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Switchd (Utility Switching Service)

Utility Switching Service!

Energy prices are rising this April and we need to see if our current provider is giving us the best possible price and tariff. With Switchd you can compare the market and save yourself money.

Switchd is an energy switching service that not only switches to the whole market but manages switches for you. With one quick sign-up, Switchd will switch you every 6-9 months to ensure you are always on the best energy deal. By signing up to Switchd all the hassle of checking your energy deal disappears, with a UK-based team on hand to monitor the switch and ensure everything goes ahead smoothly.

Why join Switchd?

There are some people in the UK who religiously visit price comparison sites to check they are on the best energy deal then switch when the time is right. But that is the vast minority. For most of us, switching is a hassle, it’s time-consuming and we never get round to it. However, in doing so customers across the UK are losing £100s of pounds each year. If this sounds like you, Switchd is the answer. Signing up to Switchd means you’ll be on the best energy deal without having to visit a price comparison site again. They initiate and monitor all switches, have a friendly UK team to help, and switch to the whole market.

What do I have to do? What about direct debits?

They manage the entire switching process for you. Direct debits are transferred between suppliers automatically, online accounts are set up, meter numbers are checked. The only thing that is helpful is giving meter readings to give the best understanding of your usage, but even that is not essential.

What does the whole of the market mean?

Price comparison sites do not switch you to the whole market, they switch you to deals where they get paid a commission. But this means you as the customer lose out on over £100 a year. At Switchd we switch to the whole market for you, taking a small fee that is vastly outweighed by the increased saving.

Do I still have control?

With each switch, you always have 14 days to cancel. Importantly we’ve also built a range of features to give you full control. Perhaps you always want to be on a green tariff, never want to pay an exit fee, only want to switch when the saving is over £100, want to exclude certain suppliers you’ve had a bad experience with before. With Switchd you can sign in to your dashboard at any time and adjust your settings to get the right switch for you.

Sounds good, how do I sign up?

All you need is the tariff you are currently on and an idea of your usage (this can come from your bill, how much you spend each month, or the number of bedrooms in your house). Coupled with some of your personal information we can get going on saving you money hassle-free. The whole sign-up process takes around 5 minutes.


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Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) Threatening Letter

It has come to my attention today a letter that has been lying in the hallway for about a week and not addressed to me personally but addressed to the house with a header title ‘Water Leak‘ in the window of the envelope, which was theoretically meant for the flat below me as they had a leak about a month ago. So with seeing the header title I left the letter assuming it must have been for the tenants downstairs.

So what has changed well the letter was opened not by me may I add or my daughter and was left in the corridor for all to see. I have for convenience sake added the letter into this post.

Now if you go back about a month Welsh Water did come and visit the property and cut off the mains water supply to both properties yet the leak was not my leak but a leak from downstairs in one of the bedrooms.

Obviously this angered me as the water supply is for two seperate properties within one property and I have my own water bill.

So you can understand my distain when I read a letter that is not addressed to me personally as both flats pay for water seperately and because Welsh Water had visited the property and had found the leak you would think they would in their corresspondence contact my landlord through ‘Rent Smart Wales‘ or contact the tenants directly.

For some reason I think this is a scam and when I phoned the number it went to O2 voicemail.

Furthermore they say they have attempted to visit and contact the property owner/occupiers on several occassions. I have surveillance security cameras fitted outside the front door and no one came to visit I can assure them of that. So on top of the threatening letter they also lie through their teeth.

The leak has nothing to do with me I am a seperate tenant and the date to make contact with them has surpassed. Its only a matter of time before my landlord gets wind if this or Welsh Water cut off my water supply (bring it on, let a law suit begin if they waste my time).

I have written about these blue chip companies before that do not take into consideration people’s mental state of health and have no empathy what so ever. Receiving a ‘Nasty Letter‘ only makes matters worse. (My mental state has already worsened as now I am anxious about their next move and am worried they may cut me off even though it has nothing to do with me). I am now having trouble focusing, yet another obstacle thrown my way.

