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It Looks Like This Link On Your Website is Broken.


Your link on your website is broken.

How many of you out there have had an email like that, I bet there are many.

I will now give you a lesson about cybercrime.

Anyone can make a non existant page and claim the page is broken example:


Neither one of these pages exisit and would be deemed as broken.

Hence when a client gets a similar message and a prompt to click a link to fix the issue or inspect the problem, what is going to happen?, well I will tell you you will have clicked a virus or malware that will infiltrate your device, inwhich they could take over your webcam, have a keylogger so everytime you put a password in they would steal your credentials.

Cybercrime is on the rise and you would think the cybercriminals would have a conscience and be worried about karma paying them a visit, but obviously not as the world if full of hackers and scammers without a conscience.

My client yesterday received such a message which he sent to me. I have redacted some of the data to keep my clients information private but you will get the gist.

The link may have a virus hence I have not made this link clickable and advice anyone NOT to copy and paste the link into their browser as it can open up a can of worms.

However I will give Beth Collins have her 5 minutes of fame by posting her email and her telephone that does not exist 0203 877 1138

Now here is a screenshot to one of my own websites that have had an attempted hack:

16 Failed Attempts, Unbelievable.


I have a few other websites that also have similar warnings. Put it this way my sites must be hot property if whoever is doing this, wants to steal the domain names or wants to steal other data.

How can these people sleep at night knowing they have scammed someone out of money or destroyed their livelyhood?

I believe in Karma….

Stay vigilant and never click any links from anyone you do not recognise.

Stay Safe!

Domain Name Time Wasters

Domain Name Owners That Do Not Take Your Advice and Do Not Appreciate Your Hard Work.

Domain Name Time Wasters.

So many phrases come to mind with my post today like:

  1. Do not shoot the sheriff.
  2. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket.
  3. Do not pull the rug from under someone’s feet.
  4. Stop tyre kicking.
  5. Don’t burn your bridges.
  6. Take a Leaf out of my book.

This is not the first time this has happened to me so I am not going to vent my anger at any one particular person, but I can see history repeating itself and I have to decide how I am going to counteract.

I won’t go into who the people are in question or even name them for legal reasons but they will know who they are simply by remembering certain things I have done for them.

The first was a person who has no digital footprint at all on the internet (that should be a red flag in itself) asked me to find him him a buyer for some art pieces and them some gold sellers selling gold dore in exchange for a commission (I did do soem due diligence by going to comapies house to find out if he was legit or not). I worked my butt off finding these people and he ended up saying he was not going to use any of them, (my gut feeling is he did use them but because there were so many leads that I gave him, it was difficult to pinpoint who he used in the end, but I reckon he had no intention on paying me). So I thought to myself never again and I would insist on a fee upfront before I commenced doing any work in future for anyone. I should have taken a leaf out my book because I did not do this.

Moving swiftly on, a couple of weeks ago I made an advertising campaign for a small business again I did not charge them but they turned around and said they did not want me to market their business any longer, (shoot yourself it the foot why don’t you….them not me). Considering I was willing to invest my time marketing this hair and beauty salon you would think they would have appreciated what I had already done for them including designing a logo, giving them a landing page which I have since taken down and created a video animation (for free) and all they needed to do was sit down (virtually) with me to discuss a long term strategy. They had no website and simply do not want my free service. Good Luck to them, considering they obviously know something I do not not regarding marketing and are simply relying on facebook to get business.

Now to the present day. Although I had been asked by another broker I am working with to help find a buyer for a domain name over 2 weeks ago and we agreed between us to split the commission for the sale of this one particular domain name that I made a video of a drone on, I simply had not had the time to start outbound marketing until yesterday. I had written a post about the the topic and the domain previously but had not done any outbound marketing until now, in which I already had one interested party.

So you would think the owner of the domain would use his common sense and be gratuful that I had started to spend some time and resources trying to find him a buyer and what does he do?, he only comes back and emails the broker I am working with that he no longer wants us to broker his domain name as he has got another broker. Where is the sense in that?, if someone has already started the work at least give them a chance to see if it has worked. I now will go back to the interested party and will have to say the owner of the domain is no longer using our services. To be honest I think the owner had no intention on paying any broker and will claim that the interested party has messaged him directly. It does not take much to find out who the interested party is and contact them omitting getting the broker involved.

I am not mad that another broker has got the assignment, I actually feel sorry for him or her as they will have to start from scratch. If I was selling a high ticket premium domain name I would want to get as many people involved and agree to split the commission equally between all of them. This would encourage all the brokers to work just as hard and the one that was slacking I would have some sort of clause. There are many ways you can prove you are doing the work, by carbon copying emails with the potential buyer with all the other brokers and the owner of the domain name. Also links to articles and posts you have made on blogs, social media pages and groups.

Hence for all NEW CLIENTS that are NOT on my books I will be asking a set up fee of £99.99 plus my commission rate of 15% on the successful sale of the domain or business, via escrow, just to start marketing. This also applies to people who want more exposure to their business via marketing and advertising campaigns.

