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Buy Me a Coffee!

With times being hard and price increases looming even a small donation would be greatly appreciated.

The cost of keep all my websites running and price increases for hosting year after year, it starting to cost me a small fortune.

If "The Times" Newspaper are asking for donations of 50p a day to view their content online, that obviously tells you something.

50 pence equates to £15 per month just to read their online paper, whilst I create logos, do oubound marketing, content writing, give advertising space and create video animations for business that are struggling for free.

For me not only do I talk about things that matter, I also promote other peoples businesses, even if they do not pay me.

I believe if you give good in this world eventually karma will bring you great things.

I am not asking for much just a simple cup of coffee equivilant of £3.00

I thank you in advance for reading this and donating.

Thank you, Best Wishes Renata

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