Its not my job to do their job and contact the landlord seeing as the water leak was not in my flat and the letter was not even addressed to me.

As far as I am concerned the leak has been fixed and the tenant would have said something as her latest update was for a replacement carpet that my landlord had promised her and she is still waiting for it to materialise.

So as always I also look on the internet to see if these blue chip companies have had other complaints and found this:

If you believe you are the victim of financial wrongdoing, write to Tony Hetherington at Financial Mail, 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TS or email

Because of the high volume of enquiries, personal replies cannot be given. Please send only copies of original documents, which we regret cannot be returned.

I also came across this from ‘Wales Online’:

I will back my landlord up if he gets any s#@t from them. There is absolutely no excuse to not do their job properly regardig if there is a pandemic or not.

Final Foot Note: This is for all home owners if there is a water leak, it should be up to the water suppier to fix the leak and not the home owner. If the water supplier has corroded old mains pipes that spring leaks surely it is not the home owners responsibility to fix the problem? Afterall a water supplier cannot just supply you water until they can see that the water pipes are good working order. If you built the house yourself and laid down your own pipes that would be a different story as you would be responsible for your own pipes. But if it is a mains problem then it should be the water supplier that should foot the bill and not you.

I am merely a tenant that lives upstairs so I should not be held responsible for the water pipes or the leak that did not even come from my flat. Yet the letter was not addressed to anyone in particular just the occupier. Yet the occupier of the original leak was my neighbour and Welsh Water have threatened to cut off the water supply to the whole building rather than to just one flat. Since when am I tangled up in the S@#t when its not even my own fault.

WELSH WATER (DWRCYMRU) do your job properly!!!!!!…..

Update 22/09/20

I managed to get hold of Welsh Water via Facebook Messenger and explained that they need to get hold of the tenant below me and the landlord and address the letters properly.

I also explained that I was feeling unwell because of their incompetence and their reply was “Im sorry for the letter causing you stress” (I’M SORRY) is not going to put food on the table in which I rightly told them so.

Yet wait for this they have asked me to forward the letter to my landlord. “I’m Sorry” but the last time I looked I charge for this service and have literally received another message from them in which I told them what I have told you.

I will not give my landlords name due to Data Protection and told them to find out his name themselves via Rent Smart Wales or the Land Registry or simply write a letter to the occupiers of the flat below me and ask them to pass the letter on.

My landlord has fixed the leak so why are they sending threatening letters?

I will update further if this escalates into something.

NPower Electricity Bullies


NPower Bullies

My dilemma starts with the fact that I live in a top floor flat, I have lived at this property for about 25 years. Now the problem I have is the electricity meter is not situated in my property it is in another resident’s property below me on the ground floor. In all the time I have lived here I have never had such an intimidating letter from any utility provider and have managed to get by all these years until now.

I have no access to this property on the ground floor.

So with various telephone conversations I have had over different issues with ‘Npower’, I have explained when asked for a meter reading over the phone the situation I am in and I was lead to believe that the people I have spoken with, would have taken note of this and put it on their system. My recommendation was for them to contact the residents of the ground floor flat and ask for a meter reading for my property. Which obviously they have not and have simply sent me a threatening letter instead.

I was also told that a smart meter would be installed, and I refused on the grounds that I may not use ‘NPower’ as my supplier indefinitely plus the fact that these smart meters can spy on you (Read the articles below):

So obviously this has gone on deaf ears as I have had a letter (SEE BELOW) come through the post threatening me.

NPower Threatening Letter.

Now in my defence I have never had any letters or cards reminding me, as I always respond no matter how ugly things can get and obviously this is a threatening letter which I am not taking kindly to and will retaliate as I have rights.

So even if I ignored the letter and did nothing and they gained entry by force they would not find a meter in my property. I am laughing out loud as the lawsuit I would slap on them would cause a significant indent in their revenue. Obviously they do not know who I am lol or what I can do.

I therefore can already hear you ask so how will I be able to get a meter reading, the easiest answer is to ask my neighbour which is not always at home or I may be too busy with work to even see her.

