British Banker Bets $5 Million Dollars on Donald Trump winning the election.

I hope he looses the lot.

To think there are people starving in the world and some not having enough money to put food on the table for their kids to eat and drowning in debt because of banks that over charge and set ridiculous fees and yet “this person” and I am being kind here has the audacity to bet $5 Million Dollars what does that say about him?

Obviously he can afford to loose this sort of money and it most probably is pocket change to him. Hence imagine the the lifestyle he leads and never having to worry about paying bills.

How did he make his millions if not feeding off the less fortunate? He may in deed by a Bitcoin Millionaire, from what I have heard he used to be a Banker.

I hope he gets jinxed.

I am so angry words fail me and I have absolutely no respect for this individual. In my opinion he is the lowest of the low.

Businesses in the UK are closing because of the pandemic and may need bailouts whilst he squanders money as if it grows on trees.

I am livid.

Again I hope he looses the lot….

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