeted: “We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Further Reading:

“Somebody has egg on their face, is never going to live this down, and has now a massive dent in their pocket”.

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How To Increase Business & Followers.

I noticed today a post on LinkedIn from someone that was connected with me but was not an internet marketer per-se, stating “How to increase followers from 30K to 225K followers” in five minutes per day by commenting #yes

The first thing that came to mind is he has no authority to advise considering he is and what I saw was a clever click bait hack and nothing more. This is a disappointment when people are genuinely looking for answers and come across someone just looking out for him/herself, simply having people click the post for the post to go no where.

Therefore I have taken upon myself to write this post to help individuals increase followers/business. This method can be applied to all social media platforms:

1: Optimize Your Profile Pages, optimise your cover photo and also your profile picture. Make your profile picture look professionally done. Remember to be aware of your background in the photo. A picture says a thousand words. Try to get a professional head shot done at a local photographic studio (when they are open again) or get a friend to take a photo without any distractions in the backdrop.

2: Start with connecting with people, most social media platforms say only connect with the people you know, but what if you have a genuine enquiry, the best thing is to find their email addresses to write to them first before sending them a connection request, especially of you do not know them.

3: Write articles on your pages and link back to articles you have written on your blogs and share these articles with your connections.

4: Make your post intriguing only give a little away and entice the reader to click you post for more information.

5. Share photos on your social media platform pages, instagram is good for this or do infographics and add titles to your posts.

6: Be creative and publish videos, add captivating content that people will be willing to watch. Add humour, funny videos attract peoples attention.

7: Go Live. Livestreaming is not for everyone but if you are happy broadcasting an event or milestone as long as it has good content you will get people watching.

8: Advertise your brochures and share your pdf’s on your business pages.

9: Use hashtags when closing your post text.

10: Don’t forget to tag your connections and companies that may find your post useful.

11: Give your followers valuable advice. Everyone is a guru these days and some can be better at it than others but you only have one chance of being an expert in your niche and the more followers you have the more well known you will become.

12: RSS feeds are a good way of finding trending posts, create “breaking news” posts that perhaps people outside your region may not have heard of. Do not copy posts word for word as that is called plagiarism and you will be penalised by search engines. For me I always use one of my blogs to write articles which I then share with my connections and although I may read something I will scramble it into my own words, even giving my own perspective.

13: Be consistant and active everyday on all your social media platforms. I am perhaps the world worst as I only seem to hang out on LinkedIn because most of my work is B2B but recently I have been asked to do B2C hence I need to alter my mind set and concentrate on Facebook pages and groups more.

14: Create viral posts this could be something like a give away or a competition with a deadline.

15: Join groups on your social media platforms.

16: Create your own groups for your different niches.

17: Create your own business pages on all your social media platforms, keep your professional and personal pages seperate.

18: If you have an event coming up or thinking of creating one, social media is a good place to advertise and market yourself.

19: Once you have a following on your social media platforms do reach out and collaborate with your connections.

20: Set the buttons on your profiles to a “Follow” button.

21: Create a call to action in every post.

22: Promote your social media profiles everywhere, including your website, blogs and email signatures.

23: Cross promote your profile on your other social media channels. For me I have on default business card website that I point people to, this saves time typing out each social media platform I am connected to.

24: Pay per click advertising campaigns are not only good with Google & Bing but they are also is a good way of connecting with people through your social media platforms. Facebook & Instagram is a place where you can connect B2C, this is good if you are targeting a specific category or people. You can fine tune your specifications to the location, age, gender and interests.

25: Try to update your profile page frequently, a stagnant page is boring and will show your audience that you are frequesnt at updating. If you have new services, always keep them updated.

26: Always reply to comments, no matter how trivial, ignoring a comment makes the person who wrote it worthless. Obviously if you have hundreds of thousand of comments pick out the ones that stand out and thank everyone in a generic comment.

27: When people share your posts and pages, thank them.

28: Get your biggest fans to endorse you, this applies to LinkedIn more so than any other social media channel and visa versa, you will be amazed how may people who you endorse will endorse you back. The same goes with review ask your customers to write a review about your brand.

