Couriers Poor Services.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Royal Mail and their appauling costly service.

I pointed out to them that they needed to have a chat widget on their website and it was totally unacceptable for have to be put on hold for an hour and ten minutes before you actually got to speak with someone.

So when I suggested they did a goodwill gesture for causing my daughter stress they turned around and said they do not give out monetary compensation. I was not even suggesting that at all, I was merely suggesting a kind token like a box of chocolates or some postage stamps which would have been better than a kick in the teeth. Admitteedly they did say sorry but that is not good enough if the consequences of the stress my daughter endures can potentially cause her Multiple Sclerorsis to relapse, saying sorry would be like putting a plaster on a gaping wound.

PLC companies care about how much turnover they can make and do not care of about the consequences of their actions that can cause someone to end up bed ridden or in a wheelchair.

They even assumed that my consulting suggestions that I was looking to secure a job with them, omg, it is laughable just thinking about it as they clearly did not comprehend what I was trying to say, they obviously did not do their homework properly to even research who I am and what business I do.

Will I ever recommend Royal Mail to anyone I do not think so, just as I will not be recommending Hermes.

Hermes have now gone on my radar today as another company with a bad reputation that delivers parcels and takes a photo of someone’s hand. This is not proof of delivery and is an absolute joke.

The reason they have rattled my cage so to speak is my daughter ordered from a retailer and paid for next day tracking delivery and the parcel according to Hermes was delivered but my CCTV can prove it did not.

She ended getting her final update to say the parcel was deivered to her address on 29/01/21. The only thing is I have a camera outside my door and I can prove no one delivered any parcel. I have been in all day so for the notification to say it was delivered at 22.18 is an utter lie. Hence considering it is my daughters’s birthday and Hermes have made a clanger they need to make things right asap otherwise as I said in my previous post I will be singing like a canary.

Hermes are on another playing field if they do not have adequate customer support and take photos of peoples hands as proof of delivery.

Will I be recommending Hermes to any of my business connections, absolutely not.

I see the bigger the company the less they care about their customers and it is all about money and how to make as much of it without providing a good service or customer care.…..Never try to be too big for your boots and remember when you were first starting out and think in our current economic climate anything can happen, even PLC companies have the potential of going bust.

Lets see what happens with the outcome of the supposedly delivered parcel. I will update you again when I get feedback from headoffice……

Watch this space!


This morning a stranger presses our VOICE door bell and the woman said her mother lives two streets away from us and Hermes had delivered a parcel to her mother’s address even though the parcel was addressed to my daughter. Not all people are honest. My daughter had high end cosmetics in the parcel and this incident could have easily turned out differently.

Sadly I have not had anyone message, email or phone me as yet from headquarters.


If you need a courier try DHL or FEDEX!