Coffee giants such as ‘Costa Coffee’ do not care about customers, they just care how much they can sell. If they loose one customer due to bad customer relations they are not worried as they will gain multiples more.

Its up to the area managers to intervene if a complaint is raised and not sweep the complaint under the carpet and pasify the complaintee.

Costa Coffee 50-52 Albany Rd, Cardiff CF24 3RR in particular over a month ago had such a complaint when a customer asked for a drink but without the coffee.

The reason why the customer asked for a drink without coffee was because she was ordering it for her daughter who has MS and is not allowed to have too much caffine.

The customer was prepared to pay for the full price of the drink yet the barista refused.

When the customer asked “why she could not have a drink without the coffee” the store manager who spoke broken English said “the till could not process the order”.

The customer then said “how would the till know if the barista put coffee into a cup or not?”.

The store manager was adamament that the customers daughter had to have the drink with the coffee potentially endagering her life.

At that point the customer became angry and what she should have said was “if you use your common sense and not but coffee in the drink”, but what she actually said what “if you use your brain”. At this point the store manager then retaliated and said the customer was banned.

A few days later after the customer brought the complaint to customer services, she was assured that she was welcome at any Costa Shop and an apology was made on behalf of Costa including having points added to the loyalty card.

Following the conversation the customer then went back to the same shop again a few days later, where she was greeted by the same store manager who continued to refuse to serve her.

The customer’s daughter then went up to the counter seperately and was greeted by a male barista who told the daughter she too was also banned.

This is disgraceful as the customers 17 year old daughter was brought to tears in the shop and hobbled out on crutches in disbelief.

This had nothing to do with the customers daughter other than she could not have caffine.

Since then the complaint was raised with the owner of Whitbread who passed the complaint down the ladder with the assurance that the franchise owner would be in touch. On research Costa is owned by Whitbread and they do not have franchise owners.

At the end of the day all the customer wanted was a written apology and so far she has not had anything, which brings me to the point that Whitbread/Costa simply do not care.

So imagine if they upset a CEO of a Marketing Company would they just loose one customer or hundreds or even thousands?………….the saga continues…..

Anyone reading this should take their custom else where, unless you too want to be treated with disrespect and humiliation……….. Before you say anything the customer did apologise to the store manager for using words out of context. But none of this should have happened or escalated to this level in the first place if the store manager simply did not add coffee into a drink that the customer requested.

On 07/08/18 The customer received an email from the Franchise Company which so happens their website does not load?……….. Stating that they will refuse to give an apology and continue to stand their ground that the customer was rude and intimidating. (Even if that was the case which it wasn’t, why was the customers daughter banned? she did not utter one word?)

Well the customer so happens to be the CEO of ‘Cymru Marketing’.

We will be actively promoting the following coffee shops free of charge for the next 12 months just so that Costa loose more than one customer.

Here is a list of local coffee shops that serve customised drinks without the rudeness from the staff and their coffees are just as nice or even better.

The Best Coffee Shops/Cafes in and around Albany Road Cardiff. UK.

43 Wellfield Road
Cardiff CF24 3PA
T: 029 2045 5763


85 Albany Road
Cardiff CF24 3LP

T: 029 2048 5656


The Pear Tree
Cafe/bar with a contemporary ambiance, with a blackboard menu offering burgers and tapas.

Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PE

T: 029 2025 2042

The Juno Lounge

This hip cafe/bar has stripped-pine tables and a roof terrace and serves an eclectic, global-menu.

14 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3PB

T: 029 2019 8990

The Coffi House
3 Wellfield Road
Cardiff CF24 3NZ

T: 029 2045 5198

Cafe Nero
1 Wellfield Rd, Cardiff CF24 3NZ

T: 029 2046 0328