29: If you have businesses that wish you to promote them, do offer to write recommendations, this gives you exposure aswell as exposure for your client, but if the businesses wish more exposure you could offer other marketing strategies which you could potentially charge for the service. I do this free of charge by adding banner ads to all my social media pages and groups I am connected on. This is short lived advertising but for a permanent fixture on my blogs I charge a monthy/yearly fee.

30: Exact match searchable keyword and phrases are so important not only in your domain name but on your website, meta tags and social media pages. When choosing a Facebook page for example use words that people would use to search for your product or service rather than your unknown brand name. Your brand name will become popular over time and it will not be an overnight success unless you spend a lot of money on advertising, I just do not mean Google Ads I mean in publications, newspapers, radio and TV.

31: Make your social media profile searchable, make them public.

32: When commenting on other peoples posts, do not get personal and do not get into trolling arguments if someone does not see the value of your comment. Be professional and do not sell things on peoples posts. You could add a backlink to your company as a signature or hashtag but thats it, don’ be the pushy sales person.

33: Give incententives to get people to share your posts. This could be a free e-book or a discount voucher.

35: Become an influencer.

36. Become a public speaker.

37: Create educational webinars, podcasts, tutorials, use youtube and share your content on all social media platforms.

38. Create a SEO link wheel, of your websites, blogs and social media platforms.

39. Start a blog and add RSS feeds so that in engages people’s interests.

40. Have a subscribe widget or pop up so that you can capture peoples emails and then send them updates or newsletters. Do not install the popup until a person is about to exit your site and not before. I believe it is off putting to have a subscribe popup the moment you attempt to access a site. You need to earn my trust and loyalty before I give my email away.

41. Integrate a chat widget into your websites and blogs so that when visitors visit your sites you can engage with them.

42: Guest blog on other notable websites.

43: Become a podcast interviewer. Invite people to join you in a discussion.

44. Write a book about you and your niche and publish your services and products.

45. Leave business cards on noticeboards in supermarkets, cafes (when they open again).

46. Make flyers and post them through peoples doors.

47. Consider giving out freebies, such as buy one get one free.

48. Start a competition.

49. Consider getting people to market you using affiliate links.

50. Advertise in Magazines and in Newspapers.

51. Offer to do something for free, this could be free web hosting in my case or free marketing or promotion.

52. Wear promotional clothing.

53. Give away promotional merchandise.

54. Word of mouth advertising get all your family and friends to promote you and get their family and friends and before you know it you have a network of connections.

55. Do outbound marketing, like picking up the phone and calling or writing snail mail letters.

56. Enlist the help of other advocates in your industry, find a mentor.

57. As your employees to engage in your social media pages, make them contributors.

58. Post your articles at ceratin times of the day. I find that during working hours people are busy getting on with business. So you have to pick times that appeal to your network browsing times, otherwise you posts may not get a look in. However according to LinkedIn’s their busiest hours are in the morning and midday from Monday to Friday. This will ensure your post to get maximum reach.

59. Add multiple admins to you pages and ask your colleagues to help you.

60. Join all the social media platforms and follow companies and people of interest.

Persuasive Marketing Strategies Explained

Persuasive Marketing Strategies Explained.

Persuasive Marketing Strategies Explained.

Ever heard the saying “he could sell snow to the eskimos”, this one happens to be my favourite but there are also others see below.

The meaning is the description of someone who is clever and persausive salesperson, such that they could sell something to people who have no need or use for it. As in the case of ‘Belle Delphine’ ‘GameGirl Bath Water‘ which is trending right now and how she made $10M selling bath water to her followers. No I am not going to promote her water 🤣 just the link to wikipedia.

(The phrase ‘selling ice to the eskimos’ alludes to the various indigenous peoples of the traditionally cold, snowy northern circumpolar regions of the globe, who would have no shortage of and or no need to buy) snow or ice. However even eskimos would not say no to Gelato or Sorbets for desert, just a thought I wonder 🤔.

Other terms uses for sales techniques are:

  1. Sell ice to the eskimos
  2. Sell a cape to Superman.
  3. Sell hay to a farmer.
  4. Sell wood to a forest.
  5. Sell religion to the Pope.
  6. Sell underwear to a nudist.
  7. Sell rope to a free climber.
  8. Sell a two-wheeled bike to a unicyclist.
  9. Sell crutches to an Olympic sprinter.
  10. Sell a cage to a lion.

