Polish Abortion Protest Bristol.

I am on a rant today.

I am absolutely fuming and I know I will get a lot of hate from this but one thing I cannot be accused of is being racist.

I have dual nationality British/Polish.

Now here is my rant if an activist named Tommy Robinson is arrested for organising a public event under the Coronavirus Regulations Ruling where one cannot hold an event of more than 30 people together outdoors and not maintaining social distancing and he is British, then this should also apply for anyone else organising protests.


I will also share the ‘Polish Abortion Protest in Bristol organisers Facebook page‘ and all the people that said they were attending the protests. The powers that be can now find these people and do what they have to do.


You need to hear me out.

I first want to show you a video of protests in Bristol where Polish people are protesting the “Abortion Law in Poland”, not social distancing in Poland or the UK and some not even wearing masks.


I have twice tried to offer an olive branch to Poland on two seperate occasions and twice it has backfired, once over a problem I have trying to acquire some land and secondly saying if the law exists in Poland then women should consider having abortions abroad. This did not go down well on a Facebook Group and I was told why should women have to travel abroad? I toally understand but did not reply to the debate.

All Poland needed to do is start a petition on www.change.org or similar to get their point across and not start civil unrest in the middle of a Global Pandemic and help the virus spread even more.

So now that we have a Global Pandemic and England has gone on a Lockdown for the second time, I am ready to turn my back on Poland. The reason why I am ready to turn my back on Poland is they have not respect for anyone else other than themselves, why is their problem all of a sudden becoming UK’s problem and they are not taking the pandemic seriously?

If a Government gives you an opportunity to work and live in a Country at least do as your told.

Poland would not take too kindly if the shoe was on the other foot and say Britains started to protest in their country I can tell you that for a fact.

All people attending these protests should be fined and or deported.

If Poles cannot abide by British Law they should not be made welcome. This applies to every nationality if you disobey British Law you should be punished.

I hope someone in Government sees this and I will be messaging people all day today with this. Who is to say that Poles are not planning other protests every Sunday outside Churches in the UK?

This protesting has to stop.