“It is not worth my time to work hard and not get paid”.

(Or to be told my services are no longer required after I have put in all the effort and all the hard work and given the person free advertising & exposure).

Advertising Space Costs Money!

You would not go to a marketing agency and say I will pay you a commission once you get me some leads, so you should not expect a domain broker to do the same.

A domain broker is essentially a digital marketer and may also have connections to people in your industry/niche. For me personally I am connected to some very influential people and have an extensive network of connections on LinkedIn.

For the domain owners that waste your time, if they do not take your valuable advice how to improve the presentation of your domain name, then you are already on a loosing battle.

When a a domain owner asks a broker to find him a buyer and disregards all the work you have done to date and all the contacts you have made then at the end of the day he has disrespected you as a professional and you should sever ties immediately.

Some people are tyre kickers they have no intention of buying or selling and simply want to window shop and like to procrastinate. From looking at this particular domain name I was marketing yesterday, presentation counts and I have taken the liberty of doing a ‘SEO Audit Report’ and it does not look very good. This SEO Audit Report does reflect or make the domain worth anything close to the owners asking price of £35m. I should have done the SEO Report sooner but in a way I am glad I did not because I have met his type before and he would never have taken my advice, hence he obviously feels he does not need our help….

I will be “keeping tabs and my ears to the ground” and looking out for any news about this particular domain name in future.

To the Owner of the “Said” Domain Name, Good Luck in Selling the Domain Name, is all I can say……

Disclaimer: Due to time wasters we have changed our outbound marketing strategy and we are basing our prices on a similar marketplace pricing structure.

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Scam Alert 07864804567

Scam Alert 07864804567

I have marked this number as dangerous as the caller (automated american accent) says a card charge has been made and if you do not agree press option to continue…I put the phone down. I have reported it on other sites also.

GP’s Are Small Businesses

GP’s are small Businesses.

Due to an altercation I had with my own surgery yesterday I have decided to put (all) my previous published posts on hold (archived) as I quote because I questioned a medication that my daughter was prescribed I was told and I quote I had a “Lack of Respect for the Hightly Qualified Pharamcist and Clinician in the Surgery and there was a breakdown of patient/doctor relationship”. I was then told to find another surgery for simply speaking my mind.

I am also a carer and found their attitude to be very threatening, patronising and intimidating. Not once did I say anything derrogatory yet they accused me of having “lack of respect”. Respects works both ways from my understanding.

This has now caused me to have an axiety attack as I depend on repeat prescriptions myself so I do not know if I will be prescribed these any longer and cannot suddently stop taking them.

Again I am afraid to mention this surgery as they have threatened my daugher and I.

A GP Surgery is for all intents and purposes a small business and when I mentioned they had a 1.7 star rating the person I spoke to said she did not care.

I wonder what her bosses would think of her attitude?

GP surgeries do not work the same way as hospitals and are not part of the NHS in the way hospitals are. GP Surgeries receive funding from the NHS but their income comes from patient referrals and what pharmaceuetical companies pay them. Most GP Surgeries are essentially small businesses. Just like any small business doctors own or rent their premises, they employ and pay their own staff and have all the usual responsibilities of running a business in addition to their work as doctors.

What many patients do not realise is how much general practices are having pressure on them at both ends. Income for general practice is falling in real terms year-on-year, while the costs of running a practice are spiralling out of control.

They rely on having a full quota of patients in order to cover their costs. So throwing a patient out is not beneficial to them unless the patient is violent or abusive.

Furthermore, 90% of all patient contacts in the NHS occur in general practice and in 2017-18 we were predicted to receive 7.29% of the NHS budget – general practice is exceptionally good value for taxpayers’ money. The RCGP is currently campaigning for general practice to receive 11% of the NHS budget.

Just like any business, GPs also have to pay for medical indemnity and public liability insurance out of their own pocket. Due to rising litigation, the cost of this is increasing by as much as 25% per year.

All GPs are now forced to undergo annual appraisal and five-yearly relicensing (revalidation).

Surgeries are now obliged to undergo regular inspections by the Care Quality Commission and must pay thousands of pounds for the privilege. Preparation for these inspections is as stressful and time consuming similar to a school preparing for an Ofsted visit.

However I personally think they should have random inspections similar to secret shoppers to actually see how customer service behave towards their patients in real time rather than on their best behaviour during an official visit and the inspectors should review phone calls that say “all calls are recorded for training purposes” Also there should be a patient complaint proceedure where each complaint should be investigated thoroughly.

They should also care about every patient and not abandon them especially if they are on repeat medication or their medication they cannot live without. They also need to address all complaints professionally and use marketing companies to get more business. Every patient that is on medication is money in their pocket.

Not everyone knows how to complain and too many people are falling through the gaps as they may no longer be registered with a practice and simply do not know what to do next.

The aim of these measures can only be to grind down the current model of general practice until they fail. Obviouslsly there is a political agenda to allow larger providers to take over as there is no other conceivable reason why any government would put so much additional strain on such a necessary and already beleaguered service. I personally think inspections should be paramount and should have unexpected visits to catch the surgeries out. If one has 1.7 star rating it says a lot of things about the surgery.