“My take on this is that a web designer contacts a web designer to see if they need help building a website or a internet marketer contacts an internet marketer to see if they need any help with internet marketing”.


There is in fact 41 different types of Marketing of which I will touch on pursuasive marketing in this post.

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Outbound Marketing
  3. Inbound Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Search Engine Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Voice Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Conversational Marketing
  12. Buzz Marketing
  13. Influencer Marketing
  14. Acquisition Marketing
  15. Contextual Marketing
  16. Personalized Marketing
  17. Brand Marketing
  18. Stealth Marketing
  19. Guerrilla Marketing
  20. Native Marketing
  21. Affiliate Marketing
  22. Partner Marketing
  23. Product Marketing
  24. Account-based Marketing
  25. Customer Marketing
  26. Word of Mouth Marketing
  27. Relationship Marketing
  28. User-generated Marketing
  29. Campus Marketing
  30. Proximity Marketing
  31. Event Marketing
  32. Experiential Marketing
  33. Interactive Marketing
  34. Global Marketing
  35. Multicultural Marketing
  36. Informative Marketing
  37. Neuromarketing
  38. Persuasive Marketing
  39. Cause Marketing
  40. Controversial Marketing
  41. Field Marketing

Depending how you view this if you try and sell a product or service to someone that may not neccessarily need it, this is call persausive emotional marketing, such as Coke Cola for example:



Persuasion marketing is a marketing strategy that manipulates the human mind into thinking they desire the ideology of the product or service that is being marketed. It is psychology of power of persuasion that alters our emotions. When advertising companies use this strategy to make the product or service desirable going as far as to seducing the audience into thinking they need it.

‘Belle Delphone’ used her body as the tool to pursuade her audience that the water she bathed in was a sexual extension to herself.

Many have criticised that at $22 dollar a bottle that no one in their right mind should have bought it. But people have fetishes and the porn industry is big business, She gained her audience by setting up an ‘onlyfans’ account where you pay a paid subscription to join and the models show parts of their bodies in exchange for money.

Further Reading:


I remember years ago Glastonbury Somerset in the UK, Mud being sold on Ebay aswell as Britney Spears hair when she had a meltdown and shaved all her hair off. Glastonbury for everyone that does not know is a town in southwest England. It’s known for its ancient and medieval sites, many rich in myth. Belived to be King Arthur’s burial place.

Providing there is a market you can sell pretty much anything to anyone nowadays if you advertise your product or service well, regardless if it is by traditional methods or digital.

Grow your followers and you will have a platform to sell.

Building Social Media Platforms.


I get it no two social media platforms are the same as each other and each cater for different needs. Instagram for Videos and Images, Facebook for your family and friends and LinkedIn for Business.

However even though some of these social media platforms are personal they also have a serious side too and you can advertise on pretty much every platform out there.

However for me and this is the one I primarily use other than Facebook Business pages and maybe on the odd occasion hanging out with my family I have no other use for any of the platforms other than LinkedIn. I rarely tweet I am more about posting articles as you are limited to how much text you can use on Twitter. Besides I have a large following on LinkedIn more so than any other social media platform out there. I would not call myself an influencer as influencers have hundreds of thousands followers compared to me. You never know may be one day I will be just as popular, who knows?

So what annoys me is that the developers do not take into consideration if you make a post on LinkedIn and later want to change the image good luck trying.

Ok I understand that sometimes not everything is possible but one needs to look at what the customer wants. To my annoyance and frustration a post I made today I had to take down on LinkedIn because I wanted to change the image but could not for love or money.

The other pet peeve I have with this platform is they do not have a good variety of emojis, six to be exact. What happens if you disagree why is there no thumbs down or if your angry an angry emoji? (I rarely get angry but do get passionate about debates). So the only other way to add an expression is if you access the platform via the app on your phone and through your keyboard hit the emoji to suit, which is effort some of the time.

Now I can build apps and may actually launch one in future which I have semi developed for a local community and business directory its in beta stage at the moment.

Lots of ideas and lots of opportunities, waiting to happen.

Stay Safe Everyone.


December 2022