Therefore if ‘Npower’ used their ‘brain‘ they you would think they would write a nice letter to my neighbour asking for a meter reading, instead of sending out a nasty threatening letter which I will show to all my connection on all social media platforms just to give them a taste of their own medicine. They say it takes years to build a good reputation and minutes to destroy one…..

Do I have to resort to recording my telephone conversations from now on, as they so rightly do for training and security purposes? Of course, I will be, seeing as during the day I work and am using my business phones. So, two can play at that game.

My answer is ‘DO NOT THREATEN ME”……………… ever !!!!!

I do not owe you any money I am in credit as you can see below and am happy paying my estimated bill, although am curious that seeing as I have not had a meter reading for some time now, how my payments have jumped by an extra £10 per month yet I have not changed my routine in anyway or added any extra devices.

Obviusly the CEO Paul Coffey of NPower needs to get his bonus and pay for his luxury home I suppose with this under-handed threats, whom I will be tagging on Linkedin.

My Linkedin profile just in case ‘NPower’ reads this is:

NPower Harrasing Customers.

I have not been harassed but I have been intimidated and threatened so I will document everything so that if this gets out of hand and I get any unexpected visitors or my home gets broken into I will be able to take legal action.

Customers that have been harassed by Npower and got into the newspapers:

With regards to installing a smart meter in your home, the things you should know.

Can I still switch suppliers with a smart meter?

In the short term, getting a first-generation smart meter could be a barrier to switching suppliers.

This is because first-generation meters don’t yet connect to the central wireless network, called the Data Communication Company (DCC).

So, if you get a first-generation smart meter installed and you want to switch to a supplier that doesn’t support your smart meter, you may find that the ‘smart’ functionality of your meter no longer works. 

If this happens, you’d have to take manual readings again, like you would if you had a traditional meter.

At some point during the roll-out before the 2020 target deadline, many first-generation smart meters will be remotely connected to the DCC network.

When this happens, you wouldn’t have to do anything – it wouldn’t require a visit from a technician.

But a third of first-generation meters will need a different solution – and this hasn’t been developed yet.

Ultimately, if you have a first-generation smart meter that doesn’t connect to the wireless network, you’ll need to have it replaced.

Energy suppliers installing smart meters should tell you if you might lose meter functionality when changing supplier.

You can read the full report here:

I will not be held hostage to a company that I believe I should change because of their lack of customer care.

I will NOT RECOMMEND Npower to anyone Residential or Business.

** Warning…..


Trust Pilot Reviews, I have not made one as yet, will mine be the one that will break the straw of the camels back?

npower trustpilot reviews (bad)

If I had that many bad reviews I would hold my head in shame and possibly call it a day.

I will be sending an official letter to ‘npower’ with a follow up phone call and will be linking this post to them.

Will let you know what they say….


I sent them an email with an attachment official letter of complaint yesterday and an updated meter reading and this is what I received from them by email today………..

“Thank you for contacting us recently. We’re sorry you had to bring this matter to our attention. We’ve now assigned your complaint to a dedicated Case Handler who will keep you informed of progress and endeavour to resolve your case. We aim to resolve your complaint within 28 working days, however should you have any questions please contact us, using the details opposite. It’s important that you continue to pay for your ongoing energy use while we work to resolve your complaint so that you keep your account up to date. If you’d like to know more about how we deal with complaints you can download a copy of our complaints procedure from our website or call us on the number opposite to request a copy in the post, free of charge”.

So my question is why does it take 28 days to respond? They have more than one person working there surely?, but from their bad reviews on Trust-pilot I suppose I need to allow them time to answer to me. What are they insinuating? suggesting for me to continue with my payments? are they planning to disconnect me? If I were them I would prioritise the more urgent complaints and employ contractual workers to sort out the complaints quickly. I would respond in less than 7 days and not keep someone hanging on for 28 days. I can already see they have bad management and they need to re-think how to respond to people quickly. Will just have to wait it out……..


August 2022