This particular GP Surgery that is on my radar is due another inspection 24th May 2022

Patients are welcome to comment by sending me a private message:

Rising Damp, Black Mould & Links to MS.

Example of Black Mould and Painting Over it. (Not My Mould – Stock Photo).

Rising Damp, Black Mould & MS.

Rising Damp, Black Mould & MS on my mind.

I live in a rented property and I have black mould on my walls which has ruined my furniture and furnishings and all the landlord has said for years now, is “wash it down with bleach and re-paint it” and that he would pay for the paint.

Now I know what his argument is going to be if I ever try to bring this up again and that is because of my OCD he was not able to fix the rising damp properly.

In my defence, my OCD is up and down from day to day so even if I was having a bad day I would work around workmen. My OCD does not define me and I can work around it in my home. It did not stop me last December with the numourous amount of people that entered my property to fix the ‘hot zone’ in the kitchen over the installation of a cooker I had bought. So his argument can be counter argued.

Rising damp has to be treated properly and needs qualified builder to take on the job not some cowboy building contractor which I have met a few over the years.

Rising Damp and Black Mould can have adverse effects on your health especially if you fit in to the following categories:

  • babies and children
  • elderly people
  • those with existing skin problems, such as eczema
  • those with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma
  • those with a weakened immune system, such as those having chemotherapy (this is something my daughter has and has been treated with).

These people should stay away from damp and mould.

Moulds produces allergens (substances that can cause an allergic toxic reaction), irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash or even death. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks and MS. Mould (black) can be deadly and a sign of a house which is lacking ventilation, not only would it be bad for MS but general health.

Now you have to weigh out all the pros and cons when complaining.

Landlords are bound by Government Legislations to conform to the laws set out.

If a Landlord is found to be doing things not by the book he can be fined and even face a custodial sentence, hence if you complain about your landlord you have to also think about the domino effect.

The landlord is no longer going to favourable towards you and will slap you an eviction notice at his first opportunity once the dust has settled so to speak. He will just claim he is no longer renting out the propery and unless you have £££££s of pounds in the bank you could find you are kicked out on your ear with no where to go.

For me personally I am going to move the first opportunity I have and then report him and not a moment sooner.

I know that the mould could have been a contributing factor for my daughter’s ill health and when I do move my landlord will reap the consequenes.

The guidelines to keeping moisture at bay is to keep your home warm and have good ventilation, which I do and have the central heating on 24/7 in the colder months and have extractor fan. The also say open windows when your cooking or in the bath as the steam need to escape. This is not ideal in freezing cold temperatures during the winter months and extractor fans are the better option.

Mould and damp are caused by excess moisture. Moisture in buildings can be caused by leaking pipes (I belive to have leaking pipes as my combi boiler cuts out every two hours or so and I have checked why that could be happening and it could be because of a leaking pipe, not only that, one of my kitchen radiators was leaking water so I have turned it off completely. Rising damp normally starts in basements or ground floors, or rain seeping in because of damage to the roof or around window frames. (Well my window frames are rotting and are single glazed so that could be another contributing factor).

Some damp can be caused by condensation. This can lead to a growth in mould that appears as a cloud of little black dots.

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a colder surface like a wall, window, mirror etc. The air can’t hold the moisture and tiny drops of water appear. It also occurs in places the air is still, like the corners of rooms, behind furniture or inside wardrobes. (This is particularly true as my Italian Furniture is ruined and have photographic evidence of this).

Damp Proofing.

‘Rising damp’ is due to a defective (or non-existent) damp course. This will leave a ‘tide mark’ about a metre above the floor. Fixing rising damp is a job for a qualified builder.

Final Thoughts

Do consider the consequences of complaining about your landlord and even though he cannot serve you an eviction notice willy nilly, as it is illegal to do so, he can bide his time and once your contract is up for renewal simply say he is no longer renting out the property and will give you notice to leave. He could use a number of reasons why he does not have want rent out the property any longer and the only thing you can do is claim compensation is for damages due to ill health and damaged property as in the case of my my furniture. Also you have to weigh out the length of time this will take to be dragged through the courts and is it in your best interest to start something knowing there are consequences in every action we take.

Remember there are always ways to skin a cat and get round things and if he no longer wants you he will find a way, even waiting for your contract to end to serve you notice. He can easlily just keep the property empty for a few months and in most case as I have witnessed with the numerous tenants over the years below me, he waits until they have moved out before refurbishing leaving the properties empty for a few months.

Do have a ‘Plan B‘ ready for when the landlord say’s he will no longer be renewing you contract. Do save some money, including deposit and rent for the next propery and removal costs aswell as buying furniture etc, etc…..

For me personally speaking, I will bide my own time and when the time is right have all my guns blazing. No one should live in sub standard conditions and you do have rights but always do your research first before taking action and always have a ‘Plan B’.

To complain:

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