Virgin Media Broadband & Price Increase Review.

I had an email to say my bill was going up by £3.50 pm for what is supposed to be the fastest broadband connection. What a joke , considering my bill averages at £61 per month to include telephone that is over 5% increase over the current rate of inflation and my wifi load speed is 1.58 mbps.


A happy customer will tell ten people, whilst an unhappy customer will tell the world.

Now I depend on the internet to run my business but their excuses are I do not have Business Broadband. Regardless if I have Business Broadband or Residential Broadband under the consumer rights act 2015 I should be provided with a product or service that is not sub-standard and should work. If it does not work I am entitled to compensation or my money back. I cannot afford any downtime testing it and having to be offline.

I am fed up the excuses and this is not just broadband but every service provider, utilities, anit-virus, hosting providers etc, trying to blame the customer and not admitting fault, “Its not us its you” scenario.

Be the bigger person and admit that you are giving a 💩 service.

I am not happy, if I have to phone and be put on hold for 20 minutes or longer and them told to reset my modem and basically mess around whilst my business goes offline, who is going to compensate me for loss of business?

With lockdown in place and businesses working form home, they should not be expected to upgrade to a business package to earn broadband providers more money for inferior services. The only difference with a business package is they will work on your fault faster than if your were a residential customer.

I have a chat widget on all my businesses so it does not look good if I am unavailable. I would willing to pay for Business Broadband if I thought I was going to have a good service, but with Virgin’s track record I begrudge paying a single penny more.

I am not happy!

If anyone else is experiencing a bad service from Virgin Media, please leave your comments below.

The more reviews Virgin gets the quicker they will have to clean up their act.

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